Chase Coffman Scouting Report

By Michael Pierce

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Coffman Chase Missouri TE 6.3
Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade
6'6" 244 4.83?
Height Weight 40 Time
Q.A.B 5.0

Quick Feet 5.5

C.O.D 5.0

Flexibility 5.0

Coordination 6.0

Coffman is not the quickest or most elusive guy at TE. He has adequate speed and agility that allows him to run good solid routes. Coffman gets off the ball quickly enough to be able to play in a stand up role in the slot. He shows good body control and coordination which allows him to make difficult catches in traffic and adjust to off target passes quickly. Coffman's footwork is inconsistent and could use some work in that area to improve his route running.
Toughness 7.0

Clutch Play 6.5

Production 6.0

Consistency 6.0

Team Player 6.5

Pride/Quit 6.5

If there is one major asset of Coffman it is his toughness and desire to win. He is a fierce competitor and shows his toughness on every play. Coffman blocks hard and physical and does a great job using his strength and big body to ward off defenders while making the catch. His production has been solid but not great because of having to split time for 3 years. He is a consistent player when it comes to effort but a little bit sporadic with production. Coffman is a consummate team player who has no problem teaching and mentoring younger players.
Learn/Retain 6.5

Inst/Reaction 6.5

Concentration 6.5

Coffman is an intelligent player who has definitely learned a tremendous amount from his NFL TE Dad. He understands the zone and finds holes very easily and makes himself a big target for the QB. His concentration rarely waivers and he learns from what the defense is trying to do so that he can exploit their vulnerabilities.
Body Type 7.5

Durability 6.5

Explosion 6.5

Play Strength 7.0

Coffman has excellent size for an NFL TE. He has been banged up a bit over the past couple of seasons but has shown good durability, resiliency, and toughness to try and play through the pain. Coffman is an explosive player who explodes off the ball, into blocks, and into traffic for great catches. He plays extremely strong and does not shy away from any type of contact.
7.0 HANDS Outstanding/extends hands out rarely juggles ball 225 Reps:


Vertical Jump:


Broad Jump:


20 Yard Shuttle:


60 Yard Shuttle:


3 Cone Drill:


5.0 INITIAL QUICKS Average quickness/not going to beat anyone with speed or footwork
5.0 REL. OFF LINE Adequate/uses strength more than burning anyone off line
5.5 PATTERNS Inconsistent/can be crisp and good but shows sloppy footwork at times
6.0 ADJUST ABILITY Solid awareness in space and good body control to adjust in traffic or on poor throws
4.0 DEEP THREAT Marginal/not going to run by anyone
4.5 R.A.C. Underneath receiver/going to move chains but not break big plays
6.5 RUN BLK IN-LINE Very strong physical blocker does a very good job staying square and using leverage
6.5 RUN BLK SPACE Strong enough to overpower smaller guys and quick enough to use angles to eliminate the bigger defenders CRITICAL FACTORS
6.5 PASS BLOCKING Quick enough to stay with the pass rushers and strong enough to hold them off Size: 7.5

Athleticism: 5.0

Hands: 7.0

Competes: 6.5

Play Speed: 5.0

Blocking: 6.5

7.0 PLAY STRENGTH Outstanding/plays with no fear of contact and uses body and strength to advantage
7.0 FUMBLE/ERROR Does not make many errors.
Coffman is a big physical player who does a very good job as a blocker. He has the versatility to play TE from a stand up position, on the line, as an H-Back, or moving in motion. Coffman has outstanding hands and uses them well extended from his body. Coffman's biggest downside is his lack of speed and quickness. He struggles with straight line speed and his lack of quickness makes his route running a bit inconsistent.
Coffman is a solid prospect at TE. He has a strong work ethic and comes from a good football background. Coffman is a very good blocker in space and on the line. He has outstanding hands, catches the ball in traffic very well, and does a good job of recognizing the zone coverage and finding the holes underneath. Coffman's lack of speed and quickness is a bit of a concern considering it makes him a fairly one dimensional receiver as he is not going to beat anyone downfield. Also, he has not been able to really work out for scouts as he is still battling injuries and that is a bit of a concern as well. All in all I believe Coffman can be a very productive TE and can be that possession type guy who makes QB's feel a bit more at ease on 3rd Downs and in the Red Zone.

Numerical Final Grade Scale:

  • 7.0-7.9 - Pro Bowl potential
  • 6.5-6.9 - Highly-productive starter
  • 6.3-6.4 - Very good starter
  • 6.1-6.2 - Good starting player
  • 6.0 - Very productive backup/may develop into starter
  • 5.9 - Very good backup/special-teams player
  • 5.8 - Quality backup/special-teams player
  • 5.5-5.7 - Backup/project/special-teams player
  • - Backup/scout team

  • Individual Numerical Grade based on a 1-9 scale, 1 (not good enough for NFL) to 9 (rare quality).

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