Matt Stafford Scouting Report

By Michael Pierce

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Stafford Matthew Georgia QB 7.0
Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade
6'3" 236 4.84
Height Weight 40 Time
Q.A.B 6.5

Quick Feet 6.5

C.O.D 6.0

Flexibility 6.5

Coordination 6.5

Stafford is a very good athlete with good quickness and agility. His balance is very good, he stays on his toes and has excellent footwork when dropping back. He displays good coordination and his athleticism helps him to make plays. Stafford has enough quickness and speed to make plays outside of the pocket whether it is running from pass rushers or picking up yards on the ground.
Toughness 6.0

Clutch Play 6.0

Production 6.5

Consistency 6.0

Team Player 6.0

Pride/Quit 6.5

Stafford is a tough player who plays hard. His production has been very good over the last 2 years, especially last year. He is a consistent player who is obviously the leader of the offense. Stafford is a team player who wants to get everyone involved knowing that it keeps his teammates happy and the defense off guard. He has the moxy and arm to come up with big plays in clutch situations. Stafford's pride is a big part of his growth at QB through the years at Georgia.
Learn/Retain 7.0

Inst/Reaction 6.5

Concentration 6.5

Stafford's mental game is outstanding. He does a good job of adjusting and recognizing the defense. He maintains concentration, commands the huddle, and manages the game well. His instincts are very good, his only lacking area is with pocket awareness and his feel for the pass rush.
Body Type 8.0

Durability 7.5

Explosion 7.5

Play Strength 9.0

Stafford is a big strong QB whose arm strength is rare to find. He has been a durable player because of his big size and explosive playing style. Stafford plays very strong and can still make strong throws with defenders hanging on him.
6.5 TECHNIQUE Very good/can be erratic at times 225 Reps:


Vertical Jump:


Broad Jump:


20 Yard Shuttle:


60 Yard Shuttle:


3 Cone Drill:


9.0 ARM STRENGTH Rare/huge arm
6.5 CONVERT % Makes plays in critical situations
6.0 2ND LIVES Has ability to make plays outside of pocket
6.0 ACC SHORT IN PKT Big arm gets him off target sometimes
6.0 ACC LONG IN PKT Big arm gets him off target sometimes
6.0 ACC ON THE MOVE Solid when rolling out of the pocket
7.0 BIG PLAYS Because of his big arm can make huge plays
5.5 UNDER PRESSURE Gets rattled and has hard time feeling the rush CRITICAL FACTORS
6.5 LEADERSHIP/POISE Has good poise/stands tall in the pocket/controls the huddle Size: 8.0

Athleticism: 6.5

Strength: 9.0

Competes: 6.5

Play Speed: 6.5

7.0 READ DEFENSES Understands the defense and makes good reads
6.5 BIG ERRORS Big arm gets him into trouble as well as his lack of pocket awareness
Obviously, Stafford's biggest asset is his arm. He has an enormously strong arm. His moxy and poise help him to stand tall in the pocket and utilize the big arm. His size and strength are also big assets that allow him to stand in and deliver when being hit. Stafford has potential for the big play every time he drops back. Stafford does an outstanding job of reading the defense and looking off defenders to create space for his receivers. Stafford struggles with his pocket awareness and sometimes takes too many sacks because of it. His big arm gets him into trouble and causes him to be off the mark. Because of his awareness struggles he has trouble under pressure and can sometimes make big mistakes by rushing his throws.
Stafford is a top-notch prospect for the NFL. He is a No. 1 pick caliber player. His ability to read defenses along with his natural instincts will allow him to be a starter right off the bat. Stafford's big arm is one that is rare to come by and it helps him to be a big play type of QB. Stafford has a bright future a head of him and with good NFL coaching he can become an elite type quarterback. Stafford's biggest need of improvement is his mental clock and awareness of the pass rush, with coaching he can develop this and become a franchise quarterback.

Numerical Final Grade Scale:

  • 7.0-7.9 - Pro Bowl potential
  • 6.5-6.9 - Highly-productive starter
  • 6.3-6.4 - Very good starter
  • 6.1-6.2 - Good starting player
  • 6.0 - Very productive backup/may develop into starter
  • 5.9 - Very good backup/special-teams player
  • 5.8 - Quality backup/special-teams player
  • 5.5-5.7 - Backup/project/special-teams player
  • - Backup/scout team

  • Individual Numerical Grade based on a 1-9 scale, 1 (not good enough for NFL) to 9 (rare quality).

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