49ers (2-4) at Bears (6-0). Line: Bears by 16. Over-Under: 42.
Sunday, 1:00 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Bears -14.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Bears -14.

The Game. Edge: Bears.
Injuries: 49ers: OUT: TE Vernon Davis*, C Jeremy Newberry (IR). Bears: OUT: DT Dusty Dvoracek (IR). QUESTIONABLE: WR Mark Bradley, DE Adewale Ogunleye, S Chris Harris.

Since I can’t think of an entertaining lead for this game, let me mention something I found while scouring through wikipedia. This is a quote from New York Knicks general manager Isiah Thomas, referring to an ESPN columnist: “If I see this guy Bill Simmons, oh it’s gonna be a problem with me and him.” So, not only is Isiah the worst general manager in the history of the known universe, he also threatens innocent people who are probably a foot smaller than him. Good job, Isiah! That’s almost as smooth as your Steve Francis trade. In fact, I hope he reads this, so he can have a problem with me. He’ll just overpay me because I’m a 5-foot-10 guy who can probably play guard on his dreadful basketball team.

Moving on, it’s fairly obvious that these teams are outmatched. Let’s take a quick look: The 49ers will not be able to run against the Bears. The 49ers will not be able to pass protect against the Bears. The 49ers will not be able to move the chains against the Bears. The 49ers will not be able to stop the Bears from scoring. The 49ers will not be able to punt against the Bears. The 49ers will not be able to keep the Bears from blowing them out. The 49ers will not be able to live against the Bears.

OK, maybe I went a bit too far. Regardless, this will be a blowout. Chicago will be focused after nearly ruining its undefeated season at Arizona. Basically, the Bears will be on a mission, and San Francisco will not be able to stop them.

The Psychology. Edge: Bears.
This new section of my predictions will explore the mindset of each team, and how much the game means to both participants.

The Bears have Miami next week, so they will be focused for this contest, especially when you consider they played poorly at Arizona on Monday Night Football a week ago. The 49ers have no playoff aspirations.

The Trends. Edge: 49ers.
  • Bye Bye: Lovie Smith is 0-2 ATS off a bye.
  • Opening Line: Bears -16½.
  • Opening Total: 40.
  • Weather: Sunny, 55 degrees. Mild wind: 13 mph.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Thomas Jones, Muhsin Muhammad, Bernard Berrian, Bears Defense.
  • Sit Em: 49ers Offense and Defense.

Prediction: Bears 34, 49ers 0. (Bears -16).
Survivor Pool Pick (7-0).
Correct: Bears 41, 49ers 10.

Falcons (4-2) at Bengals (4-2). Line: Bengals by 3½. Over-Under: 44½.
Sunday, 1:00 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Bengals -5½.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Bengals -4.

The Game. Edge: Bengals.
Injuries: Falcons: OUT: WR Brian Finneran (IR), DE John Abraham. QUESTIONABLE: G Kynan Forney, DT Rod Coleman. Bengals: OUT: RB Chris Perry (PUP), OT Levi Jones, C Rich Braham, LB David Pollack (IR), LB Odell Thurman (SUSP), CB Rashad Bauman (IR). QUESTIONABLE: LB Rashad Jeanty.

How in the world did Michael Vick throw four touchdowns last week? I’m pretty sure I know the answer; I’m convinced that Matt Schaub knocked Vick out, donned his clothes, painted his face and arms, and took every snap of the Steelers game. Seriously, if Schaub holds a press conference announcing this will anyone be surprised? I didn’t think so.

I’m also pretty sure I’m not alone in thinking the Falcons will have problems scoring on Cincinnati. The Bengals are ranked 24th against the run, but Atlanta will be out of its element, playing in a cold and windy Paul Brown Stadium. Warrick Dunn will not be able to benefit from a fast track, which could force Vick to throw more than he would like. Cincinnati’s secondary, which has picked off nine passes this year, will be licking its chops. Vick should be able to scramble to his left at will, however, as Justin Smith and Landon Johnson won’t pose much of a threat.

The Falcons are pitifully yielding 231 passing yards per game, so I wonder if Carson Palmer will be able to pass the ball? Hmmm… tough one. Just as DeAngelo Hall had problems covering Hines Ward last week, he won’t have much success with Chad Johnson on Sunday. The key to victory for Atlanta will be getting to Palmer; the Falcons have 15 sacks on the year, while Cincinnati has allowed 19.

Both teams are comfortable at 4-2, but the Bengals have a slight edge in the psychological department, given that the Falcons are coming off an emotional, must-win, overtime victory. They could be a little flat.

The Psychology. Edge: Bengals.
Neither team really needs this game. The Bengals have a slight edge in this department because Atlanta is coming off a very emotional overtime win.

The Trends. Edge: Bengals.
  • Emotional Win Alert: Teams are 52-78 ATS after an emotional win since 2001; FALCONS kicked a GW FG in overtime.
  • Opening Line: Bengals -4½.
  • Opening Total: 43½.
  • Weather: Sunny, 57 degrees. Mild wind: 13 mph.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Warrick Dunn, Alge Crumpler, Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson, Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
  • Sit Em: Falcons Receivers and Defense.

Prediction: Bengals 24, Falcons 13. (Bengals -3½).
Incorrect: Falcons 29, Bengals 27.

Cardinals (1-6) at Packers (2-4). Line: Packers by 4. Over-Under: 44½.
Sunday, 1:00 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Packers -1.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Packers -4.

The Game. Edge: Packers.
Injuries: Cardinals: OUT: WR Larry Fitzgerald. DOUBTFUL: DT Kendrick Clancy, LB Karlos Dansby. Packers: OUT: WR Robert Ferguson, OT Kevin Barry (IR), LB Abdul Hodge, S Marviel Underwood (IR). DOUBTFUL: WR Greg Jennings. QUESTIONABLE: G Daryn Colledge.

Here’s why the NFL doesn’t make sense: Two weeks ago, the Cardinals blew a 20-0 lead against the undefeated Bears, ceremoniously followed by Dennis Green’s unnecessary outburst, which sounded something like this: “We knew who they were! They thought who we knew they were! This is bullsh*t, bullsh*t! I hate you people! Good riddance!” Yet, Arizona was defeated by the winless Raiders six days later. I’m starting to think that this league is bullsh*t, bullsh*t.

Speaking of Green, I’m not sure why he fired the offensive coordinator who had a perfect game plan for Chicago’s defense. As a result, Arizona scored nine points on pitiful Oakland. It won’t be able to run the ball against Green Bay, ranked ninth against ground attacks. Thus, the only option will be airing it out, which has its positives and negatives. On one hand, the Packers yield a whopping 293 passing yards per contest. On the other hand, their pass rush (18 sacks) will destroy Matt Leinart’s offensive front (21 sacks allowed).

Green Bay and Arizona have similar defenses. The Cardinals are mediocre against the run, can’t stop the pass, but apply pressure on opposing quarterbacks pretty well. I don’t think the Packers will be able to establish Ahman Green, which will force Brett Favre to throw against a beleaguered secondary, and an intimidating pass rush (17 sacks).

The Cardinals can win this game, but they have to get over their Chicago hangover. I have a feeling they will; they need to atone for losing to Oakland, because they’re the laughing stock of the NFL right now. With most of the public money on the host, I’ll go the other way.

Note: I've just gotten word that Dennis Green could be fired this week. If he is, I'll change this pick because Arizona will be distracted.

The Psychology. Edge: None.
Better luck for both teams in 2007.

The Trends. Edge: None.
  • Two Roads (Loss): Current head coaches are 69-49 ATS on the road following a road loss (Dennis Green 2-0).
  • Weak Arm: Matt Leinart is 0-1 ATS on the road.
  • Opening Line: Packers -3.
  • Opening Total: 44.
  • Weather: Sunny, 51 degrees. Light wind.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Matt Leinart, Larry Fitzgerald, Brett Favre, Donald Driver.
  • Sit Em: Ahman Green.

Prediction: Packers 21, Cardinals 20. (Cardinals +4).
Incorrect: Packers 31, Cardinals 14.

Seahawks (4-2) at Chiefs (3-3). Line: Chiefs by 6½. Over-Under: 38½.
Sunday, 1:00 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Seahawks -4½.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Chiefs -7. (Hasselbeck)

The Game. Edge: Chiefs.
Injuries: Seahawks: OUT: QB Matt Hasselbeck. RB Shaun Alexander*, DT Marcus Tubbs, S Mike Green (IR). QUESTIONABLE: WR Bobby Engram*, OT Sean Locklear, G Pork Chop Womack, DT Marcus Tubbs, LB D.D. Lewis. Chiefs: OUT: QB Trent Green, OT John Welbourn (RET), DT John Browning (IR). DOUBTFUL: QB Damon Huard*, OT Will Svitek.

Is anyone surprised at all that Matt Hasselbeck suffered a Carson Palmer-esque knee injury? Everyone on the Seahawks is a marked man because of the Super Bowl Loser Curse. They could have locked Hasselbeck in a padded room, and he still would have found some way to get hurt.

Without their field general and reigning MVP, how in the world will the Seahawks score in this game? They’ll turn to Maurice Morris, who will have the luxury of running against a flat defense that is already ranked 22nd in the league. This will take some pressure off of Seneca Wallace, who was 14-of-25 for 134 yards and two interceptions against Minnesota. If Wallace can overcome playing in a raucous Arrowhead environment, he’ll be in luck; the Chiefs’ secondary has been torched the past three weeks by Matt Leinart, Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers.

In the wake of Hasselbeck’s injury, expect Seattle’s defense to step it up a notch. Excluding a fluke 95-yard Chester Taylor run, the Seahawks were able to put the clamps on Minnesota’s ground attack, much like they’ve done to everyone else this season (Taylor was the first running back to eclipse the 100-yard plateau against Seattle this year). They will focus on stuffing Larry Johnson in the backfield, and forcing Damon Huard to throw in unfavorable situations. The Steelers were able to do that, and it paid dividends.

The public perception regarding this game is that there is no way the Seahawks can win without Hasselbeck. The money reflects that; as of Tuesday afternoon, 96 percent of the bettors are on Kansas City! Ninety-six percent! So, whom am I going to side with: Vegas or stupid bettors? Hmmm… tough one.

Thursday Night Alert: The Kansas City Star is reporting that Brodie Croyle injured himself, and is doubtful for Sunday's game. If you liked the Seahawks plus the points, bet it now before your book can change the line.

The Psychology. Edge: Seahawks.
I'm not sure what Seattle's mindset will be in the wake of Matt Hasselbeck's injury. The Seahawks will either rally around Seneca Wallace, or give up until Hasselbeck comes back. The Chiefs, meanwhile, don't really need a win; they are coming off an emotional victory against the Chargers, and could be flat.

The Trends. Edge: Seahawks.
  • Two Homes (Win): Herman Edwards is 1-5 ATS at home following a home win.
  • Emotional Win Alert: Teams are 52-78 ATS after an emotional win since 2001; CHIEFS kicked a GW FG with 6 seconds left.
  • Weak Arm: Seneca Wallace is 0-0 ATS on the road.
  • Chiefs are 12-6 ATS in October since 2002.
  • Opening Line: Chiefs -6.
  • Opening Total: 38½.
  • Weather: Sunny, 73 degrees. Mild wind: 12 mph.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Maurice Morris, Darrell Jackson, Seahawks Defense, Tony Gonzalez.
  • Sit Em: Matt Hasselbeck*, Shaun Alexander*.

Prediction: Seahawks 19, Chiefs 17. (Seahawks +6½).
Money Pick.
Incorrect: Chiefs 35, Seahawks 28.

Ravens (4-2) at Saints (5-1). Line: Saints by 1½. Over-Under: 37.
Sunday, 1:00 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Saints -3½.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Saints -3½.

The Game. Edge: Saints.
Injuries: Ravens: OUT: G Edwin Mulitalo (IR). QUESTIONABLE: QB Steve McNair*. Saints: OUT: FB Mike Karney, TE Ernie Conwell, G Jermaine Mayberry (IR), LB Tommy Polley (IR), LB James Allen (IR), P Mitch Berger (IR).

Does anyone else find it disturbing that Kyle Boller outplayed Steve McNair two weeks ago? I mean, everything was going Boller’s way, including a bizarre tipped ball in the end zone that fell into Mark Clayton’s lap. How do you not start Boller at this point? In fact, let’s take it a step further and ask Boller to buy us lottery tickets. This guy obviously found a four-leaf clover, or that leprechaun’s credit card in those stupid Visa commercials.

McNair is back for now, which means Baltimore’s offense will be as stale as ever. The Ravens can’t run the ball because Jamal Lewis is over the hill, so I don’t think they’ll be able to exploit New Orleans’ 27th-ranked ground defense. McNair, consequently, will have to throw the ball often, which can only lead to a barrage of incompletions and interceptions.

Baltimore’s defense is dominant against one-dimensional attacks, but has shown severe signs of weakness against teams that can run and pass efficiently. We saw this in the Carolina game, as the Ravens were gashed for 365 passing yards. With Deuce McAllister rumbling in between the tackles, and Reggie Bush sprinting toward the outside, Baltimore will not be able to focus on stopping Drew Brees, Joe Horn and Marques Colston. There’s a reason Brees has been sacked only six times this year.

The Saints are undefeated at home, and will remain so until opposing teams stop feeling sorry for the city of New Orleans. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The Ravens will not be able to match the Saints’ intensity.

The Psychology. Edge: Saints.
Both teams are in first place, so this neither squad is in desperation mode. However, the Ravens, who have Cincinnati next on their slate, will not be able to match the Saints' intensity, given the state the city and the people of New Orleans are in.

The Trends. Edge: Ravens.
  • Bye Bye: Brian Billick is 5-2 ATS off a bye.
  • Ravens are 7-14 ATS as an underdog the previous 20 instances.
  • Saints are 15-25 ATS at home since 2001.
  • Saints are 8-16 ATS as a home favorite since 2001.
  • Opening Line: Saints -2.
  • Opening Total: 36.
  • Weather: Dome.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Todd Heap, Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Joe Horn.
  • Sit Em: Jamal Lewis, Ravens Defense.

Prediction: Saints 20, Ravens 10. (Saints -1½).
Money Pick.
Incorrect: Ravens 35, Saints 22.

Buccaneers (2-4) at Giants (4-2). Line: Giants by 9. Over-Under: 39.
Sunday, 1:00 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Giants -9.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Giants -11.

The Game. Edge: Giants.
Injuries: Buccaneers: OUT: QB Chris Simms, DT Anthony McFarland (TRADE). QUESTIONABLE: DE Simeon Rice, DT Ellis Wyms, LB Shelton Quarles. Giants: OUT: LB LaVar Arrington (IR). QUESTIONABLE: WR Plaxico Burress*, WR Sinorice Moss, DE Osi Umenyiora, LB Carlos Emmons, CB Sam Madison.

Congratulations to the Buccaneers, who could have won last week’s game by utilizing the Bobby Boucher trick and kneeling down on every offensive play. Seriously – that’s all they had to do, given that Donovan McNabb was throwing pick-six after pick-six.

I guess Tampa Bay will attempt to do absolutely nothing on offense once again, as the Giants are ranked eighth against the run, and have registered 18 sacks this year. Cadillac Williams won’t be able to find any running room, meaning Bruce Gradkowski will be forced to operate in long-yardage situations. While Gradkowski has performed well against New Orleans, Cincinnati and Philadelphia, I’m not sure his luck will continue in a noisy Giants Stadium.

As I said last week, the Buccaneers will have major problems against the run because they foolishly traded Anthony McFarland to Indianapolis. The Eagles weren’t able to exploit that weakness, but the Giants should be able to with Tiki Barber and Brandon Jacobs. Eli Manning should be able to utilize play-action against a tough secondary. As long as Manning doesn’t make any foolish mistakes, the Giants should be able to score at will all afternoon.

I’m staying away from this game. On one hand, Gradkowski will undoubtedly struggle in a hostile environment. On the other, Tom Coughlin has historically been horrendous after Monday Night Football victories. This is a really tough game to call.

The Psychology. Edge: None.
The Buccaneers are coming off a game that they probably shouldn't have won, while the Giants are sitting pretty atop the NFC East.

The Trends. Edge: Giants.
  • Emotional Win Alert: Teams are 52-78 ATS after an emotional win since 2001; BUCCANEERS kicked a GW FG as time expired.
  • Monday Night Misery: Tom Coughlin is 1-5 ATS after Monday Night Football (0-3 after a win).
  • Weak Arm: Bruce Gradkowski is 1-0 ATS on the road.
  • Buccaneers are 5-14 ATS on the road after a win under Jon Gruden.
  • Giants are 5-11 ATS as favorites of 6½ or more the previous 16 instances.
  • Opening Line: Giants -9.
  • Opening Total: 41.
  • Weather: Partly cloudy, 53 degrees. HEAVY WIND, 22 mph.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Giants Offense and Defense.
  • Sit Em: Cadillac Williams, Buccaneers Defense.

Prediction: Giants 27, Buccaneers 10. (Giants -9).
Correct: Giants 17, Buccaneers 3.

Jaguars (3-3) at Eagles (4-3). Line: Eagles by 9. Over-Under: 40.
Sunday, 1:00 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Eagles -4.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Eagles -5½.

The Game. Edge: None.
Injuries: Jaguars: OUT: QB Byron Leftwich, RB Greg Jones (IR), DE Reggie Hayward (IR), DT Marcus Stroud, LB Mike Peterson (IR), CB Terry Cousin. QUESTIONABLE: WR Matt Jones*. Eagles: OUT: DE Jevon Kearse (IR). QUESTIONABLE: TE L.J. Smith, CB Rod Hood.

I would say that the losing city in this matchup would go into a state of perpetual depression because of its waning playoff hopes, but I’m not really sure anyone lives in Jacksonville.

The Jaguars suffered a humiliating 27-7 loss to Houston because they were looking ahead to this contest, and they were simply unprepared for a hungry Texans squad. Don’t believe me? I predicted that in my picks last week. Check it out if you don’t believe. Jacksonville neglected to run the ball enough with Fred Taylor, so look for that to change. Philadelphia had problems containing Cadillac Williams last week, so Taylor has a chance to approach 100 yards in this contest. Byron Leftwich will take advantage of his effective running attack, utilizing play-action passes to his giant wide receivers. Philadelphia’s struggling secondary doesn’t have a chance.

The Eagles refuse to run the ball, so they’ll attempt to move the chains with their one-dimensional attack against one of the premier defenses in the NFL. Brian Westbrook will be effective catching passes out of the backfield, and Reggie Brown should have another solid outing, but Donovan McNabb will have to scramble for massive yardage if he wants to lead his team to victory.

With 87 percent of the public on the Eagles (as of Wednesday morning), it’s obvious that casual fans are dismissing Jacksonville in the wake of its loss to Houston. That’s a big mistake. The Jaguars are two weeks removed from beating the Jets, 41-0, and about a month removed from nearly taking down Indianapolis. This is a must-win for both squads, so expect an all-out war in the City of Brotherly Love.

Friday Night Note: ESPN is reporting that Byron Leftwich is out, and David Garrard is starting this game. The pick remains unchanged.

The Psychology. Edge: None.
This is a must-win for both squads. Jacksonville is coming off an embarrassing loss at Houston, while the Eagles lost to Tampa Bay on the third-longest field goal in NFL history.

The Trends. Edge: Jaguars.
  • Two Roads (Loss): Current head coaches are 69-49 ATS on the road following a road loss.
  • Donovan McNabb is 13-7 ATS after a loss since 2001.
  • Eagles are 6-12 ATS vs. AFC opponents since 2001.
  • Eagles are 2-5 ATS going into a bye under Andy Reid.
  • Opening Line: Eagles -6.
  • Opening Total: 42.
  • Weather: Sunny, 53 degrees. HEAVY WIND: 22 mph.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Fred Taylor, Reggie Williams, Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Reggie Brown, L.J. Smith.
  • Sit Em: Anyone who believes Jacksonville stinks.

Prediction: Eagles 19, Jaguars 17. (Jaguars +9).
Money Pick.
Correct: Jaguars 13, Eagles 6.

Texans (2-4) at Titans (1-5). Line: Titans by 3. Over-Under: 41½.
Sunday, 1:00 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Titans -4.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Titans -3.

The Game. Edge: Titans.
Injuries: Texans: OUT: RB Domanick Davis (IR), OT Charles Spencer (IR), LB Kailee Wong (PUP), CB DeMarcus Faggins, KR Jerome Mathis (PUP). QUESTIONABLE: TE Jeb Putzier, S Glenn Earl. Titans: OUT: WR David Givens, TE Erron Kinney, G Zach Piller, DE Antwan Odom, DT Albert Haynesworth (SUSP), DT Rien Long (IR). QUESTIONABLE: WR David Givens*, WR Brandon Jones, G Benji Olson, DE Travis LaBoy, CB Pac Man Jones, K Rob Bironas.

Houston hates the Titans for moving away to Tennessee. The Titans hate the Texans because they stole away all of their old fans who lived in Houston. No one else in this country really cares.

Let’s make this quick and painless. Tennessee should be able to run the ball with Travis Henry, who somehow totaled 301 rushing yards against Washington and Indianapolis. Houston is ranked 29th against the run, so his resurgence should be able to continue. This will allow Vince Young to operate freely in the pocket without much pressure in his face; the Texans have no pass rush.

Houston had success on the ground for the first time this year when Wali Lundy garnered 93 rushing yards on 19 carries against Jacksonville last week. However, I don’t expect that to happen again anytime soon. The Jaguars, who were unfocused, were missing Marcus Stroud and Mike Peterson from the lineup. Tennessee, on the other hand, will be looking to claim its first home victory this year. And since getting blown out by the Cowboys, the Titans have done a solid job against the run, limiting Clinton Portis and Dominic Rhodes to slightly more than four yards per carry.

The Titans have dominated this series, and the public is favoring the other side (57 percent on Houston as of Tuesday afternoon), so I’m sticking with the host.

The Psychology. Edge: Texans.
Neither team has playoff aspirations. That said, Tennessee swept Houston last year, so the latter could be out for revenge.

The Trends. Edge: Titans.
  • History: Titans have won 6 of the last 8 meetings.
  • Texans are 5-13 ATS after a win.
  • Opening Line: Titans -3.
  • Opening Total: 42.
  • Weather: Sunny, 68 degrees. Light wind.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: David Carr, Andre Johnson, Travis Henry.
  • Sit Em: Wali Lundy, Both Defenses.

Prediction: Titans 27, Texans 20. (Titans -3).
Correct: Titans 28, Texans 22.

Rams (4-2) at Chargers (4-2). Line: Chargers by 9½. Over-Under: 45½.
Sunday, 4:05 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Chargers -8.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Chargers -7.

The Game. Edge: Chargers.
Injuries: Rams: OUT: G Claude Terrell (IR), C Andy McCollum* (IR). Chargers: OUT: OT Roman Oben (PUP), DE Igor Olshansky, LB Steve Foley, KR Darren Sproles (IR). QUESTIONABLE: WR Malcolm Floyd, WR Vincent Jackson, LB Shawne Merriman (SUSP), LB Shaun Phillips, S Bhawoh Jue.

How great do the Rams feel right now? They didn’t even play last week, and they became the favorites to win the NFC West in the wake of Matt Hasselbeck’s injury. St. Louis should just take a few weeks off and watch Seattle players go down like flies.

In fact, that’s what I think they’re going to do. I don’t expect the Rams to give 100-percent effort this week, given what happened to Hasselbeck. But it’s not like they were going to run the ball anyway against the Chargers, whose front seven is one of the best in the league. Marc Bulger will be asked to sling the ball around, which could be hazardous to his health, given that San Diego’s front seven has accumulated 23 sacks this season. The Rams, meanwhile, have yielded 19 themselves. I won’t be surprised if Bulger is carted off the field at some point.

Marty Schottenheimer got away from running the ball with LaDainian Tomlinson last week, so I think he’ll make a strong effort to give the ball to his workhorse. The Rams are 25th against opposing ground attacks, so they’ll have to place eight men in the box. That should set up numerous play-action opportunities for Philip Rivers. I seriously doubt St. Louis’ linebackers will be able to stay with Antonio Gates.

Public perception regarding San Diego is down after its loss to Kansas City (92 percent of the money is on the Rams). This is a great spot to take the Chargers in a bounce-back scenario.

The Psychology. Edge: Chargers.
The Rams have to be feeling pretty good about themselves, given that they are tied for first in the NFC West, while the Seahawks have just lost their quarterback for an extended period of time. The Chargers? Not so good. Losing to the Chiefs cost them the lead in the AFC West.

The Trends. Edge: Chargers.
  • Rams are 10-24 ATS in road games since 2001.
  • Rams are 3-6 ATS on the road since 2005.
  • Rams are 6-17 ATS on grass since 2001.
  • Opening Line: Chargers -9.
  • Opening Total: 44.
  • Weather: Partly cloudy, 75 degrees. Light wind.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Chargers Defense.
  • Sit Em: Steven Jackson, Rams Defense.

Prediction: Chargers 34, Rams 10. (Chargers -9½).
Double Money Pick.
Correct: Chargers 38, Rams 24.

Jets (4-3) at Browns (1-5). Line: Browns by 2. Over-Under: 37.
Sunday, 4:15 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Jets -1.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Jets -3.

The Game. Edge: Jets.
Injuries: Jets: OUT: RB Curtis Martin (PUP). QUESTIONABLE: WR Laveranues Coles*, WR Tim Dwight, CB David Barrett. Browns: OUT: C LeCharles Bentley (IR), C Alonzo Ephraim, CB Gary Baxter. QUESTIONABLE: WR Dennis Northcutt, TE Kellen Winslow Jr., OT Ryan Tucker, S Brian Russell, S Brodney Pool.

Instead of sending criminals to jail, the government should just make them watch the Browns’ offense for 48 straight hours. There won’t be a crime committed in this country ever again.

Cleveland has scored more than 17 points on just one occasion this year. Charlie Frye’s passer rating is 67.3; Reuben Droughns is averaging 3.2 yards per carry, and the offensive line has surrendered 21 sacks. The Browns could find some luck running the ball, however, against the Jets, who are ranked 28th against opposing ground attacks. But given how stale Cleveland’s offense has been, the Jets could be ranked first in that department by the time this contest is over.

The Browns’ defense isn’t great, but it’s looking much better than the offense. Excluding a Week 2 drilling at Cincinnati, Cleveland has yet to allow more than 21 points to any opponent. I’m not really sure how that has transpired, given that the Browns are 30th against the run, and struggle to place pressure on opposing signal callers. New York should be able to utilize its ball-control offense to perfection, easily winning the time-of-possession battle.

New York is the obvious winner of this game, yet the Browns are favored by 1½. Furthermore, despite the fact that 84 percent of the money is on the Jets, the line has not budged. This should set off an alarm in your head. Sucker bet? Yeah, I think so.

The Psychology. Edge: Jets.
Important game for the Jets: They have a chance to improve to 5-3 going into their bye. After their week off, they play New England and Chicago. The Jets need to stockpile some wins.

The Trends. Edge: None.
  • Opening Line: Browns -1½.
  • Opening Total: 37½.
  • Weather: Possible showers, 46 degrees. HEAVY WIND: 22 mph.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Chad Pennington, Laveranues Coles, Jerricho Cotchery, Jets Defense.
  • Sit Em: Anyone who is forced to watch this dreadful game.

Prediction: Browns 10, Jets 7. (Browns -2).
Correct: Browns 20, Jets 13.

Colts (6-0) at Broncos (5-1). Line: Broncos by 2½. Over-Under: 39.
Sunday, 4:15 ET
Walter's Game of the Week

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Pick.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Pick.

The Game. Edge: None.
Injuries: Colts: OUT: FB James Mungro (IR), DT Corey Simon (IR), DT Montae Reagor, S Mike Doss (IR). QUESTIONABLE: S Bob Sanders. Broncos: OUT: OT Matt Lepsis (IR), DE Courtney Brown (IR). QUESTIONABLE: DT Gerard Warren.

I hope Mike Shanahan was awake for the Monday Night Football game between the Cowboys and the Giants, and not in a Jake Plummer-induced coma. Hopefully, Shanahan saw that Bill Parcells benched Drew Bledsoe in favor of Tony Romo. There’s still time, Mike. Only you can save the city of Denver from Plummer’s erratic play.

This is unquestionably the most important regular-season game for the Broncos this year. The Colts knock Denver out of the playoffs like there's no tomorrow, so this is definitely pay-back time. Although they acquired Anthony McFarland from Tampa Bay, Indianapolis still surrendered 4.3 yards per carry to the Redskins, who for some reason didn’t seem content with keeping it on the ground. Al Saunders’ wads of cash must have blocked the running section of his playbook. Anyway, Shanahan will give tons of carries to Tatum Bell, who will rip through Indianapolis’ undersized front seven, setting up play-action bootlegs for Jay Cutler – I mean Jake Plummer. Sorry, I thought all was well with the world for a second there.

Peyton Manning scored about 50,000 points against Denver in each playoff game, but there is one major difference that sets this contest apart from the others: Edgerrin James is no longer with the Colts. The Broncos no longer have to be focused on Indianapolis’ running game, which has been slightly above average at best. Manning will have to throw often out of long-yardage situations, which isn’t the worst thing in the world for the visitor. However, given that the Broncos have surrendered only two touchdowns this campaign, I don’t think Manning will enjoy his usual success.

As I’ve already mentioned, this game is far more important for Denver than it is for Indianapolis. The Broncos will come out with more intensity, and should lead at halftime. Whether they hold that advantage or not is up to the defense.

The Psychology. Edge: Broncos.
After getting knocked out by the Colts in the playoffs for about 5,000 years in a row, the Broncos will be out for big-time revenge in this contest. Indianapolis, meanwhile, is 6-0 and three games ahead of Jacksonville. The Colts don't need this contest.

The Trends. Edge: Broncos.
  • Broncos are 9-5 ATS in October home games since 2000.
  • Broncos are 14-5 ATS at home when the line is -3 to +3 the previous 19 instances.
  • Broncos are 1-7 ATS before back-to-back road games the previous eight instances.
  • Opening Line: Broncos -1½.
  • Opening Total: 37.
  • Weather: Sunny, 65 degrees. Light wind.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Tatum Bell, Rod Smith, Javon Walker.
  • Sit Em: Joseph Addai, Dominic Rhodes.

Prediction: Broncos 24, Colts 20. (Broncos -2½).
Money Pick.
Incorrect: Colts 34, Broncos 31.

Steelers (2-4) at Raiders (1-5). Line: Steelers by 9. Over-Under: 38½.
Sunday, 4:15 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Steelers -8½.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Steelers -7½. OR Steelers -3. (Roethlisberger)

The Game. Edge: Steelers.
Injuries: Steelers: OUT: LB James Harrison, KR Willie Reid. QUESTIONABLE: QB Ben Roethlisberger*, DT Casey Hampton, LB Clark Haggans. Raiders: OUT: QB Aaron Brooks, LB Grant Irons. QUESTIONABLE: RB LaMont Jordan, DT Warren Sapp.

I was scouring through random football message boards on Monday, when I saw a thread with some guy who said that no one in any Steelers-Raiders game should be favored by more than seven points, given that they are huge rivals. Welcome to the 21st century, pal. Oakland and Pittsburgh have played four times since 1995, with half of those meetings decided by double digits. Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t even born when Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Ken Stabler and Cliff Branch were battling each other in the playoffs every year.

It’s a shame that Al Davis can’t field a legitimate NFL team anymore because the Steelers-Raiders rivalry was one of the greatest in league history. Unfortunately, this game won’t be memorable. Oakland actually stops the run pretty well (12th in the NFL), but it can’t contain aerial attacks because of a lacking pass rush. Whether Pittsburgh’s quarterback is Ben Roethlisberger or Charlie Batch is inconsequential; the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (I refuse to call it by its new name) does not provide a hostile environment for visiting teams, while the Raiders secondary leaves much to be desired.

It’s pretty much mind-boggling that Oakland has surrendered 29 sacks this season. That means the team is on pace to allow 77, edging out Houston’s old record of 76. When you have a high school-caliber offensive line going against one of the best front sevens in all of football, you have a recipe for disaster. Given that LaMont Jordan won’t be able to do anything, here are Andrew Walter’s projected stats: four interceptions, three fumbles, eight sacks, five Randy Moss outbursts on the sideline, and one never-ending Art Shell expressionless face.

I’d consider this as my Pick of the Month if I didn’t use it already. This is a must-win for the Steelers, who will completely demolish one of the worst teams in league history.

The Psychology. Edge: Steelers.
The Raiders just won a game, so they can go back to being worthless. On the other hand, Pittsburgh needs to win this contest. Going 2-5 could spell the end for them.

The Trends. Edge: Steelers.
  • Two Roads (Loss): Current head coaches are 69-49 ATS on the road following a road loss (Bill Cowher 6-2).
  • Steelers are 20-5 ATS in October since 2000.
  • Ben Roethlisberger is 28-7 as a starter (23-12 ATS).
  • Raiders are 4-13 ATS in October since 2001.
  • Opening Line: Steelers -9.
  • Opening Total: 39.
  • Weather: Sunny, 69 degrees. Light wind.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Hines Ward, Heath Miller, Steelers Defense.
  • Sit Em: Raiders Offense and Defense, and the fact that the Raiders crushed our hopes for an 0-16 season.

Prediction: Steelers 38, Raiders 0. (Steelers -9).
Double Money Pick.
Incorrect: Raiders 20, Steelers 13.

Cowboys (3-3) at Panthers (4-3). Line: Panthers by 6. Over-Under: 41.
Sunday, 8:15 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Panthers -4.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Panthers -4.

The Game. Edge: Panthers.
Injuries: Cowboys: OUT: S Marcus Coleman (CUT). Panthers: OUT: OT Travelle Wharton (IR), LB Dan Morgan. QUESTIONABLE: RB DeAngelo Williams, LB Thomas Davis.

Because this is the Sunday night game, I have to declare that NBC’s highlight show is complete garbage compared to the NFL Primetime of yesteryear – and so is the NFL Blitz on Sportscenter. Chris Berman and Tom Jackson showed highlights of only four games last week! I’m going to make it a point to complain about this every week until ESPN realizes the grave mistake it’s making.

Speaking of complaining, I must do so to Bill Parcells. Bill, I know you’re a great coach, but you have to figure out who your quarterback is. Your choice is between a guy with the mobility of a 95-year-old man with no limbs, or a young gunslinger who looks like he has the potential to score 70 points a game – 35 for each team. Just make your decision quickly, so I can have a more decisive write-up.

Regardless, the quarterback will have to make most of the plays for the Cowboys, given that Carolina surrenders just 3.9 yards per carry. That could be a problem, seeing as how Julius Peppers will be lined up on the opposite side of Dallas’ offensive line. If Drew Bledsoe is under center, he will be sacked at least six times. If Tony Romo is calling the shots, he’ll undoubtedly be guilty of penalties and turnovers.

The Cowboys, meanwhile, are also proficient against opposing ground attacks, ranking fifth in that category. Normally, I’d say that Jake Delhomme should be able to complete a plethora of long passes to Steve Smith, but the last time these two teams clashed, Smith had only one catch for 18 yards. Fluke or great coaching? The answer will determine the outcome of this contest.

I’m not a big fan of betting on Dallas on national TV, but most of the money (78 percent as of Wednesday morning) is on the host. Besides, this battle means more to the Cowboys; they cannot afford to fall to 3-4, especially with two more road games coming up.

Note: Tony Romo is expected to start. This pick is unchanged.

The Psychology. Edge: Cowboys.
This is just a hunch, but I don't think the Panthers want to fall to 4-4 going into their bye. This is also a hunch, but I don't think Bill Parcells will allow his team to lose two in a row.

The Trends. Edge: Panthers.
  • Weak Arm: Tony Romo is 0-0 ATS on the road.
  • Panthers are 8-17 ATS as a home favorite of 3½ or more since 2001.
  • Opening Line: Panthers -4½.
  • Opening Total: 39.
  • Weather: Clear, 48 degrees. Light wind.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn, Steve Smith.
  • Sit Em: Julius Jones, DeShaun Foster.

Prediction: Panthers 20, Cowboys 17. (Cowboys +6).
Correct: Cowboys 35, Panthers 14.

Patriots (5-1) at Vikings (4-2). Line: Patriots by 2½. Over-Under: 38½.
Monday, 8:30 ET

Walt's Projected Line (Before Week 7 Games): Patriots -3.
Walt's Projected Line (After Week 7 Games): Patriots -3.

The Game. Edge: Patriots.
Injuries: Patriots: OUT: S Mel Mitchell. QUESTIONABLE: RB Kevin Faulk, TE Daniel Graham*, OT Nick Kaczur, G Russ Hochstein, G Steve Neal, DT Richard Seymour, DT Ty Warren, CB Ellis Hobbs, S Eugene Wilson. Vikings: OUT: DE Erasmus James (IR), LB Chad Greenway (IR), S Tank Williams (IR). QUESTIONABLE: WR Marcus Robinson*, WR Troy Williamson*, OT Marcus Johnson, G Artis Hicks, DE Kenechi Udeze, DT Pat Williams.

The last time the Vikings hosted a game on Monday Night Football was Nov. 19, 2001; they beat the Giants 28-16. Daunte Culpepper was a young, emerging, fumble-prone star; Randy Moss had yet to run over a police officer in his car; Cris Carter was one year away from his first retirement; and Dennis Green surprisingly did not blow a lead in that contest. I guess his anger-management councilor was actually doing a good job back then.

It took Minnesota four years to find a worthy successor for Green, but it looks like Brad Childress is that man. Childress is emphasizing the run more than Mike Tice ever did, as evidenced by Chester Taylor’s 169-yard performance at Seattle. However, the Patriots are ranked sixth against opposing ground attacks, meaning Brad Johnson will have to throw the ball often to move the chains. New England’s secondary can be exploited – it is yielding 216 passing yards per contest – but I’m not sure the Vikings have the personnel to do that.

Like the Vikings, the Patriots love to run the ball with Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney. But like New England, Minnesota is second in that category. In fact, both defenses are a bit similar; they each have allowed slightly more than 200 yards each week. The major difference between the two squads, however, is at the quarterback position. Tom Brady is obviously the superior passer, and he is finally clicking with Bill Belichick’s coupon-clipping wide receiving corps.

This seems like the third sucker bet of the week (Chiefs and Jets); 96 percent of the betting public (as of Tuesday evening) is on New England, yet the line is moving the other way. I just think this contest means more to Minnesota, given it’s been almost five years since it hosted a game on Monday night. This is the Vikings’ chance to prove to the NFL that they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

The Psychology. Edge: Vikings.
Minnesota is hosting its first Monday night home game in what seems like decades. Actually, it's probably a few years, but many of these players are new to the team (Brad Johnson, Chester Taylor, Troy Williamson, etc.). Meanwhile, New England, standing at 5-1, has Indianapolis next week.

The Trends. Edge: Patriots.
  • Two Roads (Win): Current head coaches are 62-48 ATS on the road following a road win (Bill Belichick 2-3).
  • Patriots are 16-6 ATS vs. NFC opponents since 2001.
  • Tom Brady is 73-21 as a starter (59-33 ATS).
  • Tom Brady is 7-0 ATS in domes.
  • Vikings are 9-2 ATS at home since 2005.
  • Opening Line: Patriots -2½.
  • Opening Total: 38.
  • Weather: Dome.

Fantasy Spin
  • Start Em: Tom Brady, Ben Watson, Jermaine Wiggins.
  • Sit Em: Chester Taylor.

Prediction: Vikings 24, Patriots 21. (Vikings +2½).
Money Pick.
Incorrect: Patriots 31, Vikings 7.

My Team-by-Team ATS Record
This section shows how well I do when picking each team. The purpose is to see how well I read each team. Pushes are not displayed.

Cowboys: 5-1
Eagles: 5-2
Giants: 4-2
Redskins: 4-3

Bears: 3-3
Lions: 6-1
Packers: 5-0
Vikings: 4-2

Buccaneers: 1-5
Falcons: 3-3
Panthers: 2-3
Saints: 3-3

49ers: 4-2
Cardinals: 2-5
Rams: 3-2
Seahawks: 4-2

Bills: 3-4
Dolphins: 4-2
Jets: 5-2
Patriots: 3-2

Bengals: 4-1
Browns: 1-3
Ravens: 3-3
Steelers: 3-3

Colts: 1-4
Jaguars: 2-3
Texans: 5-1
Titans: 3-2

Broncos: 1-4
Chargers: 3-3
Chiefs: 3-3
Raiders: 2-3

Divisional Games: 20-19
Trend Edge: 13-14
Game Edge: 18-22
Psychological Edge: 7-6
Double Edge: 8-9
Triple Edge: 0-1


Note: For legality purposes, this Web site does not promote or advocate gambling. This is solely for entertainment purposes only.

Last Week's NFL Picks Against The Spread (Week 21, 2013): 1-0 (+$700)
Last Week's 2-3 Unit NFL Picks (Week 21, 2013): 0-0 ($0)
Last Week's 4-5 Unit NFL Picks (Week 21, 2013): 0-0 ($0)
Last Week Over-Under (Week 21, 2013): 0-1 ($0)
Last Week's Prop/ML/Teaser/Parlay Picks (Week 21, 2013): +$300

2013 NFL Picks of the Month: 6-0, 100% (+$3,900)

2013 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 144-131-8, 52.4% (+$5,580)
2013 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 38-42, 47.5% (-$2,890)
2013 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 17-9-3, 65.4% (+$2,970)
2013 Season Over-Under: 132-130-5, 50.4% (-$340)
2013 Season Prop/ML/Teaser/Parlay Picks: +$2,245

1999 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 27-41-3 (39.7%)
2000 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 128-123-8 (51.0%)
2001 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 127-122-7 (51.0%)
2002 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 123-136-7 (47.5%)
2003 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 146-126-8 (53.7%)
2004 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 157-123-8 (56.1%)
2005 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 156-126-11 (55.3%)
2006 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 151-135-9 (52.8%)
2007 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 162-135-10, 54.5% (+$2,550)
2008 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 148-140-7, 51.4% (+$2,620)
2009 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 151-124-9, 54.9% (+$3,370)
2010 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 144-131-8, 52.4% (+$6,080)
2011 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 137-133-12, 50.7% (-$1,925)
2012 Season NFL Picks Against The Spread: 130-145-8, 47.3% (-$5,760)

2002 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 41-49-2 (45.6%)
2003 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 52-51-2 (50.5%)
2004 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 65-44-3 (59.6%)
2005 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 77-61-1 (55.8%)
2006 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 65-61-4 (51.6%)
2007 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 83-59-5, 58.5% (+$4,110)
2008 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 44-57-3, 43.6% (-$3,510)
2009 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 49-35-3, 58.3% (+$2,260)
2010 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 51-38-4, 57.3% (+$3,180)
2011 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 44-51-3, 46.3% (-$2,715)
2012 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 45-50-2, 47.4% (-$2,130)

2002 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 11-12 (47.8%)
2003 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 16-13-1 (55.2%)
2004 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 18-11 (62.1%)
2005 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 25-22-1 (53.2%)
2006 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 21-29-1 (42.0%)
2007 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 35-30-2, 53.8% (+$420)
2008 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 39-26-2, 60.0% (+$4,055)
2009 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 29-26, 52.7% (+$330)
2010 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 32-22, 59.3% (+$4,790)
2011 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 14-14, 50.0% (-$1,260)
2012 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 14-21, 40.0% (-$3,650)

2001 Season Over-Under: 3-2 (60.0%)
2002 Season Over-Under: 121-91-3 (57.1%)
2003 Season Over-Under: 126-132-2 (48.8%)
2004 Season Over-Under: 139-124-4 (52.9%)
2005 Season Over-Under: 117-145-4 (44.7%)
2006 Season Over-Under: 129-132-5 (49.4%)
2007 Season Over-Under: 136-145-3, 48.4% (-$1,900)
2008 Season Over-Under: 137-125-6, 52.3% (+$860)
2009 Season Over-Under: 128-135-4, 48.7% (-$3,195)
2010 Season Over-Under: 128-135-5, 48.7% (-$5)
2011 Season Over-Under: 131-131-5, 50.0% (+$135)
2012 Season Over-Under: 125-121-5, 50.8% (+$30)

2007 Season Prop/ML/Teaser/Parlay Picks: +$1,035
2008 Season Prop/ML/Teaser/Parlay Picks: +$1,775
2009 Season Prop/ML/Teaser/Parlay Picks: +$865
2010 Season Prop/ML/Teaser/Parlay Picks: -$200
2011 Season Prop/ML/Teaser/Parlay Picks: +$590
2012 Season Prop/ML/Teaser/Parlay Picks: -$1,685

2006 NFL Picks of the Month: 3-3 (50%)
2007 NFL Picks of the Month: 3-3, 50.0% (-$400)
2008 NFL Picks of the Month: 6-1, 85.7% (+$3,720)
2009 NFL Picks of the Month: 3-2, 60.0% (+$640)
2010 NFL Picks of the Month: 2-4, 33.3% (-$1,810)
2011 NFL Picks of the Month: 5-2, 71.4% (+$1,870)
2012 NFL Picks of the Month: 3-2, 60.0% (+$560)

Career NFL Picks Against The Spread: 2,022-1,851-112, 52.2% (+$12,405)
Career 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 649-587-31 (52.5%)
Career 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 270-234-10 (53.6%)
Career Over-Under: 1541-1537-46 (50.1%)
Career Second-Half NFL Picks: 22-14-1 (61.1%)
Career NFL Picks of the Month: 30-16 (65.2%)

My Team-by-Team ATS Record
This section shows how well I do when picking each team this year. The purpose is to see how well I read each team. Pushes are not displayed. Winning/losing streak in parentheses.

Cowboys: 9-7
Bears: 7-7
Bucs: 8-8
49ers: 8-9
Eagles: 7-10
Lions: 11-5
Falcons: 5-10
Cardinals: 10-5
Giants: 7-9
Packers: 8-8
Panthers: 8-9
Rams: 7-9
Redskins: 9-7
Vikings: 7-9
Saints: 13-4
Seahawks: 9-10
Bills: 12-4
Bengals: 8-8
Colts: 11-6
Broncos: 8-11
Dolphins: 11-5
Browns: 3-13
Jaguars: 7-8
Chargers: 11-6
Jets: 8-8
Ravens: 9-6
Texans: 10-5
Chiefs: 6-11
Patriots: 10-8
Steelers: 6-10
Titans: 5-7
Raiders: 9-7
Divisional: 51-44 (2011-12: 90-93)
2x Game Edge: 14-22 (2011-12: 41-40)
2x Psych Edge: 35-26 (2011-12: 57-54)
2x Vegas Edge: 40-38 (2011-12: 89-104)
2x Trend Edge: 24-23 (2011-12: 48-55)
Double Edge: 9-10 (2011-12: 17-23)
Triple Edge: 1-0 (2011-12: 1-1)
Quad Edge: 0-0 (2011: 0-0)

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