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2017 NFL Mock Draft by nickyv1580 1.0
Published at 12/6/2016 1:05:51 AM

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Browns: Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina

Normally with a team in this level of disarray, you'd take the best player available, and call it a day. But the Browns' issues at quarterback are so obvious, that it's hard not to say that they need to go for a quarterback early. RG3 can't stay on the field for more than one week, Cody Kessler can't throw the ball more than 5 feet in front of him, and Josh McCown is older than my grandpa's pet tortoise's favorite oak tree. Trubisky is accurate, has a quick release, and is great at avoiding contact. Best of luck, Mitch. You're gonna need it.

2. 49ers: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

I think the 49ers are gonna end up resigning Kaep after this season to a one-year deal, find a mid-round quarterback that might be able to start by the mid-point of the season, and focus their early picks on fixing that once beastly defense. Jonathan Allen can just slice his way through an offensive line like a hot knife through butter. You put him next to last year's first rounder, DeForest Buckner, and you've got the foundation for a good defense in the future.

3. Jaguars: Cam Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

I think whoever takes over as head coach for the Jaguars whenever Gus Bradley gets fired will give Blake Bortles one last chance to prove himself, and will at the very least, give Bortles a fighting chance by drafting the only offensive lineman worth a pick this high. Robinson's a sturdy blocker of both the run and pass, but just needs to stay out of trouble. Jacksonville a small NFL city, so he has a good chance to keep his nose clean there.

4. Bears: Marlon Humphrey, Cornerback, Alabama

Back-to-back-to-back picks for the Tide. Oh, college football, never change. The Bears are most likely going to cut Jay Cutler, sign Tony Romo, let Brain Hoyer back him up, and maybe take a shot at QB late in the draft. But as for their actual pick, the Bears were among the worst teams in the league in takeaways, and Marlon Humphrey is a guy who can help in that field. He has a great knack for forcing fumbles, and may give Bears fans flashbacks of Peanut Tillman, and his patented Peanut Punch. Maybe it's time for the Humphrey Haymaker? That sounded good in my head, never mind.

5. Jets: DeShone Kizer, Quarterback, Notre Dame

There's a lot of places the Jets could go that would make total sense. Myles Garrett is still available to replace some of their aging linebackers, Leonard Fournette or Dalvin Cook could give a boost to their struggling running game. But they have no options at quarterback right now that would give this team any hope of success. They were nearly a playoff team a few years ago, and DeShone Kizer could help get the Jets back on track. He has a cannon for an arm, some nice touch, and good running moves. This may be a bit high, but teams always reach on quarterbacks.

6. Panthers: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

Man, this team fell off the map quick, huh? The Panthers defense lost quite a few major pieces last season like Josh Norman, Roman Harper, and Jared Allen, and they weren't able to recover. One could argue that Garrett falling out of the top 5 would be considered a major slide, so the Panthers get a really good pass rusher to help restore the Panthers D to its old success. He can get on the other side of the O-line in a hurry, and can rack up sacks galore. The Panthers may strike gold with this pick.

7. Titans: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

(2016 Draft trade with Los Angeles)

This team may make the playoffs and still get a pick in the middle of the top 10. Thanks Jeff Fisher, looking out for your old team, I see. So the Titans need some playmakers. Rishard Matthews and Tajae Sharpe are nice, but they aren't #1 receivers, and they need one more big target to take that Titans offense to the next level. Enter Mike Williams, 6-3, 215 pounds, with hands like superglue. Williams is capable of insane, Odell-like catches, and can be an explosive playmaker with the help of Marcus Mariota.

8. Browns: Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback, Ohio State

(2016 Draft trade with Philadelphia)

Oh, the joys of trading back. The Browns are getting rewarded for their awful season with TWO top-eight picks. They got their quarterback with their first pick, and here, they should go for their defense. Marshon Lattimore hasn't confirmed he's going pro yet, but he'd be wise to, as he already has the size and speed to have a big impact immediately. He could start as a rookie opposite Joe Haden, and hopefully have some big success.

9. Saints: Adoree' Jackson, Cornerback, USC

The Saints are still bad on defense. Granted, they aren't worst-defense-of-all-time bad, but they still aren't great. They may think D-Line here, but they'll be getting last year's first-rounder Sheldon Rankings back from injury, so let's give them some secondary help. Right now, they have Delvin Breaux, who's good, and a lot of other CBs who aren't. Adoree' Jackson could be a good fit for the team. He has shutdown corner potential, and can help in the return game.

10. Bengals: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

I think this is finally the year where Marvin Lewis is done in Cincy. Losing in the first round of the playoffs is one thing, but to be back to drafting top ten? Heads are gonna roll, and Lewis's has been on the chopping block for a while. The Bengals need to revamp that defense, and someone to help there is Tennessee's Derek Barnett. The man is a sack machine, with at least nine of them in all three of his seasons as a Volunteer. Barnett could easily fill in for an aging Karlos Dansby.

11. Texans: Malik Hooker, Safety, Ohio State

It's too early to call Brock Osweiler a bust. It's not too early to say that he needs to step up his game to keep that 'bust' label from sticking to him. But unfortunately, I think the Texans will struggle in the last month of the season, taking them out of the playoffs, and leaving them here. Fortunately though, this puts them in line to take the best safety in the draft, OSU's Malik Hooker. He's a great man in the middle, someone who helped lead the Buckeyes to the playoffs with one of the best defenses in the country. He's already drawing comparisons to Eric Berry, so get ready for him to break out early.

12. Chargers: Prospect not selected

It seems like the San Diego Chargers have been playing without a legit #1 receiver for way too long. Keenan Allen was supposed to be that guy, but he's having a lot of trouble staying on the field, and I can't name a single other Charger wide receiver. Courtland Sutton is a touchdown magnet, who can make contested catches with ease. The level of competition will make a big jump, but Sutton can make the jump with it, methinks.

13. Cardinals: Zach Cunningham, Outside Linebacker, Vanderbilt

The Cardinals need a quarterback. Carson Palmer is 37 years old. He doesn't have long for this league. But, this is not the place to draft that quarterback, and they shouldn't pick Deshaun Watson, at least not here. Instead, they should sure up that defense and take Zach Cunningham, the centerpiece of the Commodores defense. The man simply gets to the ball carrier and gets him down, and he does it all the time.

14. Colts: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

The Indianapolis Colts have to stop fielding a one-man offense, because Andrew Luck has a couple of mildly exciting wide receivers and no one else. Now, any O-lineman here would be a pretty big reach, and Leonard Fournette has just been waiting for someone to stop his freefall down the board. Fournette gets large chunks of yards whenever he gets the ball, and he can hit a home run at any time.

15. Steelers: Reuben Foster, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

The Steelers always find a new stud defender to groom in the draft, even when they have to pick late. Here, they can find Reuben Foster and start him whenever he's ready. He was the centerpiece of the vaunted Crimson Tide defense, and can take over for Lawrence Timmons when he hits free agency.

16. Eagles: Jalen Tabor, Cornerback, Florida

(2016 Draft trade with Philadelphia)

Don't be fooled by the lack of numbers for Jalen Tabor, opposing quarterbacks just do not want to throw anywhere near this guy. This helped Quincy Wilson put up some great numbers and help raise his draft stock, and he can help the Philadelphia defense in a similar way. He just need to work on his tackling, and he'll be big in the league.

Picks 1-16


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