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Here is a cross section of the analysis users have submitted in their 2014 mock drafts on prospects projected to go to the Houston Texans. In short, what is being said about prospects users are projecting to go to the Houston Texans. Who are the top projections and what should you know about them...

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Houston Texans
10 Most Commonly Picked Players
Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina , Jr  -  Going to the Texans on 3203 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
I think the Texans are holding onto this and taking Clowney despite all the QB names being thrown around. Clowney and Mack are as close to a sure thing as you can get - I think they need that.
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Blake Bortles, QB, UCF , RS Jr  -  Going to the Texans on 943 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The Texans are likely to go with the top QB here. Consensus is beginning to build that Blake Bortles from UCF is the top QB of the draft, especially for Bill O'Brien's offense. I think he makes a lot of sense here. With a solid group of WRs and RB Arian Foster, there wouldn't be too much pressure on him, and he could end up being eased in sometime throughout the year if the Texans sign a solid veteran. But likely he would start right away.
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Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville , Jr  -  Going to the Texans on 825 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
I've been watching a lot of tape and seeing a lot of mocks were Teddy isn't the #1 pick. Fuck that noise, he is going first overall and everyone is just trying to get clicks. Bill O'Brien turned Matt McGloin from a terrible walk-on to an NFL starting quarterback, just imagine what he could to do Teddy.
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Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M , RS Soph  -  Going to the Texans on 391 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
How can the Texans not draft Manziel? The successes of Russell Wilson will help quell any concern over Manziel's height. He is a superstar athlete, personality, and leader. Clowney is the only other option here, but the Texans won't mess this up. They will take their local hero and the fan base will anxiously await the savior they call Johnny Football.
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Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State , RS Sr  -  Going to the Texans on 199 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
This is why the Texans passed on QB first overall, one of the decent QBs will fall to here.
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Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo , RS Sr  -  Going to the Texans on 181 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
There are certain rules that come with producing a successful mock draft. The #1 rule is to place a player at a draft position not based on who the mock drafter thinks should get drafted there, but who the team currently placed at that draft position would draft. The #2 rule is to remember that since Al Davis passed away all team owners (and hence the GM's who take orders from them) want to take the guy at the top draft spot with the least amount of risk of being a bust that can also be a face of the franchise. By following these two rules I have correctly guessed the #1 overall pick with my mock drafts (I've never changed the pick later than the end of the combine) every year I have produced one, which started back with Jake Long. K. Mack is the ideal fit for this 3-4 defense which is why he is the pick over Clowney. He's obviously a great pass rusher, but he's also very, very instinctive in pass coverage and as a tackler, making him the perfect LB. He's in the Von Miller mold, giving up a little pass rushing capability but is better in coverage, shedding blocks and tackling.
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Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois , Sr  -  Going to the Texans on 145 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
is the QB of the future finally in place for the Texans? No one knows, but the Texans and HC Bill O'Brien are anxious to find out. He will also have some breathing room to develop if need be because of the signing of Fitzpatrick he may not have to start right away, which would benefit him.
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Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU , RS Sr  -  Going to the Texans on 71 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The Texans passed on a Quarterback in round one. They wont make that mistake again. Mettenberger is a very good QB and will come in and potentially take a roster spot away from Yates or Keenum. (Leaning more towards Yates)
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Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia , Sr  -  Going to the Texans on 63 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The Texans could take a starting RT with this pick. Moses is probably the best available OT at this point. The Texans could also take a DE or OLB here.
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Cyrus Kouandjio, OT, Alabama , Jr  -  Going to the Texans on 53 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
After taking Blake Bortles in round 1, the Texans could take a RT. Chris Kouandjio was projected to be a mid-1st round pick until medical concerns came up. He could slide much further than this if it is very serious, but the Texans would be getting a solid OT here who could provide great run-blocking and consistent pass-blocking.
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