Welcome to my live running blog of the Saints-Colts 2007 Kickoff game. I'll be updating this page about every five minutes. If you have something you want me to comment on, post it in the forum, as I'll be checking that often.

  • 8:32: What was that NBC introduction? The words were the same, but this woman's voice was horrible. Last year's was so much better. I don't care that much right now, but I'll be freaking out by Week 9. Just giving you a warning.

  • 8:35: I love Al Michaels' face when he looks at John Madden. It seems like he's thinking, "Man, I hate this guy! He stole the pizza I ordered, and now he's saying something I disagree with. I'd raid his fridge when he falls asleep, but I'm afraid he'll eat me."

  • 8:38: Bills_Red from the forum just agreed that he hates the new introduction. What were the people at NBC thinking? Are they deaf? They shouldn't even have an intro at this point. No one can touch Hank Williams.

  • 8:39: I liked the Peyton Manning-Reggie Bush commercials. I was hoping they'd go further with that, so I'm glad they're doing this skit. With Bush gone, the Colts will definitely cover.

  • 8:41: Joseph Addai is down on the first play! I drafted him in like three of my fantasy leagues! Crap.

  • 8:42: Phew. Addai's OK, or so it seems. That was almost $300 down the drain.

  • 8:44: It's going to be so hard for the Colts to go to the Super Bowl with a rookie left tackle. The Chargers and Patriots are going to devour Peyton Manning.

  • 8:45: Colts go three-and-out. Wow. So much for Indianapolis punting two times or less tonight.

  • 8:48: Bush could have obtained the first down. Let's see if it hurts the Saints that he ran backward.

  • 8:49: End-around for Bush on third-and-one. Great call by Sean Payton. He's definitely one of the top coaches in the NFL.

  • 8:51: Deuce McAllister runs up the middle on third-and-3 to move the chains. Reason No. 2 why the Colts won't repeat this year.

  • 8:53: Colts finally come up with a stop on third-and-6. Talk about "bend but don't break."

  • 8:54: Olindo Mare is no good from 52 yards. I couldn't even tell where the ball was. The NFL should borrow that laser-puck thing the NHL used about a decade ago. Did anyone else have trouble seeing that field goal?

  • 8:56: It's nice to see Addai back in the game. I nearly had a heart attack when he was laying on the ground. Gain of four.

  • 8:57: Colts get their first down of the night. Manning to Dallas Clark.

  • 8:58: John Madden just said Dallas Clark was Indianapolis' most valuable player last year. Ummm... Peyton Manning? Marvin Harrison? Reggie Wayne? I think Madden's forgetting a few things.

  • 8:59: Bills_Red told me he couldn't see the ball either. I'm telling you... Lazer-hockey thing! It'll work!

  • 9:00: John Madden just called center Jeff Saturday the MVP. Ummm... Peyton Manning? Marvin Harrison? Reggie Wayne?

  • 9:01: Touchdown Colts! Peyton Manning 27-yard pass to Marvin Harrison! 7-0 Colts.

  • 9:03: Great opera Bud Light commercial. Because it was so funny, I'm going to buy 10 cases of Bud Light tonight. I won't stop drinking until my Blood Alcohol Level is 4.18. Then I'm going to drive and crash into a parked car. Good times.

  • 9:04: Just kidding! Make that nine cases.

  • 9:06: On this laser-hockey thing: About 10 years ago, people complained that it was hard to see the puck during hockey games, so FOX made the puck glow, and when it was shot or passed, it looked like a laser of some sort. It was a great idea for people who knew nothing about hockey, or those who were blind.

  • 9:07: I don't think I could ever wear contacts. Call me a wuss, but I'm not a fan of putting stuff into my eye.

  • 9:09: Drew Brees' pass complete to Drew Brees. What if Brees did that on purpose? What if he has himself in fantasy? I think the NFL should investigate if he does that 23 times tonight.

  • 9:10: I'm watching Chuck because that woman is really hot. I don't even care if that show has no plot. A hot woman slapping men and/or other women is enough for me.

  • 9:12: End of the first quarter, the Colts are up 7-0. So much for the Over.

  • 9:13: I hate these check cashing or credit card commercials. It's so much easier to pay with cash. With a card, you have to sign stuff and worry about it getting stolen. I never carry a credit card around.

  • 9:15: Fumble returned by a touchdown! Jason David! He was burnt on the first play, and he tied the game on this one. Clean strip. Saints 7, Colts 7.

  • 9:17: Reggie Wayne should have just went down. Indianapolis could have picked up a fourth-and-one on the ground.

  • 9:20: Heroes Season 2! I'll sell my car for five bucks just to see an episode right now. Well, after the game, I mean.

  • 9:22: Wayne is really struggling tonight. He should have caught Manning's 20-yard pass. Maybe Madden's right about Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark and Jim Sorgi being MVPs.

  • 9:25: Colts punt for the second time tonight. Great return by Lance Moore. This game would be so much different if Wayne didn't fumble. It could be 10-0 or 14-0 Colts right now.

  • 9:26: Saints 7, Colts 7, Peyton Manning commercials 439.

  • 9:27: In college football action, Cincinnati leads Oregon State, 10-3. Meanwhile, Louisville locked up in a tight battle with Middle Tennessee State, 38-35! Forget Appalachian State. Let's start rooting for the Blue Raiders!

  • 9:29: Sean Payton at it again. He got the Colts on a draw end-around on a 3rd-and-4.

  • 9:30: Two breaks in this game thus far, both in New Orleans' favor: the fumble-six and the missed interception by Bob Sanders. If it doesn't even out, the Saints will win this game.

  • 9:32: Bush drops a third-down completion that would have given him the first down. A small break for Indianapolis; New Orleans is going to get three anyway.

  • 9:33: Mare is good from 34 yards. No hockey-laser thing needed. Saints 10, Colts 7.

  • 9:37: Division 1-AA teams are now eligible for the AP Poll. Great move. I hope Appalachian State is ranked next week.

  • 9:38: The Tony Dungy story was great last year, but you can't equate that with Martin Luther King Jr. Two completely different levels.

  • 9:40: Indianapolis' offense hasn't looked right since that fumble-six. They need to get it going before they fall 10 points behind.

  • 9:41: False start. See what I mean?

  • 9:42: Great Pepsi commercial with Tony Romo, Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones. Maybe I'll eschew the Bud Light and buy Pepsi I-Max, or whatever that thing is called.

  • 9:43: Colts punting for the third time tonight. The Saints have great field position again.

  • 9:45: The Saints get yet another break. Eric Johnson's fumble fell into his own lap. That's three breaks for New Orleans and a half for Indianapolis.

  • 9:46: Indianapolis won't miss Cato June. Freddie Keiaho looks great. What an incredible play on third down, containing Reggie Bush.

  • 9:51: MVP Dallas Clark with a huge gain! More importantly, Archie Manning can stop pulling out his hair and poking out his eyes.

  • 9:54: Looks like Marvin Harrison ran the wrong route. Very odd - I guess we should expect things like that in Week 1.

  • 9:55: Adam Vinatieri is good from 35. Saints 10, Colts 10.

  • 10:01: That's the end of the first half. 10-10. I'm going to tune into the Middle Tennessee State-Louisville game until the third quarter.

  • 10:13: Just our luck. Indy-Saints goes to halftime, and the Louisville-Mid Tenn St. game gets out of hand.

  • 10:16: Colts contain the Saints to a three-and-out. That halftime was a little brisk, wasn't it? I thought halftimes were 15 minutes. I feel cheated here.

  • 10:19: Peyton Manning has his own hospital and helps kids. Guess there's a difference between him and Michael Vick, huh?

  • 10:24: Manning's the best. He was a split-second away from getting sacked on a corner blitz, and managed to complete a pass to Marvin Harrison for a long gain down to the 2.

  • 10:25: Touchdown, Joseph "Live and Let" Addai. Right up the middle. I'd comment on how porous New Orleans' defense is, but I don't have the exact stats, as NFL.com is lagging. Colts 17, Saints 10.

  • 10:31: Break No. 4 for the Saints. Antoine Bethea just dropped an easy interception. That's 4-0 in breaks for New Orleans.

  • 10:32: Give credit to the Colts' defense tonight. After losing all of those starters, everyone wrote them off. The high-octane Saints' offense hasn't scored a touchdown tonight.

  • 10:38: It took the Colts a half to get going, but they've finally clicked on offense. Reggie Wayne makes amends for that fumble-six. Touchdown. Colts 24, Saints 10.

  • 10:43: Thanks to Egg, I finally have Indianapolis' rushing stats. Joseph Addai and Kenton Keith have combined for 114 yards on 21 carries. I'm not sure if that's because the Colts' offensive front has been so dominant, or because the Saints just can't stop the run. Probably a mix of both - which isn't a good thing for New Orleans' Super Bowl aspirations.

  • 10:49: Freddie Keiaho picks off Drew Brees to end a Saints drive that was moving to midfield. Like I said, the Colts won't be missing Cato June.

  • 10:50: The Colts are the best team in the NFL at going for the juggular following a turnover. Manning connects on a 31-yard completion down to the 16.

  • 10:54: Tony Ugoh finally makes a mistake and nearly allows a sack. I don't know how the Saints weren't called for a horse collar or face mask. Instead, the Colts were whistled for a penalty. Go figure.

  • 10:55: Vinatieri is good from 33. I'm soooooo shocked. Colts 27, Saints 10.

  • 10:59: Saints have a 4th-and-1 on their own 29. Why aren't they going for it. What are they going to gain by punting? Don't agree with Sean Payton on this one.

  • 11:05: ...And that's why you don't punt. Touchdown, Manning to Wayne. Again. Forty-five yards. It looks way too easy for Indianapolis. Colts 34, Saints 10.

  • 11:14: Brees fumbles, recovered by Robert Mathis. This is getting ugly.

  • 11:15: Time for Addai to rack up the rushing yards. I'm giddy. I can't even contain myself. I need to step away from the computer for two minutes.

  • 11:16: Ummm... Jessica Alba. Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.

  • 11:20: Nooo!!! Not Kenton Keith!!! Noooo!!!

  • 11:22: Wow, great stat from Al Michaels. Only four players on the Colts have ever played for any other team. Wonder who those guys are...

  • 11:23: Adam Vinatieri...

  • 11:25: Raheem Brock...

  • 11:27: Jeff Saturday and Luke Lawton. Needed help with these two. I suck.

  • 11:30: Matt Giordano. Pick-six. Brees threw it right to them. "Momma always said, there would be better days..." Giordano just made some Colts-Over teasers very happy. Colts 41, Saints 10.

  • 11:32: Put Gioradno on the horse trailer!

  • 11:34: Wow, Brees is about to set an NFL record for futility. In case you missed it, Brees is averaging 6.2 yards per completion, the lowest in NFL history...

  • 11:35: ...until those two plays. Congratulations, Chris "Survivor Killer" Weinke!

  • 11:36: Game over. Colts 41, Saints 10. Congrats to everyone who had the Colts and the Under. Thanks to everyone who read this blog and contributed in the forum.

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