P.J. Hill Scouting Report

By Michael Pierce

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Hill P.J. Wisconsin RB 6.0
Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade
5'11" 228 4.60
Height Weight 40 Time
Q.A.B 7.0

Quick Feet 6.5

C.O.D 7.0

Flexibility 6.5

Coordination 7.0

Hill is a tremendous athlete and is an outstanding runner. He displays very quick feet and can change directions very quickly turning around defenders in the open field. Hill shows outstanding coordination when running the ball, blocking, or in pass routes. He has good balance and quickness to get up through the hole very quickly.
Toughness 6.0

Clutch Play 5.5

Production 6.0

Consistency 5.5

Team Player 6.5

Pride/Quit 6.0

Hill is a tough runner but spent most of 2008 dealing with injuries. Because of his injuries his production wasn't what Wisconsin had hoped for, but when he is healthy you can see what he can do (Florida State). He is a little inconsistent and most of that can be attributed to his injuries. Hill is a team player and had no problem sharing time and carries with John Clay. He shows a lot of pride with his fighting injuries to at least play in every game this season.
Learn/Retain 6.5

Inst/Reaction 7.0

Concentration 6.5

Hill has outstanding running instincts and finds the hole very quickly and gets through it very fast. He reacts well to what the defense is trying to do to him which allows him to get to the openings very quickly. His concentration rarely waivers and he does a very good job of recognizing the blitz and he is a very solid blocker.
Body Type 7.0

Durability 4.9

Explosion 7.0

Play Strength 7.0

Hill has outstanding size at RB and is just another big strong quick runner from Wisconsin. He has outstanding explosion through the hole and is very good at breaking tackles. Hill plays and runs very strong and finishes the run very strong. His durability is the biggest question mark; he was extremely productive in 2006 and 2007 and then when it was supposed to be his show in 2008 he had to battle injuries all season.
7.0 RUN INSTINCTS Outstanding finds opening 225 Reps: DNP

Vertical Jump: DNP

Broad Jump: DNP

20 Yard Shuttle: DNP

60 Yard Shuttle: DNP

3 Cone Drill: DNP

6.5 ELUSIVENESS Can make you miss in open space
6.5 CUTBACK ABILITY Very good quickness to change directions
6.5 INSIDE RUNNER Hard runner between the tackles
6.0 OUTSIDE RUNNER Decent quickness to get corner
6.0 HANDS-RECEIVING Strong hands
6.0 ADJUST TO BALL Good body control
6.0 R.A.C Not big time receiver
6.5 PASS BLOCKER Very good/recognizes blitz good technique Size: 7.0

Athleticism: 7.0

Hands: 6.0

Competes: 6.0

Play Speed: 6.5

Blocking: 6.5

5.5 DURABLE/TOUGHS Tough player/injuries
7.0 FUMBLE/ERRORS Strong ball carrier/doesn't make many mistakes
Hill is a very strong runner with good instincts. He finds the hole well and explodes up through it. He finishes runs strong and knows how and when to use his cut back abilities. Hill is a solid blocker and recognizes the blitz well. Hill's durability is a bit of question as he battled injuries much of 2008. His production is solid when he is healthy and playing a 16 game NFL season may take its toll on Hill's body. Hill is not the best pass receiver; he is not going to make huge plays in the passing game but his strong hands do make him a threat.
Hill is a great instinctive runner with a lot of power. He plays strong, blocks well, and has great quickness in the open field. Hill's only question mark really is how does he hold up over a longer more grueling NFL schedule. In 2006 and 2007 he had excellent production and then in 2008, battling injuries, kind of fell off. I believe Hill could be an effective short yardage and goal line back in the NFL, where he is not going to get the bulk of the carries but be very effective in special situations.

Numerical Final Grade Scale:

  • 7.0-7.9 - Pro Bowl potential
  • 6.5-6.9 - Highly-productive starter
  • 6.3-6.4 - Very good starter
  • 6.1-6.2 - Good starting player
  • 6.0 - Very productive backup/may develop into starter
  • 5.9 - Very good backup/special-teams player
  • 5.8 - Quality backup/special-teams player
  • 5.5-5.7 - Backup/project/special-teams player
  • - Backup/scout team

  • Individual Numerical Grade based on a 1-9 scale, 1 (not good enough for NFL) to 9 (rare quality).

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