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Every NFL Head Coach Rated Based of Their Job Security
Published at 6/25/2020
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Explaining what this list will be: I will be rating each head coach in the NFL 1-10 based on the security of their job (Are they fine and won't be fired anytime soon, or on the hot seat) 1 being they are completely fine/they would have to hit rock bottom this season to get fired, 10 being they are on the hot seat/should have been fired in the offseason. 


Kliff Kingsbury(Cardinals): 3. He went 5-10 last year with his rookie of the year QB, now that they added big names in draft and offseason, he has to bring this team to 8+ wins.

Dan Quinn(Falcons): 6. After 2 straight 7-9 seasons, it's about time the Falcons use some of that offensive talent and bring this team to the playoffs. With the division only getting better, it'll be interesting to see what he can do with this team. But in my opinion, if this team doesn't see 9 wins, he's out

John Harbaugh(Ravens): 1. He has his QB of the future, all the pieces are aligned, now he just has to go ahead and win.

Sean McDermott(Bills): 6. Why so high? For me, if he doesn't bring this team past the wildcard round, he's out.

Matt Nagy(Bears): 6. We know he can coach, so that isn't a concern for me. In fact I think they will be highly unsuccessful this year. They just need another year to catch themselves and make them playoff contenders again. The only way I see him out, is if he brings less then 5 wins to this team, but I still wouldn't even fire him.

Zac Taylor(Bengals): 2. I don't think this team is anywhere near a winning state so I believe they will need one more year till they see real sniffs at success. I think the only way Zac Taylor leaves is if they are atrocious again.

Vic Fangio(Broncos): 4. Vic needs to max out the production levels on that offense and he needs to bring that team to at least 8-9 wins in order for me to want to keep him.

Matt Patricia(Lions): 6. He didn't have his starting QB last year, so I think if he makes this team show much improvement from last year, he'll stay, but their needs to be more than just a little jump.

Matt LaFleur(Packers): 1. He pretty much has the same 13-3 team that he had last year, now just has to do it again.

Bill O'Brien(Texans): 8. Has to win the division this year. I think he is out even if they make wildcard and don't make it past that.

Frank Reich(Colts): 4. We know he is a great coach, but needs to prove that Rivers was the right decision and bring this team to 9+ wins.

Doug Marrone(Jaguars): 7. I'm pretty sure this team will be bottom 5, but the question is do they want him to be the coach after this years downhill slide.

Andy Reid(Chiefs): 1. Next...

Jon Gruden(Raiders): 5. I think in order to keep his job, he just has to show that the Raiders are a team that can compete this year. I think he is out if they are -6 wins.

Anthony Lynn(Chargers): 4. I think his job is just to prove he can manage this QB room, and figuring out who their main man is. Has to also put competition on division teams.

Sean McVay(Rams): 3. Though they might not see success, Sean McVay is a hell of a coach and you'd hate to see him leave. He's such a good coach, that the only way this team fails is if they don't have talent. With that said, he has to bring out the best in Goff this year, in order to lock his safety at the helm.

Brian Flores(Dolphins): 2. Brian Flores took debatably the worst NFL roster in history, and brought them to 5 wins. So the only way, for me, that he is out is if he fails miserably.

Mike Zimmer(Vikings): 3. Mike has the roster to bring this team places, by places, I mean playoffs. Just has to prove that they can still get double digit wins without a huge missing piece in Diggs.

Bill Belichick(Patriots): 2. I think the only way he leaves, is if they decide to kind of flush the organization out and rebuild.

Sean Payton(Saints): 1. For me, this team has too much talent for him to possibly fail.

Adam Gase(Jets): 8. The only way this guy doesn't get fired, is if they get more than 8 wins, and/or Darnold is awesome.

Doug Pederson(Eagles): 3. He just has to prove that the draft they had was the best possible thing they could do.

Mike Tomlin(Steelers): 3. Needs to show the organization that he can be near Ravens level.

Kyle Shanahan(49ers): 1. He just got HUGE extension. So, it'd be extremely odd if he went out, no matter what the success.

Pete Carroll(Seahawks): 1. Top 5 coach in football, who has Wilson at the helm. They won't fail. He'll be ok.

Bruce Arians(Buccaneers): 4. Here's why. Now though that isn't high, you'd think lower. I say 4 because although he has all the talent in the world, he has to show that he can LEAD this team to victory. With all those valuable assets, failure is no option.

Mike Vrabel(Titans): 3. Brilliant coach. Has to make playoffs or win division to be 100% secure in my opinion but he'll be ok.

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