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Children's football – as the coach sees it
Published at 8/10/2020
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Boys dream of football. It is a great joy not just to drive the ball in the yard, but to play their favorite game under the guidance of a coach. It is similar to adults who play in Royal1688, the main difference is the original placement of the functional panel. However, this does not prevent you from quickly getting used to and understanding the principles of navigation.

This is the paradox faced by coaches of children's football teams. The guys stop visiting classes without any apparent reason, without conflicts with other members of the football team. Have you stopped loving football? Nonsense! Don't have time, can't cope with their studies? It doesn't look like the truth, either, because everything has worked out up to this point. Then what is the reason for such situations? 

In such cases, it is the fault of the parents, although they do not even admit it. When they take care of their child, they want to see them talented and successful. And as a result of such parental care, children grow up lazy, careless, which, of course, leads to instability in life. 

Some of the most common mistakes in parental educational work

Loving, grooming, and nurturing a child are undoubtedly right, but there must always be a measure in everything. Such parents often think that their son or daughter is underestimated. Parents of this type are always unhappy if their child is sitting on the bench. 

If the child doesn't play, it means that they didn't appreciate their abilities, overlooked them, and missed them. Who is to blame for this? Of course, it is the coach. But it is the coach who is always interested in the victory of his team. This means that it is not in his interest to keep a capable player as a substitute and not release him on the field. 

These children will soon stop fighting for their place in the children's football team, and, perhaps, in later life. They simply do not know how to achieve their goals because they are always inattentive:

• coaches, 

• teaching staff, 

• employers. 

Their own parents kept telling them that. These parents often like to transfer their child from team to team, believing that they save them from difficulties. As a result, the teenager starts avoiding all the problems. And let this article talk about football, but over time, people will also treat any work. In any case, we need healthy competition, including football. It helps to fight for success.

What does the realization of your own dream of "becoming an athlete" lead to with a child? 

Moms and dads punish their child for the slightest mistakes of a child in the training process or during matches. Various punishments are used, from bans on entertainment to additional training. They start forcing their child to train against their will, without taking into account whether they like it or not. As a result, sport becomes a duty. 

What does this lead to?

First, the child becomes intimidated, he does not have his own opinion and desire. The child is afraid to make a mistake. They get used to obey the will of their parents and take any opinion too seriously.

Secondly, if the child has a strong character, they will sooner or later break out from under strict parental care. They cease to listen to them at all. Now, the parental opinion is indifferent, the spirit of contradiction plays in it. Perhaps parents give up struggling with such obstinacy while thinking that it will not lead to great results.

Football is a game in which its participants should get, first of all, pleasure. All other positive aspects are already in the complex. If you have never been professionally engaged in football or were engaged in sports school or in section fifteen or twenty years ago, then you should not become a teacher for a child. 

It is better to pay for his individual training. It will be much harder to wean him from his acquired reflexes later. The training process should only occur if the child wants it! If they go to the main training sessions with pleasure but refuse additional ones, talk to them. Perhaps your child is uncomfortable with the coach alone, for example, they are shy of him. Or they are afraid of being judged by the rest of the team, don't want to appear weaker. You can always find a compromise, help, and suggest, but the main thing is to find the reason.

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