2022 College Football Class Review: Washington

By Corey Long - @CoreyLong
Updated Aug. 28, 2021.

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2022 College Recruiting - 7 Commits

Last Player Grade Published on Aug. 28, 2021
Washington logo DE/LB Lance Holtzclaw (Mesa, AZ) commits to Washington  View Class

Holtzclaw (6-4, 200) is long and lean, and depending on how his frame takes to weight, he could be an outside linebacker/edge rusher or put his hand in the ground as a defensive end. He is a pure speed rusher right now who can run and gets after the ball-carrier. Holtzclaw isn't particularly developed as a pass rusher from a technique perspective, but he is explosive off the ball, and he can bend. Holtzclaw plays with high effort and appears extremely coachable. He is an explosive, twitchy athlete with very good upside.

Lance Holtzclaw's Player Grade: B-
Washington logo ATH Emeka Megwa (Keller, TX) commits to Washington  View Class

Megwa (6-1, 218) is a big running back who would fit the mold of a high-volume, bruising tailback. Washington has expanded its recruiting footprint quite a bit in the past two years, and the program now dipped into Texas for one of the better players out of the state. Megwa offers three-down usage because he can catch the ball out of the backfield and he's big enough to be functional in pass protection. Despite Megwa's size, he doesn't have a real physical style, and I'd say he avoids contact a little too much, breaking to the sidelines when he should be going downhill. Megwa's speed is good, but not great. He can break a big one, but he is more reliable for moderate gains and moving the chains.

Emeka Megwa's Player Grade: B-
Washington logo DL Ben Roberts (Salt Lake City, UT) commits to Washington  View Class

One thing you can say about Washington's football program is that it usually has some tough, physically imposing players in the trenches. Roberts (6-3, 290) looks the part and has some real athleticism, as he's played tight end in 7-on-7 play around the circuit. He is explosive off the snap and is a total pain in the butt for blockers to handle. Roberts is technically sound and occasionally violent with his hands. He is tough and sturdy against the run and can get gap penetration to generate some interior pass rush.

Ben Roberts' Player Grade: B-
Washington logo OL Vega Ionae (Graham, WA) commits to Washington  View Class

Ionae (6-4, 327) is a big mauling blocker with athleticism that might surprise you from a player his size. The things that stand out intially are his quick feet and how easily he moves. Ionae can pull from one side of the field to the other smoothly. He plays with a strong foundation and has good strength in his lower body to stand up to bull rushes that try to knock him off his base. Ionae has good length and could end up as a swing tackle or a guard. He is a strong run blocker and really shows his physicality and mean streak when he can get down and dirty in the run game. Ionae is the type of player you expect to see in the trenches at Washington - big and tough.

Vega Ionae's Player Grade: C+
Washington logo OL Parker Brailsford (Scottsdale, AZ) commits to Washington  View Class

Players like Brailsford (6-2, 260) are always in high demand for colleges because he's played all across the line in high school and offers scheme versatility. With Brailsford's size, his best fit for the long term is probably at center, but I think he'll play a bit of guard too and might be a swing lineman along the interior. He is a very good run blocker who has a nice mix of aggressiveness and athleticism, especially on pulls. Brailsford is good off the snap and tries to get in the first shot at the point of contact. He is a tough, gritty lineman who will compete at several positions.

Parker Brailsford's Player Grade: C+
Washington logo OL Mark Nabou (Seattle, WA) commits to Washington  View Class

Nabou (6-4, 312) is a good in-state pickup for the Huskies. He is a hulk in the run-blocking game - he looks like one of the more aggressive run blockers I've seen on film. Nabou finishes blocks with authority and has a nasty streak. He shows decent agility and gets to the second level regularly. As a pass blocker, Nabou is going to need a lot of work. His high school team doesn't pass much right now, so it's an area he'll have to focus on in the offseason. Nabou's feet can get a little mixed up, and his timing is shaky with pass blocking. Those things can be fixed with experience.

Mark Nabou's Player Grade: B-
Washington logo QB Jackson Stratton (La Jolla, CA) commits to Washington  View Class

Several solid performances on the camp circuit helped Stratton (6-4, 207) increase his profile and eventually catch the eye of the Washington staff. When the Huskies made their offer to Stratton, he committed on the spot.

Stratton is a pocket passer who likes to move within the pocket and search for open passing lanes. He keeps his eyes moving and cycling through his receivers, and he likes to try to throw his receivers open. The ball comes off Stratton's hand well, but he has a couple of hitches in his deliver. Stratton has a big frame, and I think he'll get well over the 220-pound mark. He has to continue to process the game quicker and make good decisions with the football in his final high school season.

Jackson Stratton's Player Grade: C+

All Commitments - 7

Most recent Commitment on July 15, 2021
  • 7/15 - Lance Holtzclaw DE
  • 7/1 - Emeka Megwa ATH
  • 6/27 - Ben Roberts DL
  • 6/11 - Vega Ionae OL
  • 6/1 - Mark Nabou OL
  • 5/26 - Parker Brailsford OL
  • 5/8 - Jackson Stratton QB

Last Season's Roster:

  • Seniors: 17
  • Juniors: 12
  • Sophmores: 49
  • Freshmen: 0
DB: 13 Players | 0 games played
Sr:3 Jr:2 So:8 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Zechariah Brown Jr 0|0
Alex Cook Jr 0|0
Kamren Fabiculanan So 0|0
Kyler Gordon So 0|0
Dominique Hampton So 0|0
Julius Irvin So 0|0
Trent McDuffie So 0|0
Brandon McKinney Sr 0|0
Elijah Molden Sr 0|0
Mishael Powell So 0|0
Keith Taylor Sr 0|0
Asa Turner So 0|0
Cameron Williams So 0|0
DL: 9 Players | 0 games played
Sr:2 Jr:0 So:7 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Jacob Bandes So 0|0
Ryan Bowman Sr 0|0
Draco Bynum So 0|0
Tuli Letuligasenoa So 0|0
Noa Ngalu So 0|0
Levi Onwuzurike Sr 0|0
Sama Paama So 0|0
Sam Taimani So 0|0
Faatui Tuitele So 0|0
K: 2 Players | 0 games played
Sr:0 Jr:1 So:1 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Peyton Henry Jr 0|0
Tim Horn So 0|0
LB: 15 Players | 0 games played
Sr:1 Jr:2 So:12 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
MIki Ah You So 0|0
Josh Calvert So 0|0
Drew Fowler So 0|0
Daniel Heimuli So 0|0
Ben Hines So 0|0
Laiatu Latu So 0|0
Ariel Ngata Jr 0|0
Myles Rice Sr 0|0
Jackson Sirmon So 0|0
MJ Tafisi So 0|0
Bralen Trice So 0|0
Joe Tryon Jr 0|0
Zion Tupuola-Fetui So 0|0
Alphonzo Tuputala So 0|0
Edefuan Ulofoshio So 0|0
OL: 14 Players | 0 games played
Sr:2 Jr:4 So:8 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
M.J. Ale So 0|0
Henry Bainivalu Jr 0|0
Julius Buelow So 0|0
Victor Curne So 0|0
Gage Harty So 0|0
Noah Hellyer So 0|0
Nate Kalepo So 0|0
Jaxson Kirkland Jr 0|0
Luke Lane Sr 0|0
Matteo Mele So 0|0
Cole Norgaard Jr 0|0
Will Pliska So 0|0
Chase Skuza Jr 0|0
Luke Wattenberg Sr 0|0
P: 1 Players | 0 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:0 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Race Porter Sr 0|0
QB: 3 Players | 0 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:2 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Jacob Eason Sr 0|0
Dylan Morris So 0|0
Jacob Sirmon So 0|0
RB: 5 Players | 0 games played
Sr:3 Jr:0 So:2 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Salvon Ahmed Sr 0|0
Cameron Davis So 0|0
Sean McGrew Sr 0|0
Richard Newton So 0|0
Kamari Pleasant Sr 0|0
TE: 7 Players | 0 games played
Sr:2 Jr:2 So:3 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Hunter Bryant Sr 0|0
Devin Culp So 0|0
Jacob Kizer Sr 0|0
Corey Luciano Jr 0|0
Cade Otton Jr 0|0
Zeke Pelluer So 0|0
Jack Westover So 0|0
WR: 9 Players | 0 games played
Sr:2 Jr:1 So:6 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Terrell Bynum Jr 0|0
Jordan Chin Sr 0|0
Taj Davis So 0|0
Ty Jones Sr 0|0
Trey Lowe So 0|0
Puka Nacua So 0|0
Austin Osborne So 0|0
David Pritchard So 0|0
Marquis Spiker So 0|0


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