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Draft Central
Ryan Glasper Interview

  • Ryan Glasper, 5-11/205

  • Strong Safety

  • Boston College

  • I recently had a chance to interview Ryan Glasper, a strong safety from Boston College who is eligible for the 2007 NFL Draft. Special thanks to his agent, John Pace of Real Game Sports Management for making this possible.

    Despite coming off a hip injury, Glasper registered 25 tackles and two interceptions in nine starts his senior season. He received All-ACC honorable mention honors.

    Glasper's Pro Day results and scouting reports are posted below the interview.

    What is your accurate height, weight and 40 time?

    5-11 1/2, 205 lbs. 4.59.

    Now, I understand you ran that 4.59 at Yale's Pro Day after slipping during Boston College's Pro Day and running a 4.66?

    Yeah, I wore normal cross-training shoes, which was stupid on my part. I wasn't able to drive on the first 15 yards, and I wasn't able to catch the turf at all.

    How important was running that 4.59 the second time around?

    I definitely think that was important. When I ran in the 4.6s at the B.C. Pro Day, scouts were saying that he's not as fast as he used to be. I was told you have to run in the 4.5s. I think it was really important to run a 4.5. It gave everyone a second look at me.

    What has your schedule been like the past few months leading up to the draft?

    It's been a little frustrating. After my hip injury, I wasn't able to work out for nine months, so I was behind in terms of strength training. I'll be honest with you, I'm not as strong or as fast as I used to be. But when I go to camp, I'll be bigger, faster and stronger than I'll ever be. I'm just looking for a chance.

    So, on a scale from 0 to 100 percent, how would you grade the health status of your hip?

    Definitely 100 percent. I'm where I need to be. I highly believe that whoever ends up with me will be getting a steal. I think that no one possesses the will power, determination and leadership skills that I bring to the table. I'm not trying to demean anyone by saying that, but I've always been a competitor. I refuse to let someone outwork me.

    What would you say is your greatest strength on the football field?

    The competitiveness, determination and leadership. Our defense at B.C. is like a Tampa-2; everyone's responsible for their own job. It doesn't allow the strong safety and SAM linebacker to get as much credit as they deserve. They're not given the opportunities to make plays like the free safety, MIKE linebacker and WILL linebacker. They're always the leaders in tackles on the team. I played free safety as a freshman. I made more tackles freshman year than I did my other years.

    So why the switch to strong safety?

    It was a better fit for the defense. It was a team decision. The move allowed both Jamie Silva and I to start. The transition occured after we lost our strong safety freshman year. I had to learn the position to get into the starting lineup.

    You mentioned playing in the Tampa-2. Would you prefer to play in that scheme as a pro?

    I believe I can play for any defense. I'm an aggressive player. In the Hula Bowl, we played man and I loved it.

    Are there any areas of your game that you need to improve upon?

    I'm picky with myself. Some people say I'm too critical. I can improve my speed, knowledge of the game and strength. I think everyone can always improve on something.

    Who's the best player you've played against?

    Matt Ryan (quarterback, Boston College). I think he's a phenomenal quarterback. If people think Brady Quinn can go in the first round, Matt should go there as well. He's just as good as Quinn. Matt's a competitor and a leader. He played with a broken foot. He's got a rocket for an arm and can thread the needle between two defenders unlike anyone I've ever seen. He's definitely the general of an offense; he commands the troops and leads them.

    So, other than Matt Ryan, are there any under-the-radar players at Boston College you see developing into stars at either the collegiate or the professional level?

    DeJuan Tribble (cornerback). He played with me the last three years. He's one of the greatest athletes I've ever seen. Best open-field tackler I've ever played with. Great instincts. Confident. Makes plays. Will be a superstar. Other players who will be stars are JoLonn Dunbar (linebacker), Tyronne Pruitt (linebacker) and Jamie Silva (cornerback), who is one of the hardest-hitting players in the country.

    Which NFL player would you compare yourself to?

    A lot of people call me "Rodney." Rodney Harrison's a great safety; I watch film on him, Ed Reed and Brian Dawkins. My attitude is similar to Rodney's; I'm vocal, and we know what our defense is doing. Rodney lays the boom on people and covers well. He contributes and makes the defense better. When he's on the field, you can see the defense pick it up. That's what I do on defense. I even get excited during practice. People are always telling me "Yo, calm down."

    What are your goals as far as the draft is concerned, in terms of where you?ll be selected?

    Everyone wants to be drafted. All I really want is an opportunity to play. All being drafted means is that you get a signing bonus. If I don't get drafted, it's not the end of the world.

    What?s the greatest moment in your football career?

    My first start ever versus Notre Dame. Coach told me the day of the game that I was starting. A fan in the stands said, "Glasper, you're getting an interception the next series." Funny thing is I got my first career interception the next series. I never saw that guy again.

    Which NFL team did you like growing up, and who was your favorite player? My favorite players were Emmitt Smith and Jay Novacek.

    What do you plan on doing once your NFL career is over?

    I'd like to play football until I'm at least 30. After that, I'd want to be a high school football coach.

    If there was one thing you could tell an NFL team about yourself (i.e. your on-the-field skills, personality, work ethic, etc.) what would that be?

    I'm willing. I'm willing to do whatever it takes. When you possess as much will power as I do, the capabilities are endless. When people question if a 4.59 is good enough, it won't matter. A 4.59 will get it done. Ed Reed ran a 4.59 before he was drafted. My intelligence will take precedence over it. I'll be faster than I actually am on the field. What differs me from other safeties is I don't think, I react!

    Ryan Glasper's Pro Day Results

    5-11 3/4
    40 Time
    Short Shuttle
    Bench Press
    Broad Jump

    Ryan Glasper's Hip Report

    (From a doctor who would like to remain anonymous)

    I am working with him now, he had no glaring abnormalities on his physical exam, but I told him he should be prepared for any evaluations on his left hip due to the labral repair Dr. Kocher did last spring. He is a little weaker in IR/ER left to right which is probably normal for his dominant side, but to make the MD's happy if he was as strong that would keep them out of his case. His quad ham ratio's were very impressive: R 162 to 126 and L 142 to 106.

    I told him just keep that where it is and that will be a big bonus, no ham injuries or ACL predispositions! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help! Ryan was a very nice guy, and pleasure to evaluate.

    Ryan Glasper's Scouting Report

    "Ryan was like having another coach on the field, but this one was playing. He was one of the smartest kids I have ever coached, a true leader." -- Former Boston College defensive-back coach, Kevin Lempa.

    In 2006 Ryan missed spring practice, preseason camp, and the first four games of the season after undergoing surgery April 11 to repair a torn labrum and a torn cartilage in his left hip, and still returned to earn ALL-ACC Honorable Mention. He returned at 226 lbs., by the Bowl game (NAVY) Ryan was down to 212 lbs, he had 10 tackles, 2 TFL and a FF in the game.

    Ryan was running his Pro Day at about 88 percent of his potential; in another month he will be back at 100 percent. Yesterday was his actually Ryan's, third time he bench pressed since April 2006; at full strength he'll put up 22-26 reps. He's only get better from here. In his position drills he looked great, comfortable and in 100-percent control.

    Glasper was the 2006 recipient of the Jay McGillis Scholarship, awarded annually to the B.C. defensive back who best exemplifies the qualities of the late Brockton, Mass., native. In honoring McGillis in his last home game, Glasper, who wears No. 24, asked his parents if they would mind if he wore Jay's number. He shed his No. 24 jersey in favor of the No. 31 last worn by McGillis.

    A classy gesture, to be sure. THAT's Ryan Glasper, a classy, smart guy, just what the NFL needs right now.

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