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2016 NFL Mock Draft by costandreward - NO TRADES 2 Rounds (UPDATED after HC changes)
Published at 1/13/2016 2:37:03 PM

Just a simple mock draft with no trades done. I strongly believe some teams will trade as I wrote in the description but this is just to make it simple. A lot of these picks also depend on head coaching changes and free agency so I will be updating it along the year. I will be doing later rounds as well closer to the draft.

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Titans: Laremy Tunsil, Offensive Tackle, Ole Miss

Joey Bosa is enticing in this position since he is the best player in this draft BUT the protecting the future of the franchise is more Important. Tunsil helps protect Mariota and is the best OL in this draft.

2. Browns: Jared Goff, Quarterback, California

Joey Bosa is also enticing in this position because the Browns could use upgrades on the defensive side of the ball but they go with what their immediate needs are and that is QB. The Browns are tired of the QB drama they have had the past couple seasons and they fix it by drafting Goff. He's a big QB with a great arm. Able to hit Gordon deep or Benjamin on the short routes with good accuracy.

3. Chargers: Joey Bosa, Defensive End, Ohio State

Finally Bosa is off the board here. Chargers do need another WR but Keenan Allen and Ladarius Green hold down the fort for now. Bosa is the best player in the draft and the Chargers get a player who will contribute on the first day. Their defense really needs this pick as well.

4. Cowboys: Myles Jack, Outside Linebacker, UCLA

Cowboys have many needs as evident by this previous year. QB, WR, and CB are big needs but I think they go LB here. QB they can get in the later rounds and this is a deep WR class plus they still have Bryant and Williams for now. Jack helps a LB core who has seen its share of injuries. He's a great pass rusher as well.

5. Jaguars: Jalen Ramsey, Cornerback, Florida State

The Jags main focus should be their defense. Their offense is inconsistent but it is young and very talented. Their defense on the other hand is dreadful. They full need someone to play opposite of Aaron Colvin. This is where Ramsey comes in. He is a big physical cover corner/safety.

6. Ravens: Ronnie Stanley, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

Ravens have many needs on the defensive side but I believe they go with offense here. RB, and WR are also big needs but I think they get a RB in free agency and they will bank of Perriman to come through in year 2 when he is fully healthy and Steve Smith is back. They need to protect Flacco since their division has some good defensive lines. Stanley should be able to help significantly.

7. 49ers: Laquon Treadwell, Wide Receiver, Ole Miss

I had the Niners pickign Paxton Lynch with this pick but due to Chip Kelly being hired as OC I think he makes a mistake and keeps Kaepernick and instead drafts the best WR in the class who will make a huge immediate impact. Deforest Buckner could also be chosen here due to Kelly and picking players from Oregon and the Pac12. Treadwell will really help this team next season. They'll pick a pass rusher in later rounds.

Previous Pick: Paxton Lynch

8. Dolphins: Vernon Hargreaves, Cornerback, Florida

The Dolphins could not live up to their preseason hype especially on the defensive side of the ball. The DL is still rather good so I think they focus on the CB position here. Grimes had a down year last season so they get Hargreaves to help take some pressure off him. The fact they hired Adam Gase could change this pick since he is all about developing QB's so it wouldn't surprise me here if he took an OL.

9. Buccaneers: DeForest Buckner, Defensive End, Oregon

This team seems to be headed in the right direction. Only thing is now their defense needs to catch up with their offensive improvement. They get one of the best pass rushers in this draft and get Buckner.

10. Giants: Shaq Lawson, Defensive End, Clemson

Just as every other team in their division the Giants have a porous defense. They get a big strong DE in Shaq Lawson. This move is especially meaningful if JPP does not come back.

11. Bears: Emmanuel Ogbah, Defensive End, Oklahoma State

The Bears need a pass rush. Their offense is still pretty good and no matter how many people dislike Cutler he is still an above average QB so they don't need to waste a pick on a QB here. The defensive has had trouble getting to the QB and in a pass happy division this will help a lot.

12. Saints: Mackensie Alexander, Cornerback, Clemson

The Saints defense was brutal to watch last season. They just couldn't keep teams from scoring. By picking Alexander here, who is arguable one of the best cover corners in the country, it should help a great deal.

13. Eagles: A'Shawn Robinson, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

This is the year the Eagles stop focusing on just their offense. With Chip Kelly out they draft a much needed DT. They need to be able to stop other teams from scoring since their offense can not keep up like it used to. They resign Bradford and give him one more year. So QB is not an immediate need.

14. Raiders: Reggie Ragland, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

The Raiders young defense is coming into form and it is getting scary. Pairing Ragland with Mack in the LB core will make this team even better.

15. Rams: Paxton Lynch, Quarterback, Memphis

I originally had Treadwell here but the hiring of Chip Kelly for the Niners changed that. Plus it would be surprising if he lasted this long anyway. Rams go for their next immediate need and that is definitely QB. They haven't had a franchise QB since Kurt Warner. They have the offensive weapons and now they have a QB to lead them. They'll get a WR in the 2nd most likely and it's a good thing this class is deep at WR.

Previous Pick: Lequon Treadwell

16. Lions: Taylor Decker, Offensive Tackle, Ohio State

The Lions will go with the unsexy pick here. They need to protect Stafford and open holes for Abdullah. This pick changes depending on if Calvin Johnson comes back or not.

Picks 1-16


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