#1 Ohio State (11-1) vs. #8 Florida Atlantic (7-5)
Saturday, 12:00 ET

Walt's Take:
There's no way Ohio State wins this game. None. The Buckeyes just aren't as good as... oh... wait, my bad. I thought they were playing Florida Pacific; not Florida Atlantic. Man, I feel dumb.

That said, I don't feel as though this is a blowout. You seldom see No. 1 seeds kill No. 16 teams in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. That's because the 16-seeds are solid squads who won their conference. Florida Atlantic played South Florida tough. The Owls shock the nation by taking a 24-21 lead in the third quarter. The Buckeyes then wake up and win by two touchdowns.

Ohio State 38, Florida Atlantic 24.

NCAA Dan's Take:
The Big 10 has taken some heat this year for being down, and for not being as competitive as the SEC or Pac 10 in 2007. This may well be the case, but I believe Ohio State is still a very solid team. Jim Tressel's teams always play tough defense, and this Buckeye squad is no exception, allowing less than 11 points per game. The Buckeyes have a solid offensive line and Florida Atlantic will not be able to put pressure on Todd Boeckman. Ohio State rolls in this one.

Ohio State 34, Florida Atlantic 10.

Matt McGuire's Take:
(Matt McGuire is a University of Kentucky student and a contributor to this Web site. His knowledge in college football, the NFL and the draft is very extensive.)

Well this is very familiar competition to what Ohio State faced this season so they should be very well prepared. :)

Ohio State 62, Florida Atlantic 7.

The Joker's Take:
(The Joker's work speaks for itself. Check out The Joker Report to read some great college football analysis.)

If this were a regular season game, I would only give FAU a field goal, but teams usually give it their all in bowl games, especially the seniors. FAU's "all" against the Buckeyes will give them 13 points. Ohio State dominates and reminds people why they only lost one game --a close one at Illinois.

Ohio State 44, Florida Atlantic 13.

Public Poll: Ohio State - 55%

Winner: #1 Ohio State
Ohio State 47, Florida Atlantic 14 (average score of the analysts)

#4 West Virginia (10-2) vs. #5 Kansas (11-1)
Saturday, 3:30 ET

Walt's Take:
Big advantage, Jayhawks. If West Virginia angers Kansas coach Mark Mangino, he may eat Rich Rodriguez, turn the entire Mountaineers squad into robotic animals and steal Sonic the Hedgehog's jewels. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Mangino looks like a carbon copy of Doctor Robotnik.

I was never a fan of this West Virginia team. The Mountaineers have no aerial attack, so if they fall behind, they don't have much of a shot of coming back. It seems as though the Jayhawks can score at least 30 points automatically, and by going against West Virginia's soft defense, I think that could be about 52. The Mountaineers will get on the board, but their one-dimensional offense will be their downfall.

Kansas 52, West Virginia 31.

NCAA Dan's Take:
Most people expected big things out Rich Rodriguez's Mountaineers in 2007, and for the most part they delivered. WVU is an offensive juggernaut, running over teams with Steve Slaton and Pat White. The Kansas Jayhawks came out of nowhere this season and made it into the middle of November with an undefeated record. Kansas is a team that can also score a lot of points, as Bill Callahan and Nebraska found out this year when the Jayhwaks dropped 76 on them on Nov. 3. If you like offense, tune into this game because neither team will be able to stop one another. The biggest criticism of Kansas is the fact that they played a soft schedule, and this leads me to believe they'll have difficulty with an experienced West Virginia team. I like West Virginia in a complete shootout.

West Virginia 48, Kansas 42.

Matt McGuire's Take:
Two very overrated football teams with two very overrated defenses.

Kansas 27, West Virginia 20.

The Joker's Take:
Barn-burner. Pat White is pissed off, Steve Slaton is probably playing his last college game, and Noel Devine will be in prime time - apropos considering his legal guardian is Deion "Prime Time" Sanders. I think he still is, anyway. Kansas gets the best out of its squad by playing as a team. However, it simply won't be enough after Rich Rod and company iron out their fumbling ways and throw up nine touchdowns on the Jayhawks.

West Virginia 63, Kansas 48.

Public Poll: West Virginia - 64%

Winner: #4 West Virginia
West Virginia 42, Kansas 41.

#3 Virginia Tech (11-2) vs. #6 Florida (9-3)
Friday, 3:30 ET

Walt's Take:
I really like this Virginia Tech squad. After bashing Sean Glennon bounced back from an early start in which I bashed him repeatedly, and helped the Hokies win and cover five games in a row after they lost to Boston College. In fact, Virginia Tech outscored its final five opponents, 174-75.

That's why I hate the fact that the Hokies battle Florida in the first round. Seriously, who was the jerk that put this whole thing together? If the NCAA really wanted to put the two best teams in its so-called national championship, it would have included the Gators. And don't give me anything about records; the fraud college presidents chose a 2-loss squad over several schools with one or less defeats. Florida lost two fluke games but has the best player in the country. I'm not a huge fan of its defense, but I don't think there are many teams in the nation that can beat them right now.

Florida 38, Virginia Tech 30

NCAA Dan's Take:
The Hokies have played very inspired football in 2007, and lost only in a blowout against LSU early in the season, and in a last-ditch comeback effort in Blacksburg against Boston College. Frank Beamer's team is pretty solid on defense and special teams, as always. The Hokies will be facing quite a test in the defending national champion Florida Gators and Heisman hopeful Tim Tebow. The Gators lost three pretty close games, all to tough SEC opponents this season. I think this will be a pretty entertaining game, but in the end I do not believe Sean Glennon and the Hokie offense can score enough points to beat Florida.

Florida 30, Virginia Tech 20.

Matt McGuire's Take:
Florida is in my mind the most underrated team in the country. They got knocked down because of the brutal schedule they have to play. Virginia Tech has no offense especially going up against legit speed in the SEC.

Florida 23, Virginia Tech 10.

The Joker's Take:
Even Beamer-ball can't stop the Tebow express. That pretty much says it all.

Florida 38, Virginia Tech 12.

Public Poll: Florida - 73%

Winner: #6 Florida
Florida 32, Virginia Tech 18 (average score from analysts)

#2 Georgia (10-2) vs. #7 Central Florida (10-3)
Friday, 12:00 ET

Walt's Take:
Like Virginia Tech, Georgia is another team that was hot down the stretch. It's a crime the Bulldogs weren't allowed to play LSU in the SEC Championship.

If this game were actually being played, I'd warn Georgia not to show up drunk and look past Central Florida. The Golden Knights have won seven in a row, but the most impressive thing they did this year was hanging with Texas. UCF nearly knocked off the Longhorns, 35-32, as it gained 192 yards on the ground with Kevin Smith. That said, Georgia has a superb run defense that can concentrate on Smith. When the Golden Knights played a team with a stellar ground defense, they were blown out, 64-12, at South Florida.

Georgia 27, Central Florida 10

NCAA Dan's Take:
This is an interesting matchup between Conference USA champ, an overachieving Central Florida team and the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia's resume is very impressive, losing only two games in the SEC and beating some really good teams this year, including impressive wins against Florida and Auburn Tigers, 45-20. Matthew Stafford really came into his own this season, and his effective game management helped Mark Richt's Bulldog team to a successful season. Central Florida will be a tougher test for Georgia than most people realize; their offense will put Georgia's stout defense to the test. I do believe that the Bulldogs will be able to score enough points to beat Central Florida, in a close one.

Georgia 31, Central Florida 27.

Matt McGuire's Take:
Georgia's run defense will neutralize Kevin Smith. I don't think UCF can contain Knowshon Moreno.

Georgia 34, Central Florida 10.

The Joker's Take:
Georgia, in preparation for Kevin Smith and the Golden Knights, loses its crack-cocaine buzz it has been high on in the last half of the year, and Smith outshines freshmen phenom Knowshon Moreno as he passes Barry Sanders' all-time rushing record of 2,628 yards in a single season.

Central Florida 33, Georgia 30.

Public Poll: Georgia - 82%

Winner: #2 Georgia
Georgia 31, Central Florida 20 (average score from analysts)

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