#1 LSU (11-2) vs. #8 Central Michigan (8-5)
Friday, 10:30 ET

Walt's Take:
Appalachian State over Michigan. Stanford over USC. Pittsburgh over West Virginia. Syracuse over Louisville. Anything's possible in college football, and that's why it needs a tournament with at least one team from every conference, just so everyone gets a fair chance.

LSU had a problem with Tulane. Does that mean I think the Tigers will go down to Central Michigan? Well, like I said anything can happen. I'm not going to call it - but this contest stays tight until the very end. Dan LeFevour is the man.

LSU 45, Central Michigan 27.

NCAA Dan's Take:
(NCAA Dan is a Boston native and a geographer for the U.S. Census Bureau, who wrote for this Web site back in 2001 and 2002, when it was in its infancy.)

This is an interesting battle between MAC Champion Central Michigan and SEC Champion LSU. Tiger fans can breathe easy here, Les Miles is not leaving for Ann Arbor and Central Michigan will not pose much of a threat toward advancing into the Elite Eight. LSU might be the best team in the country, losing only two heartbreaking games in triple overtime. This matchup will not require that kind of effort, as the Tigers should have no problem winning this game in the trenches.

LSU 44, Central Michigan 7.

Matt McGuire's Take:
(Matt McGuire is a University of Kentucky student and a contributor to this Web site. His knowledge in college football, the NFL and the draft is very extensive.)

Not much to talk about in this game, but don't write off Les Miles to Michigan just so soon. He wants his team focused to win a National Title (which can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a head coach) and if he didn't say he was committed to LSU then he wouldn't be doing a smart thing.

LSU 51, Central Michigan 13.

The Joker's Take:
(The Joker's work speaks for itself. Check out The Joker Report to read some great college football analysis.)

Central Michigan has no idea what the SEC is like, much less the best of the SEC. As up and down as this year has been, look for Dan LeFevour to put up some points on this defense, especially knowing Bo Pelini is off to Nebraska, but Jacob Hester and company will prove too difficult to overcome for the huge underdog Chippewas.

LSU 44, Central Michigan 20.

Public Poll: LSU - 80%

Winner: #1 LSU
LSU 46, Central Michigan 17 (average score from the analysts)

#4 Missouri (11-2) vs. #5 Arizona State (10-2)
Friday, 7:00 ET

Walt's Take:
Every year, I manage to sleep through one segment of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Not because I think it's boring or anything - I'm just a narcoleptic. Seriously - I need like five naps per day to function. I'm like a 90-year-old man.

Well, this is the game I'd probably sleep through if my tournament came to fruition. I don't like either squad. Missouri has a solid defense, and Chase Daniel is great, but I didn't like how Daniel rolled his eyes during the Oklahoma game. Not much of a leader. And the Sun Devils managed to get blown out at home against USC. Still, Daniel is probably the best player on the field, so I'll side toward the No. 4 seed.

Missouri 37, Arizona State 34.

NCAA Dan's Take:
This 4-5 game is one between two surprise teams in 2007 who are looking to take the next step among college football's elite. Dennis Erickson has been there before, and will have his Sun Devil team ready for this challenge. Missouri, on the other hand, is coming into this game winning every contest it played in 2007 against a team not coached by Bob Stoops. Chase Daniel engineered an exciting offense for this Tiger team, and will be able to score points against the Arizona State defense. I do think that the Sun Devils played a tougher schedule from week to week in the Pac-10 this year than did the Tigers in the Big 12. But I have confidence that Missouri can get this win, as they proved they can beat good teams in 2007 by defeating the Illini in non-conference play as well as Kansas and Texas Tech in the Big 12.

Missouri 34, Arizona State 31.

Matt McGuire's Take:
Really interesting matchup here as two spread attacks go at it. I think Mizzou has more speed on offense than Arizona State does on defense, so that is a big advantage, and I think Mizzou's defense is pretty underrated. This would be a really fun game to watch.

Missouri 27, Arizona State 20

The Joker's Take:
Chase Daniel's pissed (assuming he doesn't win the Heisman), and he's using this game to show the world what he's going to do when he comes back next year for his senior campaign to win the Heisman and propel his team to the Big 12 Championship. The Sun Devils played over their heads for most of the year, but they have nothing to play for anymore, and Dennis Erickson will have to pick up the pieces after struggling in this playoff game.

Missouri 42, Arizona State 13.

Public Poll: Missouri - 60%

Winner: #4 Missouri
Missouri 35, Arizona State 25 (average score of the analysts)

#3 USC (10-2) vs. #6 Hawaii (12-0)
Saturday, 10:30 ET

Walt's Take:
Lowest. Scoring. Game. Ever. Colton Brennan won't get anything done against USC's defense. The Trojans, meanwhile, will have a million drives that go like this: J.Booty pass complete for 6 yards. J.McKnight rush loss for 15 yards. J.Booty pass incomplete. All of USC's points come off Brennan pick-sixes, as the public realizes he's a Chad Pennington carbon copy.

USC 27, Hawaii 14.

NCAA Dan's Take:
This may be quite possibly the most intriguing matchup of this round. Both teams have something to prove here; the Trojans feel like they are playing as well as anyone in college football right now, while Hawaii is itching to knock off a perennial college football power to gain the respect they feel that they deserve. This should be a terrific matchup between these two teams, and starts with the quarterback play. John David Booty and Colt Brennan will not disappoint. USC does know not to take any opponent lightly, hopefully having learned their lesson after an embarrassing defeat as 40-point favorites against Stanford. But Hawaii is more than a fluke; they are downright good. This team averaged 450 yards of passing offense and 46-plus points per game this season, so they will score against the Trojans. Hawaii's defense is not good enough to hold USC's offense down though. Despite the fact that USC will take Hawaii seriously and score some points, I still think they will bow in defeat. An ESPN Instant Classic.

Hawaii 38, USC 34.

Matt McGuire's Take:
USC's pass defense versus Colt Brennan: I like. Not saying either one has a big advantage, I'm just saying I would like to see how this game would play out. Hawaii should schedule USC but instead they know they wouldn't have a chance in this game and no chance of getting in the BCS. I will be the first to say that I think Hawaii is a very overrated football team and the talent USC has on defense will show something Brennan has never seen before.

USC 34 Hawaii 24.

The Joker's Take:
USC is back to its old self. Injuries hit them - a Stanford tree added insult to those injuries - but now they're focused. And angry. All those four- and five-star recruits are starting to gel and that means trouble for everyone for the next couple of years. Do you honestly think some warrior dance is gonna stop Joe McKnight? No.

USC 45, Hawaii 29.

Public Poll: USC - 55%

Winner: #3 USC
USC 35, Hawaii 26 (average score of the analysts)

#2 Oklahoma (11-2) vs. #7 BYU (10-2)
Saturday, 7:00 ET

Walt's Take:
I don't think any average college football fan can name two players on BYU's roster. That automatically means they cover the spread - oh, wait...

Seriously though, the Sooners are one of the top teams in college football. I think they could beat both LSU and Ohio State - at the same time.

Oklahoma 41, BYU 24.

NCAA Dan's Take:
I believe that Bob Stoops' team is on a mission right now, and showed it in the Big 12 championship game against the Missouri Tigers. The Sooners belong in any discussion of top teams in college football; they had some impressive wins in the 2007 campaign. Oklahoma defeated Missouri twice, Texas, and Miami early in the season 51-13. Both of Oklahoma's two losses were in close games, also. They are definitely a team to be reckoned with. BYU is a solid offensive football squad, averaging more than 31 points per game. But this Cougar team is in for a real surprise when they face Oklahoma. They have not played a team with a defense with as much speed as the Sooners. And BYU was unable to beat UCLA this year, who lost to lowly Notre Dame. These are all signs to me that BYU does not match up particularly well with Oklahoma. I like the Sooners in a pretty easy game for them.

Oklahoma 41, BYU 17.

Matt McGuire's Take:
After USC lost to Stanford, I predicted that the National Title game would be between LSU and Oklahoma...but instead OU lost focus, so they don't deserve to be there. BYU doesn't stand a chance against this defense... look at what they did to Chase Daniels. Please.

Oklahoma 44, BYU 17.

The Joker's Take:
Oklahoma has been such a dominant force as of late, I think they'll slip up a bit against Max Hall and the overachieving Cougars. Only a bit.

Oklahoma 35, BYU 23.

Public Poll: Oklahoma - 93%
Oklahoma 40, BYU 20 (average score from the analysts)

Winner: #2 Oklahoma

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