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Conrad Bolston Interview

  • Conrad Bolston, 6-3/301

  • Defensive Tackle

  • Maryland

  • I recently had a chance to interview Conrad Bolston, a defensive tackle from Maryland who is eligible for the 2007 NFL Draft. Special thanks to his agent, Masterplan Group International for making this possible.

    Bolston, a three-year starter as a Terp, participated in the 2007 Hula Bowl. He led the team in sacks (5) and defensive linemen in tackles (38) in 2005. Bolston, who was on the preseason watch list for the Outland Trophy, finished his career with 30 starts, 107 tackles and 10 sacks.

    Bolston's Pro Day results and scouting reports are posted below the interview.

    What is your accurate height, weight and 40 time?

    6-3, 301 lbs. 5.22.

    You ran that 5.22 at Maryland's Pro Day. You also notched 30 bench-press reps. How do you think your Pro Day performance affected your draft status?

    I think my Pro Day was one of the better defensive lineman Pro Days out there; not too many lineman benched 30 reps. I jumped 30 inches, and ran a 4.6 in the short shuttle, a 1.8 10 time and a 3.0 20 time. I hope it had a positive effect on my draft status.

    What would you say is your greatest strength on the football field, and what is something you need to improve upon?

    I think I need to improve upon my core strength, my hands in shedding blocks, and my flexibility.

    What are you doing to improve upon those things?

    I plan to stretch everyday with a trainer if I have to, work more hand drills, and concentrate on the things I need to excel in practice and after practices.

    What has your schedule been like the past few months leading up to the draft?

    Preparing for my Pro Day, I ran and lifted four days a week, with over-speed training on Mondays and Fridays, agility training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and a pool work out on Wednesday. We focused on explosive lifts, bench endurance and core strength.

    What are your goals as far as the draft is concerned, in terms of where you?ll be selected?

    Right now I am trying to concentrate on the main goal, which is the ability to make a 53-man roster and play next year. I don?t think about the draft as often as that.

    Are there any NFL teams out there that you feel operate in a specific scheme/system that cater toward your strengths?

    I can play in any scheme. At Maryland we ran a limited 3-4 scheme and were a predominantly 4-3, similar to the Tampa-2 defensive scheme.

    Which player are you looking forward to playing against in the pros, and why?

    I am looking forward to measuring myself and competing against the best. I really don?t have a specific player I watch out for.

    Which NFL player would you compare yourself to? What similarities do you share with him?

    Cornelius Griffin. I like the way he plays with his hands. He?s a force against the run, destroys double teams, and collapses pockets. I try to share those same attributes.

    Who?s the best player you?ve played against?

    (Maryland offensive tackle) Jared Gaither.

    Are there any under-the-radar underclassmen at Maryland that you see developing into stars at either the collegiate or the professional level?

    (Junior tight ends) Joey Haynos and Jason Goode, (sophomore guard) Jaimie Thomas and (sophomore center) Edwin Williams.

    Some critics would point out that your sack total decreased from 5 in 2005 to 1.5 in 2006. How would you answer those critics?

    I would say that junior year I was playing nose and had success at collapsing pockets. Senior year I switched back from tackle to nose, but I had more hurries and pressures than my junior year.

    What?s the greatest moment in your football career?

    Beating Florida State and Miami in the same year was a very big accomplishment.

    Which NFL team did you like growing up, and who was your favorite player?

    I never really had a favorite player, I just enjoyed watching great players dominate in the NFL.

    What do you plan on doing once your NFL career is over?

    I plan to go for my masters in my degree of environmental policy.

    If there was one thing you could tell an NFL team about yourself (i.e. your on-the-field skills, personality, work ethic, etc.) what would that be?

    That I?m a strong, quick lineman with great run stopping ability, good technique, and the ability to collapse pockets. I?m a stubborn person on the field; I love to compete, hate to lose, and never quit or break. I?m a tough, durable, hardworking player. I?ve never missed a lift, practice, or game. And that I?m dependable and have never had any off-the-field problems.

    Conrad Bolston's Pro Day Results

    40 Time
    Short Shuttle
    Bench Press
    Broad Jump

    Conrad Bolston's Scouting Report

    As a three-year starter and a player to watch for the Outland Trophy, Conrad was the leader of the Terrapins' defensive line in 2006. He has a quick first step and the power to get upfield. At 303 pounds, he has the second-highest strength index on Maryland's team.

    From CSTV:

    An anchor in the middle of the defensive line who provided senior leadership in 2006 ... a three-year starter who was a member of the 2006 preseason watch list for the Outland Trophy ... a powerful player with the ability to get upfield while playing the pass as well as the run ... has a quick first step and gets a good push into the offensive line ... his 44 career games played, including 29 starts, were tops among the defensive lineman though 2006 season ... played for the Aina team in the 2007 Hula Bowl ... an Iron Terp with, at 303 pounds, the second-highest strength index on the team (a measure of pound-for-pound strength).

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