2021 College Football Class Review: Purdue

By Corey Long - @CoreyLong
Updated Oct. 22, 2020.

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Conference Class Rank

Last Updated/Ranked: June 11, 2020
1 Ohio State logo Ohio State
2 Michigan logo Michigan
3 Iowa logo Iowa
4 Minnesota logo Minnesota
5 Penn State logo Penn State
6 Maryland logo Maryland
7 Wisconsin logo Wisconsin
8 Nebraska logo Nebraska
9 Rutgers logo Rutgers
10 Indiana logo Indiana
11 Purdue logo Purdue
12 Northwestern logo Northwestern
13 Michigan State logo Michigan State
14 Illinois logo Illinois

2021 College Recruiting - 9 Commits

Last Player Grade Published on Oct. 22, 2020
Purdue logo OT Mahamane Moussa (Indianapolis, IN) commits to Purdue  View Class

Moussa (6-5, 255) is a offensive line prospect who plays football and also does the strength events in track and field. I think he has a good chance to end up as a right tackle, but he could also kick inside to guard. His film is a mixed bag, but there is some potential.

Moussa plays with good effort and has footwork and athleticism to make plays in space. He has plenty of room to grow, both physically and with his technique. Moussa has a pretty good foundation though.

Mahamane Moussa's Player Grade: C
Purdue logo LB Rickey Smith (Orlando, FL) commits to Purdue  View Class

Smith (6-1, 195) is being recruited as a safety/linebacker hybrid, but I think he's going to grow into a full-fledged off-ball linebacker. He has the arm length and off-the-snap burst to be an interesting option as a stand-up pass-rush specialist.

Smith is a little rough in coverage, and I think he'll find more comfort playing downhill and trying to make plays closer to the line of scrimmage. He should fill out physically, but will need some seasoning to develop into a player who can stay on the field.

Rickey Smith's Player Grade: C
Purdue logo ATH Sam Jackson (Naperville, IL) commits to Purdue  View Class

Jackson (5-11, 175) committed to Minnesota on April 22 and was recruited to play for the Golden Gophers as a wide receiver. From his earlier evaluation: "Jackson is listed as a quarterback, but it looks like he'll be a wide receiver at the next level or possible a defensive back. He is one of the more explosive athletes in the Midwest. Jackson can provide a lot as a slot receiver if he takes some time to learn the position. He is a unique player with the ball in his hands, and that's why he's generally being recruited as an offensive athlete."

Sam Jackson's Player Grade: C+
Purdue logo WR Deion Burks (Belleville, MI) commits to Purdue  View Class

Burks (5-10, 181) is a playmaker at wide receiver. He has the size of a natural slot receiver, but he also has plenty of experience playing on the outside and will most certainly line up in both positions. He has good explosion and comes out of his routes strong. Burks' speed is okay, but his short burst makes him seem faster and can get him quick separation in a catch-and-run situation. He's more of a natural receiver than an "offensive weapon". Burks can play physical football for his size and can make catches in traffic. He will also contribute as a downfield blocker in the run game. Burks projects as a three-down receiver who can line up in all situations.

Deion Burks' Player Grade: B
Purdue logo DE Khordae Sydnor (New Rochelle, NY) commits to Purdue  View Class

Sydnor (6-4, 245) is a bigger framed defensive end who I believe will probably spend as much time on the inside as he will at defensive end. I think he has a future as a three-technique, but he could also play some five-technique or line up wide. Sydnor has a pretty balanced game, although I think he's stronger against the run than he is as a pass rusher. I don't know if he's going to be a star at Purdue, but he looks like a very useful depth piece who can play multiple positions.

Khordae Sydnor's Player Grade: C
Purdue logo OL Zach Richards (Mooresville, IN) commits to Purdue  View Class

Richards (6-2, 295) made a commitment to Purdue over Illinois and Indiana. The Boilermakers were his first major offer and were the program to beat from the beginning. Richards is the second lineman from Mooresville High to commit to Purdue, joining offensive tackle Jaelin Alstott-VanDeVanter.

Richards is going to be an interior lineman at Purdue, likely a guard. He plays guard in high school, so it works itself out. Richards has good technique, good footwork - he originally started as a tackle. He'll have to get stronger in his upper and lower body to be the type of mauler you want to see on the interior.

Zach Richards' Player Grade: C
Purdue logo ATH Bryon Threats (Dublin, OH) commits to Purdue  View Class

Threats (5-10, 190) was being recruited to play on the defensive side of the ball by several programs, but he wants to have the opportunity to be a running back, which put Purdue ahead of offers from West Virginia, Iowa State, Cincinnati and Kentucky among others. Threats plays running back and strong safety in high school. He plays both sides of the ball a similar way - tough and with a lot of effort. I don't think Threats is necessarily a big-time athlete, but he's a solid, blue-collar football player and that's great effort. He can run with some speed and some power, not going down on first contact, and has a high motor.

Bryon Threats' Player Grade: C+
Purdue logo LB Tristan Cox (Somerset, KY) commits to Purdue  View Class

Cox (6-3, 225) was a pretty tight recruiting battle between Purdue, Kentucky, Louisville and a couple of others. He looks like he could be a big body in the middle, but Cox says Purdue wants to use him as an outside linebacker, presumably someone who can get to the quarterback. Cox is a pretty good athlete; he plays both linebacker and running back in high school. As a linebacker, Cox was very good in his junior season, notching 20 tackles for loss. This is a big athlete who, if he can consistently get into the backfield at the next level, should be a significant piece of future defenses at Purdue.

Tristan Cox's Player Grade: C+
Purdue logo CB Brandon Calloway (Griffin, GA) commits to Purdue  View Class

Calloway (6-2, 175) is the third recruit to give a verbal commitment to Purdue in the 2021 recruiting cycle. The first thing that stands out about Calloway is his length. That makes him a versatile piece on a defense. Calloway carries a lot of roles for his high school, playing cornerback, linebacker, safety, plus lines up as a nickelback as well. He's athletic and capable of covering in space. Calloway is still pretty raw, and it'll be interesting to see how his recruitment goes in the summer when I expect other programs will be trying to get him on campus - COVID-19 pandemic pending.

Brandon Calloway's Player Grade: C+

All Commitments - 10

Most recent Commitment on Aug. 11, 2020
  • 8/11 - Mahamane Moussa OT
  • 7/28 - Rickey Smith LB
  • 6/10 - Sam Jackson ATH
  • 5/13 - Deion Burks WR
  • 4/25 - Khordae Sydnor DE
  • 4/24 - Zach Richards OL
  • 4/10 - Bryon Threats ATH
  • 4/8 - Tristan Cox LB
  • 3/16 - Brandon Calloway CB
  • 1/9 - OT Jaelin Alstott-VanDeVanter OT

Last Season's Roster:

  • Seniors: 13
  • Juniors: 16
  • Sophmores: 24
  • Freshmen: 56
DB: 16 Players | 79 games played
Sr:2 Jr:2 So:2 Fr:10
Player Class Games|Starts
Navon Mosley Sr 9|9
Kenneth Major So 9|7
Brennan Thieneman Jr 9|5
Simeon Smiley Jr 9|4
Cory Trice Fr 9|4
Jalen Graham Fr 8|6
Cam Allen Fr 8|0
Kadin Smith Fr 7|0
Tyler Hamilton So 4|0
Jordan Rucker Fr 4|0
Marvin Grant Fr 3|0
Nyles Beverly Fr 0|0
David Day Sr 0|0
Zane Greene Fr 0|0
Ashton Nichols Fr 0|0
Byron Perkins Fr 0|0
DL: 18 Players | 78 games played
Sr:2 Jr:3 So:3 Fr:10
Player Class Games|Starts
Derrick Barnes Jr 9|9
George Karlaftis Fr 9|9
Lawrence Johnson Fr 9|7
Kai Higgins Sr 9|6
Anthony Watts Jr 8|5
Semisi Fakasiieiki Jr 8|2
Jack Sullivan Fr 8|0
Giovanni Reviere So 7|0
Branson Deen Fr 6|0
Jack Cravaack Fr 2|0
Jeff Marks So 2|0
Robert McWilliams III So 1|0
Steven Faucheux Fr 0|0
Dontay Hunter II Fr 0|0
Sulaiman Kpaka Fr 0|0
Willie Lane Fr 0|0
Lorenzo Neal Sr 0|0
KJ Stokes Fr 0|0
K: 2 Players | 9 games played
Sr:0 Jr:1 So:0 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
J.D. Dellinger Jr 9|0
Chris Van Eekeren Fr 0|0
LB: 15 Players | 58 games played
Sr:2 Jr:1 So:6 Fr:6
Player Class Games|Starts
Ben Holt Sr 9|9
Dedrick Mackey So 9|7
Jaylan Alexander So 9|4
Elijah Ball Fr 8|0
Cornel Jones Jr 6|4
Kieren Douglas So 6|0
Markus Bailey Sr 2|2
Zach Randall So 2|0
Khali Saunders Fr 2|0
Jack Smith So 2|0
Jacob Wahlberg Fr 2|0
Jonah Williams So 1|0
Will Chapman Fr 0|0
Byron Hubbard II Fr 0|0
Crishawn Long Fr 0|0
LS: 4 Players | 10 games played
Sr:0 Jr:1 So:1 Fr:2
Player Class Games|Starts
Nick Zecchino Jr 9|0
Brooks Royal So 1|0
Hunter MacDonald Fr 0|0
August Schott Fr 0|0
OL: 19 Players | 72 games played
Sr:2 Jr:4 So:5 Fr:8
Player Class Games|Starts
Grant Hermanns Jr 9|9
Will Bramel Fr 9|7
Alex Criddle Sr 9|5
Matt McCann Sr 8|8
Mark Stickford So 7|5
Eric Miller Fr 7|2
Sam Garvin So 6|4
Marc Roland So 6|0
Viktor Beach So 5|5
Jimmy McKenna Fr 3|0
DJ Washington So 3|0
Bryce Brown Jr 0|0
Cam Craig Fr 0|0
Ryan Flaherty Jr 0|0
Spencer Holstege Fr 0|0
Kyle Jornigan Fr 0|0
Ben Kuhns Fr 0|0
Sam Loebig Jr 0|0
Dave Monnot III Fr 0|0
P: 2 Players | 13 games played
Sr:0 Jr:0 So:1 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
Brooks Cormier Fr 7|0
Zac Collins So 6|0
QB: 6 Players | 22 games played
Sr:1 Jr:1 So:2 Fr:2
Player Class Games|Starts
Danny Carollo Jr 9|0
Jack Plummer Fr 7|6
Elijah Sindelar Sr 3|3
Aidan OConnell So 3|0
Paul Piferi Fr 0|0
Nick Sipe So 0|0
RB: 7 Players | 32 games played
Sr:2 Jr:0 So:2 Fr:3
Player Class Games|Starts
King Doerue Fr 9|6
Alfred Armour So 9|1
Zander Horvath So 8|3
Tario Fuller Sr 3|0
DaJoun Hewitt Fr 2|0
Richie Worship Sr 1|1
Henry Lewis Fr 0|0
TE: 5 Players | 22 games played
Sr:1 Jr:1 So:0 Fr:3
Player Class Games|Starts
Brycen Hopkins Sr 9|8
Payne Durham Fr 9|3
Kyle Bilodeau Fr 2|0
Garrett Miller Fr 1|0
Darius Pittman Jr 1|0
WR: 15 Players | 56 games played
Sr:1 Jr:2 So:2 Fr:10
Player Class Games|Starts
Amad Anderson Jr. Fr 9|7
David Bell Fr 9|7
Jackson Anthrop Jr 9|2
Milton Wright Fr 8|2
Malcolm Dotson Sr 6|0
Rondale Moore So 4|4
Jordan Bonner Fr 4|0
Jared Sparks Jr 3|1
TJ Sheffield Fr 2|0
Kory Taylor Fr 2|0
Cam Childers Fr 0|0
Noah Ellison So 0|0
Alex Maxwel Fr 0|0
Mershawn Rice Fr 0|0
Grant Summers Fr 0|0


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