2022 College Football Recruiting Commits

Below is a list of 2022 recruiting player commits graded with analysis.

By Corey Long - @CoreyLong
Updated 3/2/2021.

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Feb. 20
player grade - 2/20/2021 Oregon logo S Landon Hullaby (Arlington, TX) commits to Oregon  View Class

Hullaby (6-0, 188) had nearly 30 scholarship offers, but he decided on the Pac-12 for his future. Future positions for Hullaby are going to be interesting to see. He is listed as a safety, and I think he can play the deep safety role because he has plus-level ball skills. I could also see Hullaby as a slot corner or playing in some sort of nickel role. The versatility Hullaby provides in the secondary will allow Oregon to be flexible with the way he is used.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Landon Hullaby's Player Grade: B-

Feb. 19
player grade - 2/19/2021 LSU logo WR A.J. Johnson (New Orleans, LA) commits to LSU  View Class

Johnson's (6-4, 205) commitment gives LSU 10 in its 2022 class already. He's a big wide receiver who had the pleasure of catching passes from the most highly searched prospect of the 2023 recruiting class, Arch Manning.

Johnson is a physical player and a dynamic threat in the red zone. He looks more like a possession receiver than a big-play guy. He knows where the sticks are and can make the tough catches to move the chains. Another year of playing with Manning should do wonders for Johnson, and if he can become a threat to stretch the field, I might bump up his grade a little.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
A.J. Johnson's Player Grade: C+
player grade - 2/19/2021 Oklahoma logo TE Jason Llewellyn (Aledo, TX) commits to Oklahoma  View Class

Llewellyn (6-5, 240) plays for arguably the top program In Texas, and he's an intriguing prospect as a tight end who I believe will develop into a nice piece on the offense. He can do the dirty work; Llewellyn is no stranger to blocking and doubles as his team's long snapper. Llewellyn lines up inline, and he'll take on a rush end to protect the quarterback or lead a pull around the edge in support of the run game. He can also catch the ball and had almost 30 receptions as a junior. Llewellyn is a selfless player who has no problems getting nasty on blocks and does everything with full effort.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Jason Llewellyn's Player Grade: B

Feb. 18
player grade - 2/18/2021 Texas logo WR Evan Stewart (Frisco, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

After his success running the office in Alabama, it is no surprise that new Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian is going to attract some top offensive weapons to join him. Stewart (6-0, 175) is arguably the top wide receiver prospect in Texas and one of the top prospects in the nation. He is also a track athlete and one of the better track performers in the state.

Stewart has quickness and a lot of high-end athleticism. His jumping ability helps him battle for balls in traffic. Stewart has plus-level speed and the ability to stretch out a defense vertically. He's huge pickup for Sarkisian early in his tenure.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Evan Stewart's Player Grade: A-

Feb. 17
player grade - 2/17/2021 Arizona State logo S Jaylin Marshall (Hallandale, FL) commits to Arizona State  View Class

Herman Edwards is a former NFL defensive back, and he likes bigger defensive backs in the secondary who can physically impact the game. Marshall (6-3, 190) has the size and length to play safety and occasionally move into a linebacker role. With Marshall's size and long arms, don't be surprised if he's lined up on the outside of the defense, especially in red-zone situations. He's been a versatile piece in high school who has played all three levels of the defense, and I think he can offer some looks as an outside linebacker and even a situational edge rusher in college.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Jaylin Marshall's Player Grade: B-

player grade - 2/17/2021 Texas A&M logo WR Noah Thomas (League City, TX) commits to Texas A&M  View Class

Thomas (6-5, 185) has great size, and he's a multi-sport athlete who also plays cornerback. At this stage, Thomas is more of an athlete than a football player, so the question is going to be how much that raw athleticism can be developed into a football player.

Thomas has played plenty of football in high school and proved to be a big-play guy in his junior season. He is a pretty tough, and with his size and frame, Thomas could easily grow into being a tight end. Thomas has decent hands and good footwork off the line. There's still a ways to go for him on the football field, but this is the type of prospect who will reward the coaching staff that has the opportunity to develop him.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Noah Thomas' Player Grade: B

Feb. 13
player grade - 2/13/2021 Texas logo QB Maalik Murphy (Gardena, CA) commits to Texas  View Class

You kind of figured that Steve Sarkisian was going to use his west-coast connections to land his first quarterback prospect at Texas, which he did. Murphy (6-5, 222) is a big-time quarterback prospect who brings the size, skill and arm talent you want to see at the position. He's still very much in the developmental stage, and playing another year of high school will probably help him continue to find his game, so to speak.

But his arm strength is legitimate as the ball just flies out of his hand. Murphy has the natural traits I like from a quarterback with the speed control and the touch. He can move and throw the ball downfield on the run. The Longhorns wwere looking for their quarterback of the future, and Murphy fits the bill.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Maalik Murphy's Player Grade: A-

Feb. 12
player grade - 2/12/2021 Oklahoma State logo QB Garret Rangel (Frisco, TX) commits to Oklahoma State  View Class

Rangel (6-2, 175) is a more classic style of quarterback. He's a little thin on the frame right now, but I'm sure that will change once he's in a college strength program. Rangel has put up some gaudy numbers in high school. He threw for over 4,500 yards and 50 touchdowns as a sophomore and hit about half those numbers as a junior in an abbreviated season.

Rangel is a good fit for Oklahoma State and Mike Gundy's offense because he goes down field. He can spin it far and put the ball in the right place. More importantly than that: Rangel protects the football and makes the right decision more times than not.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Garret Rangel's Player Grade: B
player grade - 2/12/2021 Alabama logo TE Elijah Brown (Dayton, OH) commits to Alabama  View Class

Brown (6-5, 232) is a good-looking athletic tight end who Alabama was able to pull out of the heart of Big Ten Country. He's a pass-catching tight end who can be used in various ways on the field as an inline, in the slot or on the outside. In Alabama's offense, the tight end has to be a willing blocker, and Brown is although, he will continue to develop in that area.

Brown is a big target, and he knows how to get open and get in the quarterback's eyesight. He sits down on his routes and shows soft hands. Brown will be able to contribute to the passing game early and eventually develop into a three-down player.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Elijah Brown's Player Grade: B

Feb. 11
player grade - 2/11/2021 Virginia Tech logo QB Devin Farrell (Alpharetta, GA) commits to Virginia Tech  View Class

Farrell (6-0, 190) becomes the Hokies' first commitment in the 2022 class. He is a two-sport athlete who continues to develop into a dual-threat quarterback. He accounted for over 2,000 yards as a junior and really expanded his passing game, showing plus-level arm strength and improved accuracy on deep and intermediate passes. Farrell can make plays with his feet and is a dangerous run/pass option when he gets outside of the pocket and can look downfield. He is always a threat to keep on the read option when he sees a big play available. Farrell is continuing to develop and is moving in a good direction. There's some real upside there, and Farrell might be the quarterback fit who Virginia Tech has been looking for over the past few years.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Devin Farrell's Player Grade: B

Feb. 10
player grade - 2/10/2021 Oklahoma State logo DE Landon Dean (Frontenac, KS) commits to Oklahoma State  View Class

It was a big day for Oklahoma State as the program landed a couple of targets to really kick start its recruiting efforts for the 2022 class. Dean (6-4, 227) is a big athlete who looks like he'll be worked out as a defensive end. Dean also plays tight end and had some programs interested in him on offense.

I think defense is the right choice for Dean. He has looked like man among boys against his high school competition, which isn't particularly strong. That being said, Dean can get to the quarterback and make plays in the backfield. He is supposed to dominate the competition he faces, and he does just that.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Landon Dean's Player Grade: B
player grade - 2/10/2021 Oklahoma State logo CB Cameron Epps (St. Louis, MO) commits to Oklahoma State  View Class

Epps (6-3, 180) Is one of the tallest cornerbacks in the 2022 class and gives Oklahoma State a big early commitment at a position of need. The Cowboys have two seniors projected to start at corner in 2021 and will have lost four players at the position in the past two seasons. Epps had several Big Ten programs on his offer list and his film reminds me more of a Big Ten type of cornerback. He is physical and he can bump off the line. Epps’ length and range make up for any potential questions about his top end speed. There will be talk of Epps moving to safety because of his size and range and that scheme versatility will be an asset down the road.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Cameron Epps' Player Grade: C+

Feb. 6
player grade - 2/6/2021 Texas A&M logo OT Hunter Erb (Haslet, TX) commits to Texas A&M  View Class

Erb (6-6, 300) is one of those players than kind of wins you over with pure effort and aggression. He goes all out on his blocks and has quite the nasty streak. I think Erb does a lot of things pretty well - he is good with his hands and good at the initial point of contact. He has experience playing left tackle and will continue to do so as a senior, so he'll be facing the best defensive linemen in his area. Erb is a big athlete with a good wingspan and natural tools that will be developed further at the college level. I think Erb should be able to improve his pass blocking with summer camps and a full set of reps in the fall. He has a lot to offer and a ton of upside.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Hunter Erb's Player Grade: B
player grade - 2/6/2021 Notre Dame logo DE Aiden Gobaira (Chantilly, VA) commits to Notre Dame  View Class

Notre Dame was part of a large group of schools that made offers to Gobaira last spring and kept tabs on him over the last few months. Gobaira (6-6, 227) had some impressive film as a rush end. He has great length and a lean frame. He looked like he played around 200 pounds last season, and while he has put on some weight and added strength, but he has plenty of room to add more mass. As Gobaira gets comfortable with carrying more weight and playing with more strength, we'll see more of the tools he has to offer. As a quick-twitch, outside pass rusher Gobaira has a good foundation. He has considerable upside and a chance to develop into a true balanced outside defensive end.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Aiden Gobaira's Player Grade: B-
player grade - 2/6/2021 Rutgers logo OT Joe De Croce (Demarest, NJ) commits to Rutgers  View Class

De Croce (6-6, 285) is a growing athlete with ideal size and length to play tackle. He has a good build with strong legs and a good leg drive. He is the third offensive linemen to commit to Rutgers, as Greg Schiano continues to rebuild the program in his second year as head coach. De Croce has good athleticism and the ability to get to the second level and find more action. He has the size to play tackle, but with a couple of tackle prospects already in the fold, De Croce has played guard and could continue to do that.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Joe De Croce's Player Grade: C

Feb. 5
player grade - 2/5/2021 Oklahoma logo RB Raleek Brown (Santa Ana, CA) commits to Oklahoma  View Class

Brown (5-8, 181) is one of the top-end playmakers in the Class of 2022. He has the potential to be a 1,000-yard back who can also play some snaps in the slot and catch passes out of the backfield. Add in Brown's potential on special teams, and you're looking at a player who can make plays in several areas and rack up all-purpose yards.

Brown is very agile and shifty; he has the vision to weave through traffic and get the extra yardage. He'll have to continue to gain strength and mass in the lower and upper body to deal with potential durability concerns in college due to his stature. Brown's ability to thrive in a quick-hitting offense makes him a great fit for Oklahoma.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Raleek Brown's Player Grade: A-
player grade - 2/5/2021 Florida logo DE Francois Nolton (Miami, FL) commits to Florida  View Class

The Gators dip into Miami-Dade County for Nolton (6-4, 225), a solid pass-rushing prospect with some considerable upside. Nolton has a natural feel for the pass rush and getting to the quarterback. He can do it with speed, or he can use his hands to help him get around the edge.

Nolton will really begin to look the part when he gets into a college strength program. Right now, he's a player with a great frame and a lot of natural ability. Nolton needs to gain strength and learn more technique in his senior season. He is good at the point of contact, but he could improve his timing and his "get off" when the ball is snapped. The potential is high for Norton, who has the type of skill set that has generally been developed well under the Gators' coaches.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Francois Nolton's Player Grade: B
player grade - 2/5/2021 Michigan logo S Taylor Groves (Cross Plains, TN) commits to Michigan  View Class

Michigan delved into Tennessee to grab a couple of commitments. Groves (6-2, 175) is a very exciting two-way player who could grade out on either side of the ball in college as well. He is a skilled, productive receiver who can run and play on the outside.

Groves has good hands and the ability to stretch the field. It appears more likely that the Michigan staff is going to look at Groves in the secondary, where his range and ball skills should make him a very intriguing free safety prospect. Groves has plenty of experience playing all across the secondary in high school, whether it's at deep safety or on the boundary as a cornerback. He already has double-digit interceptions in high school.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Taylor Groves' Player Grade: B+
player grade - 2/5/2021 Michigan logo ATH Kody Jones (Germantown, TN) commits to Michigan  View Class

Jones (5-11, 180), who is from the Memphis area, is the second commitment for the Wolverines out fo Tennessee. Much like Michigan's earlier commitment, Taylor Groves, Jones will likely be worked out in the secondary. Jones has a nice mix of agility, coverage and speed with some real physical tendencies and the ability to battle with bigger receivers. Moving to nickelback certainly isn't out of the question, and Jones has the sort of skill set to where he can defend the slot on one play and possibly move into the box to provide additional levels of defense on the next play.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Kody Jones' Player Grade: B

Feb. 4
player grade - 2/4/2021 Texas A&M logo QB Connor Weigman (Cypress, TX) commits to Texas A&M  View Class

Two weeks after making their offer, the Aggies got the arm of their 2022 class with highly regarded in-state prospect Weigman (6-3, 200). As quarterbacks in this cycle go, Weigman might have the best overall tools from arm talent to athleticism, and he can combine everything into one package.

Weigman can move very well and makes strong throws on the run. He isn't a natural running quarterback, but he can be very productive on designed scrambles and has the agility to get the extra yards in the open field or extend the play in the backfield. I have some occasional concerns about Weigman's accuracy and his tendency to make some throws more difficult than the need to be. Weigman has to learn how to take the easier option even when the big play can be challenged. Some adjustments there are the only things holding Weigman back from a full 'A' grade.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Connor Weigman's Player Grade: A-

Feb. 3
player grade - 2/3/2021 Georgia logo DT Bear Alexander (Denton, TX) commits to Georgia  View Class

Alexander (6-3, 320) is a large athlete on the defensive line who looks like he can be a good nose guard or a one-technique. He has the short-space strength that will allow him to fight off double teams. Alexander shows some traits of dominance when he isn't doubled. He pushes into the backfield and can be stout against the run or chase down the quarterback. Alexander wins a lot of battles with his size and strength, so he'll have to add more technique when he moves on to college. He has lot of upside and the potential to be a strong presence of the middle of the Bulldogs' defensive line.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Bear Alexander's Player Grade: B

Feb. 2
player grade - 2/2/2021 Texas logo RB Jaydon Blue (Houston, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

After watching how Najee Harris thrived in Steve Sarkisian's offense last season, it shouldn't be a surprise that Blue (5-11, 200), one of the top running backs in the Class of 2022, would be interested in playing for the new Longhorns coach.

Blue has verified top-end speed - he can run the 100-yard dash in under 11 seconds. There's a nice mix of speed and power with Blue. He has the ideal size for a running back, plus he can run through tacklers. I want to see Blue do more in the passing game, because in Sarkisian's offense, the running back who catches passes gets rewarded. Still, Blue gives the Longhorns a top-end running back commitment for the new staff.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Jaydon Blue's Player Grade: B+

Feb. 1
player grade - 2/1/2021 Alabama logo DE Walter Bob (Lafayette, LA) commits to Alabama  View Class

Bob (6-5, 251) committed to the defending national champions a week after his teammate cornerback Laterrance Welch committed to rival LSU. Bob already has the size to play defensive end, and I could see him being a moving part for the Crimson Tide once he gets to the 275-280-pound range because he's already showing the ability to rush the passer while playing the three-technique.

Bob is good off the snap, and I really like the way he sheds blocks and the way he uses his hands to free himself up. Some of the best clips in his reel, however, are him chasing down ball-carriers from behind and showing the motor and pursuit that Alabama defensive linemen are known for.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Walter Bob's Player Grade: B+

Jan. 31
player grade - 1/31/2021 Florida State logo QB Nicco Marchiol (Chandler, AZ) commits to Florida State  View Class

As expected, many of the top-50 quarterback prospects will be coming off the board in the next 30 days. Marchiol (6-2, 210) is the second quarterback prospect from Arizona to commit to Florida State in three seasons, joining Chubba Purdy, who was in the Seminoles' 2020 class.

Marchiol has some interesting natural skills. He gets the ball out of his hands quickly and seems to have a good feel for the pocket. He can move, but I'm not sure if his big runs in high school will translate to college. Marchiol can throw on the run, but he also gets himself in trouble there. He'd be better off sitting for a couple of years, but Florida State's quarterback situation might not allow it.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Nicco Marchiol's Player Grade: B-

Jan. 30
player grade - 1/30/2021 LSU logo OT Will Campbell (Monroe, LA) commits to LSU  View Class

Campbell (6-6, 282) might be the best prospect in Louisiana, and it's significant for LSU to secure his commitment early and build an offensive line around him. There is major upside with Campbell from his size, length, footwork, ability to use his hands and the way he can move in space. He doesn't have much, if any, bad weight on his him and has better strength than I'm used to seeing from offensive line prospects this early in their development. Campbell continues to get better off the snap and in delivering that initial punch. His pass protection is also improving on a regular basis. In the latter part of his junior film, Campbell really began showing an aggressive streak with finishing blocks, and he started to look like the best player on the field.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Will Campbell's Player Grade: A

Jan. 28
player grade - 1/28/2021 Mississippi logo WR Larry Simmons (Moss Point, MS) commits to Ole Miss  View Class

Simmons (6-2, 175) was a big early target for the Ole Miss staff, and he becomes the second commitment in the 2022 class for the Rebels. He's a long receiver who can get downfield and play on the outside. Simmons has good hands, but they could get better via some technical improvements. He can run some routes well, but he could improve getting out of his breaks better. Simmons can run after the catch and turn a short play into a long gain.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Larry Simmons' Player Grade: B-
player grade - 1/28/2021 Florida State logo DE Aaron Hester (Neptune Beach, FL) commits to Florida State  View Class

Florida State has an opportunity at a top-10-15 class because of some legacy commitments who will improve the roster and help Mike Norvell's staff with in-state recruiting. Hester is the son of former Seminole Ron Hester, who played for the program in the early '80s.

The younger Hester is a hammer on the edge and has the skills of a natural pass rusher. He is a quick-twitch athlete with good bend who can get around the tackle. Hester has a nose for the sack and is the type of player who will be the focus of an offensive line on third downs. I think he's more suited for stand-up edge rushing than putting his hand in the ground.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Aaron Hester's Player Grade: B
player grade - 1/28/2021 Georgia logo QB Gunner Stockton (Tiger, GA) commits to Georgia  View Class

There aren't many better names for a top-flight quarterback than "Gunner," and in this case, the name fits the prospect, because Stockton (6-1, 218) is going to be in contention as the top-rated quarterback in the nation. This is the second consecutive year that the Bulldogs have pulled the top quarterback prospect out of the southeast, and one would think that between Stockton and Class of 2021 commit Brock Vandagriff, there's going to be a great chance for Georgia to win a championship.

Stockton can move, throw on the move and throw far downfield on the move. The play is never out of the question as long as he has the ball and can see downfield. He can make the tough throws and has plus-level arm talent. Stockton is very athletic and is continuing to understand how to mesh his athleticism with his quarterback talent. His numbers in high school are eye popping, with over 9,500 yards, 120 touchdowns and just 16 interceptions over three seasons along with over 3,000 yards rushing. I think there's a very good chance he'll be considered the top quarterback in the nation after we go through the summer showcase circuit.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Gunner Stockton's Player Grade: A+

Jan. 27
player grade - 1/27/2021 Oregon logo DE/DT Gracen Halton (San Diego, CA) commits to Oregon  View Class

Halton (6-3, 265) is listed as a defensive end, but it's likely he's already outgrown playing defensive end in anything other than certain situations. He appears more likely to end up as a three-technique who could also play some one-technique if needed.

Halton can move exceptionally well and should prove to be a serious problem for guards who struggle handling quick, shifty interior rush linemen. Halton is good off the snap and can move from tackle to tackle in pursuit of the play. He is a very athletic, twitchy lineman with a lot of scheme versatility.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Gracen Halton's Player Grade: B+

Jan. 24
player grade - 1/24/2021 LSU logo CB Laterrance Welch (Lafayette, LA) commits to LSU  View Class

Welch (6-1, 180) decided to jump on the wagon with the in-state Tigers two weeks after receiving an offer from defensive backs coach Corey Raymond. LSU is already in position for a top-five class. and Welch promises to be one of the top-20 players in the state. He is good in coverage, can run pretty well and shows the speed to stick with his assignment down the field. Welch has natural instincts, and his quickness shows up when he's guarding receivers on the shorter routes. He has plus-level hands and ball skills.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Laterrance Welch's Player Grade: B+

Jan. 23
player grade - 1/23/2021 USC logo CB Domani Jackson (Santa Ana, CA) commits to USC  View Class

USC is carrying in its momentum from a top-10 2021 class by grabbing arguably the best cornerback on the market in the 2022 cycle and a legitimate top-15 player in the nation. Jackson (6-1, 185) is a superb athlete and football player who is developing into a top-end cornerback as he continues to get full-time work on the outside. His size makes gives him the ability to be physical, and his timed speed - 4.51 seconds in the 40-yard dash - gives him the ability to run downfield with the receiver. He also has the agility and fluidity to turn with receivers and transition from the backpedal. Jackson is already very good and hasn't scratched the surface of his potential.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Domani Jackson's Player Grade: A

Jan. 21
player grade - 1/21/2021 North Carolina logo OT Trevyon Green (Colonial Heights, VA) commits to North Carolina  View Class

Green (6-7, 331) is a big athlete on the offensive line. According to his high school coach, Green was once over 400 pounds and is hoping to play this season at or below 330. The difference between Green's junior and sophomore tapes show improved movement and athleticism that likely came with the drop in weight. Green has the size you can't teach, and at his size, he's hard to move and hard to get around.

As Green becomes more comfortable with the lower weight, I think we'll see even better work at pad level. He's still pretty raw, as are most offensive linemen at this stage. He plays tackle and guard in high school, but the hope is that Green will develop into a left tackle.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Trevyon Green's Player Grade: C+
player grade - 1/21/2021 Texas A&M logo OL/OT P.J. Williams (Dickinson, TX) commits to Texas A&M  View Class

It was a hot week on the recruiting trail for Texas A&M, which is quickly putting together the foundation of a special class. Williams (6-4, 262) is a well-built lineman with good strength and a great frame with no bad weight on him. He has next-level movement, especially with his lateral slide step, which keeps edge rushers out of the backfield.

Williams is showing more aggressiveness in the run game too, and he is a good enough athlete to consistently get to the second level. As he continues to put good weight on and gain comfort playing with that additional size, we'll get a better idea of whether Williams will be a guard or a right tackle.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
P.J. Williams' Player Grade: B+
player grade - 1/21/2021 Texas A&M logo TE Donovan Green (Dickinson, TX) commits to Texas A&M  View Class

Green (6-4, 220) joined his teammate, offensive lineman P.J. Williams, in making a pledge to the Aggies. On early viewing, I have Green as the best tight end in the nation. He's a true pass-catching flex tight end who can lineup at multiple positions and provide mismatches all over the field.

What separates Green from most flex tight ends with his skill set is that he's also a willing blocker and very productive in doing his part for the run game. Green is an all-around tight end, and it's a position that Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher has shown he will spotlight when he has a special talent. Green fits the bill of a special talent.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Donovan Green's Player Grade: A-

Jan. 20
player grade - 1/20/2021 LSU logo CB Marcus Scott (The Woodlands, TX) commits to LSU  View Class

The Tigers jumped on Scott (6-2, 175) before many of the other major programs did, as the rising junior had offers from Houston and UNLV before LSU came calling. Scott is definitely a defensive back who should grade out as a Power Five player. He has great length that he uses to disrupt his receiver, plus he can knock down passes around the red zone.

Scott's agility and his fluidity are still unknowns, but his straight-line speed is legitimate. He can run downfield and defend the long vertical route as well has he does the short spaces in the red zone. Scott fits the bill of LSU defensive backs in that he's very long and can run. There are some areas Scott has to shore up, but there's also considerable upside.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Marcus Scott's Player Grade: B

Jan. 17
player grade - 1/17/2021 Texas A&M logo DE Malick Sylla (Katy, TX) commits to Texas A&M  View Class

If you are one of the many bettors who check this site and want some value on a 2021 CFP Champion ... you could do a lot worse than Texas A&M. The Aggies are stacking strong recruiting classes together, and Sylla (6-6, 233) promises to be one of the best defensive linemen in the 2022 class. He is very much a quick-twitch athlete with a lot of length. He has a big frame, but I think Sylla should stay in the 250-255-pound range so he can have the ability to play on the end or do some stand-up edge rushing. Sylla will have to get better with his bend, but he has the motor and the explosion on the snap to be a top-end pass rusher.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Malick Sylla's Player Grade: A-
player grade - 1/17/2021 Notre Dame logo DE Tyson Ford (St. Louis, MO) commits to Notre Dame  View Class

Ford (6-5, 244) has worked with his hand in the ground and standing up on the edge, but I think he'll grow into being a full-time defensive lineman and quite possibly someone who can play the three-technique and rush the passer on the interior. The scheme versatility is going to be big with Ford, who is already playing on the inside and the outside. He has great explosive moves off the snap and a nice immediate burst that he shows when chasing down a play in the backfield.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Tyson Ford's Player Grade: B+
player grade - 1/17/2021 California logo QB Justyn Martin (Inglewood, CA) commits to California  View Class

As with most years, the quarterback dominoes will fall pretty early during the recruiting cycle, so for California to get Martin (6-4, 188), the program's big target at the position this early in the cycle is a big deal. Martin also plays basketball right now, so physically he's going to fill out well in college once he's focused on one sport.

Martin is a good athlete with the legs that can extend plays in the pocket and the eyes that continue to look downfield while he's doing it. Martin has good arm strength, and the ball comes off his hand quickly. There's plenty of upside there, and given proper development, Martin projects to be a good one.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Justyn Martin's Player Grade: B+

Jan. 12
player grade - 1/12/2021 Texas logo WR Armani Winfield (Lewisville, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

No surprise that wide receivers are going to show a high interest in Texas now that Steve Sarkisian has taken over the program. Winfield (6-2, 180) was thought to be an early lean with Ohio State, but Sarkisian's resume as an offensive play caller was a hook that kept him in state.

Winfield is a long strider who can stretch the field vertically and is always a threat for a big play. He needs to get bigger and stronger while added more explosive speed on the snap. Winfield has potential to take his game to another level and be a top wide receiver in college. He is big early in-state pickup for the Longhorns.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Armani Winfield's Player Grade: B+

Jan. 11
player grade - 1/11/2021 Pittsburgh logo DT Elijah Statham (Smyrna, DE) commits to Pittsburgh  View Class

I think Pittsburgh had one of the top-five defensive hauls in the Class of 2021 and I'm really high on this staff's ability to evaluate players at the position. Statham (6-2, 270) has been on that staff's radar for a long time because his brother, Michael Statham, was part of Pittsburgh's recruit class in 2020.

Statham plays in a small state - Delaware - that is not known for its football, so when I flipped on his tape, I expected to see a dominating player, which I did. He basically tosses around most of his opposition, and he adds a nice touch of brutal physicality while doing it. Statham is strong off the snap and chases down the play in the backfield very well. His brother went to St. Frances Academy in Baltimore as a senior, and I hope Statham does the same. The bump up in competition will add more legitimacy to Statham as a prospect, and I believe he is a good one.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Elijah Statham's Player Grade: B
player grade - 1/11/2021 Utah logo DE Aisea Moa (Ogden, UT) commits to Utah  View Class

Moa (6-3, 222) is a Utah legacy, with his father, Ben, having played tight end and fullback for the Utes in the early 2000s. Aisea Moa looks like a good fit for Utah. He plays a tough physical game and isn't afraid to line up anywhere whether it's at linebacker, on the edge, or as a blocking tight end or power back on the offense.

Utah emphasizes toughness throughout the program, and Moa is the type of player who will do the dirty work and play with grit. He is also a good athlete and has potential to provide pass rush as a defensive end or as an outside linebacker.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Aisea Moa's Player Grade: B-

Jan. 10
player grade - 1/10/2021 Florida State logo WR Quincey McAdoo (Clarendon, AR) commits to Florida State  View Class

Florida State needs a strong recruiting class after finishing 3-6 and landing an unspectacular class in the middle of the ACC. More importantly, head coach Mike Norvell needs to prove he can recruit with the top programs if Florida State is going to really turn things around.

McAdoo (6-3, 175) isn't a top-end receiver in the Class of 2022, but he could be near the back end of the top 25 at the position. He has good size and raw athletic skills, plus he does a good job to adjust to balls in the air. McAdoo doesn't show much beyond being a high-ball tracker right now, but I think he can develop his route running and other technical aspects once he gets into a college program.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Quincey McAdoo's Player Grade: B

Jan. 6
player grade - 1/6/2021 LSU logo CB JaDarian Rhym (Valdosta, GA) commits to LSU  View Class

Rhym (6-1, 175) has the short-space quickness and length to be tough on the boundary or in the slot. He can play man and moves very well, but I think using his length in zone is what will make him extremely tough to pass around at the next level.

Rhym is a very well-rounded defensive back who does a lot of things well without being truly elite at any one thing. He will need to add more mass and strength to really get the most out of his skill set, but that will come in time. I think Rhym will offer a ton of scheme versatility once he fills out and be another top-end weapon in LSU's secondary.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
JaDarian Rhym's Player Grade: B+

Jan. 4
player grade - 1/4/2021 USC logo CB Fabian Ross (Las Vegas, NV) commits to USC  View Class

USC has gotten off to a strong start with its 2022 class, and Ross (6-0, 185) is one of the top players in the Pacific time zone. He looks like he will continue to grow and turn into more or a secondary hybrid player than a natural outside corner. I could see Ross playing cornerback and safety, and providing support and size on the inside against the run game. Ross can line up on the outside and play man against bigger, physical wide receivers.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Fabian Ross' Player Grade: B

Jan. 2
player grade - 1/2/2021 Ohio State logo CB Jaheim Singletary (Jacksonville, FL) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Ohio State started the new year going big, and Singletary (6-1, 172) is one of the top cornerbacks in the class. He has length to spare and a reported 73-74-inch wingspan. He's putting on weight and is probably closer to 175-180 pounds than the 160 pounds he played at as a junior.

Singletary moves well, he can transition and change directions with ease. His timing continues to be an asset and a strength that only gets stronger with time. Singletary has good eyes and ball skills. He takes chances from time to time, but there's been more reward than risk with those chances thus far. Singletary is classic outside cornerback who is highly competitive and always ready to go against the best the opposition has to offer.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Jaheim Singletary's Player Grade: A-

April 23
player grade - 4/23/2020 Ohio State logo OT Tegra Tshabola (West Chester, OH) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Tshabola joins the growing list of 2022 prospects to make a verbal commitment to Ohio State. Projected to be one of the top-10-12 offensive tackles in the 2022 recruiting class, Tshabola (6-6, 300) had offers from Penn State, LSU, Florida, Indiana and Kentucky, among others. Ohio State extended its offer to Tshabola back in November of 2019.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Tegra Tshabola's Player Grade: N/A

April 22
player grade - 4/22/2020 Ohio State logo CB Jyaire Brown (New Orleans, LA) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Within a 2-week span, Brown (6-0, 160) received offers from Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma and Florida State among others. The offer from Ohio State was the one that put the New Orleans prospect over. Brown's signature is over a year away, and LSU probably won't let a top in-state prospect head to the Big Ten without a battle, so keep an eye on this recruitment. For now, Brown is the third commitment for the Buckeyes in the 2022 recruiting class.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Jyaire Brown's Player Grade: N/A

April 9
player grade - 4/9/2020 LSU logo S Bryan Allen Jr. (Aledo, TX) commits to LSU  View Class

Allen (6-0, 185) was one of the top sophomore players on one of the top programs in Texas last season, and he becomes the fourth verbal commitment in the 2022 recruiting class for LSU. He is a two-sport athlete who runs track. Allen was named Class 5A II Defensive Newcomer of the year and had over 100 tackles and three interceptions for Aledo High School. Allen projects to be one of the top defensive backs in the 2022 recruiting class.

2022 College Recruiting Commit
Bryan Allen Jr.'s Player Grade: B+

Nov. 25
player grade - 11/25/2019 LSU logo CB Khamauri Rogers (Lexington, MS) commits to LSU  View Class

With LSU's history of producing defensive backs, you know that coach Corey Raymond believes he has a special prospect when he pursues them as a sophomore. Rogers (6-0, 160) already has great size considering he is 15-16 years old. He already plays cornerback and safety for his high school is and considered a top-five prospect in Mississippi for the 2022 class. Ole Miss, Florida and Indiana were among Rogers' early offers. He is the third commitment for LSU in its 2022 recruiting class.
2022 College Recruiting Commit
Khamauri Rogers' Player Grade: A

Nov. 22
player grade - 11/22/2019 Colorado logo ATH Anthony Costanzo (Monument, CO) commits to Colorado  View Class

Costanzo already had offers from Colorado and Colorado State, and the in-state prospect decided to make his decision quickly and commit to the Buffaloes. Constanzo (6-2, 195) has been a regular on the Buffaloes' campus since his offer in the spring, so this commitment was not a shock. He's projected to play in the secondary, but of course he could eventually grow into a linebacker given he has two years left of high school. Costanzo in the first member of Colorado's 2022 recruiting class.
2022 College Recruiting Commit
Anthony Costanzo's Player Grade: C+

Oct. 29
player grade - 10/29/2019 LSU logo WR De'Coldest Crawford (Shreveport, LA) commits to LSU  View Class

The name De'Coldest Crawford made this very talented wide receiver an internet sensation, although it's been incorrectly reported that his full name is De'Coldest Toevadoit Crawford when his real middle name is Jaun. Still, Crawford (6-1, 160) is a tall, length wide receiver who shows good hands and plus-level athleticism and should only get better with time and development.
2022 College Recruiting Commit
De'Coldest Crawford's Player Grade: A

Oct. 1
player grade - 10/1/2019 Oklahoma State logo OT Kelvin Banks (Humble, TX) commits to Oklahoma State  View Class

Banks is the first commit for Oklahoma State in the 2022 recruiting cycle. He's a young player, but physically (6-5, 280), he already looks the part. On film, Banks is strictly using power and effort to get the job done. He'll have plenty of time to refine his technique and skills and will certainly spend two years around the Oklahoma State program getting help in those areas.
2022 College Recruiting Commit
Kelvin Banks' Player Grade: C+

Sept. 1
player grade - 9/1/2019 LSU logo S Bryce Anderson (Beaumont, TX) commits to LSU  View Class

Anderson is listed at 5-11, 185 pounds, but he looks bigger and plays up to the part. If you saw him on film, you wouldn't believe he's just a sophomore. He is the first commitment for LSU in the 2022 class. Although Anderson is a natural safety, he has plenty of ability to cover and is up for a one-on-one challenge on the outside. He is at his best when he is charge of covering an area of the field as a safety and helping on deep-pass coverage. Anderson, who also plays quarterback for his high school, is an exceptional athlete and will likely be one of the top-50-100 prospects in the 2022 class.
2022 College Recruiting Commit
Bryce Anderson's Player Grade: A

Aug. 31
player grade - 8/31/2019 Florida State logo QB Chad Mascoe Jr. (Thomasville, GA) commits to Florida State  View Class

Florida State was the first to offer to Mascoe, and the sophomore didn't want to waste much time with his "dream offer". There's an interesting tie here as Mascoe's father, Chad Sr., committed to play at Florida State under Bobby Bowden in the '90s, but did not qualify out of high school and ended up at Central Florida after going through junior college. Chad Jr. is from Thomasville, Georgia but recently transferred to IMG Academy in Bradenton. Mascoe is the second commitment for Florida State in the Class of 2022.
2022 College Recruiting Commit
Chad Mascoe Jr.'s Player Grade: A-

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