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The Lions and Giants Win Win Solution
Published at 12/5/2018
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So last year I talked about the lions trading away Matthew Stafford to the Browns with the idea that by the time the Lions are competitive, Stafford with be 34-35 years old and on the decline. So this time I will give a different pitch that should have an even better reason to it. 

The Giants on offense are loaded. OBJ, Saquan, Engram and Shepard all are dangerous weapons that need to be addressed, but the problem has been that Eli Manning just isn't what he used to be. What ever player Eli Manning used to be, he is no longer. I personally feel that Stafford is perfect for the Giants system since he is a quiet leader that wouldn't be bothered by the bright lights of New York and needs a new, innovative system to work with.

So here's my proposition.

Giants acquire Matthew Stafford for their 2019 1st, 2019 2nd and Eli Manning.

I know people would be upset to see Eli in any other uniform, but with that 17 Million dollars owed, they can't afford to keep him with Stafford. Now Stafford can be with a Historied team and have a shot to compete and win a ring instead of watching an organization rework itself.

With the current Picks, the lions would get:

Round 1 Pick 5 Justin Herbert

With Eli only for 2 more years, we just use him to groom our future.

Round 2 Pick 5 Marquise Brown

The best thing you can do for a young QB is give him people to play with. Marvin Jones, Kenny Golladay, Kerryon Johnson and now Marquise Brown could make for a very dangerous set of weapons that could be unrivaled in the NFL.

I know that this might just seem like I don't like Stafford as I am a Lions fan, but I want to give him the best while giving us a better future.

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