2021 College Football Class Review: Florida State

By Corey Long - @CoreyLong
Updated Oct. 29, 2020.

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Conference Class Rank

Last Updated/Ranked: June 11, 2020
1 Clemson logo Clemson
2 North Carolina logo North Carolina
3 Miami logo Miami
4 Florida State logo Florida State
5 Louisville logo Louisville
6 Georgia Tech logo Georgia Tech
7 Virginia logo Virginia
8 Pittsburgh logo Pittsburgh
9 Boston College logo Boston College
10 N.C. State logo N.C. State
11 Syracuse logo Syracuse
12 Duke logo Duke
13 Virginia Tech logo Virginia Tech
14 Wake Forest logo Wake Forest

2021 College Recruiting - 14 Commits

Last Player Grade Published on Oct. 29, 2020
Florida State logo WR Malik McClain (Daphne, AL) commits to Florida State  View Class

McClain (6-4, 195) has a big frame, is well-suited for an outside wide receiver and times around 4.5 seconds in the 40-yard dash that have been verified. He can stretch the field with ease and is dangerous on the nine routes. McClain possesses plenty of natural athleticism and ability, but he's still pretty underdeveloped in terms of being a football player. He is going to have to learn how to run routes more efficiently and become more consistent with his hands. McClain does give an honest effort and is a willing blocker on the edge. He has a lot of tools, but he needs work and reps to become more of a physical threat as a receiver instead of just being a deep threat.

Malik McClain's Player Grade: B-
Florida State logo OL Kimo Makaneole (Niceville, FL) commits to Florida State  View Class

The Seminoles have been trying to rebuild their offensive line for a few years now, and it's come with mixed results as the program hasn't really tried to throw numbers at the problem. That being said, Makaneole (6-4, 280) is a player I'm pretty high on and I think he might be the best offensive line prospect coming into the program since Dontae Lucas.

Makaneole is a good athlete who is good in space and aggressively goes after the second-level defender. Makaneole is good with his hands, very aggressive as a run blocker, and seems to be pretty strong with his initial contact. His footwork is a little off base, and he's going to have to work on his balance, but overall, this is a good offensive line building block for the Seminoles.

Kimo Makaneole's Player Grade: B-
Florida State logo DE Byron Turner Jr. (New Orleans, LA) commits to Florida State  View Class

Turner (6-3, 235) has a big frame and long arms, with the capability to provide snaps as a stand-up rusher or put his hand in the ground. I think he's better as a run stopper right now than a pass rusher, but Turner has tools to improve as in that area.

Turner plays hard, battles to get into the backfield and is tough coming off the snap. He needs to improve his explosive step to really round out as a pass rusher because he's a little stiff and sometimes gets caught flat footed. There's some potential there for Turner with his versatility and ability to play the run.

Byron Turner Jr.'s Player Grade: B-
Florida State logo TE Koby Gross (Pittsburg, CA) commits to Florida State  View Class

Florida State seems to be taking every tight end it can find in hopes of making up for one of the most underperforming offensive lines in the nation. There's no expectation of Gross becoming any sort of wide-receiving threat, and his film shows that he isn't much of a receiver. Gross seems like a decent athlete, but he's a hard-working blocker. His blocking film is solid even though I don't think the competition is very good.

Whether Gross can push around ACC defenders remains to be seen, but if he's tough enough to hang in there, he'll give the Seminoles another blocking option for an offense that will be doing a ton of double-tight sets for the next 2-3 seasons.

Koby Gross' Player Grade: C-
Florida State logo OL Bryson Estes (McDonough, GA) commits to Florida State  View Class

Florida State's offensive line has been awful over the past couple of years, and while Estes (6-3, 290) doesn't necessarily fill the Seminoles' biggest holes, those of offensive tackle, he gives the program another solid body who can play center or guard. It's a little tougher to evaluate Estes without camps because he plays in one of the smaller classifications in Georgia and overpowers much of his competition.

Estes moves extremely well though and is definitely athletic enough to be effective in zone blocking. He also wins battles with leverage and establishes a good base. Estes projects as a multi-year starter at guard or center.

Bryson Estes' Player Grade: B-
Florida State logo CB Omarion Cooper (Lehigh Acres, FL) commits to Florida State  View Class

Cooper (6-0, 165) has good length for a quarterback and continues to get bigger and grow more into his frame. He is a good man cornerback who enjoys being in one-on-one coverage situations. I'm not certain about Cooper's top-end speed, but I like his flexibility and the way he can change directions and his transitional movement. Cooper can go up and grab the football and shows some upside as a playmaker. He has played against some very good competition and accounts for himself well. Florida State's defensive backs class lacks playmakers up to this point, and Cooper fills in some of that hole.

Omarion Cooper's Player Grade: B
Florida State logo TE Jackson West (Huntsville, AL) commits to Florida State  View Class

Florida State has had issues recruiting offensive linemen over the past five years. The program is extremely short on tackles and running out of options. So, I think Mike Norvell and his staff are trying to get creative with tight ends under the expectation that the Seminoles will run a lot of jumbo packages in the next 2-3 years. West (6-3, 227) is a little undersized, but his blocking looks strong on film, which is a big reason why Florida State is bringing him in. As a receiver, West has some things you like and probably a little versatility when it comes to where he can line up at. It's a position of need for the Seminoles, and while West isn't an elite player, he can contribute.

Jackson West's Player Grade: C+
Florida State logo LB Jordan Eubanks (Denton, TX) commits to Florida State  View Class

The Seminoles really need to rebuild their linebackers under new coach Mike Norvell. A earlier commitment from Branden Jennings gave Florida State a real game-changer at the position. Eubanks (6-2, 195) doesn't grade out like that, but I like his football makeup, and he's been a productive player at one of the top programs in Texas.

Eubanks can play well in space, and he has been used in several off-ball roles in high school, from covering the slot to playing high safety and some traditional outside linebacker. Eubanks plays with a lot of effort and will do whatever he's asked on the field. His lack of top-end speed and questionable tackling are what keep him from being one of the elite linebackers in this class.

Jordan Eubanks' Player Grade: B-
Florida State logo WR Joshua Burrell (Blythewood, SC) commits to Florida State  View Class

Burrell (6-2, 210) gives the Seminoles a big-bodied athlete who should project out well as an outside receiver. He has shown to be a productive player in high school thus far and almost had 1,000 yards receiving as a junior. Burrell is physically college-ready, and through his basketball background, he knows how to position his body and be physical against smaller cornerbacks. Burrell can run a little and provides some upside running after the catch. He doesn't have elite speed and I wouldn't classify Burrell as a game-breaking type of receiver. Burrell will give Florida State much needed depth at outside receiver and a big target in the passing offense.

Joshua Burrell's Player Grade: B
Florida State logo CB Kevin Knowles (Hollywood, FL) commits to Florida State  View Class

Knowles (5-10, 172) looks like a future nickelback, as he is probably not big enough to get on the outside, but has decent size and good length for the slot. He's a good tackler and a reliable secondary defender against the run and on short passes. Knowles has plus-level anticipation and timing with tackling on the short routes and breaking on the ball. He has good ball skills and the ability to force turnovers and turn into a playmaker with the ball in his hands. Knowles gets high marks in coverage and a lot of the fundamental areas; he projects as a multi-year starter for the Seminoles.

Kevin Knowles' Player Grade: B-
Florida State logo CB Hunter Washington (Katy, TX) commits to Florida State  View Class

Washington (5-11, 180) is just the seventh verbal commitment for Florida State in this recruiting cycle under new coach Mike Norvell. I am not sure if Washington's height is correct, he seems to play a little smaller than that. Washington is better playing in zone than man. He has good feet and anticipates well enough to get to the right place when the play is there. Washington is a solid football player, but he's not spectacular. He doesn't make many mistakes, but he isn't going to make a lot of big plays either.

Washington will have to answer question marks about his size and physicality. He is probably better suited in the boundary than in deep coverage. Washington might be better suited as a nickelback than a regular starter.

Hunter Washington's Player Grade: B-
Florida State logo OL Jake Slaughter (Ocala, FL) commits to Florida State  View Class

Florida State's offensive line remains in a state of rebuild. The Seminoles' 2019 offensive line coach Randy Clemens did a decent job masking a lot of the flaws on the line, but only stayed in Tallahassee for one season and couldn't get a rebuild plan together. The new Florida State offensive line coach, Alex Atkins, is trying to pick up where things left off and received a big commitment from Slaughter (6-4, 305), the top center in the state. He's built wellfrom the bottom up and has a strong lower body and leg drive. Slaughter can get down the field on pulls and has decent feet. His pass protection is pretty good as well. Slaughter plays with leverage and has a solid base. He does a lot of things right and could be a multi-year starter in Tallahassee.

Jake Slaughter's Player Grade: B
Florida State logo LB Branden Jennings (Jacksonville, FL) commits to Florida State  View Class

Jennings (6-3, 230) is a legacy commitment for Florida State. His father, Bradley Jennings, played for the Seminoles in the late '90s-early 2000s. The younger Jennings fits a couple of needs for new Florida State head coach Mike Norvell. Florida State's play at linebacker has been below average for the past couple of years, and the Seminoles need a blue-chip-caliber prospect like Jennings to come up and raise the level of play. Also, he is the first real blue-chip prospect who his committed to Florida Stat in the Norvell regime. It will be interesting to see if the Seminoles' staff builds upon that.

Branden Jennings' Player Grade: A
Florida State logo QB Luke Atmyer (Starkville, MS) commits to Florida State  View Class

Atmyer is the third quarterback who has committed to Florida State in the past three months under Mike Norvell, which should dramatically change the quarterback room over the next couple of years. Atmyer (6-2, 190) has been extremely productive in high school, totaling 63 touchdowns and 10 interceptions over three seasons of playing. He has a live arm and seems to understand a lot of the fundamentals of throwing. His film play is a little erratic, however, and his biggest highlight plays are the types of freelancing plays that probably won't work at the next level. Atmyer will need to settle that down if he wants to be successful in college.

Luke Atmyer's Player Grade: B-

All Commitments - 15

Most recent Commitment on Aug. 15, 2020
  • 8/15 - Malik McClain WR
  • 7/26 - Kimo Makaneole OL
  • 7/23 - Byron Turner Jr. DE
  • 6/24 - Koby Gross TE
  • 6/9 - Bryson Estes G
  • 6/7 - Omarion Cooper CB
  • 6/1 - Jackson West TE
  • 5/30 - Jordan Eubanks LB
  • 5/29 - Joshua Burrell WR
  • 5/18 - Kevin Knowles CB
  • 5/12 - Hunter Washington CB
  • 4/13 - Jake Slaughter OL
  • 2/7 - Branden Jennings LB
  • 2/3 - Luke Atmyer QB
  • 1/25 - Joshua Farmer DE

Last Season's Roster:

  • Seniors: 17
  • Juniors: 24
  • Sophmores: 22
  • Freshmen: 43
DB: 18 Players | 108 games played
Sr:2 Jr:4 So:4 Fr:8
Player Class Games|Starts
Asante Samuel So 9|9
Stanford Samuels III Jr 9|9
Hamsah Nasirildeen Jr 9|7
Akeem Dent Fr 9|3
Isaiah Bolden Fr 9|0
Brendan Gant Fr 9|0
Renardo Green Fr 9|0
A.J. Lytton So 8|0
Levonta Taylor Sr 7|3
Cyrus Fagan Jr 6|5
Carlos Becker III Jr 6|0
Raymond Woodie III Fr 6|0
Jaiden Lars-Woodbey So 4|4
Jarvis Brownlee Fr 4|0
Kyle Meyers Sr 4|0
DeAundre Emeric So 0|0
Travis Jay Fr 0|0
Nolan McDonald Fr 0|0
DL: 15 Players | 74 games played
Sr:1 Jr:4 So:2 Fr:8
Player Class Games|Starts
Robert Cooper So 9|9
Cory Durden So 9|9
Marvin Wilson Jr 9|9
Janarius Robinson Jr 9|7
Dennis Briggs Jr. Fr 9|0
Cedric Wood Jr 9|0
Tru Thompson Fr 8|0
Derrick McLendon II Fr 4|0
Joshua Kaindoh Jr 3|1
Malcolm Lamar Fr 3|0
Jamarcus Chatman Fr 2|0
Curtis Fann Jr. Fr 0|0
Quashon Fuller Fr 0|0
Peter Osimen Sr 0|0
Malcolm Ray Fr 0|0
K: 3 Players | 16 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:1 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
Ricky Aguayo Sr 8|0
Parker Grothaus So 8|0
Ryan Fitzgerald Fr 0|0
LB: 16 Players | 76 games played
Sr:3 Jr:4 So:2 Fr:7
Player Class Games|Starts
Amari Gainer Fr 9|5
Emmett Rice Jr 9|5
Decalon Brooks So 9|0
Josh Brown Sr 9|0
Jaleel McRae Fr 9|0
Leonard Warner III Jr 8|8
Dontavious Jackson Sr 8|5
Joseph Garcia Jr 6|0
Adonis Thomas Sr 4|1
Kalen DeLoach Fr 4|0
Armani Kerr Jr 1|0
Tyler Gilroy So 0|0
Kevon Glenn Fr 0|0
Axel Rizo Fr 0|0
Ethan Umstead Fr 0|0
Ricardo Watson Fr 0|0
LS: 3 Players | 9 games played
Sr:0 Jr:1 So:2 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Grant Glennon So 9|0
Tanner Adkison Jr 0|0
Garrett Murray So 0|0
OL: 20 Players | 99 games played
Sr:4 Jr:5 So:1 Fr:10
Player Class Games|Starts
Ryan Roberts Sr 9|9
Dontae Lucas Fr 9|7
Brady Scott So 9|7
Abdul Bello Sr 9|5
Jalen Goss Fr 9|0
Chaz Neal Fr 9|0
Baveon Johnson Jr 8|8
Mike Arnold Jr 8|2
Andrew Boselli Jr 8|1
Christian Armstrong Fr 5|0
Cole Minshew Sr 4|2
Jauan Williams Jr 4|2
Darius Washington Fr 3|2
Ira Henry III Fr 2|0
Maurice Smith Fr 1|0
Alexander Strozier Sr 1|0
Jay Williams Jr 1|0
Jeremy Czerenda Fr 0|0
Robert Elder IV Fr 0|0
Christian Meadows Fr 0|0
P: 2 Players | 9 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:1 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Tommy Martin So 8|0
Logan Tyler Sr 1|0
QB: 4 Players | 13 games played
Sr:1 Jr:1 So:0 Fr:2
Player Class Games|Starts
James Blackman Jr 8|6
Alex Hornibrook Sr 5|3
Alex Eleyssami Fr 0|0
Jordan Travis Fr 0|0
RB: 6 Players | 20 games played
Sr:0 Jr:2 So:3 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
Cam Akers Jr 9|9
Khalan Laborn So 9|0
Deonte Sheffield So 1|0
Treshaun Ward Fr 1|0
Anthony Grant So 0|0
Raekwon Webb Jr 0|0
TE: 4 Players | 27 games played
Sr:1 Jr:1 So:1 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
Tre McKitty Jr 9|9
Camren McDonald So 9|0
Gabe Nabers Sr 9|0
Austin White Fr 0|0
WR: 15 Players | 76 games played
Sr:3 Jr:2 So:5 Fr:5
Player Class Games|Starts
Tamorrion Terry So 9|9
Keith Gavin Sr 9|2
TreShaun Harrison So 9|0
DAnfernee McGriff Sr 9|0
Jordan Young Fr 9|0
D.J. Matthews Jr 8|5
Ontaria Wilson So 7|7
Keyshawn Helton So 6|4
Warren Thompson Fr 6|0
Adarius Dent So 4|0
Michael Barulich Jr 0|0
Caleb Faris Fr 0|0
Tyrell Moorer Sr 0|0
Caleb Ward Fr 0|0
Tre Young Fr 0|0


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