Travis Beckum Scouting Report

By Michael Pierce

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Beckum Travis Wisconsin TE 6.3
Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade
6'3" 237 4.61
Height Weight 40 Time
Q.A.B 7.0

Quick Feet 7.0

C.O.D 6.5

Flexibility 7.0

Coordination 7.0

Beckum has very good athletic ability. He is quick, fast, and is very agile even in the air going after a pass. His quick feet benefit him both in the passing game and when blocking. Beckum is quick off the ball and does a good job getting into his block or his pass route quickly. Beckum's tremendous athletic ability makes him a versatile TE that allows him to be split out wide as a receiver and moved around to be an extra blocker on the move.
Toughness 6.5

Clutch Play 5.5

Production 6.5

Consistency 6.5

Team Player 5.5

Pride/Quit 5.5

Beckum has good toughness and plays hard on every play. He shows some propensity to not sell out when hearing the footsteps. Beckum's production has been very good when healthy; he has shown in the previous 2 seasons that he has the potential to be an elite TE. With Beckum at times short arming it when he suspects the big hit is coming it makes you question his pride and him as a team player.
Learn/Retain 6.0

Inst/Reaction 6.0

Concentration 6.0

Beckum has a good understanding of the game and has a good ability to read the coverage and find the openings in a zone. Beckum shows good concentration when trying to take advantage of a defender or a zone. He has good instincts and has improved his reaction time especially when finding the holes in a zone.
Body Type 6.0

Durability 4.5

Explosion 6.0

Play Strength 6.0

Beckum has good size for a TE but definitely needs to get bulkier and stronger. He has good explosion off the ball and it allows him to be a strong blocker. Although he lacks size to be a real dominant blocker he does suffice because of technique and quickness. Beckum's durability is a big question as he missed a lot of time in 2008 due to injuries.
6.0 HANDS Good but uses body too much to trap the ball 225 Reps:


Vertical Jump:


Broad Jump:


20 Yard Shuttle:


60 Yard Shuttle:


3 Cone Drill:


7.0 INITIAL QUICKS Very quick first step
7.0 REL. OFF LINE Quickness and ability to shake defender give him a clean release
6.0 PATTERNS Solid/has tendency to round off routes
6.5 ADJUST ABILITY Very good body control to adjust in mid air
6.5 DEEP THREAT Very good straight line speed/makes him viable threat in the seams
6.5 R.A.C. Good quickness and elusiveness to make people miss in space
6.0 RUN BLK IN-LINE Does a solid job blocking straight ahead
6.5 RUN BLK SPACE Very good in open field lead blocking/especially on smaller guys CRITICAL FACTORS
6.0 PASS BLOCKING Good quick feet allows him to be good a pass pro/lacks strength to sustain Size: 6.0

Athleticism: 7.0

Hands: 6.0

Competes: 6.0

Play Speed: 6.5

Blocking: 6.0

5.5 PLAY STRENGTH Inconsistent needs to get stronger and play with more aggressiveness
6.5 FUMBLE/ERROR Very good/allows himself to be overpowered at times.
Beckum's biggest asset is his athleticism. He is a very athletic TE with good quickness and speed to help him get open. Beckum is a solid blocker whose technique and quickness compensate for his lack of strength. Beckum does lack in strength and size. He will struggle blocking against bigger faster defenders in the NFL. Beckum uses his body too much to trap passes rather than plucking them out of the air with his hands. His durability and toughness is also a question especially since he is hesitant to make the catch when hearing the foot steps.
Beckum is an athletic TE who is versatile and can lineup all over the field and make plays. He has tremendous potential but needs to bulk up and become stronger so that he can be a more effective blocker. Also, Beckum needs to show us that he has that aggressive chip on his shoulder where he feels he is the only one who is going to catch the ball. I believe purely on athleticism and potential Beckum will get a shot to contribute in the NFL sooner rather than later; however, he needs to prove his leg is going to be alright.

Numerical Final Grade Scale:

  • 7.0-7.9 - Pro Bowl potential
  • 6.5-6.9 - Highly-productive starter
  • 6.3-6.4 - Very good starter
  • 6.1-6.2 - Good starting player
  • 6.0 - Very productive backup/may develop into starter
  • 5.9 - Very good backup/special-teams player
  • 5.8 - Quality backup/special-teams player
  • 5.5-5.7 - Backup/project/special-teams player
  • - Backup/scout team

  • Individual Numerical Grade based on a 1-9 scale, 1 (not good enough for NFL) to 9 (rare quality).

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