2021 College Football Class Review: Ohio State

By Corey Long - @CoreyLong
Updated Nov. 16, 2020.

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Conference Class Rank

Last Updated/Ranked: June 11, 2020
1 Ohio State logo Ohio State
2 Michigan logo Michigan
3 Iowa logo Iowa
4 Minnesota logo Minnesota
5 Penn State logo Penn State
6 Maryland logo Maryland
7 Wisconsin logo Wisconsin
8 Nebraska logo Nebraska
9 Rutgers logo Rutgers
10 Indiana logo Indiana
11 Purdue logo Purdue
12 Northwestern logo Northwestern
13 Michigan State logo Michigan State
14 Illinois logo Illinois

2021 College Recruiting - 11 Commits

Last Player Grade Published on Nov. 16, 2020
Ohio State logo DT Tyleik Williams (Manassas, VA) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Williams (6-3, 323), No. 14 among defensive tackles in the 2021 class, carries his weight extremely well and looks longer than his 6-foot-3 listed height. His backside pursuit and closing speed are at a high level. Williams is quick off the snap and ready to deliver a blow at the point of contact and quickly get upfield. I'd like to see more from Williams in terms of his short-space strength and the ability to push a blocker in to the backfield with the bull rush. Those are things that Williams should be able to develop over time. He'll start out as a situational player and grow into a three-down lineman.

Tyleik Williams' Player Grade: B+
Ohio State logo CB Jordan Hancock (Suwanee, GA) commits to Ohio State  View Class

This is a big flip. Hancock, the No. 5-ranked cornerback in the nation, shifts from the top of the ACC to the top of the Big Ten. From an earlier evaluation: On film, Hancock's closing speed is among the best I've seen. When it looks like he's too far off the route, he can just dart back in and make a play on the ball. He plays bigger than his size and once he adds on mass in college, his style of play will be that of a bigger cornerback who is equally adept at coverage and tackling. Hancock can run well, he moves with fluidity, and he can flip his hips and change direction well."

Jordan Hancock's Player Grade: A-
Ohio State logo ATH Denzel Burke (Scottsdale, AZ) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Burke (6-0, 191) is a pretty diverse athlete with some quality skills and length as a defensive back. That's where Ohio State seems to be recruiting Burke. I understand why. He has ideal size to play cornerback and can run and stick with bigger receivers. Burke has excellent ball skills that come from playing a lot of offense in high school. He will definitely start who as a cornerback, but I'm going to go out on a limb to say Burke's future is on offense, as I like him as a wide receiver that can make plays downfield or on the perimeter. He is certainly a high-end athlete, but I feel like eventually the Ohio State staff will see his potential on offense and put him at wide receiver.

Denzel Burke's Player Grade: B+
Ohio State logo S Jantzen Dunn (Bowling Green, KY) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Dunn (6-2, 175) is an impressive two-way athlete who will likely end up at safety once he gets to Columbus. He has both offensive and defensive film, and right away, it's clear to see Dunn is an active athlete who is all over the field. He can run with his ability to close in on the play from the secondary being very impressive. Dunn is an explosive player on offense, and a couple of his catch-and-runs made me wonder if he doesn't have significant upside as a wide receiver. But Dunn is a little lean on the frame, so as he begins to fill out, he'll look more like a safety. He has good ball skills, but he is probably better suited to play closer to the line of scrimmage. Dunn is a very good athlete with a lot of potential.

Jantzen Dunn's Player Grade: B
Ohio State logo DE Tunmise Adeleye (Katy, TX) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Adeleye was originally at Tompkins High School in Katy, Texas, but transferred to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida for the upcoming season. Adeleye (6-3, 245) was heavier at Katy, and he's dropped some pounds to add some speed to his power game. His power has been key to his rush over the past couple of years, and it's the reason why he's extremely stout against the run.

Adeleye is a versatile weapon who could be an end in a four-man front, a stand-up rusher in a 3-4, or an outside linebacker with the athleticism to drop back in coverage. He is a top-end prospect, but he still has to show that the drop in size will make him more dynamic on the edge. Adeleye has plus-level skills across the board - quick hands, good at the point of attack and a strong upper body. He is simply another talented prospect for Ohio State.

Tunmise Adeleye's Player Grade: A-
Ohio State logo RB TreVeyon Henderson (Hopewell, VA) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Ohio State's been among the best in the nation at recruiting over several years, but the Buckeyes' running back recruiting came under the microscope in the last cycle when they missed out on their top-two targets and eventually only took one back instead taking the two backs they had space for. Well, Henderson (5-11, 190) solves that problem. He has got a good chance to be rated as the best running back in the 2021 class, and he's one of the top-20 prospects regardless of position in this class. Henderson has everything you want in a running back prospect - he plays with speed and power. Henderson has the balance and the vision to run between the tackles and the speed to get to the outside and separate from the defense. He can catch passes, and he will get through the hole quickly. Henderson now only fills a need for Ohio State, but he fills it with elite talent.

TreVeyon Henderson's Player Grade: A+
Ohio State logo S Andre Turrentine (Nashville, TN) commits to Ohio State  View Class

The re-stocking of the Ohio State secondary continues with the verbal commitment of Turrentine (6-0, 175), who the Buckeyes staff pulled from the southeast despite offers from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida. Turrentine will probably provide some meaningful snaps at safety or cornerback and will probably eventually find himself having the most success in nickel packages, where he can use his versatile skill set. Turrentine looks like a good and willing tackler on film, and he gets to the ball-carrier quickly. His coverage instincts are good, and while he isn't the fastest out there, he makes up for it with a high football IQ and good anticipation.

Andre Turrentine's Player Grade: B+
Ohio State logo RB Evan Pryor (Cornelius, NC) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Given the way North Carolina has dominated recruiting in its home state, it was a bit of a surprise to see Pryor (5-10, 200), the top running back in the Tar Heel State, opt for the Buckeyes instead. Pryor, however, isn't just a normal running back or what you think of when you think of a running back in Ohio State's system. He can be a workhorse out of the backfield, but where he really excels is when he can utilize his strong receiving skills. Pryor has the ability to be a running back, a slot receiver, and potentially a specialist in the return game. He needs touches like any other top-end skill player, but all those touches don't have to come while lining up seven yards behind the center. Pryor is a superb athlete and a potential game-changer who will add another explosive piece to Ryan Day's offense.

Evan Pryor's Player Grade: A-
Ohio State logo CB Devonta Smith (Cincinnati, OH) commits to Ohio State  View Class

A day after landing a commitment from blue-chip prospect Jakallin Johnson, the Buckeyes gain another commitment in the secondary from Smith (6-0, 185), an in-state prospect who fits the bill as a cornerback on the field side. Smith has emerged as one of the top players from the powerhouse LaSalle program in Cincinnati, so he's playing against some of the best competition in the midwest. He has good speed and has added the size to his frame, making him project as more of an outside cornerback than a slot. Smith plays both ways at LaSalle and could play wide receiver in college if he wanted to, but he's likely going to be part of a very fierce Buckeyes secondary over the next 3-4 years.

Devonta Smith's Player Grade: B-
Ohio State logo CB Jakallin Johnson (St. Louis, MO) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Johnson (5-11, 165) is a highly-touted recruit who had an offer from nearly every major program in the country and is arguably the top prospect from the state of Missouri. He has ideal side for a cornerback and length that makes him play taller than his 5-foot-11 listing. The Buckeyes are going to have to re-load at secondary this year, and Johnson is a heck of a place to build around. Looking at the film, Johnson is strong in man coverage and doesn't back down from the challenge of being left on an island. However, he's also quite adept when he's playing zone and forced to close in on the ball quickly. Johnson's instincts are definitely at a plus level, and his effort as a tackler and contributions in the run game make him an all-around performer. Johnson clearly focuses on every aspect of the game and wants to be great. He continues a strong recruiting run for the Buckeyes.

Jakallin Johnson's Player Grade: A
Ohio State logo WR Marvin Harrison Jr. (Philadelphia, PA) commits to Ohio State  View Class
Harrison Jr., the son of the Hall of Fame wide receiver of the same name, is already rated as one of the top receivers in the 2021 class. He's the sixth commitment for the Buckeyes in their 2021 recruiting class. He has a long body (6-3, 185) and is going to grow into a big, physical receiver who still inherits some of the natural wide receiver traits his father had. To the surprise of no one, Harrison Jr. can run routes and seems to take pride in running them with precision. He has very good hands and knows how to read the ball while it's in the air to adjust properly for the catch. Harrison Jr. doesn't have breakaway speed, but he's a smooth, long strider who gobbles up a lot of turf with each step. Overall, Harrison Jr. has the tools to be a No. 1 wide receiver at Ohio State. Marvin Harrison Jr.'s Player Grade: A

All Commitments - 13

Most recent Commitment on Aug. 27, 2020
  • 8/27 - Tyleik Williams DT
  • 7/19 - Jordan Hancock CB
  • 5/24 - Denzel Burke ATH
  • 4/20 - Jantzen Dunn S
  • 4/15 - Tunmise Adeleye DE
  • 3/27 - TreVeyon Henderson RB
  • 3/17 - Andre Turrentine S
  • 3/16 - Evan Pryor RB
  • 3/16 - Devonta Smith CB
  • 3/15 - Jakallin Johnson CB
  • 1/8 - Donovan Jackson OL
  • 1/7 - Jaylen Johnson S
  • 10/31 - Marvin Harrison Jr. WR

Last Season's Roster:

  • Seniors: 34
  • Juniors: 26
  • Sophmores: 31
  • Freshmen: 20
: 2 Players | 4 games played
Sr:0 Jr:1 So:0 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
S. Chambers Fr 3|0
O. Fankhauser Jr 1|0
DB: 18 Players | 108 games played
Sr:4 Jr:7 So:6 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
Damon Arnette Sr 8|8
Jordan Fuller Sr 8|8
Jeff Okudah Jr 8|8
Shaun Wade Jr 8|5
Brendon White Jr 8|1
Sevyn Banks So 8|0
Cameron Brown So 8|0
Marcus Hooker So 8|0
Amir Riep Jr 8|0
Marcus Williamson Jr 8|0
Jahsen Wint Sr 8|0
Josh Proctor So 7|0
Tyreke Johnson So 4|0
Isaiah Pryor Jr 4|0
Kevin Dever Jr 3|0
Lloyd McFarquhar So 1|0
Bryson Shaw Fr 1|0
C.J. Saunders Sr 0|0
DL: 21 Players | 99 games played
Sr:5 Jr:5 So:7 Fr:4
Player Class Games|Starts
Jashon Cornell Sr 8|8
Davon Hamilton Sr 8|8
Chase Young Jr 8|8
Haskell Garrett Jr 8|0
Zach Harrison Fr 8|0
Javontae Jean-Baptiste So 8|0
Tommy Togiai So 8|0
Antwuan Jackson Jr 7|1
Robert Landers Sr 7|1
Jerron Cage Jr 6|0
Tyler Friday So 5|2
Tyreke Smith So 5|2
Alex Williams So 4|0
Jonathon Cooper Sr 3|3
Zaid Hamdan So 3|0
Noah Potter Fr 2|0
Jaden McKenzie Fr 1|0
Aaron Cox Jr 0|0
Noah Donald Sr 0|0
Enokk Vimahi Fr 0|0
Taron Vincent So 0|0
K: 3 Players | 10 games played
Sr:0 Jr:2 So:1 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Blake Haubeil Jr 8|0
Dominic DiMaccio So 1|0
Zack Hoover Jr 1|0
LB: 16 Players | 72 games played
Sr:4 Jr:3 So:5 Fr:4
Player Class Games|Starts
Tuf Borland Sr 8|8
Malik Harrison Sr 8|8
Pete Werner Jr 8|8
Dallas Gant So 8|0
KVaughan Pope So 8|0
Baron Browning Jr 7|1
Justin Hilliard Sr 6|1
Trayvon Wilburn So 5|0
Craig Young Fr 5|0
Teradja Mitchell So 4|0
Cade Stover Fr 2|0
Logan Hittle Jr 1|0
Cade Kacherski So 1|0
Ben Schmiesing Fr 1|0
Tommy Eichenberg Fr 0|0
Hayden Jester Sr 0|0
LS: 1 Players | 0 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:0 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Bradley Robinson Sr 0|0
OL: 18 Players | 78 games played
Sr:7 Jr:4 So:4 Fr:3
Player Class Games|Starts
Jonah Jackson Jr 8|8
Thayer Munford Jr 8|7
Nicholas Petit-Frere So 8|1
Wyatt Davis Jr 7|7
Josh Myers Jr 7|7
Branden Bowen Sr 7|6
Gavin Cupp Sr 7|0
Kevin Woidke Sr 7|0
Joshua Alabi Sr 6|2
Liam McCullough Sr 5|0
Harry Miller Fr 5|0
Matthew Jones So 1|0
Dawand Jones Fr 1|0
Brandon Pahl Sr 1|0
Nathan Brock Sr 0|0
Ryan Jacoby Fr 0|0
Jack Jamieson So 0|0
Max Wray So 0|0
P: 2 Players | 8 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:1 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Drue Chrisman Sr 8|0
Jake Metzer So 0|0
QB: 4 Players | 17 games played
Sr:2 Jr:0 So:1 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
Justin Fields Fr 8|8
Chris Chugunov Sr 7|0
Gunnar Hoak Sr 2|0
Danny Vanatsky So 0|0
RB: 9 Players | 49 games played
Sr:2 Jr:2 So:2 Fr:3
Player Class Games|Starts
J.K. Dobbins Jr 8|8
Master Teague So 8|0
Demario McCall Sr 7|0
Mitch Rossi Jr 7|0
Marcus Crowley Fr 6|0
Xavier Johnson Fr 6|0
Jaelen Gill So 5|0
Robert Cope Fr 1|0
Amari McMahon Sr 1|0
TE: 6 Players | 31 games played
Sr:5 Jr:0 So:1 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Luke Farrell Sr 8|8
Jeremy Ruckert So 8|2
Jake Hausmann Sr 7|0
Rashod Berry Sr 5|1
Brock Davis Sr 2|0
Derrick Malone Sr 1|0
WR: 11 Players | 62 games played
Sr:3 Jr:2 So:3 Fr:3
Player Class Games|Starts
Binjimen Victor Sr 8|8
K.J. Hill Sr 8|4
Chris Olave So 8|1
Garrett Wilson Fr 8|0
Austin Mack Sr 7|7
Jaylen Harris Jr 7|0
Jameson Williams Fr 6|0
Ellijah Gardner Jr 4|0
Darryl Sinclair So 4|0
Austin Kutscher Fr 1|0
Sam Wiglusz So 1|0


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