2022 College Football Class Review: Pittsburgh

By Corey Long - @CoreyLong
Updated Aug. 23, 2021.

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2022 College Recruiting - 8 Commits

Last Player Grade Published on Aug. 23, 2021
Pittsburgh logo DL Bradley Mann (Jacksonville, FL) commits to Pittsburgh  View Class

Mann's size (6-6, 265) means that a move to offensive tackle could be coming once he gets into a program. If he stays on defense, there are plenty of things to like about what Mann offers as a strong-side defensive end. Mann has a nice burst off the ball and quick hands. He can get pressure on the quarterback with a simple interior move or raw strength on the rush. Mann is technically sound and knows how to use his hands and short-space strength to win tough battles. With that being said, Mann could just as easily develop into a Sunday player ... as an offensive tackle.

Bradley Mann's Player Grade: B-
Pittsburgh logo WR Camden Brown (Fort Lauderdale, FL) commits to Pittsburgh  View Class

Brown (6-3, 190) is quickly moving up the ranks. He may end up one of the top-two to three wide receiver prospects in the state if he continues to improve at this rapid pace. He has the size to be physical and the speed to run by most defensive backs. The size-speed combination isn't as prevalent in Florida this year as year's past. Brown can take the quick slant and turn it into a chunk play. He also has some deep speed to stretch out a defense. Brown has good hands, but sometimes he can look the ball in. He just needs to clean up some things for you to expect him to excel in college.

Camden Brown's Player Grade: B
Pittsburgh logo CB Ryland Gandy (Buford, GA) commits to Pittsburgh  View Class

Gandy (6-0, 1700 is a good corner with a skill set that will allow him to defend the pass and help out on the run at the next level. He can be a little slow out of the break, and he will let some guys get behind him. Gandy needs to work a little on his technique. I would like to see him redirect receivers a little better off the line, and he will need to get stronger to do that. Gandy is a guy who can get physical. You will see him come up and make an open-field tackle. Gandy lacks great speed and guys can get some separation on him, but he shows the ability to recover and still make a play on the football.

Ryland Gandy's Player Grade: C+
Pittsburgh logo WR Addison Copeland (Buffalo, NY) commits to Pittsburgh  View Class

Copeland (6-2, 185) has very good size that should project to an outside role and much better speed than what he's been tested at. Pittsburgh needs some more playmaking at wide receiver, and Copeland can accelerate to get down the field and stretch the defense. He is a long strider who will fight for the 50-50 balls and use his stature to box out defensive backs. Copeland is also a tough player who will block on the perimeter, and he even lines up as a blocking back in the backfield for his high school. Copeland is a talented prospect with some good upside and a blue-collar work ethic that should fit in well at Pittsburgh.

Addison Copeland's Player Grade: B-
Pittsburgh logo DL Jimmy Scott (Hamburg, NY) commits to Pittsburgh  View Class

I've been a mark for defensive linemen who are successfully recruited by Pittsburgh. To a man, I think they are horribly underrated. Scott (6-3, 252) has put on about 20 pounds since his initial evaluation and looks like he can still move pretty well with that extra mass on his body. He still plays running back for his high school. Scott can get into the backfield, and he shows the ability to peel off the line and drop in short coverage. Scott can move around on the line. He goes fast and, like most of the defensive linemen Pittsburgh recruits, Scott has a good motor and doesn't give up on the play. He can be overpowering with the rush at times, but he'll have to improve some of his technique to better shed blockers who he can't just blow past or push over.

Jimmy Scott's Player Grade: B
Pittsburgh logo ATH Jordaan Bailey (Tampa, FL) commits to Pittsburgh  View Class

Bailey (5-11, 175) is one of a group of players who started as freshman at Hillsborough High in Tampa and will all be signing college letters of intent this winter. He a natural burner and a sprinter on the track team. Bailey is listed as a running back, but I think he's going to be a corner in college. He has great footwork and the ability to change directions and flip over his hips easily. Bailey can get off the line quickly and has long speed. He will need to get more physical at the next level to fit the mold of Pittsburgh defensive backs. Bailey is a tough competitor who doesn't give an inch, and that will serve him well at the next level.

Jordaan Bailey's Player Grade: B-
Pittsburgh logo DT Sean Fitzsimmons (Monaca, PA) commits to Pittsburgh  View Class

I admit to being a bit of a mark for defensive line prospects who go to Pittsburgh, and that's mostly because I have a great respect for the program's defensive line coach, Charlie Partridge, and his ability to recruit and develop the big nasties on the line. Fitzsimmons (6-3, 274) is a no-frills in-state prospect who is going to become a 300-pound presence in the middle of the line. He has a nice first-step and is good with the hand fighting.

Fitzsimmons isn't an immediate starter or anything, but three years from now, he'll be contributing as a rotational guy, at worst. He's not going to make the flash plays, but he'll take on blockers and stand strong against the pile.

Sean Fitzsimmons' Player Grade: C+
Pittsburgh logo DT Elijah Statham (Smyrna, DE) commits to Pittsburgh  View Class

I think Pittsburgh had one of the top-five defensive hauls in the Class of 2021 and I'm really high on this staff's ability to evaluate players at the position. Statham (6-2, 270) has been on that staff's radar for a long time because his brother, Michael Statham, was part of Pittsburgh's recruit class in 2020.

Statham plays in a small state - Delaware - that is not known for its football, so when I flipped on his tape, I expected to see a dominating player, which I did. He basically tosses around most of his opposition, and he adds a nice touch of brutal physicality while doing it. Statham is strong off the snap and chases down the play in the backfield very well. His brother went to St. Frances Academy in Baltimore as a senior, and I hope Statham does the same. The bump up in competition will add more legitimacy to Statham as a prospect, and I believe he is a good one.

Elijah Statham's Player Grade: B

All Commitments - 8

Most recent Commitment on July 11, 2021
  • 7/11 - Bradley Mann DL
  • 6/27 - Camden Brown WR
  • 6/16 - Ryland Gandy CB
  • 6/15 - Addison Copeland WR
  • 6/14 - Jimmy Scott DL
  • 6/12 - Jordaan Bailey ATH
  • 4/9 - Sean Fitzsimmons DT
  • 1/11 - Elijah Statham DT

Last Season's Roster:

  • Seniors: 26
  • Juniors: 21
  • Sophmores: 50
  • Freshmen: 1
DB: 13 Players | 0 games played
Sr:5 Jr:1 So:7 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Paris Brown So 0|0
Paris Ford Jr 0|0
Bricen Garner Sr 0|0
Erick Hallett So 0|0
Damar Hamlin Sr 0|0
Brandon Hill So 0|0
Damarri Mathis Sr 0|0
John Petrishen Sr 0|0
Jason Pinnock Sr 0|0
Brassir Stocker So 0|0
Judson Tallandier So 0|0
Marquis Williams So 0|0
A.J. Woods So 0|0
DL: 18 Players | 0 games played
Sr:3 Jr:2 So:13 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Deslin Alexandre Jr 0|0
Habakkuk Baldonado So 0|0
Tyler Bentley So 0|0
Bam Brima So 0|0
Keyshon Camp Sr 0|0
Devin Danielson So 0|0
David Green So 0|0
Patrick Jones II Sr 0|0
Deandre Jules So 0|0
Calijah Kancey So 0|0
Chris Maloney So 0|0
Kaymar Mimes So 0|0
John Morgan So 0|0
Bryce Nelms So 0|0
Noah Palmer So 0|0
Nate Temple So 0|0
Jaylen Twyman Jr 0|0
Rashad Weaver Sr 0|0
K: 2 Players | 0 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:1 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Alex Kessman Sr 0|0
Sam Scarton So 0|0
LB: 13 Players | 0 games played
Sr:4 Jr:3 So:6 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Cam Bright Jr 0|0
Phil Campbell Sr 0|0
Wendell Davis So 0|0
SirVocea Dennis So 0|0
Brandon George So 0|0
Jack Hansberry So 0|0
Jackson Henry So 0|0
Kyle Nunn Jr 0|0
Chase Pine Sr 0|0
Elias Reynolds Sr 0|0
Leslie Smith So 0|0
Albert Tucker Jr 0|0
Jake Zilinskas Sr 0|0
LS: 2 Players | 0 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:1 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Cal Adomitis Sr 0|0
Brandon Hurst So 0|0
OL: 16 Players | 0 games played
Sr:4 Jr:7 So:5 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Brian Burgess Jr 0|0
Liam Dick So 0|0
Jerry Drake Jr. Jr 0|0
Owen Drexel Jr 0|0
Brandon Ford Sr 0|0
Matt Goncalves So 0|0
Bryce Hargrove Sr 0|0
Gabe Houy Jr 0|0
Jake Kradel So 0|0
Jimmy Morrissey Sr 0|0
Shane Murphy So 0|0
Kenny Rainey III Jr 0|0
Carson Van Lynn Jr 0|0
Carter Warren Jr 0|0
Rashad Wheeler Sr 0|0
Blake Zubovic So 0|0
P: 2 Players | 0 games played
Sr:0 Jr:1 So:1 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Jared Campbell So 0|0
Kirk Christodoulou Jr 0|0
QB: 5 Players | 0 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:3 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
Davis Beville So 0|0
Eli Kosanovich So 0|0
Nick Patti So 0|0
Kenny Pickett Sr 0|0
Joey Yellen Fr 0|0
RB: 7 Players | 0 games played
Sr:3 Jr:1 So:3 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Grey Brancifort So 0|0
Daniel Carter So 0|0
A.J. Davis Sr 0|0
Vincent Davis So 0|0
Peyton Deri Sr 0|0
Todd Sibley Jr. Jr 0|0
Kyle Vreen Sr 0|0
TE: 5 Players | 0 games played
Sr:1 Jr:1 So:3 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Grant Carrigan Jr 0|0
Jason Collier So 0|0
Jake Cortes So 0|0
Lucas Krull Sr 0|0
Kyi Wright So 0|0
WR: 15 Players | 0 games played
Sr:3 Jr:5 So:7 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Garrett Bickhart Jr 0|0
Dontavius Butler-Jenkins Jr 0|0
VLique Carter Jr 0|0
Jacob Hunsinger So 0|0
Shocky Jacques-Louis Jr 0|0
Joshua Junko So 0|0
Taysir Mack Sr 0|0
Cameron ONeil So 0|0
Michael Smith Jr 0|0
Isaiah Stewart So 0|0
Gavin Thomson So 0|0
Tre Tipton Sr 0|0
John Vardzel So 0|0
Michael Vardzel Sr 0|0
Jared Wayne So 0|0


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