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NFL Hot Seat Coaches after 3 weeks...
Published at 9/30/2020
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NFL Hot seat Coaches after wk 3

The season isn’t even a month old yet the ending of several coaching positions is only a few weeks to a few months away.  There are 6 winless teams and 6 undefeated teams so far which means there is quite a gap between being good or bad this year, the NFL has the same amount of wins and losses every year but it feels like there are a lot of bad teams this year.  Here is a list of coaches that will probably be out sooner or later this season or at its end.

Mike Zimmer (MIN)

The Vikings had about as high of expectations as you could expect for a given season and they are crashing hard.  When your 0-3 your season is basically on life support and a losing season for this team will provide a high probability of a coaching change, it would have been even more certain had OC Kevin Stefanski not taken the Browns Job this year…

Bill O’Brien (HOU)

Another 0-3 team, another job on the line, if Houston doesn’t make the playoffs the Texans relatively new owner will likely make a change as the Deandre Hopkins trade continues to burn this team weekly…

Dan Quinn (ATL)

No shocker here, the teams been competitive, but you have to win a game at some point and they can’t seem capable of doing that in a season that’s looking to end similar to the previous one…

Adam Gase (NYJ)

Like the coach above this one is a near certainty and is likely going to be the first or second firing of the year, a coach that made his career off of Peyton Manning, Gase has shown he’s just not a good coach or even a likeable one…

Matt Patricia (DET)

Usually when a coach is on the fence as to whether they should be fired or not at the end of the year and they’re kept for one more year, they almost always get fired after the next season, and this will be the case this year, barring some miraculous turnaround for Detroit.  A defensive coach with a terrible defense doesn’t bode well at all, and the Fords probably should have just cut ties with him after last year…

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