2023 College Football Class Review: Penn State

By Corey Long - @CoreyLong
Updated April 29, 2022.

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This is everything we got college recruiting wise for Penn State but don't take our word for it...be sure to click around the site to drive up our traffic. :).

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2023 College Recruiting - 5 Commits

Last Player Grade Published on April 29, 2022
Penn State logo DE Jameial Lyons (Philadelphia, PA) commits to Penn State  View Class

Lyons (6-4, 255) already looks like a grown man, and I don't think he's close to filling out his true size. He is in more of a stand-up edge role, but in college, Lyons will have his hand in the ground. There are a lot of things to like with Lyons' game, especially his burst off the snap and the fact that he can play the physical game and fight through blocks to get to the football. Adding lower body strength will be the next step to Lyons' development.

Jameial Lyons' Player Grade: B
Penn State logo QB Marcus Stokes (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) commits to Penn State  View Class

Stokes (6-2, 185) was a bit of a late riser as far as quarterbacks go, but after taking a tour of unofficial visits this month, he jumped back on a lot of radars. He is the definition of a feast-or-famine type of quarterback. Stokes really shines when the play breaks down, and he must move around and find open targets. He is somewhat of an unorthodox passer, but the ball generally comes out of his hands clean and finds the right spot. The downside to Stokes' style is the potential for turnovers, but trying to rein him in too much will take away from his effectiveness, in my opinion.

Marcus Stokes' Player Grade: B
Penn State logo TE Andrew Rappleyea (Milton, MA) commits to Penn State  View Class

This is a solid class for tight end prospects, both natural tight ends out of high school and athletes who will become tight ends in college. Rappleyea (6-4, 228) committed to Michigan back in January, but flipped to Penn State a couple of weeks after taking an unofficial visit. I can't speak much for the competition where Rappleyea is, but his skill set is strong. He is an above-average pass catcher with some diversity in his route-running and soft hands. Rappleyea can get through the seams and break off some big downfield gains. As a blocker, I think he's best in short-yardage situations for now; he'll have to improve that aspect of his game.

Andrew Rappleyea's Player Grade: B+
Penn State logo OT J'Ven Williams (Reading, PA) commits to Penn State  View Class

Williams (6-4, 280) is the best offensive line prospect in Pennsylvania and is arguably the best player in the state overall, which makes this is big get for James Franklin and staff. I think Williams is going to end up at right tackle, but he could slide inside and play guard as well. His tools are special. Williams is very technically sound with his hand placement and lateral foot movement, but he's also strong at the point of contact. Williams is a prospect who you build an offensive line class around.

J'Ven Williams' Player Grade: A-
Penn State logo OT Anthony Donkoh (Aldie, VA) commits to Penn State  View Class

Penn State is going to try to tack on another top-10 recruiting class in 2023. Donkoh (6-5, 305) chose the Nittany Lions over West Virginia, Virginia Tech and Duke. He could be a guard or a tackle at the next level and has plenty enough athleticism to make the move outside. Donkoh has good leg drive and is strong at the initial point of contact. He needs to improve his bend and show more in pass protection to play tackle consistently.

Anthony Donkoh's Player Grade: C+

All Commitments - 5

Most recent Commitment on April 22, 2022
  • 4/22 - Jameial Lyons DE
  • 4/8 - Marcus Stokes QB
  • 4/5 - Andrew Rappleyea TE
  • 2/5 - J'Ven Williams OT
  • 1/28 - Anthony Donkoh OT

Last Season's Roster:

  • Seniors: 30
  • Juniors: 23
  • Sophmores: 25
  • Freshmen: 44
CB: 11 Players | 6 games played
Sr:1 Jr:3 So:2 Fr:5
Player Class Games|Starts
Tariq Castro-Fields Sr 1|1
Joey Porter Jr. So 1|1
Johnny Dixon Jr 1|0
Daequan Hardy So 1|0
Kalen King Fr 1|0
A.J. Lytton Jr 1|0
Kaleb Brown Fr 0|0
Jeffrey Davis Jr. Fr 0|0
Ethan Susen Fr 0|0
Zakee Wheatley Fr 0|0
Marquis Wilson Jr 0|0
DE: 11 Players | 4 games played
Sr:2 Jr:2 So:1 Fr:6
Player Class Games|Starts
Arnold Ebiketie Sr 1|1
Nick Tarburton Jr 1|1
Zuriah Fisher Fr 1|0
Smith Vilbert So 1|0
Adisa Isaac Jr 0|0
Rodney McGraw Fr 0|0
Bryce Mostella Fr 0|0
Spencer Perry Fr 0|0
Davon Townley Fr 0|0
Dan Vasey Sr 0|0
Jake Wilson Fr 0|0
DL: 1 Players | 1 games played
Sr:0 Jr:0 So:1 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Dvon Ellies So 1|0
DT: 12 Players | 5 games played
Sr:3 Jr:1 So:4 Fr:4
Player Class Games|Starts
PJ Mustipher Sr 1|1
Amin Vanover Fr 1|1
Fred Hansard Sr 1|0
Coziah Izzard Fr 1|0
Derrick Tangelo Sr 1|0
Joseph Appiah Darkwa So 0|0
Hakeem Beamon So 0|0
Cole Brevard Fr 0|0
Alex Furmanek So 0|0
Aeneas Hawkins Jr 0|0
Fatorma Mulbah Fr 0|0
Jordan van den Berg So 0|0
K: 6 Players | 2 games played
Sr:2 Jr:2 So:0 Fr:2
Player Class Games|Starts
Rafael Checa Jr 1|0
Jordan Stout Sr 1|0
Mitchell Groh Fr 0|0
Vlad Hilling Jr 0|0
Jake Pinegar Sr 0|0
Sander Sahaydak Fr 0|0
LB: 12 Players | 8 games played
Sr:3 Jr:3 So:2 Fr:4
Player Class Games|Starts
Ellis Brooks Sr 1|1
Curtis Jacobs So 1|1
Brandon Smith Jr 1|1
Max Chizmar Sr 1|0
Robbie Dwyer So 1|0
Tyler Elsdon Fr 1|0
Charlie Katshir Jr 1|0
Jesse Luketa Sr 1|0
Jamari Buddin Fr 0|0
Dominic DeLuca Fr 0|0
Kobe King Fr 0|0
Cody Romano Jr 0|0
LS: 3 Players | 1 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:0 Fr:2
Player Class Games|Starts
Chris Stoll Sr 1|0
Tyler Duzansky Fr 0|0
Michael Wright Fr 0|0
OL: 20 Players | 9 games played
Sr:4 Jr:6 So:3 Fr:7
Player Class Games|Starts
Mike Miranda Sr 1|1
Juice Scruggs Jr 1|1
Rasheed Walker Jr 1|1
Caedan Wallace So 1|1
Anthony Whigan Sr 1|1
Nick Dawkins Fr 1|0
Bryce Effner Jr 1|0
Des Holmes Sr 1|0
Eric Wilson Sr 1|0
Jimmy Christ Fr 0|0
Olumuyiwa Fashanu Fr 0|0
Golden Israel-Achumba Fr 0|0
Will Knutsson Jr 0|0
Kaleb Konigus Jr 0|0
Seth Nevills Jr 0|0
Landon Tengwall Fr 0|0
Ibrahim Traore Fr 0|0
Ryan Wills Fr 0|0
Sal Wormley So 0|0
Blake Zalar So 0|0
P: 3 Players | 0 games played
Sr:2 Jr:0 So:0 Fr:1
Player Class Games|Starts
Barney Amor Sr 0|0
Bradley King Sr 0|0
Gabe Nwosu Fr 0|0
QB: 5 Players | 1 games played
Sr:1 Jr:0 So:1 Fr:3
Player Class Games|Starts
Sean Clifford Sr 1|1
Evan Clark Fr 0|0
Ta'Quan Roberson So 0|0
Mason Stahl Fr 0|0
Christian Veilleux Fr 0|0
RB: 6 Players | 3 games played
Sr:1 Jr:2 So:3 Fr:0
Player Class Games|Starts
Noah Cain Jr 1|1
Devyn Ford Jr 1|0
Keyvone Lee So 1|0
Caziah Holmes So 0|0
John Lovett Sr 0|0
Tank Smith So 0|0
S: 12 Players | 6 games played
Sr:4 Jr:1 So:4 Fr:3
Player Class Games|Starts
Jaquan Brisker Sr 1|1
Ji'Ayir Brown Sr 1|1
Sebastian Costantini So 1|0
Drew Hartlaub Sr 1|0
Tyler Rudolph So 1|0
Jonathan Sutherland Sr 1|0
Keaton Ellis Jr 0|0
Dylan Farronato So 0|0
Enzo Jennings Fr 0|0
Jaylen Reed Fr 0|0
Jaden Seider So 0|0
Bobby Walchak Fr 0|0
TE: 6 Players | 3 games played
Sr:0 Jr:1 So:2 Fr:3
Player Class Games|Starts
Brenton Strange So 1|1
Theo Johnson So 1|0
Tyler Warren Fr 1|0
Khalil Dinkins Fr 0|0
Grayson Kline Jr 0|0
Ben Knapp Fr 0|0
WR: 14 Players | 8 games played
Sr:6 Jr:2 So:2 Fr:4
Player Class Games|Starts
Jahan Dotson Sr 1|1
KeAndre Lambert-Smith So 1|1
Parker Washington So 1|1
Winston Eubanks Sr 1|0
Daniel George Jr 1|0
Cam Sullivan-Brown Sr 1|0
Justin Weller Sr 1|0
Benjamin Wilson Sr 1|0
Norval Black Sr 0|0
Liam Clifford Fr 0|0
Jaden Dottin Fr 0|0
Henry Fessler Jr 0|0
Malick Meiga Fr 0|0
Harrison Wallace III Fr 0|0


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