Another unhappy Dolphins fan e-mailed me this weekend. Might as well post it. No need in going into a lengthy introduction. Here's his unedited e-mail (in italics) and my response.

After reading your predictions about Miami in 2007 I just wanted to write and say that I think Miami is still no where close to beating NE. But I disagree with some of your other points concerning the Jets and Bills the jets had a great over achieving season last year it will not happen again. Second the bills lost all of the quality proven vets on their team. Some of you other statements show your dislike for players such as Porter and Green but the facts are that both have been and will continue to be productive players in the NFL. The reason green had so many problems in KC after returning was because the offense was totally different. Herm will destroy KC just watch as see.

Porter was injured most of last year with a groin injury which limited his ability quit a lot. Much of your analysis is emotional and has no relevant meaning. You say that Andre Goodman was a complete abomination but statistically he was one of the best corners in the NFL last year. Your emotions make it impossible for you to write a competent analysis.

The fact is that if Green can just come in and be consistent (not great or really good just consistent) and manage games and avoid turnovers the offense will be much improved over last year. All green has to do is his best impersonation of Trent Dilfer and Miami will be a solid team this year. I�m not saying playoffs just a solid 9-7. 2-14 will NEVER happen, wake up from the pipe dream.


Thanks for visiting my site and sending me an e-mail.

When I sat down to write my Dolphins preview, I had a 4-12 or 5-11 record in mind. I believe that Miami is a 5-win team rather than a 2-win team. The projected 2-14 record was merely a factor of the simulated schedule which can be found on my site.

I disagree with your take on Trent Green. Herm Edwards didn't run the offense; that was up to offensive coordinator Mike Solari, who learned under Al Saunders. Green struggled because he a) got hurt. b) got old. c) didn't have a great offensive line blocking for him anymore - something he definitely won't have in Miami.

As for Joey Porter - trust me. I've seen every game he's played the past seven years. He was just a product of Pittsburgh's system, and any true Steelers fan can tell you that.

I'm not sure why you think my emotions factored into my writing of the Dolphins' season preview. I neither like nor hate the Dolphins. I try to call everything like I see it, and I feel that Miami is really going to struggle in 2007.

For the sake of Dolphins fans, I hope I'm wrong. Sorry you didn't like the season preview.

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