2023 College Football Recruiting Commits

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Below is a list of 2023 recruiting player commits graded with analysis.

By Corey Long - @CoreyLong
Updated 4/29/2022.

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April 23
player grade - 4/23/2022 Texas logo RB Tre Wisner (DeSoto, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Wisner (5-11, 180) is a back who is going to go one of two ways in his senior year during this cycle. He is moving up in competition in Texas, transferring to DeSoto from Waco Connelly, where he was more of a rotational back who made a lot of big plays, averaging over 13 yards per carry, with limited work. He has played defensive back and wide receiver as well, so Wisner is a guy who could offer different options. He'll show this year whether he is a big-time back or more of an all-purpose athlete.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Tre Wisner's Player Grade: B-
player grade - 4/23/2022 Texas logo WR Ryan Niblett (Houston, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Niblett (5-10, 175) is one of the most dynamic players in the country with the ball in his hand. In high school, he'll play quarterback, running back, wide receiver, kick returner ... whatever it takes to get touches. As a receiver, Niblett is dangerous in space and after the catch. He is still somewhat raw at the position, but I think he'll get more reps there this fall, which will help with some of the development time. Niblett is an elite playmaker.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Ryan Niblett's Player Grade: A-

April 22
player grade - 4/22/2022 Penn State logo DE Jameial Lyons (Philadelphia, PA) commits to Penn State  View Class

Lyons (6-4, 255) already looks like a grown man, and I don't think he's close to filling out his true size. He is in more of a stand-up edge role, but in college, Lyons will have his hand in the ground. There are a lot of things to like with Lyons' game, especially his burst off the snap and the fact that he can play the physical game and fight through blocks to get to the football. Adding lower body strength will be the next step to Lyons' development.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Jameial Lyons' Player Grade: B

April 20
player grade - 4/20/2022 Colorado logo WR Isaiah Hardge (Fort Lauderdale, FL) commits to Colorado  View Class

Hardge (5-11, 164) is a nice get for Colorado. He's a tough kid who will get out on the perimeter and block even though he is usually at a size disadvantage. Hardge has good hands, and he's going to be well developed coming from one of the top high school programs in the nation. He needs to get stronger, and that will help him catch more balls in traffic. I think he can get there.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Isaiah Hardge's Player Grade: C+
player grade - 4/20/2022 Cincinnati logo ATH Braedyn Moore (Hamilton, OH) commits to Cincinnati  View Class

Cincinnati has grown in stature under Luke Fickell by winning battles for local prospects. And with a future entry into the Big XII, landing solid in-state prospects like Moore (6-1, 190) is a big deal. Moore plays both wide receiver and defensive back in high school. I think he's going to be more of a corner/safety to start out, and he'll eventually become a full-time safety playing more of the deep role, where his length and ability to track the football will be most effective.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Braedyn Moore's Player Grade: B

April 19
player grade - 4/19/2022 Tennessee logo DE/OLB Caleb Herring (Murfreesboro, TN) commits to Tennessee  View Class

Herring (6-5, 211) is a classic tweener between being a stand-up edge rusher and possibly more of an off-ball linebacker who can offer up some different looks. His height and length provide so many different potential uses. Herring's speed rush is among the best I've seen so far in this class. He needs to add a few more elements to his pass-rush game, but the speed and explosion are so good, it can carry him for a while. Herring can drop back in coverage a bit, and if that part of his game improves, that will be even another dimension he offers a defense. Herring might not have a true position, but he has too much to not see the field in a variety of ways.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Caleb Herring's Player Grade: A-
player grade - 4/19/2022 Arkansas logo OL Luke Brown (Paris, TN) commits to Arkansas  View Class

Arkansas has quickly shown it can develop offensive linemen, and Brown (6-5, 300) is a player with some potential who will need time to gain strength and seasoning. I don't think he's a left tackle in college, especially in the SEC. Right tackle is certainly a possibility, but guard might be the best long-term fit for Brown. I like his footwork, and there's some athleticism and ability to play in space there. Brown bends well and shows good balance. As a blocker, he does the job, although he could be more of a finisher.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Luke Brown's Player Grade: C+

player grade - 4/19/2022 Notre Dame logo WR Braylon James (Round Rock, TX) commits to Notre Dame  View Class

James (6-2, 185) is a prototypical outside receiver who has the potential to be an elite recruit in this class. He is a tremendous three-sport athlete who really shines on the football field. James possesses all the physical tools and even shows the top-end speed that might surprise you from a player of his size. When James feels like he has a physical advantage, he will try to bully the defensive back. He can make the catches in traffic and high point the ball. There's a high ceiling with James.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Braylon James' Player Grade: A-
player grade - 4/19/2022 USC logo RB Quinten Joyner (Manor, TX) commits to USC  View Class

I think what USC does in recruiting this cycle is as interesting to me as any program. How much will Lincoln Riley and his staff focus on their old stomping grounds of the Southwest to go with a commitment to land the top prospects on the West coast. The successful recruitment of Joyner (5-10, 185) shows that Riley isn't conceding Texas in recruiting. Joyner runs very tough, and he'll lean and fight for every inch. He also runs track, and you see some of the breakaway speed. Joyner can show patience at the right time and explosion when he sees the opening. Improvements in pass catching would take him to the next level.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Quinten Joyner's Player Grade: B

April 18
player grade - 4/18/2022 UCLA logo WR Grant Gray (Norco, CA) commits to UCLA  View Class

Gray (6-3, 182) is a big-bodied receiver with good hands and the ability to move the chains. Speed isn't going to be Gray's claim to success, but he'll be a high-volume pass catcher and a big, safe target for his quarterback. Gray does everything well from a technical standpoint. He runs clean routes and sticks them at the end. Gray understands how to find openings in the defense, especially in the short game. And he'll use his size to fight for the yard marker.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Grant Gray's Player Grade: B-
player grade - 4/18/2022 Oklahoma State logo QB Zane Flores (Gretna, NE) commits to Oklahoma State  View Class

The first thing that will catch your eye with Flores (6-2, 185) is his numbers in high school. He threw for over 4,800 yards as a junior and threw well over 500 passes. That's a lot of volume in the passing game. Flores could develop into a class triggerman, and he has some of those attributes already. He likes to get aggressive throwing the ball, and he'll have even great fortune with more size and strength to put on those passes. Oklahoma State and coach Mike Gundy have done a good job with quarterbacks over the years. Flores appears to be a good fit.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Zane Flores' Player Grade: B-
player grade - 4/18/2022 Michigan State logo CB Eddie Pleasant III (Tampa, FL) commits to Michigan State  View Class

Pleasant (6-0, 175) seems to have put on some size since I last evaluated him, and it makes a difference because if he can cover slot and outside receivers, his skill set is even more appealing. Pleasant is a physical kid who likes to participate in defending the run, which will take on a greater impact at the next level with the size he has added on this offseason. From a technical standpoint, Pleasant is solid. His timing is good, and he knows when to be aggressive in going after the ball.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Eddie Pleasant III's Player Grade: B

April 17
player grade - 4/17/2022 Florida logo WR Tyree Patterson (Eustis, FL) commits to Florida  View Class

Patterson (6-2, 181) is a kid I saw last year at a prospect summer camp at Central Florida, and he was the best player at the camp. He does everything for his high school and is always the best player on the field. He is raw athlete who will have to learn the technical aspects of the position. But his size, speed, athleticism and competitive nature are exactly what you want from a potential big-time player.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Tyree Patterson's Player Grade: B
player grade - 4/17/2022 Ohio State logo CB Dijon Johnson (Tampa, FL) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Johnson (6-1, 180) is either at the bottom end of the blue-chip cornerbacks in this class or the top red-chip cornerback - and that could change after summer evaluations. What I like about Johnson is that you can trust him to lock down a side of the field. He will make a quarterback pay for throwing late to his side. As good as Johnson's athleticism is, I think his sudden movements and anticipation are really what drive his game.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Dijon Johnson's Player Grade: A-
player grade - 4/17/2022 Oregon logo WR Kyler Kasper (Gilbert, AZ) commits to Oregon  View Class

Kasper (6-5, 195) has such a large frame that you wonder if he'll stay at wide receiver or become more of a flex tight end when he stops growing. The size helps Kasper generate space in traffic for contested catches, but it's the hands that make it happen. Kasper is a long strider with short-space quickness and enough wiggle to make things happen in space. It's in this area that Kasper can continue to improve and become an even bigger playmaking threat at the next level.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Kyler Kasper's Player Grade: B+
player grade - 4/17/2022 Ohio State logo WR Bryson Rodgers (Zephyrhills, FL) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Rodgers (6-2, 170) has good upside as a big-bodied receiver. He is one of the better route runners among the pass catchers from Florida in this cycle. Rodgers is a very underrated prospect in the state because the Zephyrhills area doesn't produce a ton of prospects. But he is legitimate and has the skill set in terms of size and long speed that will blow the top off a defense and generate big plays. Rodgers might need a full year to develop and adjust to the speed, but I think Rodgers has a lot to offer in the long term.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Bryson Rodgers' Player Grade: B
player grade - 4/17/2022 Georgia logo DE Gabriel Harris (Valdosta, GA) commits to Georgia  View Class

Harris (6-4, 235) looks great off the hoof. You can just envision what he's going to look like with another 25 pounds of muscle on him after a year in Georgia's strength program. Harris has a great burst off the snap, and even if he plays with his hand in the ground, I don't think his get-off will suffer. He is athletic enough to drop into coverage over a short area, but I think Harris' future is getting after the quarterback, whether that's in a stand-up role or as a traditional defensive end remains to be seen.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Gabriel Harris' Player Grade: B+
player grade - 4/17/2022 Colorado logo LB C.J. Turner (Star City, AR) commits to Colorado  View Class

One of my friends Chris Demarest, a former linebacker coach at Rutgers and N.C. State, loved recruiting running backs at athletes because they could end up playing running back, cornerback, safety or linebacker, depending on their size. Turner (6-1, 210) is a big running back who is being recruited as a linebacker. He plays both ways in high school, but his speed and agility will really serve him well as a linebacker in college because the position has become much more about lateral movement and playing in space than what it used to be. I think we'll see more of Turner on defense as a senior in high school, and I'll be curious to track his development because he's a good athlete.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
C.J. Turner's Player Grade: C+

April 16
player grade - 4/16/2022 LSU logo S Ryan Yates (Denton, TX) commits to LSU  View Class

Yates (6-1, 175) is listed as a safety, but he's going to spend some time at cornerback as well, and he offers excellent prospects at both positions. As a cornerback, Yates is excellent with his anticipation and timing. He can change directions quickly and make fluid movements across the field. Yates has a nose for the football and will come up on run defense. He'll have to get a little bigger to play the boundary in the SEC, but I doubt that will be a problem. His long-term prospects at safety look good with his ability to track the ball and his speed to cover half the field.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Ryan Yates' Player Grade: A-
player grade - 4/16/2022 Central Florida logo DE Isaiah Nixon (St. Petersburg, FL) commits to Central Florida  View Class

Central Florida must start recruiting for its future in the Big XII, and landing Nixon, a solid red-chip player on the defensive line, is a great get to help with that transition as the Knights get into the 2024 and 2025 seasons. Nixon (6-4, 218) has length and burst, and he can bend around the edge. He comes from a very good program with a deep history of guys who perform in college. Nixon mostly works out of a stand-up role, but I think he's going to put on a lot of mass and line up like a traditional defensive end at the next level.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Isaiah Nixon's Player Grade: B
player grade - 4/16/2022 Minnesota logo CB Zaquan Bryan (Savannah, GA) commits to Minnesota  View Class

You can see all the elements to Bryan's game on his film. He's a two-way player who shows more skill as a wide receiver than I expected. He is a competitive, twitchy athlete who has very good strength for his size (5-11, 178). Bryan plays a physical game for a defensive back. He is a good on press coverage and shows a willingness to come up on run defense. Bryan has some toughness, and he fits the profile of the prospects who have been going to Minnesota in recent years. This is a good program/prospect fit.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Zaquan Bryan's Player Grade: B-
player grade - 4/16/2022 Northwestern logo LB Nigel Glover (Clayton, OH) commits to Northwestern  View Class

Glover (6-3, 210) is the sixth prospect to commit to Northwestern in the 2023 class, and the Wildcats had to beat out most of their conference rivals for this commitment. He had been working as a safety, but Glover will be an outside linebacker in college and has started working out at the position during camps. Glover is pretty good in space and much better in coverage than I expected. It's going to take some time to transition to the new position, and it's smart for Glover to move there during his senior year in high school.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Nigel Glover's Player Grade: B

April 15
player grade - 4/15/2022 Boston College logo ATH Reed Harris (Great Falls, MT) commits to Boston College  View Class

Harris (6-4, 200), coming from the lightly recruited state of Montana, received his first Power Five offer from Boston College in February and committed to the Eagles. He is going to be an offensive athlete for the Eagles, most likely a tight end. Harris has played quarterback for his high school team, and most of his film is him throwing the ball. Obviously, there isn't much to go on for his athleticism, blocking or pass-catching ability. The clips of Harris scrambling and running are good. He is obviously going to be a project for the Boston College coaching staff, but Jeff Hafley has shown to have an eye for talent.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Reed Harris' Player Grade: C
player grade - 4/15/2022 Tennessee logo ATH Trevor Duncan (Knoxville, TN) commits to Tennessee  View Class

The Volunteers are doing a good job with their in-state targets early in this cycle. Duncan (6-5, 283) is another one of the local targets who the Tennessee coaching staff wanted to get in the fold before the summer period. The program is recruiting him as a defensive lineman, and he certainly fits some of the profile, but I think Duncan's better long-term prospect are at offensive tackle. He looks physically ready and has the necessary strength for either side of the ball. I wouldn't be surprised if Duncan starts his college career on the defensive side of the ball and moves to offensive line by 2024.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Trevor Duncan's Player Grade: B-
player grade - 4/15/2022 Kansas State logo TE Will Anciaux (Wichita, KS) commits to Kansas State  View Class

This is a very good class for tight end prospects, and Anciaux (6-5, 228) is another one who I think could develop into quite a nice player. He's more of a flex player at this point than a true multi-use tight end. Anciaux is going to put on size and need to show that he is a capable blocker to elevate his game. He does play on the defensive line as well, so there's some toughness there. As a pass catcher, Anciaux uses his body well. He can make catches in traffic and box out defenders in the red zone.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Will Anciaux's Player Grade: C+
player grade - 4/15/2022 Colorado logo S Adrian Wilson (Keller, TX) commits to Colorado  View Class

Colorado lands a verbal from a second Texas prospect in less than a week. Wilson (6-0, 170) is a two-way player, but he's most comfortable on defense and playing closer to the box. He can defend along the boundary, come up in run support and make tackles. Wilson plays wide receiver, but on his film, I don't see his ball skills translating to defense like I expected. He reacts well to the play, although he relies on being in the the right position over speed.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Adrian Wilson's Player Grade: C

April 14
player grade - 4/14/2022 Louisville logo CB Aaron Wiliams (Corona, CA) commits to Louisville  View Class

Louisville is winning recruiting battles in California at a major clip. Williams (6-1, 185) has the height and length that you see from the elite cornerbacks in the country. He has the size that lends itself to being honest in run defense. I love Williams' film. He has a level of swagger that is exciting. Williams is competitive and hungry to make plays. He can play sticky, physical coverage without needing to grab a jersey. Williams looks like a man in the defensive backfield, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him receive quality reps as a true freshman.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Aaron Wiliams' Player Grade: A-
player grade - 4/14/2022 Alabama logo DL Yhonzae Pierre (Eufaula, AL) commits to Alabama  View Class

Pierre (6-3, 220) received some high praise in the days before his commitment. He is a natural pass rusher who is a little raw, but very athletic and should eventually fit right into that hybrid defensive end/outside linebacker role in which many great Alabama defenders have been spotlighted. Pierre has the long arms and the burst to get around the edge. I would like to see him play at a better pad level. He comes in a little high at times and a little too low at others. It might take Pierre 2-3 years to really find his game, but the upside is worth the patience.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Yhonzae Pierre's Player Grade: B

April 13
player grade - 4/13/2022 LSU logo S Michael Daugherty (Loganville, GA) commits to LSU  View Class

The recruitment for Daugherty (6-1, 185) came down to LSU, Georgia and North Carolina, with the Tigers winning a rare battle over the Bulldogs for an in-state prospect. Daugherty's film has him playing the second level a lot, and that mentality will probably translate to him being more of a box defender in college. He will blitz a little and has great instincts in run defense. Daugherty's ball skills are there, and he can sit in space and play the ball. But Daugherty's physical play can be a tone setter for a defense.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Michael Daugherty's Player Grade: B
player grade - 4/13/2022 Texas A&M logo CB Jayvon Thomas (Dallas, TX) commits to Texas A&M  View Class

Texas A&M's recent recruiting surge continues with the commitment of Thomas (5-11, 170), a top-150 player nationally. He is a two-way player with exceptional speed who should also be used on special teams in the return game. Thomas is a competitive player who will take on any assignment, be it an outside receiver or working inside against the slot. He is one of those players who you find a way to get on the field to use his speed and playmaking ability. The Aggies are off to another great start in recruiting.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Jayvon Thomas' Player Grade: A-
player grade - 4/13/2022 Clemson logo TE Reid Mikeska (Cypress, TX) commits to Clemson  View Class

Mikeska (6-6, 232) is an impressive, big athlete who I believe has an especially high ceiling as a tight end. He can line up all over the field - as an H-back, in the slot or possibly outside as a big wide receiver in certain situations. As Mikeska adds strength and mass, he'll also be a major part of the run game when he goes inline. He shows ability to work the seams and get open downfield. Mikeska has good hands and knows how to make himself an open target.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Reid Mikeska's Player Grade: B

April 12
player grade - 4/12/2022 Ohio State logo RB Mark Fletcher (Fort Lauderdale, FL) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Fletcher (6-0, 219) is a prototypical big back with a power/speed combo that makes him a perfect fit for the Big Ten. He has great balance and quick feet. Fletcher runs strong and runs tough; he will burst through arm tackles. He has the speed to break chunk plays, but he is very comfortable in short-yard and goal-line situations, where he can just lower his shoulder and bully his way to the line needed. He might be the best big back in the 2022 class and definitely a top-10-12 running back overall.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Mark Fletcher's Player Grade: A-
player grade - 4/12/2022 Clemson logo QB Christopher Vizzina (Birmingham, AL) commits to Clemson  View Class

Vizzina (6-4, 205) is either on the fringe of the first tier of quarterbacks with prospects like Arch Manning, Malachi Nelson and Nick Iamaleava, or he's at the top of the second tier of signal-callers. Either way Vizzina is a legitimate top-8-10 quarterback in this class and major get for the Tigers. He can throw the ball well, and it comes off his hands cleanly. Vizzina is accurate and will go down the field. He can complete those deep corner routes that are in every coach's playbook. Vizzina has some timing issues when he feels rushed in the pocket. Overall, the tools are there, and Vizzina could be something special with a little more development time.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Christopher Vizzina's Player Grade: A-
player grade - 4/12/2022 Texas A&M logo CB Bravion Rogers (La Grange, TX) commits to Texas A&M  View Class

Rogers (5-10, 185) possesses a high level of athleticism. He is quick and explosive. Rogers moves with sudden quickness and can change direction on a dime. He is somewhat raw in terms of coverage and will need to really focus on the technical aspects of the position, but as an athlete, he grades out very highly. There is a possibility Rogers could play an offense. He is a very productive two-way player in high school. Defensive back, however, is probably where his highest ceiling is. Rogers also brings high value as a return specialist.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Bravion Rogers' Player Grade: B+

April 11
player grade - 4/11/2022 Colorado logo RB A.J. Newberry (Grand Prairie, TX) commits to Colorado  View Class

Newberry (5-11, 182) has some real quickness for his size, and it's no surprise to see that he also runs track. He is a playmaker who can do some things in space. If Newberry can improve as a receiver and a blocker, I believe he has three-down potential. I think he will make some strides as a tougher runner between the tackles too. There is some good upside here.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
A.J. Newberry's Player Grade: B-
player grade - 4/11/2022 Texas A&M logo P Tyler White (Southlake, TX) commits to Texas A&M  View Class

White (6-3, 185) rates out as a five-star punting prospect and four-and-a-half star kicking prospect on the Kohl's kicking website. He has regularly booted punts of over 60 yards during showcase events.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Tyler White's Player Grade: B
player grade - 4/11/2022 Tennessee logo DE Nathan Robinson (Greenbrier, TN) commits to Tennessee  View Class

Robinson (6-5, 254) has been a long-time target for Tennessee, and from the start, it felt like the feeling was mutual. He is a two-level defender who could easily play outside linebacker, but I think he's growing at a pace where he'll end up on the defensive line as a pass rusher. Robinson is still learning how to play with his increased size, and I don't think he's scratched the surface of what he's going to be in 3-4 years. His athleticism and length are things you can't teach.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Nathan Robinson's Player Grade: B-
player grade - 4/11/2022 Miami logo OT Frankie Tinilau (Miami, FL) commits to Miami  View Class

Tinilau (6-4, 315) is listed as a tackle, but I think his skill set will place him at guard in college. He has some athleticism though, and Tinilau plays with a nasty streak that probably excited Hurricanes coach Mario Cristobal. Tinilau doesn't just try to win battles at the line; he wants to physically dominant and embarrass the guy standing across from him. Sometimes that aggression backfires, but overall, he's a solid line prospect who can offer from options on where he will line up.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Frankie Tinilau's Player Grade: B-

April 10
player grade - 4/10/2022 Auburn logo S Terrance Love (Fairburn, GA) commits to Auburn  View Class

There's been so much turmoil and drama surrounding the Auburn program this offseason that I'm sure coach Bryan Harsin was happy to have a spring game this past weekend and get back to recruiting. Love (6-2, 195) is a big safety who will continue to grow and could probably find himself as an outside linebacker. He is more of a coverage player than normal big safeties, and you can trust Love to secure his side of the field against downfield passes. He can run well for his size and is big enough to deal with tight ends.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Terrance Love's Player Grade: B+

April 8
player grade - 4/8/2022 Penn State logo QB Marcus Stokes (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) commits to Penn State  View Class

Stokes (6-2, 185) was a bit of a late riser as far as quarterbacks go, but after taking a tour of unofficial visits this month, he jumped back on a lot of radars. He is the definition of a feast-or-famine type of quarterback. Stokes really shines when the play breaks down, and he must move around and find open targets. He is somewhat of an unorthodox passer, but the ball generally comes out of his hands clean and finds the right spot. The downside to Stokes' style is the potential for turnovers, but trying to rein him in too much will take away from his effectiveness, in my opinion.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Marcus Stokes' Player Grade: B
player grade - 4/8/2022 Oregon logo DL Tevita Pome'e (Layton, UT) commits to Oregon  View Class

Pome'e (6-2, 310) is a big-bodied lineman who can eat up space in the middle of the defensive line and be a force against the run. Pome'e can provide a little bit of a pass rush on the interior, but his main job is to take on blockers, take on double teams and free up linebackers and defensive backs to clean up the mess. In that area Pome'e shows plenty of the potential. He is a battler up front who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Tevita Pome'e's Player Grade: C+

April 7
player grade - 4/7/2022 Baylor logo TE Matthew Klopfenstein (Scottsdale, AZ) commits to Baylor  View Class

Tight ends are just flying off the board during the early part of this recruiting cycle, and now Baylor gains a verbal commitment from Klopfenstein (6-5, 222). Baylor uses a lot of multiple tight end sets, and Klopfenstein is a good fit as one of the combo tight ends in those packages. He is already a competent blocker and should continue to improve in that role. Klopfenstein is a player who can be moved around from the inline to the slot to an H-back role.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Matthew Klopfenstein's Player Grade: B
player grade - 4/7/2022 Wake Forest logo DL Chris Marable (Hilton Head Island, SC) commits to Wake Forest  View Class

Marable (6-3, 283) hasn't played a lot of football yet. He was injured as a freshman and had most of his sophomore year wiped out with COVID-19. But a very good junior season put Marable on the map with FBS programs. He is a natural interior guy who is comfortable taking on the double teams and fighting through them to make plays. Marable has some active hands, and he is just a physical player overall. I really like this prospect and think Wake Forest's staff will get the most out of him.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Chris Marable's Player Grade: B-
player grade - 4/7/2022 Wake Forest logo OL/DL George Steih (Franklin, TN) commits to Wake Forest  View Class

Steih (6-5, 260) is a two-way lineman who plays a lot on the defensive side. I could possibly see Steih working out as a 3-4 defensive end - a guy who would be primarily used to contain things on the perimeter. As an offensive lineman there might be more potential upside. Steih has a good body frame with long arms. He could be a potential fit at right tackle down the road. He is a player who is more of a developmental prospect, but Wake Forest has traditionally done very well with those prospects.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
George Steih's Player Grade: C

April 6
player grade - 4/6/2022 Ohio State logo S Malik Hartford (West Chester, OH) commits to Ohio State  View Class

Hartford (6-2, 172) is a little thin on the frame right now, but otherwise he checks off a lot of boxes. He combines height and length with very good athleticism and the range to track down the football. Hartford can line up in a deep role and close off half the field. Even though he is still a little underweight for his height, he'll jump in to defend against the run. Hartford is a good form tackler. He plays a smart game and does an advanced job of anticipation and reading the play.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Malik Hartford's Player Grade: A-
player grade - 4/6/2022 Louisville logo ATH/TE Jamari Johnson (Inglewood, CA) commits to Louisville  View Class

Johnson (6-5, 245) is the third prospect from California who has committed to the Cardinals during the spring period. I think Johnson was a quarterback at one time and now could work out on either side of the ball, but the Cardinals are recruiting him at tight end. He is a big body and someone who could probably get on the field early as a blocker. There's plenty of development to do, but the early results on Johnson are promising, and with a full year to play tight end in high school, he should only get better.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Jamari Johnson's Player Grade: B
player grade - 4/6/2022 Vanderbilt logo TE Julien Randolph (Ashburn, VA) commits to Vanderbilt  View Class

Randolph (6-5, 210) looked like he might be staying in state and choosing Virginia or Virginia Tech, but Vanderbilt came with an offer that the tight end jumped on. He is a big wide receiver now, and the assumption is Randolph will fill out his frame and become a tight end. Randolph's receiving skills should be the easy part of the transition, but he will have to make improvements as a blocker.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Julien Randolph's Player Grade: C+
player grade - 4/6/2022 Minnesota logo RB Darius Taylor (Walled Lake, MI) commits to Minnesota  View Class

Minnesota has done such a great job with running backs and the running game under P.J. Fleck, so I feel good trusting his evaluations. Taylor (5-11, 187) had a lot of Big Ten offers, meaning Minnesota beat out some close competition. Taylor is a converted wide receiver, which provides a lot of versatility and options in the passing game. He is a tough runner who doesn't shy from contact and does some good work in space. I think Taylor has some real upside.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Darius Taylor's Player Grade: B-
player grade - 4/6/2022 Oregon logo S Justin Johnson (Inglewood, CA) commits to Arizona  View Class

Right away, you like Johnson's size (6-1, 182) and his length. He plays more of a deep safety role, and in the early clips on his film, I like the way he comes up and makes plays on the ball. Nothing I see here shows me elite-level athleticism, but Johnson plays with some smarts. He will jump out in the slot and offer some snaps as a cornerback. Johnson has some toughness and will get up on the line of scrimmage and play the run.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Justin Johnson's Player Grade: B-

April 5
player grade - 4/5/2022 Penn State logo TE Andrew Rappleyea (Milton, MA) commits to Penn State  View Class

This is a solid class for tight end prospects, both natural tight ends out of high school and athletes who will become tight ends in college. Rappleyea (6-4, 228) committed to Michigan back in January, but flipped to Penn State a couple of weeks after taking an unofficial visit. I can't speak much for the competition where Rappleyea is, but his skill set is strong. He is an above-average pass catcher with some diversity in his route-running and soft hands. Rappleyea can get through the seams and break off some big downfield gains. As a blocker, I think he's best in short-yardage situations for now; he'll have to improve that aspect of his game.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Andrew Rappleyea's Player Grade: B+
player grade - 4/5/2022 Texas Tech logo DL Amier Washington (Orange, TX) commits to Texas Tech  View Class

Texas Tech is bringing in the numbers early in this recruiting cycle, with Washington (6-2, 256) being the 14th commitment in the class. New head coach Joey McGuire is a legend among Texas high school coaches and has quickly tapped into his network to re-stock the talent in Lubbock. Washington looks like a prospect who can play a few spots on the line. I think he's honest in his run defense. He plays with a good motor, and it shows on the backside pursuit. Washington may not be a star recruit, but one who will provide good snaps and high effort.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Amier Washington's Player Grade: C
player grade - 4/5/2022 Texas logo LB S'Maje Burrell (Fort Worth, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Burrell (6-0, 215) had some major offers out there, but Texas was able to get him wrapped up. Linebacker is a major position of need for the Longhorns. Maybe Burrell is a little shorter than you want for a linebacker, and he's probably too big to be a safety. But Burrell is a player who will set the tone for a team on defense. He's athletic and physical, and he'll be aggressive at playing downhill. I think Burrell will be a tough run defender and he's athletic enough to drop back in small areas of coverage in the middle of the field.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
S'Maje Burrell's Player Grade: B

April 3
player grade - 4/3/2022 Mississippi State logo OT Malik Ellis (Laurel, MS) commits to Mississippi State  View Class

Ellis (6-5, 252) offers some tremendous upside as long as he can fill out his frame, which shouldn't be a problem in an SEC strength and conditioning program. He is a very athletic lineman who is good at the point of contact and plays with great balance and leverage. His ability to play with leverage is key, as he does often go up against bigger defensive linemen right now. Ellis' lateral movement is strong, and he can control his area in space. His bend is good, and he stays at the proper pad length. Ellis' technique is sound, and the size will come.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Malik Ellis' Player Grade: B+
player grade - 4/3/2022 N.C. State logo TE Javonte Vereen (Havelock, NC) commits to N.C. State  View Class

I love what N.C. State has done during this cycle and in the last recruiting cycle. I think Dave Doeren has really elevated the overall talent of the program while also managing to keep a bit the edge in intensity that I don't see out of the program's main rival, North Carolina. Vereen (6-2, 210) is another great athlete who is currently more of a big wide receiver than the tight end he will become. He understands where the mismatches are and takes advantage of smaller defenders. Vereen provides a good target for his quarterback and will make tough catches. His ability to run after the catch is a bonus. As a flex tight end, Vereen's potential is high.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Javonte Vereen's Player Grade: B+

April 2
player grade - 4/2/2022 Florida State logo WR Darren Lawrence (Sanford, FL) commits to Florida State  View Class

There are two things I would like to see Florida State do more of under Mike Norvell. Recruit better in Florida, and recruit some tougher receivers on the outside. Lawrence (6-2, 192) might end up helping in both areas. He can stretch the field - another issue the Seminoles have struggled with - and he'll adjust make a play on the football. I think he can blow the top off a defense if the quarterback can get him the football. Lawrence comes from a good high school program that produces tough, physical kids.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Darren Lawrence's Player Grade: B
player grade - 4/2/2022 Michigan logo RB Benjamin Hall (Kennesaw, GA) commits to Michigan  View Class

There's always going to be some diversity in the running back room at Michigan, and Hall (5-10, 220) hopes to be the Wolverines' big power back of the future. He is a tough runner who has real speed to break runs to the outside and enough agility and balance to be difficult in space. But when Hall gets the opportunity to lower his pad to finish a run ... look out because he's going to lay in a nice pop. Hall will also make plays out of the receiving game, showing some nice hands and the ability to catch on the move.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Benjamin Hall's Player Grade: B-

March 31
player grade - 3/31/2022 Rutgers logo DL JaSire Peterson (Union City, NJ) commits to Rutgers  View Class

Peterson (6-4, 268) was an early commit to Rutgers in the 2023 class over a year ago, but he backed away to check out some other programs after getting a series of offers from Power Five schools. It looked like West Virginia might have been in a position to land Peterson, but another trip to Rutgers secured the in-state prospect for the Scarlet Knights. He is being listed by some as an offensive line prospect, but I think Peterson will be on the defensive line, likely on the interior.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
JaSire Peterson's Player Grade: B
player grade - 3/31/2022 Vanderbilt logo LB Ethan Crisp (Mt. Juliet, TN) commits to Vanderbilt  View Class

Crisp's commitment to the Commodores marks the end of a long courting by the school of the in-state prospect. The game of projecting linebackers has gotten a lot harder, and one of the first things to look for in an evaluation is coverage, and Crisp can drop back and play in space. This isn't to say he'll take a running back on out of the backfield, but he can drop into zone and diagnose a pass play. Getting to the quarterback and getting into the backfield won't be an issue for Crisp. This is a prospect with some real upside.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Ethan Crisp's Player Grade: B-
player grade - 3/31/2022 Indiana logo OL William Larkins (Hollywood, FL) commits to Indiana  View Class

Indiana has had some pretty good fortune recruiting in the Miami/Broward area of Florida so far. Larkins (6-4, 300) is playing offensive tackle right now, but the expectation is that he'll move to the inside at the next level. He is pretty good off the snap and shows better-than-average leg drive. Larkins is much more advanced with his run blocking and looks to finish blocks instead of just leaning on defenders. Pass blocking is going to be a work in progress for him and something he'll need to improve before seeing regular snaps in college.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
William Larkins' Player Grade: C+

March 29
player grade - 3/29/2022 Indiana logo ATH/TE Sam West (Greensburg, IN) commits to Indiana  View Class

West (6-5, 205) was a big in-state target for the Hoosiers staff, and I am interested to see how this one turns out. West currently plays quarterback at his high school, and he could probably be a solid FCS prospect at quarterback with his size and athletic ability. But Indiana wants to turn him into a tight end. The athletic side is evident. He does a lot of running from the quarterback position and makes things happen. What we don't see is the pass catching and if West has the physical nature to stand in and block. But West is a good athlete with the frame to be a 240-pound tight end. This is prospect I will keep an eye on.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Sam West's Player Grade: C+
player grade - 3/29/2022 Syracuse logo TE David Clement (Albany, NY) commits to Syracuse  View Class

If Clement's size (6-7, 260) is close to accurate, I think there's a greater likelihood of him ending up at offensive tackle. Clement has been playing tight end and defensive end in high school. He'll need to focus on his blocking from this point on even if he stays at tight end, because he's going to be an inline player. Eventually, I think Clement will be a tackle, and it remains to be seen if his athleticism will translate to the position.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
David Clement's Player Grade: C

March 27
player grade - 3/27/2022 BYU logo DL Emmanuel Waller (Chelsea, AL) commits to BYU  View Class

Waller (6-4, 240) was basically BYU's top target in this cycle because he represented a bit of a recruiting unicorn for the Cougars' staff: a prospect from the Deep South with several Power Five offers who was also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Waller was a must-get for BYU and a major commitment. He is a long, athletic defensive lineman who can play inside or outside. Waller is very good off the snap, and I'm eager to see how he develops at BYU with its high-quality strength and conditioning program.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Emmanuel Waller's Player Grade: B
player grade - 3/27/2022 Central Florida logo DE/LB Troy Ford (Savannah, GA) commits to Central Florida  View Class

These next two recruiting classes for Central Florida are going to be interesting. The Knights are in the dead center of the most talent-rich area in the nation. They are moving into the Big XII and must start landing prospects who have a higher ceiling. Ford (6-1, 235) looks more comfortable with his hand in the ground as a traditional defensive end. He has decent length for his height, but he isn't tall. I think Ford might work out better as a stand-up edge rusher over the long term, but I need to see more from him with lateral movement and playing in space.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Troy Ford's Player Grade: C+
player grade - 3/27/2022 Colorado logo OT Naquil Betrand (Philadelphia, PA) commits to Colorado  View Class

Colorado goes across the country for Betrand, a mammoth offensive lineman from the mid-Atlantic area. In pictures, Betrand looks even bigger than 6-foot-7, 310 pounds, maybe closer to 330 pounds. Betrand makes his presence known at the point of contact. I mean he lands a big shot almost every time. Betrand is aggressive and pretty nasty, but he struggles holding on to blocks because his weight comes forward too quickly, and on film, I see him stumbling at times against defensive linemen who are a little slick with their movements. He's a project for sure, but you can't teach size, so let's see where he is three years from now.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Naquil Betrand's Player Grade: C+

March 26
player grade - 3/26/2022 Utah logo QB Mack Howard (Oxford, MS) commits to Utah  View Class

Howard (6-2, 192) will leave SEC country for the West Coast and Utah's program. I expect the Utes are only taking one quarterback in the class, so Howard was their guy. Howard does his best work in the pocket, where he can see everything around him. The ball comes off his hand well with a fluid snap motion. Howard's release could be shorter, but he will work on that. He shows the ability to make the tough throws, especially those ones in the back corner of the end zone that the great passers are defined by. Howard understands speed control and has improved at throwing guys open. This is a great get for Utah, which won the Pac-12 and has now secured a top-12 quarterback in the 2023 class.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Mack Howard's Player Grade: B+
player grade - 3/26/2022 Rutgers logo RB Christopher Johnson (Fort Lauderdale, FL) commits to Rutgers  View Class

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano has always had a great affinity for prospects from Miami-Dade and Broward County in southern Florida. The kids are just tougher there. Johnson (5-11, 181) is a little underrated as far as I'm concerned, and he comes from a Dillard program that produces a lot of productive college players. He has great speed, running around a 10.7-second 100-meter dash. Johnson will have to get a little bigger and run between the tackles more. Right now, he is a little eager to break everything to the outside. But there's a lot of upside here and Johnson has a nice high ceiling.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Christopher Johnson's Player Grade: B-

March 24
player grade - 3/24/2022 Rutgers logo WR Yazeed Haynes (Lansdale, PA) commits to Rutgers  View Class

Haynes (6-1, 170) is a prospect who has gotten a lot of attention from major programs in the past month. Rutgers was one of a host of programs that extended scholarship offers to him in early March, and the Scarlet Knights have gotten the nod over West Virginia. Credit Rutgers' wide receivers coach, Tiquan Underwood, with grabbing this commit. Haynes is projected outside receiver who can high point the ball and move the chains. I want to see more from him as a gamebreaker, but as a consistent outside target, Haynes fits the bill.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Yazeed Haynes' Player Grade: C+
player grade - 3/24/2022 Miami logo ATH/WR Robby Washington (Miami, FL) commits to Miami  View Class

One of Mario Cristobal's plans for successful recruiting at Miami was to land some local targets early to focus resources on the other major targets over the summer and fall. Robby Washington (5-10, 170) and his twin brother, Bobby, were two targets who Cristobal wanted in the fold early. Robby Washington comes from great stock; his father, Bobby Washington, was one of the best running backs to come through Miami high schools.

Robby Washington is a unique athlete. I think he can do things at wide receiver, running back and in the return game early, but he'll eventually settle into being a wide receiver. A natural playmaker who is exciting in space, Robby Washington is a potentially impactful player.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Robby Washington's Player Grade: B+
player grade - 3/24/2022 Miami logo LB Bobby Washington (Miami, FL) commits to Miami  View Class

Bobby Washington (6-2, 205) is going to be looked at as the throw-in because his twin brother, Robby, is a nationally ranked prospect, but there are some things to really like about Washington. Bobby Washington's size is very good, and he'll get to 225-230 pounds in the Hurricanes' strength program. Miami isn't particularly big at linebacker, and even if Washington is a rotational player, he'll provide the size that the new coaching staff wants at the position.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Bobby Washington's Player Grade: C+
player grade - 3/24/2022 LSU logo TE Mac Markway (St. Louis, MO) commits to LSU  View Class

I wasn't sure whether Markway (6-4, 245) was going to be recruited as a tight end or a defensive end. To be honest, he's a Power Five prospect either way, but I think he has a little more upside as a tight end. That being said, LSU is going to land top tight ends under Brian Kelly.

Markway is a physical player who plays a heavy game. He isn't just a very good in-line blocker; he seems to embrace that physical nature of run blocking with the mentality a nasty offensive guard. Markway is a great athlete who also plays basketball. His skill set tells me he's going to develop into a major threat as a pass catcher in time. I have Markway as the No. 3 tight end in the country.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Mac Markway's Player Grade: A-

March 23
player grade - 3/23/2022 Illinois logo DE/LB Kaden Feagin (Arthur, IL) commits to Illinois  View Class

There is no better endorsement of Bret Bielema's commitment to recruiting in-state prospects than Feagin (6-3, 225), one of the top players in the state, ending his recruiting early and sticking with the local program over Iowa. Feagin being the first commitment in the class is a big message too - as Bielema is aiming for a top-25 class. Feagin is a small-school prospect, but a super-productive athlete as a 1,500-yard rusher and a linebacker with 100 tackles. Feagin is a tough competitor who will do whatever it takes to make the play. I think he'll eventually grow into more of a pass-rushing edge or a traditional defensive end with his hand in the ground.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Kaden Feagin's Player Grade: B

March 21
player grade - 3/21/2022 Tennessee logo QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Long Beach, CA) commits to Tennessee  View Class

Tennessee has really been itching for a top performer at quarterback since the early 2000s, and Iamaleava (6-5, 197) represents the Volunteers' best chance to break that drought. It's a credit to Josh Heupel and staff for selling Iamaleava on their offensive vision. While Arch Manning is the clear top quarterback in the 2023 class, Iamaleava is part of a small group of throwers who might stake clainm to the No. 2 spot. And he can make all the throws. Iamaleava is a tremendous playmaker with the ability to run for chunk plays or throw down the field while on the run. He will put on the weight necessary to compete for a starting job as a freshman and more than anything his attitude is exactly what Tennessee needs on the field to compete with the top teams in the SEC.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Nicholaus Iamaleava's Player Grade: A
player grade - 3/21/2022 Duke logo RB Seth Davis (Katy, TX) commits to Duke  View Class

What Davis lacks in size (5-8, 172), he makes up for in production. Davis has amassed over 4,000 rushing yards going into his senior year. His speed is good, not great, but good enough to get yards consistently. When I watch Davis on film, I see a prospect who does everything in his power to make every touch a positive play, whether it's three yards in the pile or breaking a 50-yard touchdown. There's something to be said for a prospect who just gets the job done, and Davis is that type of player.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Seth Davis' Player Grade: C+

March 19
player grade - 3/19/2022 Boston College logo DL Jordan Mayer (Clairton, PA) commits to Boston College  View Class

Mayer (6-4, 230) was a target who Boston College was trying to get on board pretty early. He has a little bit of explosion on that first-step. I'm not sure about the competition where Mayer plays, but he's an active body who will get after the quarterback or chase the ball-carrier around. He plays a little high and plays with his head down more than he should, but as a prospect who can be developed and battle for playing time over the course of a few years, Mayer is going to a reliable player.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Jordan Mayer's Player Grade: C
player grade - 3/19/2022 Wake Forest logo DL Ka'Shawn Thomas (Brunswick, GA) commits to Wake Forest  View Class

Some people wonder why I'm so high on Dave Clawson as a recruiter and evaluator, and the case of Thomas (6-0, 308) is a perfect example. Many of the top-end Power Five programs are going to be a little scared off because of Thomas' height. But he's a hell of a player, and he dominates action in the middle of the line. There isn't a play on film where Thomas isn't double teamed, and he bursts right through it to make plays almost every time. If Thomas were two inches taller, he'd be a top-100 prospect in the nation.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Ka'Shawn Thomas' Player Grade: B
player grade - 3/19/2022 Boston College logo DL Eryx Daugherty (Bloomfield Hills, MI) commits to Boston College  View Class

Daugherty (6-4, 268) was one of two defensive line commits Boston College got over the weekend. He has some good film, and Boston College was good to jump on Daugherty early, because I think a ton of schools will be trying to get him on campus this summer to check him out. He can play as a defensive end in a 3-4 or move inside with even fronts. Daugherty plays on both sides of the ball and has the toughness needed to take on rushers in one sequence and become a pass rusher in another. This is a good commitment for Boston College and one who might be tough to hold on to.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Eryx Daugherty's Player Grade: B-

March 15
player grade - 3/15/2022 Texas logo DL Dylan Spencer (Houston, TX) commits to Texas  View Class

Texas had one of the best defensive line classes in the nation during the 2022 cycle, and now the Longhorns can continue to build on that effort with the addition of a top in-state talent like Spencer (6-4, 245). I could see Spencer starting his career on the end and eventually moving to three-technique as he progresses through college. He has the frame to get to 280 pounds or bigger. Spencer has a good skill set and rates out at plus-level for first-step, inside pass rush and run defense. He looks like a very solid prospect.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Dylan Spencer's Player Grade: B+
player grade - 3/15/2022 Michigan logo DL Brooks Bahr (Wilmette, IL) commits to Michigan  View Class

Normally, when I see a prospect like Bahr (6-6, 267), I tend to think that offensive line might be in their future, but Bahr is probably going to stay on defense. His length helps him set the edge and hold strong against the run. Bahr can get to the quarterback, but he could stand to improve his release off the ball. He is a tough run defender with good strength who can fight through blocks.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Brooks Bahr's Player Grade: B-

March 13
player grade - 3/13/2022 Louisville logo WR Jahlil McClain (Bellflower, CA) commits to Louisville  View Class

McClain (5-10, 180) is a talented two-way player who could work out on either side of the ball. He is being recruited as a wide receiver, but I think there is a possibility he could be shifted to defense. McClain is a playmaker wherever you line him up. He is a natural fit as a slot guy and a player who can get the ball in space. McClain will offer opportunities on special teams in the return game as well. Louisville must step up its recruiting as head coach Scott Satterfield is sitting on the hot seat. McClain is very good prospect to build the 2023 class around.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Jahlil McClain's Player Grade: B
player grade - 3/13/2022 Stanford logo WR Ahmari Borden (Quincy, FL) commits to Stanford  View Class

Borden (6-3, 184) is a pass catcher with good size who could line up on the outside at the next level. He is moving to the Florida panhandle after playing his junior year at Bainbridge (Ga.). Borden is a sold route runner who does some good work out of the slot. He will also line up on the outside and get down the field. Borden is not a selfish player; he takes pride in his perimeter blocking to help the run game. He does the things on film that can win over teammates and a coaching staff.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Ahmari Borden's Player Grade: B

March 8
player grade - 3/8/2022 Miami logo OL Antonio Tripp (Owings Mills, MD) commits to Miami  View Class

Miami appeared to be the school to beat for Tripp (6-2, 290) as soon as the program extended its offer in mid-January. Tripp is a big body with a good build who will likely end up playing guard. He has a good base with good balance, and he gets across a good blow at the point of contact. Tripp has a strong lower body and generates his strength from the bottom up. He shows some decent movement in space, and I think he projects as a good, not great, pass protector.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Antonio Tripp's Player Grade: B

March 7
player grade - 3/7/2022 BYU logo DL Stanley Raass (Lehi, UT) commits to BYU  View Class

Raass (6-1, 285) is listed as an edge guy, but he's going to be an interior run stuffer or possibly move to the offensive side and play center. He has a good first-step and regularly takes on the double teams. Raass' competition in high school is a little questionable, so I wonder how much his interior pass-rushing skills will translate to the next level, but as a space eater and a run plugger, there is some potential.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Stanley Raass' Player Grade: C
player grade - 3/7/2022 Washington logo RB Tybo Rogers (Bakersfield, CA) commits to Washington  View Class

Rogers (5-11, 175) is more of the modern pro-style/spread kind of back. He isn't a guy who will get 20-plus carries a game in college, but he has a lot of upside as a receiver out of the backfield and has been productive in that role out of high school. Rogers has very good speed and can burst through an opening quickly to get to the second level. Rogers isn't particularly physical, and he needs to lower his shoulder more to add some toughness to his runs.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Tybo Rogers' Player Grade: C
player grade - 3/7/2022 Arkansas logo OLB Carson Dean (Carrollton, TX) commits to Arkansas  View Class

Dean (6-4, 233) could stay on the edge, but I actually think he's going to put on some weight and be a traditional defensive end with his hand in the ground. He can get to the quarterback and blow up the ball-carrier well. If Dean stays as an outside linebacker, I am not confident in his ability to cover backs in space. Dean, however, has plenty of upside as a pass rusher, and I think he's going to be pretty good against the run. Overall, Dean projects as at least a two-year starter.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Carson Dean's Player Grade: B-

March 6
player grade - 3/6/2022 Syracuse logo QB LaNorris Sellers (Florence, SC) commits to Syracuse  View Class

Sellers was committed to the Virginia Cavaliers back in July, but backed away from that commitment in January after Bronco Mendenhall left the program. Sellers has good size (6-2, 210), but there's a concern about the production. He was injured and missed much of his junior season, but showed improvements in his accuracy during the small sample size. Sellers is a clear dual-threat quarterback who can make plays and get in the end zone with his feet. The running is a good fit for Syracuse, but Sellers needs to have a big senior season to inspire long-term confidence.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
LaNorris Sellers' Player Grade: C+

March 5
player grade - 3/5/2022 Kentucky logo OT Malachi Wood (Richmond, KY) commits to Kentucky  View Class

You can't coach size, and Wood (6-8, 291) has plenty of it to offer. Wood is super long with a wide base and a lot of potential. He's pretty raw and has to work on several aspects of his game, especially his physicality, leg drive, and finishing his blocks. The Wildcats have done such a great job with their offensive lines over the past 3-4 seasons because they are good with projections and development. Wood had a lot of upside, and I'm curious to see how he projects in 2-3 years from now.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Malachi Wood's Player Grade: C+
player grade - 3/5/2022 Louisville logo CB Rayquan Adkins (Hialeah, FL) commits to Louisville  View Class

Adkins (5-10, 155) is a competitive athlete and a two-way player who is being recruited at cornerback. He is a natural fit for a slot corner. Adkins is pretty smooth and transitions from his backpedal well. He has good speed and will be able to help out on the return game too. Despite not being as big as he will become, I was pleasantly surprised by Adkins' willingness to tackle and play the run.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Rayquan Adkins' Player Grade: C+
player grade - 3/5/2022 Florida State logo DL Keith Sampson (New Bern, NC) commits to Florida State  View Class

Florida State's line coach Odell Haggins is just one of those guys you trust when it comes to evaluating the position. Sampson (6-3, 280) is a thick-bodied prospect who should project nicely as a three-technique. He has the quickness off the snap and the short burst to rush the pass from the inside, but Sampson is also tough enough to take on the double teams and fight through bodies to get to the football. He plays a little high right now, but those are things he can improve on with consistent coaching.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Keith Sampson's Player Grade: B

March 3
player grade - 3/3/2022 N.C. State logo OT Darion Rivers (Charlotte, NC) commits to N.C. State  View Class

With former Wolfpack standout Ickey Ekwonu expected to be among the top picks in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft, it's no surprise that offensive line prospects will have interest in the program. Rivers (6-7, 257) has a great frame with long arms. He has some nastiness to him, and N.C. State has become a program known for some nasty, physical players up front. Rivers has a good base, and he continues to get stronger. I like the way he will project in pass protection with his footwork and playing in space.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Darion Rivers' Player Grade: B

March 1
player grade - 3/1/2022 Stanford logo WR Tiger Bachmeier (Murrieta, CA) commits to Stanford  View Class

Bachmeier (6-1, 180) is the younger brother of Hank Bachmeier, who is going into his fourth season as the starting quarterback at Boise State. The younger Bachmeier is as tough as his older brother. He is a strong route runner with good hands and the ability to find openings in a crowd. I think Bachmeier will primarily work from the slot, but he's big enough to line up on the outside from time to time. Bachmeier is a natural playmaker who will contribute significantly in the passing game and on special teams.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Tiger Bachmeier's Player Grade: B-

Feb. 26
player grade - 2/26/2022 Boston College logo QB Jacobe Robinson (Henderson, TX) commits to Boston College  View Class

Robinson (6-3, 219) is a big pocket passer. Physically off the hoof, he reminds me of Jameis Winston. Robinson is a decent athlete. He isn't necessarily a runner and isn't one who will make a ton of plays with his feet, but he can move well and throw on the run or extend time in the pocket. He can absolutely spin it, and the deep ball is a strength in Robinson's game. His TD-to-INT ratio numbers are stellar, and even if that number is a little misleading, the fact is Robinson avoids turnovers. I think this is a good fit and a good quarterback.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Jacobe Robinson's Player Grade: B
player grade - 2/26/2022 Iowa logo OL Leighton Jones (Brownsburg, IN) commits to Iowa  View Class

Jones (6-4, 255) is a bit of a developmental prospect because he is growing from being a tight end to an interior lineman, but he has a nice foundation to build on. He's a two-sport athlete who wrestles in high school, and I love when linemen also wrestle. It tells me that they are in pretty good condition because of the running required and they are strong in the lower body. I think Jones has potential to be a starter at guard or center within a couple of years. He is strong at the point of contact and is willing to be physical.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Leighton Jones' Player Grade: B-

Feb. 22
player grade - 2/22/2022 Alabama logo CB Jahlil Hurley (Florence, AL) commits to Alabama  View Class

Alabama has officially entered the 2023 recruiting race with Hurley (6-2, 175), one of the top 3-5 cornerbacks in the class and a top-50 player overall. Hurley is a smooth operator in the defensive backfield. The way he runs almost looks like he's running on air. Hurley is a master with ball skills. He reads and recognizes the route quickly and is always in position to make a play on the ball. He has some physicality to his game and the speed to offer some options on special teams.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Jahlil Hurley's Player Grade: A
player grade - 2/22/2022 Arizona logo QB Brayden Dorman (Colorado Springs, CO) commits to Arizona  View Class

In the last cycle, Arizona signed a quarterback, Noah Fifita, who I believe could be one of the great surprises to come from that class. Now, the Wildcats add Dorman (6-4, 194), a legitimate top-12-15 quarterback. Arizona has quickly shown it will be a force in recruiting under Jedd Fisch. Dorman is a natural pocket passer who can make the throws and do it with accuracy. His upside will be realized with more reps and some more weight on the frame. Dorman shows a lot of the skill set necessary to be a top-level quarterback at a Power Five program.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Brayden Dorman's Player Grade: B+
player grade - 2/22/2022 Nebraska logo QB William Watson III (Springfield, MA) commits to Nebraska  View Class

As Scott Frost enters his fifth season at the head of the Nebraska program, he's had to re-tool his staff. Watson (6-0, 177) is a quarterback who new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple has had a relationship with. He's a not a big quarterback by any means, but a good athlete and a playmaker who does a lot of good things with the football. I think the offense will have to be made over a little bit for Watson to fit. On the other hand, I think Watson has some upside.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
William Watson III's Player Grade: C+

Feb. 18
player grade - 2/18/2022 Iowa logo ATH Alex Mota (Marion, IA) commits to Iowa  View Class

Mota (6-1, 177) is a talented two-way prospect who is being recruited as a wide receiver but could easily move over to the defensive side. He has experience playing safety in high school, but he also plays quarterback, so any move elsewhere on offense is merely a projection. Mota is more of a running playmaker at quarterback, so could also end up as a running back. There are plenty of options here with a good football player.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Alex Mota's Player Grade: B-

Feb. 17
player grade - 2/17/2022 Ohio State logo OT Luke Montgomery (Findlay, OH) commits to Ohio State  View Class

It's a rare day when Ohio State let's a top in-state lineman get away from, and there was never much of a doubt that Montgomery (6-5, 270) would end up with the Buckeyes. Montgomery will have work to do in his development on the offensive line. I actually think his defensive line film is more impressive right now. In the long term, however, he has a great frame and a good physical edge to his play. Montgomery's physical tools are without question. When it all comes together, he'll be one of the best in the Big Ten.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Luke Montgomery's Player Grade: A-

Feb. 15
player grade - 2/15/2022 Arkansas logo DE Quincy Rhodes Jr. (North Little Rock, AR) commits to Arkansas  View Class

Rhodes (6-4, 250) is a nice-looking prospect off the edge who could end up playing traditional defensive end or maybe move inside. The good news is Rhodes moves around a lot in high school already. There's some film of him at the end and some playing linebacker and dropping into space. He also plays some tight end. I look at Rhodes as a talented piece of clay who will be molded in a good player, most likely on the defensive line. Rhodes has athleticism and is aggressive. Once, he is nailed down to a specific role, I believe he can flourish.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Quincy Rhodes Jr.'s Player Grade: B+

Feb. 13
player grade - 2/13/2022 Texas Tech logo S Brenden Jordan (Mansfield, TX) commits to Texas Tech  View Class

I am a little surprised Jordan (6-0, 185) made a pledge this early given that Ole Miss and Arkansas were really pushing for him. But Texas Tech was going to be more aggressive recruiting in this cycle, and getting a top in-state talent like Jordan is a good sign early. He's a tough, speedy, rangy defender in the box who will lay someone out. Jordan is the type of player who sets the tone for a defense. He plays hard and expects his teammates to match his intensity.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Brenden Jordan's Player Grade: B+

Feb. 11
player grade - 2/11/2022 Notre Dame logo LB Preston Zinter (Lawrence, MA) commits to Notre Dame  View Class

Zinter (6-3, 218) is an athletic kid who I thought could pan out as a tight end or a linebacker. Notre Dame made Zinter a target last year, and he is being recruited to play linebacker. Athletically, Zinter has the skill set to line up off the ball, maybe in a hybrid edge role. We'll see how Zinter fills out before making a final determination on if he's an off-ball defender or more likely to line up in the box.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Preston Zinter's Player Grade: B

Feb. 7
player grade - 2/7/2022 Michigan State logo QB Bo Edmundson (Austin, TX) commits to Michigan State  View Class

Edmundson (6-3, 192) showed a lot in his first year as a starter in high school. He throws a pretty ball, and it comes off his hands well. Edmundson is confident in the pocket - he will stand there and deliver the football with pressure all around him. He is a little bit of a throwback to the drop-back pro-style quarterbacks of the time. I think Edmundson has a lot of good football ahead of him and is a nice pickup.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Bo Edmundson's Player Grade: B-

Feb. 5
player grade - 2/5/2022 Michigan logo RB Cole Cabana (Dexter, MI) commits to Michigan  View Class

Cabana (5-11, 175) has impressive speed - he runs around a 10.7 in the 100. He's probably not going to be an every-down back, but I could see Cabana getting 10-12 hand-offs while getting some work in the passing game and on special teams. I like Cabana's film. He runs behind his pads and isn't afraid to run inside and battle for yards without trying to break everything to the outside. Cabana shows patience and a great burst when he sees an opening.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Cole Cabana's Player Grade: B
player grade - 2/5/2022 Penn State logo OT J'Ven Williams (Reading, PA) commits to Penn State  View Class

Williams (6-4, 280) is the best offensive line prospect in Pennsylvania and is arguably the best player in the state overall, which makes this is big get for James Franklin and staff. I think Williams is going to end up at right tackle, but he could slide inside and play guard as well. His tools are special. Williams is very technically sound with his hand placement and lateral foot movement, but he's also strong at the point of contact. Williams is a prospect who you build an offensive line class around.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
J'Ven Williams' Player Grade: A-

Feb. 4
player grade - 2/4/2022 Oklahoma logo WR Ashton Cozart (Flower Mound, TX) commits to Oklahoma  View Class

Cozart (6-2, 190) is a rising prospect who emerged as a junior when he showed some productivity on the outside. He caught less than 40 passes last season, but a third of them went for touchdowns. Cozart has the speed necessary to stretch the field and take the top off a defense. He looks like a prospect who is on the cusp of a big breakthrough.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Ashton Cozart's Player Grade: B
player grade - 2/4/2022 California logo S R.J. Jones (Bellflower, CA) commits to California  View Class

Jones (6-1, 187) is the first prospect to commit to California in its 2023 class, and the Bears had to get past Pac-12 foes Arizona and UCLA to secure the pledge. I like the physical way that Jones plays when he's asked to go in the box and play against the run. He has good secondary skills, especially the way he can track the ball in the air and make a play. Jones is an all-around guy who does everything well.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
R.J. Jones' Player Grade: B

Feb. 3
player grade - 2/3/2022 Cincinnati logo TE Khamari Anderson (Detroit, MI) commits to Cincinnati  View Class

Cincinnati has had back-to-back undefeated regular seasons, a playoff berth in 2021 and a full commitment from Luke Fickell with a bid into the Big XII on the horizon. So, expect recruiting to really pick up for the Bearcats in this cycle. Anderson (6-4, 225) is an athletic tight end who can be moved around on the offense to create some mismatches. He looks good off the hoof, and his play on defense makes me believe he'll be very effective as an in-line blocker when he is needed.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Khamari Anderson's Player Grade: B

Feb. 1
player grade - 2/1/2022 Arizona logo CB Canyon Moses (Midland, TX) commits to Arizona  View Class

Moses (5-9, 173) isn't going to blow anyone away with his size, but he has very good speed and is competitive. Arizona is doing well in this space - finding solid prospects with limited FBS options. Moses has been a very good player in high school and plays bigger than his size. Arizona built a top-25 class last cycle that was full of players with chips on their shoulders. Moses is another one of those types.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Canyon Moses' Player Grade: B-

Jan. 31
player grade - 1/31/2022 Alabama logo S Elliot Washington (Venice, FL) commits to Alabama  View Class

It's a family affair for Washington (6-1, 191), who will play at Alabama much like his father did in the '90s. The difference is his father, Elliot Sr., did his thing on the basketball court. The younger Washington is a great athlete, but there's no doubt that he is much more comfortable on the football field. He is a safety with some crossover skills that might give him opportunities to line up at cornerback. Washington is very fluid and smooth with his movement. He runs so smoothly it almost looks like he's gliding. Washington is battle tested and plays for one of the best programs in the region.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Elliot Washington's Player Grade: B+
player grade - 1/31/2022 Baylor logo LB Christian Brathwaite (Cypress, TX) commits to Baylor  View Class

The recruitment of Brathwaite (6-1, 225) continues the overall makeover of the Baylor roster to getting bigger on defense. It's worked well so far for new head coach Dave Aranda. Brathwaite projects to be more of an inside guy at the next level where he can play downhill. He hasn't been super productive in high school yet, but there is a lot of potential and upside there.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Christian Brathwaite's Player Grade: C+

Jan. 29
player grade - 1/29/2022 Miami logo WR Andy Jean (Miami, FL) commits to Miami  View Class

If you are looking for wide receivers in the 2023 class, Florida is the state to recruit. Jean (6-1, 180) showed that he was a big-game performer in his junior year and even recorded a 100-yard game against national powerhouse IMG. He is extremely competitive and plays with a chip on his shoulder. He doesn't have that elite track speed, but Jean has good hands and will make the important catches.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Andy Jean's Player Grade: B-

Jan. 28
player grade - 1/28/2022 Penn State logo OT Anthony Donkoh (Aldie, VA) commits to Penn State  View Class

Penn State is going to try to tack on another top-10 recruiting class in 2023. Donkoh (6-5, 305) chose the Nittany Lions over West Virginia, Virginia Tech and Duke. He could be a guard or a tackle at the next level and has plenty enough athleticism to make the move outside. Donkoh has good leg drive and is strong at the initial point of contact. He needs to improve his bend and show more in pass protection to play tackle consistently.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Anthony Donkoh's Player Grade: C+
player grade - 1/28/2022 Louisville logo QB Pierce Clarkson (Bellflower, CA) commits to Louisville  View Class

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Pierce Clarkson's Player Grade: A-
player grade - 1/28/2022 Kentucky logo WR Shamar Porter (Nashville, TN) commits to Kentucky  View Class

Porter (6-3, 185) went to Kentucky for its junior day and decided he wanted to be part of the 2023 class. He has great size for a projected outside receiver and legitimate speed to stretch the field. Porter is exciting in space. He will try to hurdle defenders, and he always looking for a way to extending the gain and rack up yards after the catch. Porter is good in the red zone and uses his body well to provide a big target. He projects as a future WR1 who will line up on the outside.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Shamar Porter's Player Grade: B+

Jan. 24
player grade - 1/24/2022 Oklahoma logo QB Jackson Arnold (Denton, TX) commits to Oklahoma  View Class

Oklahoma grabs one of the big names off the quarterback board in Arnold (6-1, 195), who had Baylor, Alabama, Stanford and a few others in his top group. He's a very accurate passer who threw for almost 4,000 yards as a junior. Arnold displays the functional mobility to be a great fit as an RPO quarterback. He is comfortable in the pocket and understands speed control. Arnold has a big-enough arm to throw about every necessary pass in a modern offense. He will have to bulk up a little bit to handle the physical play of FBS football.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Jackson Arnold's Player Grade: A-
player grade - 1/24/2022 Duke logo QB Grayson Loftus (Gaffney, SC) commits to Duke  View Class

The first thing new Blue Devils head coach Mike Elko wanted to do was recruit a quarterback, and Loftus (6-2, 200) will be his guy. Loftus doesn't have the gaudy individual numbers, but he comes from a powerhouse program that wins and produces a lot of talent. He is most comfortable throwing in a medium range. Loftus steps up in the pocket well, and he can go downfield, but he needs to tighten up his throwing motion.

2023 College Recruiting Commit
Grayson Loftus' Player Grade: C+

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