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Bears fans demand an apology
Published at 10/20/2020
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At this juncture in the NFL season, I think it's time to fess up to your odd hatred for the Chicago Bears.  I'm basing this off of you grading of graded the Eddie Goldman opting as out as a "0/10" because you thought "the Bears [are], quite simply, one of the worst teams in the NFL." I think it may be time for a retraction. My understanding is that you are an Eagles fan, but you smell like a Packer fan.  I'm picking this point in time because the Bears are 5-1.  That's not only more wins than your beloved Eagles; that's the same amount of wins as the Eagles' entire division.

Now, this rant does not claim that the Bears are a great team.  They're not.  Their a good team with an almost-great defense and a good enough offense.  I'm most mad because one of the significant things that prevent the Bears from being a great team (aside from their QB play and offensive play-calling) is the loss of Goldman.  The only thing keeping the Bears from having a 6-0 record (again, their offense is what it is, there's no illusions of grandeur in that regard) is the fact that the Indianapolis Colts were able to run the ball up the middle against them.  I wonder what would have happened had the Bears had one of the best nose tackles in football for that game.

Without a retraction, your site simply isn't worth the long load times caused by too many adds.  There's literally 5 on this current page. SMH. 


10/20/2020 - Bears fans demand an apology
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