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NFL Power Rankings with record predictions
Published at 8/21/2020 2:34:40 PM

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13-3. My Super Bowl pick. Offense is hard to slow down. Defense got better with the addition of Campbell. Projected favorable schedule should help them get the number 1 seed which will be crucial this season.



13-3. Well positioned to make it back to the Super Bowl. Their pass rush will help them beat New Orleans and Tampa Bay. Shanahan's scheme is hard to slow down.



13-3. Most of their starters are back which will allow them to make another deep playoff run.



12-4. Really like Tampa Bay this season. Tom Brady will make the offense more efficient and the defense has upside.



12-4. Great roster and coaching staff. Lack of playoff success is very disappointing for a team this talented. Tampa Bay and San Francisco match up well vs New Orleans so I predict playoff disappointment again,



11-5. Russell Wilson is so good and consistently leads Seattle to 9+ wins every season.



11-5. Really like the Colts this season due to their great o line, solid run game, and good coaching.



10-6. Should make another step this season. Addition of Diggs will help Allen complete more deep passes. Defense and coaching is solid.



10-6. Solid team. Key is they need to stay healthy and perform up to their potential.

10 PIT


10-6. Offense should be much better with Roethlisberger back. Defense should be very good again.

11 MIN


10-6. Roster turnover in this shortened off season was not ideal but I think Zimmer can get around 10 wins out of this team.

12 NEP


9-7. I trust Bill Belichick to have this team in playoff contention. Cam Newton is a very good fit for their offense and the defense should keep them in games.

13 TEN


9-7. I'm predicting another 9-7 season for Tennessee. Favorable schedule and good coaching will get them back into the playoffs.

14 DAL


8-8. Offense should be very good but that only got them 8 wins last season. Secondary is the main concern. Better special teams and the extra wild card will get them into the playoffs this season.

15 GBP


8-8. Very disappointing off season. They needed to add at least one offensive play maker and they did not. Defense could be exposed by good running games and TEs.

16 CLE


8-8. Better o line and coaching will help. Big concern is the defense especially at LB.

17 OAK


7-9. Like the additions they made in the off season. PPG upside seems limited with their offensive play calling and QB Carr.

18 DEN


7-9. Like the additions they made in the off season. New OC in a shortened off season is not ideal. Projected schedule is difficult.

19 HOU


7-9. Bad off season. Watson is so good that he should get them at least 7 wins but upside is limited with a below average roster.

20 SDC


7-9. Really like the defense on paper. Offense PPG seems limited with their QB situation.

21 DET


7-9. Wanted to rank higher but I want to see: 1. Stafford stays healthy 2. Offense remains aggressive and throws the ball down the field 3. Better defensive coaching, hopefully new DC helps

22 ATL


6-10. O line is a concern to me. Defense likely over performed in second half of last season.

23 WAS


6-10. Rivera is changing the culture which was needed. Haskins played better at the end of last season and new OC Turner should help. Defensive line should keep them in games.

24 ARI


6-10. Like the additions they made. I think they'll need a season to develop together.

25 MIA


6-10. Amazing they were able to finish 5-4 in 2019. Still need more on offense and defense to make the next step.

26 CAR


5-11. Offense has a good foundation. Defense is a major work in progress and they are very young. First Rhule season means a rebuilding year.

27 NYG


5-11. Not a good roster especially on defense. I do not trust OC Garrett to get this offense to perform well.

28 LA


5-11. Most teams have figured out Cover 4 will slow down this offense. O line is a big concern and it was shocking that was not addressed in the off season. Loss of DC Phillips and Special teams coordinator will hurt.

29 NYJ


4-12. Below average at pretty much every spot. O line is a work in progress and defense will really miss Adams.

30 CIN


4-12. Poor o line needs to be upgraded to help Burrow. Defense made some good upgrades. Not sold on the coaching staff yet.

31 CHI


4-12. Last season they thought they were a kicker away from the Super Bowl. This season they think they are a TE away from the Super Bowl. Horrible off season. Loss of Clinton-Dix and Kwiatkoski will hurt. Not enough on offense and potential QB issues hurt.

32 JAC


3-13. Poorly run team. GM and head coach are on the hot seat. Very poor team culture. Their best players have left and Ngakoue wants out. Probably the worst roster in the NFL. Offense has some potential with Minshew and Chark. Defense seems very bad though.

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