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Draft Central
Kyle Bissinger Interview

  • Kyle Bissinger, 6-2/256

  • Defensive End/Outside Linebacker

  • UAB

  • I recently had a chance to interview Kyle Bissinger, a defensive end-outside linebacker from UAB who is eligible for the 2007 NFL Draft. Special thanks to his agent, John Pace of Real Game Sports Management for making this possible.

    Bissinger, UAB's team captain, ranked second on the squad in sacks and was named UAB Defensive Player of the Week seven times. A scholar athlete, Bissinger played multiple positions for the Blazers.

    Bissinger's Pro Day results and scouting reports are posted below the interview.

    What is your accurate height, weight and 40 time?

    6? 2 5/8, 256 lbs, 4.57 on grade-2 surface.

    You ran that 4.57 and had a broad jump of 10'2" at your Pro Day. How do you feel this has helped your draft stock?

    This has helped me tremendously. Running a 4.5 at 256 pounds, especially on a grade-2 surface puts me in the upper echelon of draftees at my position. The 10?2? broad jump really shows just how explosive I can be. These numbers show just how versatile and athletic I am, so I can turn and run with a wide out and also take on a tackle head up.

    Excluding Pro Day, what has your schedule been like the past few months leading up to the draft?

    Intensive training, working out once or twice a day with functional weight lifting and polymetrics in the morning, and running sprints, position-specific drills, and agility drillls in the afternoon. Part of my daily routine includes dieting, eating six times a day to maintain a high metabolism and stretching regularly for flexibility.

    You?ve changed positions a lot during your collegiate career. Do you think this has helped you in any way? If so, how?

    It?s given me a greater understanding of the game and insight to the tendencies of other positions. Being a quarterback my whole life has given me an offensive mindset which gives me a greater nose for the ball. Then, moving to linebacker and defensive end shows how versatile I can be.

    What would you say is your greatest strength on the football field, and what is something you need to improve upon?

    I would say my greatest strength on the field is my speed and desire to succeed. One area I want to work on to improve is my technique. I?ve never had the proper coaching on the defensive side of the ball and think in the NFL I could really improve that area.

    Are there any NFL teams out there that you feel operate in a specific scheme/system that cater toward your strengths?

    Any team with a 3-4 scheme, where I could play outside linebacker and also play end.

    Which NFL player would you compare yourself to? What similarities do you share with him?

    Brian Urlacher. We both have a nose for the ball and a strong desire to win. For our size, we both have comparable speed and quickness.

    Which player are you looking forward to playing against in the pros, and why?

    LaDanian Tomlinson just because of what he has done in the NFL. It would be a great experience to go against him, to see his presence on the field.

    What are your goals as far as the draft is concerned, in terms of where you?ll be selected?

    Just to make a team would be a dream come true. My goal would to be picked up as high as the fifth round.

    Who?s the best player you?ve played against?

    I have played against some great players, but to me the best was Adrian Peterson due to his excellent vision, speed and explosiveness. I have also gone against some great tackles including Alex Barion, Aaron Sears, and Dan Inman, which makes me believe I could definitely hold my own in the NFL.

    Are there any under-the-radar underclassmen at UAB that you see developing into stars at either the collegiate or the professional level?

    Joe Webb - Quarterback.

    What?s the greatest moment in your football career?

    Going to the Hawaii Bowl and being a part of the first team to go to a bowl in our school?s history.

    Which NFL team did you like growing up, and who was your favorite player?

    Atlanta Falcons, I?m a hometown boy. Brett Favre was always my favorite player as a young quarterback; I always admired his toughness and strong presence on the field.

    What do you plan on doing once your NFL career is over?

    I would like to teach and coach high school football. I have learned so much over the years and it would be nice to give back. Football teaches so much on the field but makes you a better person off the field as well, and I feel I could guide kids in the right direction.

    If there was one thing you could tell an NFL team about yourself (i.e. your on-the-field skills, personality, work ethic, etc.) what would that be?

    I have unbelievable dedication and work ethic which is evident by my being selected as an all American strength and conditioning athlete by the NSCA. I will always work my hardest to ensure that I am at my best.

    Kyle Bissinger's Pro Day Results

    40 Time
    Short Shuttle
    Bench Press
    Broad Jump

    Kyle Bissinger's Scouting Report

    Kyle Bissinger had an excellent Pro Day, outrunning and outperformed highly regarded teammate Larry McSwain. Guess who was second to Larry for the sack lead at UAB this year? The same guy who only played half the number of snaps - Kyle Bissinger.

    Kyle came to UAB as a quarterback, moved to linebacker and then to defensive end. He is fast, strong, smart kid who can play all special teams. With his body frame, Kyle can also put on some weight and size.

    Already a solid player, but has enormous potential, as he has only played defense for four years. Has great speed (4.57 40) for his size (256 pounds). With proper coaching, the sky's the limit.

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