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2009 NFL Draft Prospects: <br> Herman Johnson Profile

Strengths: Mammoth size with dominant strength ... Very long arms ... Great pancake block ability ... Solid athleticism to pull and trap ... Getting better at picking up blitzes ... Nice hand punch ... Mentally tough and doesn't wear down in the fourth quarter ... Extremely strong hands and can manhandle opponents ... Great in short-yardage and goal-line situations ... A lot of experience ... Could be worked out at right tackle ... Extremely high upside.

Weaknesses: Play isn't consistent ... Doesn't play up to his huge frame; only when he wants to ... Lapses in concentration ... Sluggish on cut blocks ... Needs to block with more balance and slightly lower to the ground ... Needs to develop footwork a bit.

Summary: Johnson is going to impress a lot of teams because of his immense upside, and there is a demand in the NFL right now for better guard play. Many teams will have this need in the 2009 NFL Draft and we could see Johnson go off the board as early as late first round. I'd like to see "The Big House" play with more tenacity and leadership in his senior season.

Player Comparison: Leonard Davis. This was pretty easy. Both are extremely big and have great athleticism considering their size. Davis doesn't always play up to his size either, which is why he didn't dominate like he should have at left tackle.

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