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2017 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 10.21 (reTweaked)
Published at 10/18/2016 7:01:46 PM

PANDA draft 2 . 7 Two rounds... Not that I need to remind anyone, but I AM (still) a Bears fan....:-) BEARS TRADES ONLY DRAFT. For me, (at this stage) it is almost as interesting to pick the draft order,, BEARS HAVE 5 PICKS IN THIS 2 ROUND DRAFT.. I am also OPEN to suggestions, make your case logically and I might edit your suggestion in

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Browns: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

Sure it could be Kizer (as Walt and Charlie mock) Yet he's not exactly burning it up on the bench is he? On the other side of the coin is almost ALL the experts insist Garrett is far and away the top pick in the draft. The eternal quest for the next JJ Watt continues. Cleveland also has enough ammo (and the Eagles first rounder) to move up and snag one of the three top QB's in this draft and that's why they take Garrett here.

2. Bears: DeShone Kizer, Quarterback, Notre Dame

It did not take me long to be outed as a HOMER did it? But really, other than the experts who isn't? It could be SF here and the Bears at 3, however why it is not SF... you will see Bears obtain an extra first rounder...Feel the drama building? Frankly as a Bears fan I'd be just as happy if Garrett fell to us (If that happens I stick with Hoyer and pick up Mason Rudolf in round 2)

3. 49ers: Brad Kaaya, Quarterback, Miami

Obviously it is Watson or Kaaya here but which? Of course Kap could significantly improve, yet then SF would not be at three would they? To be honest, at this early stage of the mock season I'm at least as fascinated with the order as who plugs in where. Bottom line is I'm not going to profile each pick in depth because you're not visiting me for that, you're here to see where I slot your team(s) and you read the experts for profiles.

4. Chargers: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

I think it notable though to tell you I DO study the draft order in depth and that is why THE WISE might visit me (and come back) What week six showed us was that it looks like the top 3 picks here have separated themselves from the pretenders....The astute will insist that Chicago has not, yet remember I told you the drama was coming and this will be explained. The Bolts have another conundrum like last year in to snag one of the many DB's or continue with their plan of DL, I think it is tough to pass on Allen here.

5. Jets: Deshaun Watson, Quarterback, Clemson

If you're a Bears fan like me you smell B Marshall antics in their early demise, not on the field but off it. It seems clear to me the pick is Watson here although it could be Kaaya but it is SF's leftovers 4 sure.

6. Saints: Malik McDowell, Defensive Tackle, Michigan State

Again it could be the start of the DB floodgates opening, but I'm thinking they are running to the podium to make this pick

7. Dolphins: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

I still think Carolina finishes ahead of Miami....

8. Jaguars: Jabrill Peppers, Safety, Michigan

and the Jags too....I like Peppers off first because of his upside and versatility. he could take over for House or either safety However I would not be surprised if they replaced Skuta with say Tim Williams either here.

9. Panthers: Cam Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

This would be in the LOCK class (for me)

10. Buccaneers: Jalen Tabor, Cornerback, Florida

Plenty of talent in the defensive backfield this year to choose from, so why not go for the Gator and help sell some tickets?

11. Titans: Marlon Humphrey, Cornerback, Alabama

Titans have to address the secondary is my bet . All of these DB's are pretty much what flavor you like, but CB still trumps Safety in my book. Could be Jackson here also

12. Colts: Tim Williams, Outside Linebacker, Alabama

Colts could go many different ways with this pick, I like a pass rush

13. Cardinals: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

(From Titans via LA via Bears) First the order, I don't see the Bengals or Cards,finishing above LA.
Now the drama. Bears trade soon to be free agent Jeffery closer to his hometown in South Carolina where he will sign.It is a good trade for the Titans. This also assures Chicago will finish worse than SF..
Bears trade this pick .to the Cards for Cards 2017 2nd rounder and throw in Jay Cutler solving their backup QB situation. I;m also high on Barnett

14. Lions: Adoree' Jackson, Cornerback, USC

This is where you might think Cook goes, but I think the Lions want a stud DT on the right side but not at 14 with the top two gone. Could be Cook but I'm slotting Jackson here.

15. Bengals: Charles Harris, Defensive End, Missouri

How the mighty have fallen! I think they need more targets could be JuJu here but my pick is Williams as

16. Bills: Dalvin Cook, Running Back, Florida State

This was the Cards pick and they (Cards) jumped the Lions expecting them to take Cook when he is still available the Bills jump up four slots trading away their second round and getting back their 4th round the Bears own. Bills fans will insist this is too much to pay. I say when Rex makes up his mind he pulls the trigger. This could work out fantastic if Cook is as good as advertised.

Picks 1-16


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