2023 NFL Draft: College Game Recaps - Week 4

This section breaks down many college football games each week and highlights how 2023 NFL Draft Prospects have performed.

By Charlie Campbell.
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  • Maryland offensive tackle Jaelyn Duncan is an early-round prospect for the 2023 NFL Draft, and while the Wolverines do not have the edge rushers they had last year in Aidan Hutchinson and David Ojabo, they still have some fast edge athletes to test Duncan. Overall, Duncan had a positive performance after a superb first half.

    Late in the first quarter, Duncan had an excellent block a few yards away from the end zone, grabbing the left defensive end and rolling him out of his gap to open a big hole for a touchdown run. Shortly later, Duncan showed his athleticism by getting downfield to his a block on a cornerback to help his tight end rip off a nice gain on a screen pass.

    After a superb first half, Duncan was almost beaten for a sack in the third quarter. An undersized edge rusher blew by him, and Duncan got just enough of a shove to help give his quarterback have some space to dart away. In the fourth quarter, an end got a pressure that knocked Duncan off balance and pushed him backward close to the quarterback, but Duncan showed some recoverability to turn and knock down the end.

    For the NFL, Duncan looks like he has starting left tackle potential. He is quick out of his stance and does a nice job of moving his feet to glide with edge rushers. To maintain proper leverage, Duncan bends at the knee, and he shows the agility to move. Duncan could stand to improve his hand placement, but he has starting skill set of size, athleticism and strength.

  • Michigan tight end Luke Schoonmaker had a nice game. Early in the first quarter, Schoonmaker caught a 10-yard touchdown. He got open running a corner route, and the safety bit on the play-action run fake to let Schoonmaker get free. In the second quarter, Schoonmaker ran an out route and made a nice diving catch. Versus Maryland, Schoonmaker totaled seven receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown.

    Schoonmaker looks like he could be at least a No. 2 tight end in the NFL. He runs good routes and has size, feel, and quality hands. Schoonmaker could be a mid-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft who turns into a quality rotational player as a pro.

  • wfdl.REDM.NCAAFTeam img   wfdl.REDM.NCAAFTeam img Game Preview
  • Wake Forest quarterback Sam Hartman set a school record in this game with six touchdown passes. He threw some beautiful balls and was extremely efficient versus Clemson.

    In the third quarter, Hartman lofted in a pretty pass with good placement to wide receiver Donavon Greene for a 28-yard touchdown to take the lead in the third quarter. They later ran the same play, and Hartman lofted in a 25-yard score to Greene with perfect positions again. Those were his best passes, and his overtime touchdown pass was an easy toss to A.T. Perry when Clemson had busted coverage in the middle of the end zone. Hartman completed 20-of-29 passes for 337 yards and six touchdowns.

    For the NFL, Hartman is a gritty passer who challenges defense with accuracy and placement. He might be short of a pro starter's skill set, but he could end up being a solid backup.

  • After Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence won National Championships at Clemson, there were big expectations for D.J. Uiagalelei as the starting quarterback following those two. Uiagalelei had a very disappointing 2021 season, but he has looked improved in the early going of 2022.

    Taking on Wake Forest, Uiagalelei was seeing a quality opponent. In the first quarter, Uiagalelei made a nice play thanks to not panicking in the pocket, staying patient while he worked through his targets, gliding to dodge rushers, and then firing a strike in the back of the end zone for a touchdown. Shortly later, Uiagalelei caught a break when a defensive back tipped a pass and the ball fell into the hands of his receiver for a 41-yard touchdown.

    In the second quarter, Uiagalelei threw a phenomenal pass for 39 yards where he lofted in a dime on a fade route out of the slot. The ball went right over the head of the corner and to the target's outside shoulder with perfect ball placement. He later made a nice touch pass to the back of the end zone to his tight end for a score. In overtime, Uiagalelei threw a pretty 21-yard score, lofting in a back-shoulder fade to the end zone to force a second overtime session. Uiagalelei threw a tight end open with great placement in second overtime for the game-winning touchdown. Uiagalelei completed 26-of-41 passes against Wake Forest for 371 yards and five touchdowns.

    Overall, Uiagalelei looks very improved over last fall. He lost weight and looks more athletic in the pocket. Uiagalelei has some streaky accuracy showing brilliance at times and ugly misses at others. Uiagalelei is worth monitoring to see if he continues to improve and grows more consistent.

  • Clemson defensive tackle Bryan Bresee returned to the field after the tragic death of his 15-year-old sister early in the week. Bresee had a mixed outing versus Wake Forest. He was quiet in the early going and not getting off blocks, but in the second half, he came alive, penetrating into the backfield to cause disruption of some runs and also some pressure on Hartman. In overtime, Bresee made one of the crucial stops with a batted pass.

    Bresee needs to improve his hand usage to get off blocks, and he needs to improve his pass rushing moves for the next level. This tape was more neutral and probably won't help or hurt him significantly.

  • wfdl.REDM.NCAAFTeam img   wfdl.REDM.NCAAFTeam img Game Preview
  • Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson was superb in Week 1 against Utah, leading the Gators to a big upset. In Week 2 against Kentucky, however, he was awful. He was then not much better versus South Florida in the third game. Richardson bounced back on the road against Tennessee with a vastly improved performance. While it wasn't flawless, Richardson showed his big-time skill set and finally made some impressive throws.

    In the first quarter, Richardson lofted in a beautiful pass to Ricky Pearsall, dropping in a well-located ball. He had some other nicely thrown balls, including on a rollout to convert a fourth down in the second quarter. On the next play, Richardson made a great play, climbing the pocket and avoiding a sack before firing a bullet down the field to tight end Anthony Zipperer, who was open at the 20-yard line. Zipperer broke four tackles and plowed into the end zone for a 44-yard touchdown. On the next drivem Richardson threw a laser down the sideline for a gain of 38 yards. Richardson capped the drive with his legs, running into the end zone from about eight yards out.

    In the third quarter, Richardson made a good read on a fourth-down conversion with a pass to Zipperer. Richardson then used his size for a quarterback sneak for a touchdown. On a fourth-and-short in Florida territory, Richardson lofted in a clutch 39-yard pass to Justin Shorter. However to squander the scoring opportunity, Richardson fumbled the ball away on a quarterback run.

    In the fourth quarter, Richardson lofted in a bomb to Shorter for a pass of 39 yards, and that set up a short rushing touchdown. In what looked like it was garbage time, Richardson threw some nice passes and a touchdown toss. Florida recovered an onside kick afterward, and Richardson had one final chance, but he was intercepted on the Hail Mary attempt. Richardson completed 24-of-44 passes for 453 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. He also rushed for 62 yards and two touchdowns, plus lost a fumble.

    Against the Volunteers, Richardson showed improved accuracy, decision making, field vision, and pocket-passing ability. His ball placement is actually better when he goes downfield rather than in the short to intermediate parts of the field. Overall, Richardson is streaky and very raw. He should return to Florida for the 2023 season to improve before going pro.

  • Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker dominated a pathetic Florida defense. Hooker tore up the Gators with his arm and legs. He was aided by the Florida defense consistently blowing coverage and letting receivers run wide open.

    In the second quarter, Hooker found a slot receiver wide open in busted coverage, and he made an easy pass about 30 yards downfield that ended up being a 70-yard gain. To close out the drive, Hooker ran for a short touchdown. However on a fourth-and-8 Hooker, he held the ball too long and was strip-sacked after he didn't feel the pressure closing in on him. Hooker later closed out the first half by rolling out and throwing a short touchdown to lead a 99-yard scoring drive that gave the Volunteers the lead at the end of the second quarter.

    In the third quarter, Hooker had an easy touchdown pass on a check down when Florida had blown coverage. Later, Hooker showed his athleticism with a 44-yard run, dodging tacklers and weaving his way down the field. Hooker completed 22-of-28 passes against Florida for 349 yards and two touchdowns. On the ground, he ran for 112 yards and another score. Hooker has the potential to end up as a mid-round backup quarterback from the 2023 NFL Draft. He has a decent skill set with the ability to hurt defenses with his arm or legs. This tape will help Hooker's draft grade.

  • Gators linebacker Ventrell Miller missed almost all of the 2021 season, and he has played well this year since returning to the field. That continued against Tennessee, as Miller was one of few Gators defenders to put together a good game. In the first quarter, Muller hustled down the field to get in on a tackle of a wide receiver, and Miller punched the ball out for a points-saving turnover. In the second quarter, Miller was close to a sack of Hendon Hooker, but he recovered the fumble Hooker lost. Miller had a superb run play just before halftime, putting the running back into the ground with violence. Miller is a tough run defender and physical presence, but he faces limitations in pass coverage for the NFL.

  • Florida safety Rashard Torrence had an ugly game. He had a horrible missed tackle on a long run from Tennessee and got torched in man coverage on a tight end. This season, Torrence has not provided the big plays that he flashed in 2021. Torrence should probably return for the 2023 season and improve before going to the next level.

  • Unfortunately Tennessee's top prospect for the 2023 NFL Draft, wide receiver Cedric Tillman, was out of this game with an injury.

  • wfdl.REDM.NCAAFTeam img   wfdl.REDM.NCAAFTeam img Game Preview
  • Texas running back Bijan Robinson is considered one of the top talents for the 2023 NFL Draft, and he proved why with some impressive plays against Texas Tech. Robinson has demonstrated excellent ball security over his career, but he had a fumble at the worst possible time, losing it in overtime and essentially gifting the win to Texas Tech.

    Early in the second quarter, Robinson was seemingly stuffed in the backfield having been pushed backward, but Robinson bounced the run to the outside for a gain of over 20 yards. In the second quarter, Robinson showed his cutting ability on a pretty eight-yard touchdown run, zig-zagging through the defense of the Red Raiders.

    Robinson ripped off a 40-yard touchdown in the third quarter, taking a counter run behind the right side and exploding down the field for the score. He showed excellent balance to avoid stepping out of bounds, and his speed let him take away angles from the secondary. In overtime, while fighting for extra yards, Robinson had the ball get a little low, which allowed a Texas Tech defender jar it loose with a hard hit.

    Versus Texas Tech, Robinson took 16 carries for 101 yards and two touchdowns. He also made one reception for 22 yards. Robinson is the consensus top back for the 2023 NFL Draft, and this tape won't change anything. He looks like a three-down starter and difference maker with Pro Bowl potential. Robinson could be a Leonard Fournette- or Ezekiel Elliott-type runner at the next level.

  • Texas Tech defensive end Tyree Wilson had an active game, but not a huge performance in terms of his stat sheet. He held his ground well in run defense and put some pressure on the quarterback. In the third quarter, Wilson made an excellent rush, using his speed to fire upfield and dipping his shoulder to get underneath the right tackle. Wilson was close to a sack, but Red Raiders quarterback Hudson Card was able to climb the pocket to avoid him. NFL team sources feel Wilson could end up being a late first- or early second-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

  • wfdl.REDM.NCAAFTeam img   wfdl.REDM.NCAAFTeam img Game Preview
  • Arkansas quarterback K.J. Jefferson has played well to open 2022 and is improving his status for the NFL. In this tight loss to the Aggies, Jefferson did not have a bad game, but he made one painful mistake that really was killer for the Razorbacks.

    On the opening drive of the game, Jefferson threw a wide receiver screen and later took off on a scoring run from around midfield. Midway through the first quarter, Jefferson found a receiver breaking wide open deep down the field, and Jefferson dropped the ball into him perfectly for a 56-yard touchdown. Jefferson later used his feet to convert a fourth down, but a bit deeper into the same drive, Jefferson dove for the end zone from a few yards out and had the ball knocked loose. The Aggies recovered the fumble and ended up returning it for a touchdown.

    After the fumble, Jefferson and Arkansas seemed rattled for a few drives. He had passes off the mark, with some too high and some too short. However early in the fourth quarter, Jefferson started to get back into the groove, making a nice completion to set up a fourth-and-1 and then converting it himself. To finish that drive, Jefferson darted into the end zone from six yards out to make 23-21 with 10 minutes remaining.

    On the next possession down by two with time winding down, Jefferson made a superb play to dodge defenders in the pocket before rolling out and finding an open receiver to cross midfield. Jefferson ripped off a 10-yard run a few plays later to move inside the 20. However a bad snap pushed the Razorbacks backward, and they missed a field goal with 90 seconds remaining. Jefferson completed 12-of-19 passes for 171 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran 18 times for 105 yards and a touchdown.

    This tape performance won't hurt or help Jefferson significantly. He had some accurate passes and ran well, but he did not dominate the Aggies. For the NFL, Jefferson needs to improve his in terms of field vision, reading coverage, and working through progressions. He looks like a future starter who possesses arm strength, athleticism, size, and playmaking ability.

  • Texas A&M safety/cornerback Antonio Johnson had an excellent game. In the second quarter, Johnson had an excellent open-field tackle for no gain on a third down. Later on the drive, he made a touchdown-saving tackle downfield, wrestling the back to the ground. On the next play, the Aggies recovered a fumble at the two-yard line and returned it for a touchdown, so Johnson's tackle ended up being huge for the outcome of the game.

    In the third quarter, Johnson had a very good run fill to limit a carry to one yard and set up a third-and-9. Early in the fourth quarter, Johnson read a backward-pass trick play and started the sack of a wide receiver before he could throw the ball away.

    Johnson is a dynamic defender who could be a tough run defender as a safety or dime linebacker at the next level. He is excellent as both a slot corner and a roving safety in the middle of the field. If Johnson maintains his current level of play, he looks worthy of being a top-20 selection next April in the 2023 NFL Draft.

  • wfdl.REDM.NCAAFTeam img   wfdl.REDM.NCAAFTeam img Game Preview
  • Kansas State running back Deuce Vaughn was superb against Oklahoma. The short back ran hard, picking up lots of yards after contact and showing incredible elusiveness to juke defenders and weave his way through the defense. Vaughn ran for 116 yards on 25 carries and took two receptions for 13 yards.

    Some NFL sources have compared Vaughn to former Kansas State great Darren Sproles, which is high praise. Like Sproles, Vaughn is very short at 5-foot-6 but he is very strong for his size, weighing in at 176 pounds. Vaughn is sleeper who some pro teams are very intrigued with as a potential rotational back for the next level. This tape could help him to get second-day consideration in the 2023 NFL Draft.

  • This game had a good draft matchup with Oklahoma offensive tackles Anton Harrison and Wanya Morris seeing Kansas State defensive end Felix Anudike-Uzomah. On the first third down for the Kansas State defense, Anudike-Uzomah was double teamed but got a push going against Harrison to get into the pocket and was able to block the pass to get his defense off the field. Throughout the night, Anudike-Uzomah generated pressures and caused disruption. The Wildcats also lined up Anudike-Uzomah on the inside as well, where he flashed effectiveness versus guards.

    Overall, Anudike-Uzomah helped himself. He was disruptive showing speed, strength and tenacity. Harrison and Morris were decent overall. Both of them are quick, athletic, and possess natural size. However, they both lack strength and physicality as blockers.

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