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The +200 Club: College Football Week 11
Published at 11/14/2020
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Have a number of teams to look at this week so let's get after it.  First I missed one game early in the week. 

Boise State was on my list and they did overcover but life intervened so I didn't get back to it until after the game started.

Vandy/Kentucky.  Layoff - was considering going against Vandy and Kentucky may overcover the 17.5 but I will pass on this one.

Rutgers/Illinois.  Layoff - think Rutgers will win easily but not sure they can win by 13 so pass here too.

NC State /Florida State - Layoff - not sure NC State can cover 19 to get to +200.

Colorado @ Stanford TOTAL - One of the things I noticed during COVID is in second games offense seems to explode.  Move line to 61.5 OVER @+195

Marshall vs Mid Tenn State - Two different classes of teams and Marshall will run it up vs outclassed opposition Marshall -31.5 @ +200

Miami @ Virginia Tech - VT overrated Miami better than I though Miami -7 @ +188

Wisconsin @ Michigan - I have to be careful when betting against my rival but this is a great spot.  Wisconsin - 13.5 @ 200

Once again this is for books that let you change the line so you can get to +200.

Total through week 10: 22 units wagered 29.98 won 7.98 profit.

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