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Draft Central
Matt McGlothlin Interview

  • Matt McGlothlin, 5-11/304

  • Defensive End/Nose Guard

  • Tennessee

  • I recently had a chance to interview Matt McGlothlin, a defensive end-nose guard from Tennessee who is eligible for the 2007 NFL Draft. Special thanks to his agent, John Pace of Real Game Sports Management for making this possible.

    McGlothlin is known as the guy who threw Kansas City defensive line coach Tim Krumrie onto the ground during his Pro Day. Players like Alan Branch struggled with Krumrie. He was tagged by some as the "Pit-Bull" guy.

    McGlothlin's Pro Day results and scouting reports are posted below the interview.

    What is your accurate height, weight and 40 time?

    5'11" 3/4, 304 lbs, 4.94.

    You ran that 4.94 and benched 37x225 lbs. at your Pro Day. How do you feel this has helped your draft stock?

    I feel this helped my stock tremendously because it shows that I have good acceleration coupled with strength and endurance.

    You made a lot of noise by throwing Kansas City?s defensive line coach, Tim Krumrie onto the ground. Guys like Alan Branch had trouble with him. For those who weren?t there, describe what happened, and what you think this will do for your draft stock.

    The scenario was a bit atypical; Justin Harrell and I had just gone through a grueling number of agility drills and were both exhausted, then coach Krumrie was the end finale. Basically, our job was too keep Krumrie?s hands off of us, meaning not to let him grab our chest (like offensive lineman are taught).

    Justin went first and it was a disaster, coach Krumrie basically had him begging for mercy. Then it was my turn. At the start, I tried to just keep him from grabbing me at all, but I knew the scouts wanted to see how I reacted if an offensive lineman were to get his hands on me, so I let him grab me. By using coach Krumrie?s weight and momentum against him I was able to throw him off balance, which I?m sure most college defensive lineman could not do. This was all possible because I?ve been trained in martial arts since I was 4 years old and hold four black belts. Also, just recently, I was certified to be an International Martial Arts Instructor on March 25.

    As far as my draft stock, I?m not sure that it will help knock me up or round or not move me at all, but I think it?s a nice attribute to have knowing eight different styles of martial arts and knowing how to use my hands well.

    Excluding Pro Day, what has your schedule been like the past few months leading up to the draft?

    I literally slept in the gym (literally)! A normal day during combine training consisted as follows:

    • 5:30 a.m - wake up
    • 6:15-7:15 a.m. - linear speed work (40-yard dash)
    • 7:30 a.m. - organic breakfast, mostly consisting of carbs for energy
    • 8:00-9:30 a.m. - power nap
    • 10:00 a.m. - olympic-style weightlifting (i.e. Snatch, Clean & Jerk, etc.)
    • Noon - lunch
    • 2:00 p.m. - strength training (i.e. 225-pound rep test)
    • 4:00 p.m. - recovery shake
    • 5:30 p.m. - work on agility drills (i.e. L-Drill, Pro Agility, etc.)
    • 7:00 p.m. - REST

    I did this routine every day (Monday through Saturday) except Sunday.

    What would you say is your greatest strength on the football field, and what is something you need to improve upon?

    My greatest strength on the football field would be my ability to stop the run and keep my pads low. Also, I have great hand placement. The thing I need to improve on is getting off blocks once I engage.

    What are you doing/plan on doing about improving the area you need to work on?

    During combine training I started doing a new martial art called Hapkido/Aikido, which involves a lot of joint/wrist manipulations and using your opponents? weight against them. Even though this is football and not karate class, I?ve applied what I?ve learned into football from all the Martial Arts.

    Are there any NFL teams out there that you feel operate in a specific scheme/system that cater toward your strengths?

    Yes, I fit much better in a 3-4 scheme as opposed to a 4-3 scheme. So Dallas, Cleveland, Baltimore, etc.

    Which NFL player would you compare yourself to? What similarities do you share with him?

    Kelly Gregg. I have his same stature and determination. I was originally a walk-on at the University of Tennessee and earned a scholarship, and started against the Florida Gators my freshman year. When I want something, I go at it 110 percent!

    Which player are you looking forward to playing against in the pros, and why?

    I can?t wait to play against Rob Smith (Cleveland Browns) and Scott Wells (Green Bay Packers) because they?re both good friends and old teammates.

    What are your goals as far as the draft is concerned, in terms of where you?ll be selected?

    I?d love to get drafted in any round; doesn?t matter to me. I just want to keep playing the game I love.

    Who?s the best player you?ve played against?

    Scott Wells. He was the center at Tennessee, and is now the center for the Green Bay Packers.

    Are there any under-the-radar underclassmen at UAB that you see developing into stars at either the collegiate or the professional level?

    Here are six:

    • J.T. Mapu - defensive tackle
    • Josh McNeil - offensive lineman
    • Jarrod Mayo - linebacker
    • Demonte Bolden - defensive tackle
    • Ramon Foster - offensive lineman
    • Xavier Mitchell - defensive end

    What?s the greatest moment in your football career?

    My freshman year when I started against the Florida Gators!

    Which NFL team did you like growing up, and who was your favorite player?

    Dallas Cowboys and Brian Bosworth.

    What do you plan on doing once your NFL career is over?

    I plan on going to Medical School at Lincoln Memorial Univiersity (LMU), 45 minutes from Knoxville, or pursuing Olympic weightlifting and becoming a strength and conditioning coach.

    If there was one thing you could tell an NFL team about yourself (i.e. your on-the-field skills, personality, work ethic, etc.) what would that be?

    There will be NOBODY who outworks me on the football field, in the weight room, film room, or anywhere else within your organization!

    Matt McGlothlin's Pro Day Results

    5-11 3/4
    40 Time
    Short Shuttle
    Bench Press
    Broad Jump

    Matt McGlothlin's Scouting Report

    Matt McGlothlin was a walk-on at Tennessee in 2002 (redshirted) and through hard work, dedication and determination earned a spot on the Vols' defensive line in 2003. When Matt puts his mind to something, he accomplishes it. Matt is a black belt in four different styles of Martial Arts, (Brazilian, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate and Hapkido), earning Brazilian black belt in 2? years, where it takes a normal person about 10 years.

    Matt is a 3?4 NT/NG player; unfortunately at Tennessee he was stuck on a 4-3 team. This all should change at the next level.

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