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Most Mocked Prospects to Bengals

Here is a cross section of the analysis users have submitted in their 2014 mock drafts on prospects projected to go to the Cincinnati Bengals. In short, what is being said about prospects users are projecting to go to the Cincinnati Bengals. Who are the top projections and what should you know about them...

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Cincinnati Bengals
10 Most Commonly Picked Players
Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri , RS Jr  -  Going to the Bengals on 736 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
With Michael Johnson leaving in FA, the Bengals could look to draft a DE with this pick. Kony Ealy is still available and would be a good value here. He would help to improve the depth at the position immediately and should earn a starting spot quickly. CB is also a possibility here.
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Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State , RS Jr  -  Going to the Bengals on 724 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The Bengals need to find Newman's replacement and take the draft riser in Roby.
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Jason Verrett, CB, TCU , Sr  -  Going to the Bengals on 515 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
Mike Zimmer is gone. The Bengals will have to compensate with some new corners. They're getting one of the top players available at a major position of need.
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Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech , Sr  -  Going to the Bengals on 402 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
One of the Bengals' biggest needs is at CB. They're getting old at the position and have had injuries. Kyle Fuller is probably the best available CB here. He wouldn't be pushed into starting duties immediately, but he could be worked into a starting role as the season went on, which would be preferable.
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Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State , Sr  -  Going to the Bengals on 376 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
TRADE!!! The Bengals trade up to receive any sort of cornerback they could find. Dre Kirkpatrick is up and rising, but Terrance Newman and Pacman Jones are on their last legs. Dennard had a wonderful Big 10 championship game. So the Bengals could pick Dennard in a heartbeat.
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Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State , Sr  -  Going to the Bengals on 273 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
Perhaps the Bengal's greatest need is CB. Gilbert will likely be some team's #1 rated CB prospect. If the Bengals are one of those teams, they would be thrilled to land him at #24.
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Dee Ford, OLB, Auburn , RS Sr  -  Going to the Bengals on 255 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
No gingers are available so they take the BPA. Honestly. the Bengals will never win a playoff game with Dalton and should make a move to get someone new. I doubt they will this draft, but it would be a good idea.
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Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State , Jr  -  Going to the Bengals on 248 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
A CB is a big option here but Shazier fills a bigger need.
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Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville , Jr  -  Going to the Bengals on 148 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The Bengals need someone to pair with Nelson, and Pryor would finish off the needs of the secondary.
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Marcus Roberson, CB, Florida , Jr  -  Going to the Bengals on 133 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The best remaining corner back. The Bengals are getting old and injured at the corner position. Roberson has potential to be a solid cornerback for several years and will not need to be lockdown in his rookie year. He can take year 1 to learn the position.
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