2022 College Football Class Review: Texas

By Corey Long - @CoreyLong
Updated Aug. 25, 2021.

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This is everything we got college recruiting wise for Texas but don't take our word for it...be sure to click around the site to drive up our traffic. :).

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2022 College Recruiting - 12 Commits

Last Player Grade Published on Aug. 25, 2021
Texas logo S Austin Jordan (Denton, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Jordan (6-0, 190) is a big commitment for the Longhorns, who had to get in a major recruiting battle with Oklahoma for his pledge. He is a corner/safety type who should be able to take on bigger receivers in the slot and play more of a deep safety role otherwise. Jordan has plus-level speed and the long speed to defend the over-the-top vertical routes. He has adequate length, maybe a little greater than his height would suggest. Jordan wants to make the play on defense, and at times, he may gamble a little to go for the interception or the strip, but in this case, the risk might be worth the reward. He moves well, very fluidly. Jordan needs to shore up his tackling because he often comes up high and sloppy. Still, his upside is very high and he'll be a multi-year contributor.

Austin Jordan's Player Grade: B+
Texas logo OL Cole Hutson (Frisco, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Hutson (6-5, 317) is a stout interior offensive lineman who comes from a run-heavy offense in high school and likes to get his hands dirty. He seems to be most comfortable as a zone blocker and has much better feet than I had expected. Hutson can move and get to the second level quick enough to take on multiple guys off the snap. Hutson has decent lower-body strength, but he could stand to improve his upper body strength and overall short-space strength. He has a good football IQ and is likely to end up as a center when it's all said and done. Hutson has some areas to improve, especially with his hands, but he could project out to be one of the best centers in this class.

Cole Hutson's Player Grade: B+
Texas logo OL Connor Robertson (Austin, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Robertson (6-3, 295) is listed as a tackle by some, but more recent measurements would seem to solidify the projection of him as an interior guy. He plays right tackle in high school, but that's not unusual. Robertson's skill set, however, is that of a guard who is a bit of a road grader. I love the way Robertson plays - he takes no prisoners and is always ready to battle at the point of contact. Robertson, at times, might go hunting for a body a little bit too much, but that's a good problem to have. He's a steady pass blocker and shows signs of being one of those linemen who is good at everything that can set the tone physically for the unit.

Connor Robertson's Player Grade: B-
Texas logo RB Jamarion Miller (Tyler, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Miller (5-9, 192) offers a major injection of speed to the backfield. He has a verified track time of 10.71 seconds in the 100-meter dash, and it shows on the field, where he is a bona fide home run hitter. Miller is a sturdy, well-built prospect who clearly spends time in the weight room and runs with more power than you would expect from a speed back. He can catch passes out of the backfield or line up at wide receiver, showing multi-purpose usage in an offense. Miller is natural at running between the tackles and exploding through openings. His vision, feet and agility are all plus level. This is one of the top-15-20 running backs in the nation.

Jamarion Miller's Player Grade: B+
Texas logo K Will Stone (Austin, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Stone (6-1, 180) is rated as the No. 15 kicker in the Class of 2022 - five stars - and No. 33 punter - four-and-a-half stars - by the Kohl's kicking website. The site says that Stone "is a talented lefty with an athletic frame. He has made nice gains as a punter, and that should help him with schools looking for a kicker that can punt well."

Will Stone's Player Grade: C+
Texas logo DE/LB Anthony Jones (Henderson, NV) commits to Texas  View Class

Jones (6-5, 245) was committed to Washington for several months, but he backed away from his commitment to take visits. He decided to become a member of the Longhorns' class after his official visit. Jones is good-looking prospect with good length and some quick twitch to him. He is a good athlete who also plays tight end for his high school. Jones is a very quick off the ball, and once he gets started running, he'll run all day to make it to the play. Jones is strong enough to create an effective punch on an offensive lineman at the point of contract. He can tackle and shows some ability to drop in coverage. Jones isn't quite elite, but he's very good and could get better if he can improve his overall skills as a pass rusher.

Anthony Jones' Player Grade: B
Texas logo DT Kristopher Ross (Houston, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Ross (6-3, 282) gives the Longhorns their first defensive line commitment in the 2022 class. For the most part, the new staff, led by Steve Sarkisian, has been focused on quarterback, offensive skill and the secondary, but Ross is a solid addition to the class - a tough defensive tackle who can play the three- or the one-technique. Ross plays hard - he is hard to miss on film, and he's a solid defender against the run. He can clog up the running lanes or get into the backfield and blow the play up from the beginning. He's not a natural pass rusher, but his motor and effort should will get him to the quarterback from time to time. Ross probably won't be the centerpiece of Texas' defensive line class, but he's a solid prospect who will elevate the talent floor and the play around him.

Kristopher Ross' Player Grade: B-
Texas logo S Bryan Allen Jr. (Aledo, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Allen (6-0, 180) marks another big commitment for the Longhorns early in the 2022 cycle. Texas had to beat out LSU, which might've been Allen's leader earlier in his recruitment. He is listed as a safety, but he's more of an all-around player in the secondary who can be used in several different ways. Allen's natural fit and his eventual landing spot will probably be as a high safety, but in certain situations, he can play cornerback and play on the outside. He could also be used to play the slot in nickel packages. Allen has the speed, the natural instincts, and the ball skills to be a high-end performer at the next level.

Bryan Allen Jr.'s Player Grade: B+
Texas logo QB Maalik Murphy (Gardena, CA) commits to Texas  View Class

You kind of figured that Steve Sarkisian was going to use his west-coast connections to land his first quarterback prospect at Texas, which he did. Murphy (6-5, 222) is a big-time quarterback prospect who brings the size, skill and arm talent you want to see at the position. He's still very much in the developmental stage, and playing another year of high school will probably help him continue to find his game, so to speak.

But his arm strength is legitimate as the ball just flies out of his hand. Murphy has the natural traits I like from a quarterback with the speed control and the touch. He can move and throw the ball downfield on the run. The Longhorns wwere looking for their quarterback of the future, and Murphy fits the bill.

Maalik Murphy's Player Grade: A-
Texas logo WR Evan Stewart (Frisco, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

After his success running the office in Alabama, it is no surprise that new Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian is going to attract some top offensive weapons to join him. Stewart (6-0, 175) is arguably the top wide receiver prospect in Texas and one of the top prospects in the nation. He is also a track athlete and one of the better track performers in the state.

Stewart has quickness and a lot of high-end athleticism. His jumping ability helps him battle for balls in traffic. Stewart has plus-level speed and the ability to stretch out a defense vertically. He's huge pickup for Sarkisian early in his tenure.

Evan Stewart's Player Grade: A-
Texas logo RB Jaydon Blue (Houston, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

After watching how Najee Harris thrived in Steve Sarkisian's offense last season, it shouldn't be a surprise that Blue (5-11, 200), one of the top running backs in the Class of 2022, would be interested in playing for the new Longhorns coach.

Blue has verified top-end speed - he can run the 100-yard dash in under 11 seconds. There's a nice mix of speed and power with Blue. He has the ideal size for a running back, plus he can run through tacklers. I want to see Blue do more in the passing game, because in Sarkisian's offense, the running back who catches passes gets rewarded. Still, Blue gives the Longhorns a top-end running back commitment for the new staff.

Jaydon Blue's Player Grade: B+
Texas logo WR Armani Winfield (Lewisville, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

No surprise that wide receivers are going to show a high interest in Texas now that Steve Sarkisian has taken over the program. Winfield (6-2, 180) was thought to be an early lean with Ohio State, but Sarkisian's resume as an offensive play caller was a hook that kept him in state.

Winfield is a long strider who can stretch the field vertically and is always a threat for a big play. He needs to get bigger and stronger while added more explosive speed on the snap. Winfield has potential to take his game to another level and be a top wide receiver in college. He is big early in-state pickup for the Longhorns.

Armani Winfield's Player Grade: B+

All Commitments - 12

Most recent Commitment on July 14, 2021
  • 7/14 - Austin Jordan S
  • 7/3 - Cole Hutson OL
  • 7/2 - Connor Robertson OL
  • 6/28 - Jamarion Miller RB
  • 6/15 - Will Stone K
  • 6/13 - Anthony Jones DE
  • 3/23 - Kristopher Ross DT
  • 3/8 - Bryan Allen Jr. S
  • 2/18 - Evan Stewart WR
  • 2/13 - Maalik Murphy QB
  • 2/2 - Jaydon Blue RB
  • 1/12 - Armani Winfield WR

Last Season's Roster:

  • Seniors: 19
  • Juniors: 29
  • Sophmores: 54
  • Freshmen: 0
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B.J. Foster Jr 0|0
Jalen Green Jr 0|0
DShawn Jamison Jr 0|0
Justin Mader Jr 0|0
Myles Mass So 0|0
DeMarvion Overshown Jr 0|0
Tyler Owens So 0|0
Tremayne Prudhomme So 0|0
Caden Sterns Jr 0|0
Turner Symonds So 0|0
Josh Thompson Sr 0|0
Christian Tschauner So 0|0
Kenyatta Watson So 0|0
Doak Wilson So 0|0
DL: 16 Players | 0 games played
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Patrick Bayouth So 0|0
Tristan Bennett Sr 0|0
Marqez Bimage Sr 0|0
Daniel Carson So 0|0
DAndre Christmas-Giles Sr 0|0
Keondre Coburn So 0|0
Anthony Cook Jr 0|0
TaQuon Graham Sr 0|0
Chris Hannon So 0|0
Tope Imade Sr 0|0
Jacoby Jones Sr 0|0
Peter Mpagi So 0|0
Moro Ojomo So 0|0
TVondre Sweat So 0|0
Troy Torres So 0|0
Myron Warren So 0|0
K: 2 Players | 0 games played
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Cameron Dicker Jr 0|0
Chris Naggar Sr 0|0
LB: 13 Players | 0 games played
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Ayodele Adeoye So 0|0
Luke Brockermeyer So 0|0
Jett Bush So 0|0
Jake Ehlinger So 0|0
DeGabriel Floyd So 0|0
David Gbenda So 0|0
Russell Hine Jr 0|0
Cort Jaquess Jr 0|0
Caleb Johnson Sr 0|0
Juwan Mitchell Jr 0|0
Joseph Ossai Jr 0|0
Jr., Marcus Tillman So 0|0
Byron Vaughns So 0|0
LS: 2 Players | 0 games played
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Zach Edwards Jr 0|0
Chandler Kelehan So 0|0
OL: 16 Players | 0 games played
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Player Class Games|Starts
Junior Angilau So 0|0
Michael Balis So 0|0
Samuel Cosmi Jr 0|0
Matt Frost So 0|0
Rafiti Ghirmai Jr 0|0
Isaiah Hookfin So 0|0
Tyler Johnson So 0|0
Christian Jones So 0|0
Derek Kerstetter Sr 0|0
Reese Moore So 0|0
Denzel Okafor Sr 0|0
Ishan Rison Sr 0|0
Jakob Sell Jr 0|0
Javonne Shepherd So 0|0
Willie Tyler Jr 0|0
Chad Wolf So 0|0
P: 1 Players | 0 games played
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Ryan Bujcevski Jr 0|0
QB: 4 Players | 0 games played
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Ben Ballard So 0|0
Sam Ehlinger Sr 0|0
Roschon Johnson So 0|0
Casey Thompson So 0|0
RB: 6 Players | 0 games played
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Player Class Games|Starts
Derrian Brown So 0|0
Keaontay Ingram Jr 0|0
Jarrett Smith So 0|0
Jaren Watkins Jr 0|0
Jordan Whittington So 0|0
Daniel Young Sr 0|0
TE: 8 Players | 0 games played
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Cade Brewer Sr 0|0
Rob Cummins Jr 0|0
Malcolm Epps So 0|0
Nathan Hatter So 0|0
Austin Hibbetts Jr 0|0
Reese Leitao Jr 0|0
Brayden Liebrock So 0|0
Jared Wiley So 0|0
WR: 13 Players | 0 games played
Sr:1 Jr:4 So:8 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Kartik Akkihal So 0|0
Parker Alford So 0|0
Tarik Black Sr 0|0
Brennan Eagles Jr 0|0
Kai Jarmon Jr 0|0
Kennedy Lewis So 0|0
Kai Money So 0|0
Joshua Moore Jr 0|0
Jordan Pouncey Jr 0|0
Jake Smith So 0|0
Marcus Washington So 0|0
Travis West So 0|0
AlVonte Woodward So 0|0


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