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Most Mocked Prospects to Chargers

Here is a cross section of the analysis users have submitted in their 2014 mock drafts on prospects projected to go to the San Diego Chargers. In short, what is being said about prospects users are projecting to go to the San Diego Chargers. Who are the top projections and what should you know about them...

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San Diego Chargers
10 Most Commonly Picked Players
Jason Verrett, CB, TCU , Sr  -  Going to the Chargers on 835 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The Chargers desperately need to improve at the CB position. They could also use more help at WR. Based on who is available here, I think CB Jason Verrett makes the most sense. He is short but very fast and agile. He would excel defending slot WRs but could also hold his own against bigger WRs. He would give the Chargers a starting CB that they badly need.
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Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame , RS Jr  -  Going to the Chargers on 809 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
Notre Dame’s Louis Nix III has potential to go in the top twenty but because of a lack of need and versatility, he falls to this Chargers’ team. San Diego should think about a corner or a pass rusher, but Nix III is the best value at this point. It makes sense that they go in this position as they don’t have a dominant nose tackle that the large Notre Dame prospect could be for them. Nix III shouldn’t be around this far, but any 3-4 team would love to pick him up if he is around.
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Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State , RS Jr  -  Going to the Chargers on 377 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The team thought it erased this shortcoming with last year's free-agency signing of Derek Cox. But he was a bust, and for the most part, so was the Chargers' pass defense. This pick came down to 4 guys here for me. Demarcus Lawrence, Louis Nix, Jason Verrett, and Bradley Roby. Roby is the pick here and for good reason. His speed. He has been productive his whole time at Ohio State and has the size and speed to cover the elite receivers. As for the pass rush and defensive tackle positions, they can be addressed within the next rounds.
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Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech , Sr  -  Going to the Chargers on 376 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
I think it's likely the Chargers go with a CB here. Jason Verrett and Lamarcus Joyner are both undersized and would be nickel CBs or safeties, so they likely wouldn't fit the Chargers. Kyle Fuller or Brandon Roby are the more likely choices. I think Fuller is slightly more likely here due to his size. Both are fast and could find their way into the first round.
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Dee Ford, OLB, Auburn , RS Sr  -  Going to the Chargers on 209 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
With Dwight Freeney not providing much, either due to injury or loss of ability, the Chargers need another OLB pass-rushing threat to go along with Melvin Ingram. Ford improved his stock greatly at the senior bow, and now should either go in the late first or early second round
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Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State , Sr  -  Going to the Chargers on 195 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
Trade! The Chargers trade up in fear of the Eagles getting Dennard. Dennard will help out the Chargers' Secondary greatly. In a division with Peyton Manning, you must have a good secondary.
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Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri , RS Jr  -  Going to the Chargers on 183 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
Yes, the Chargers need a cornerback but adding a pass rusher would also help the secondary. Ealy is the best player available and would serve as a pass rushing outside linebacker in San Diego's 3-4 scheme. Ealy could also be mentored by Dwight Freeney, a great pass rusher, and Jarret Johnson, a great run stuffer. Previously: Kyle Van Noy
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Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State , Sr  -  Going to the Chargers on 172 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
Needs to improve their secondary. takes best CB available
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RaShede Hageman, DT, Minnesota , RS Sr  -  Going to the Chargers on 171 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
San Diego would benefit from some defensive help, and Hageman has very good potential. His motor is lukewarm and can disappear at times, but is the defensive version of Kyle Long, who was a Pro Bowl offensive lineman taken last year.
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Marcus Roberson, CB, Florida , Jr  -  Going to the Chargers on 158 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
This is a slight reach and I am not a huge Roberson fan, but the Chargers need a cornerback so bad that they might have to make this reach.
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