2023 College Football Class Review: Florida State

By Corey Long - @CoreyLong
Updated April 7, 2022.

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This is everything we got college recruiting wise for Florida State but don't take our word for it...be sure to click around the site to drive up our traffic. :).

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2023 College Recruiting - 2 Commits

Last Player Grade Published on April 7, 2022
Florida State logo WR Darren Lawrence (Sanford, FL) commits to Florida State  View Class

There are two things I would like to see Florida State do more of under Mike Norvell. Recruit better in Florida, and recruit some tougher receivers on the outside. Lawrence (6-2, 192) might end up helping in both areas. He can stretch the field - another issue the Seminoles have struggled with - and he'll adjust make a play on the football. I think he can blow the top off a defense if the quarterback can get him the football. Lawrence comes from a good high school program that produces tough, physical kids.

Darren Lawrence's Player Grade: B
Florida State logo DL Keith Sampson (New Bern, NC) commits to Florida State  View Class

Florida State's line coach Odell Haggins is just one of those guys you trust when it comes to evaluating the position. Sampson (6-3, 280) is a thick-bodied prospect who should project nicely as a three-technique. He has the quickness off the snap and the short burst to rush the pass from the inside, but Sampson is also tough enough to take on the double teams and fight through bodies to get to the football. He plays a little high right now, but those are things he can improve on with consistent coaching.

Keith Sampson's Player Grade: B

All Commitments - 2

Most recent Commitment on April 2, 2022
  • 4/2 - Darren Lawrence WR
  • 3/5 - Keith Sampson DL

Last Season's Roster:

  • Seniors: 14
  • Juniors: 12
  • Sophmores: 23
  • Freshmen: 72
DB: 20 Players | 12 games played
Sr:2 Jr:2 So:7 Fr:9
Player Class Games|Starts
Jarvis Brownlee Fr 1|1
Akeem Dent So 1|1
Meiko Dotson Sr 1|1
Brendan Gant So 1|1
Travis Jay Fr 1|1
Caleb Blake So 1|0
Renardo Green So 1|0
Jarrian Jones So 1|0
Kevin Knowles II Fr 1|0
Joe Lang Sr 1|0
Jammie Robinson So 1|0
Sidney Williams Fr 1|0
Shyheim Brown Fr 0|0
Omarion Cooper Fr 0|0
Jaden Floyd Fr 0|0
Tylus Hancock So 0|0
Marshall Hilaman Jr 0|0
Jarques McClellion Jr 0|0
Demorie Tate Fr 0|0
Hunter Washington Fr 0|0
DE: 5 Players | 4 games played
Sr:3 Jr:1 So:0 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
Jermaine Johnson Sr 1|1
Keir Thomas Sr 1|1
Marcus Cushnie Jr 1|0
Derrick McLendon II Fr 1|0
Leonard Warner III Sr 0|0
DL: 8 Players | 1 games played
Sr:0 Jr:0 So:0 Fr:8
Player Class Games|Starts
Quashon Fuller Fr 1|0
TJ Davis Fr 0|0
Rowan Hanley Fr 0|0
Liam McCormick Fr 0|0
Malakai Menzer Fr 0|0
Patrick Payton Fr 0|0
Jr., Byron Turner Fr 0|0
Jr., George Wilson Fr 0|0
DT: 8 Players | 4 games played
Sr:1 Jr:1 So:3 Fr:3
Player Class Games|Starts
Robert Cooper Jr 1|1
Fabien Lovett So 1|1
Dennis Briggs Jr. Sr 1|0
Jarrett Jackson So 1|0
Joshua Farmer Fr 0|0
Shambre Jackson Fr 0|0
Malcolm Ray Fr 0|0
Tru Thompson So 0|0
K: 3 Players | 2 games played
Sr:0 Jr:1 So:0 Fr:2
Player Class Games|Starts
Ryan Fitzgerald Fr 1|0
Parker Grothaus Jr 1|0
Aidan Shahriari Fr 0|0
LB: 14 Players | 6 games played
Sr:1 Jr:1 So:4 Fr:8
Player Class Games|Starts
Kalen DeLoach So 1|1
DJ Lundy Fr 1|1
Cortez Andrews So 1|0
Decalon Brooks Jr 1|0
Jr., Stephen Dix Fr 1|0
Amari Gainer So 1|0
Emile Aime Fr 0|0
Jordan Eubanks Fr 0|0
Jadarius Green-McKnight Fr 0|0
Jayion McCluster Fr 0|0
Jaleel McRae So 0|0
Jack O'Keeffe Fr 0|0
Chase Oliver Fr 0|0
Emmett Rice Sr 0|0
LS: 2 Players | 2 games played
Sr:0 Jr:0 So:2 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Garrett Murray So 1|0
James Rosenberry So 1|0
OL: 22 Players | 11 games played
Sr:2 Jr:2 So:3 Fr:15
Player Class Games|Starts
Dillan Gibbons Jr 1|1
Devontay Love-Taylor Sr 1|1
Jr., Robert Scott Fr 1|1
Maurice Smith Fr 1|1
Darius Washington Fr 1|1
Jalen Goss So 1|0
Ira Henry III Fr 1|0
Baveon Johnson Sr 1|0
Dontae Lucas So 1|0
Brady Scott Jr 1|0
Lloyd Willis Fr 1|0
Dylan Black Fr 0|0
Robert Elder IV So 0|0
Bryson Estes Fr 0|0
Zach Hannaford Fr 0|0
Zane Herring Fr 0|0
Rod Orr Fr 0|0
Ben Ostaszewski Fr 0|0
Thomas Shrader Fr 0|0
David Stickle Fr 0|0
Alto Tarver Fr 0|0
Christopher Williams Fr 0|0
P: 2 Players | 1 games played
Sr:0 Jr:0 So:0 Fr:2
Player Class Games|Starts
Alex Mastromanno Fr 1|0
Zane Smith Fr 0|0
QB: 5 Players | 2 games played
Sr:2 Jr:0 So:0 Fr:3
Player Class Games|Starts
Jordan Travis Sr 1|1
McKenzie Milton Sr 1|0
Gino English Fr 0|0
Chubba Purdy Fr 0|0
Tate Rodemaker Fr 0|0
RB: 8 Players | 5 games played
Sr:0 Jr:1 So:2 Fr:5
Player Class Games|Starts
Jashaun Corbin So 1|1
Ja'Khi Douglas Fr 1|0
Lawrance Toafili Fr 1|0
Treshaun Ward Fr 1|0
Corey Wren Fr 1|0
CJ Campbell Fr 0|0
Deonte Sheffield Jr 0|0
D.J. Williams So 0|0
TE: 11 Players | 4 games played
Sr:1 Jr:1 So:1 Fr:8
Player Class Games|Starts
Camren McDonald Jr 1|1
Preston Daniel Fr 1|0
Wyatt Rector So 1|0
Jordan Wilson Sr 1|0
Carter Boatwright Fr 0|0
DJ Daniels Fr 0|0
Markeston Douglas Fr 0|0
Koby Gross Fr 0|0
Vance Nicklaus Fr 0|0
Jackson West Fr 0|0
Austin White Fr 0|0
WR: 13 Players | 8 games played
Sr:2 Jr:2 So:1 Fr:8
Player Class Games|Starts
Keyshawn Helton Jr 1|1
Andrew Parchment Sr 1|1
Ontaria Wilson Jr 1|1
Joshua Burrell Fr 1|0
Malik McClain Fr 1|0
Kentron Poitier Fr 1|0
Darion Williamson Fr 1|0
Jordan Young So 1|0
Reggie Harden Fr 0|0
Fernando Padron Sr 0|0
Bryan Robinson Fr 0|0
Parker Self Fr 0|0
Anthony Weeden Fr 0|0


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