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2016 NFL Mock Draft by Sniffy429 - Version 5.0
Published at 4/7/2016 1:19:44 PM

Sniffy's fifth mock draft. Trades are included, with how much a team will have to give up to complete that trade.. All input is appreciated. Thank you for reading!

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Titans: Laremy Tunsil, Offensive Tackle, Ole Miss

Picking Tunsil makes sense for two reasons. Reason #1: By picking Tunsil, you are upgrading three positions with one draft pick with Tunsil at LT, Lewan moved to RT, and shift Poutasi into RG. Reason #2: At the top of round two, the skill sets of the safeties are better than the skill sets of the O-Lineman. Grab Tunsil at one, find your safety atop of round two.

2. Browns: Jalen Ramsey, Cornerback, Florida State

Here is what i'm thinking: The Browns are sick and tired of losing. They are taking risks every year by drafting players with high potential but also insanly low floors. Pick the BPA which seems to high the highest floor. This makes even more sense with Gipson and Whitner both not being on the team any longer. Take Ramsey now, and find your QB later.

3. 49ers: Jared Goff, Quarterback, California

**The 49ers receive the 3rd overall pick**

Even if Kap stays, I think this is a real option. The Cowboys have said they will not draft a QB at #4, but they may be black smoke. Gabbert is not an answer, and Kap is a toxic player to be around, only caring about money and not winning. Grab the most pro ready QB in this draft. As we know, new coaching staff means new QB.

4. Cowboys: Myles Jack, Outside Linebacker, UCLA

The Boy's take the BPA here to help out their defense. Their O-Line is amazing, Romo is good, They need another WR, but not at #4. Take Jack here and have him run everywhere on the field.

5. Jaguars: DeForest Buckner, Defensive End, Oregon

Here, the Jags take someone to make their D-Line a great one. Fowlers is coming back this year, and you might as well take someone across from him to make your line twice as good. Cross your fingers that he does not end up like the last DE from Oregon that went to a Florida team.

6. Bears: Carson Wentz, Quarterback, North Dakota State

**The Bears receive the 6th overall pick**

Being from Chicago myself, I have heard the cries of how much Cutler sucks. I do not think he is horrible, but he is getting older, and not getting any better. He does have to stay with the Bears one more year, and that is exactly how much time Wentz needs to understand the NFL defenses and understanding the playbook.

7. Chargers: Ronnie Stanley, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

**The Chargers receive the 7th overall pick, a 2016 2nd rounder, and a 2017 4th rounder**

Chargers are missing out on their two highest rated players at pick #3. Because of this, the Chargers are going to want to trade down, and attempt to say in the game for R.Stanley. The Chargers have a sub-par o line, and Stanley should be a good LT.

8. Eagles: Vernon Hargreaves, Cornerback, Florida

I think Hargreaves makes sense here, just like Elliott. I feel that the Eagles are going to want to make their defense amazing and just let their offense limp to wins. (ie: Rams, Broncos in the playoffs)

9. Buccaneers: Joey Bosa, Defensive End, Ohio State

Bosa's fall ends here. I do not think he is going to be anything great, but he could do quite well on the young Buc's. Mike Smith will find a way to get the most out of him.

10. Giants: Ezekiel Elliott, Running Back, Ohio State

The Giants run to the podium here, and grab their RB of the future. When you look at the Giants offense, they have good pieces everywhere but the RB position. Elliot will help the Giants passing game as well.

11. Ravens: Reggie Ragland, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

**The Ravens receive the 11th overall pick, a 2016 3rd rounder, and a 2016 4th rounder**

The Ravens are in love with Ragland. I think they like him so much, they would slightly consider him at #6. They will take anything to move down to the low teens, and grab their hard hitting ILB, while also gaining draft picks.

12. Saints: A'Shawn Robinson, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

The Saints just need great players on their Defense. I understand that N. Fairley was signed, but it was only for 1 year. Even so, they can both work together.

13. Dolphins: Jack Conklin, Offensive Tackle, Michigan State

Conklin is a true RT. They need to find a way for Tannahill to produce, or they may be selecting a QB in the near future.

14. Raiders: Leonard Floyd, Outside Linebacker, Georgia

Floyd makes sense here. Imagine a team with Mack, Irving, and Aldon. Okay, now add a speedy LB that can get to the QB. Floyd will give you just that.

15. Rams: Laquon Treadwell, Wide Receiver, Ole Miss

I think the Rams will consider Lynch here for a second, but realize that they have absolutely no one for a QB to throw to. Austin is a very good slot receiver, but Britt is not an answer on the outside. Here, they grab a WR to help their eventual QB.

16. Lions: Sheldon Rankins, Defensive Tackle, Louisville

The Lions are going in the wrong direction. Losing Calvin, losing their SS, no real RB, and a coach that looks confused 24/7. Here, they find a piece to their fractured puzzle.

Picks 1-16


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