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NFC East / NFC North / NFC South / NFC West
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NFC East / NFC North / NFC South / NFC West
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NFC East / NFC North / NFC South / NFC West
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NFC East

It's pretty obvious that the Redskins will win the divison. They dont have an excellent quarterback; they have two. Their recievers are outstanding. LeVar Arrington, Chris Samuels, Bruce Smith and Deion Sanders will fill in holes from 1999. If Stephen Davis isnt a one year wonder, Washington will go all the way this season. The rest of the NFC East (or Least I should say) is pretty iffy. The Giants are definatley on the rise behind revived QB Kerry Collins. Ron Dayne should add a needed running game, and Tiki Barber plus the Giant reciever corps arent bad to throw at. The losses of Percy Ellsworth and Charles Way will probably keep the Giants out of the playoffs. They will finish 2nd. The Eagles should fall next in the division. If Donovan McNabb improves a lot and Staley stays healthy, this offense should break out of the cellar. They still badly need a reciever. With some luck, this team could see the playoffs, but injuries will probably prevent that. Dallas was struck by the injury bug, followed by the free agency flu. Michael Irvin, Randall Godfrey and Deion Sanders are gone. Emmitt Smith and Joey Galloway should win about 7 or 8 games for Dallas. Look for Randall Cunningham to play for the often injured Aikman. Arizona will probably finish last. Goodbye Vince Tobin. Jake Plummer will probably be benched for too many INTs. Thomas Jones will be the only sort of bright spot on this offense. The loss of Eric Swann will soften the defense.

NFC Central

Tampa Bay will win this division. Keyshawn Johnson should help out 2nd year QB Shaun King and the Bucs passing offense. Although their prolific defense lost stud linebacker Hardy Nickerson, they are still one of the best. The revamped offensive line should protect King and help Mike Alsott and Warrick Dunn run the ball. If Shaun King plays great, the Bucs could challenge the Redskins in the NFC Championship. Despite being 28th in the NFL in rushing, the Lions made the playoffs last year. With James Stewart, the Lions could be going for 10 wins. It depends if Charlie Batch can stay healthy; something he is not too good at. Detroit will grab 2nd place. Kid Cade will be the starter in Chicago. With recievers such as Marcus Robinson, Eddie Kennison and Bobby Engram to throw to, he should have a great season. Da Bears' defense was pretty good last year, and should be better with the addition of Brian Urlacher and R.W. McQuarters. One thing that is crying for help is the running game. Curtis Enis averaged a whopping 3.2 yards per carry last season, and without at least an average running game, the Bears wont see the playoffs. Brett Favre is having tendonitis in his elbows again. Combined with the fact that they have a new coach (seems a lot like last year), Green Bay should be good for seven, maybe eight wins. Rookie Bubba Franks was drafted to take the place of Mark Chmura; something that will not be easily accomplished. The Packers just dont have the weapons they had in Mike Holmgren's days. Like the Cowboys, the Minnesota Vikings lost many players to free agency. Jeff Christy, Jake Reed, Andy Glover, Randall Cunningham, Jeff George and Randall McDaniel to name a few. Bryce Paup should help a little bit. Daunte Culpepper is a rookie all over again, and it wont be easy despite having Randy Moss and Chris Carter to throw at. Chicago and Minnesota should both see about seven wins.

NFC West

The Rams are the third team (Tampa Bay, Washington) that will make a run for a Super Bowl appearence. 20 out of the 22 starters are still intact. Yes, all the weapons the Rams had are still there. Even if Kurt Warner was a one year wonder, they still have Trent Green as a backup. If the Rams and Redskins play in the NFC Championship, watch it. It will be a good game. Next in the standings will be my surprise team of the season, the Saints. For the last two seasons a surprise team has come out of the woodworks and into the Super Bowl from this division (Atlanta, St. Louis). The Saints should be the third if Ricky Williams and Jeff Blake stay healthy. The Saints made major offseason moves, signing Jake Reed, Jeff Blake, Andy Glover, Kevin Mathis and Joe Horn. Look for New Orleans to win 10 games this year, a major turnaround from last years' 3 wins. Carolina should come next. If Steve Beurelein puts up numbers like he did last year, they could finish second in the West. Chuck Smith should help this mediocre defense, but the big question is if Natrone Means can excel his inconsistency. The Atlanta Dirty Birds have the biggest question mark of them all. Chris Chandler might be too old to come back from injuries, but you never know... Jamal Anderson could rush anywhere from 700 to 1600 yards this season; it all depends on how he comes back from injury. Chuck Smith and Lester Archambeau are gone. Can the Dirty Bird defense hold up without them? I do not expect Atlanta to fully come back. Not this season. Look for about seven wins. The 49ers will be bad for quite some time. Steven Young and Charles Haley are gone. With 15 or more rookies on this roster, this team should be worse the Browns. Three wins if pushed......

AFC Eest

R.I.P. Fred Lane. The team that will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl will most likely be the Colts. They made no key acquisitions or losses during the offseason. They just look for Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison to develop together. Not bad for a 13-3 team last season. Look for Manning to have 4,000+ passing yards. James should have 2,000+ total yards. Harrison should have close to 2,000 recieving yards. If young recievers such as Jerome Pathon and E.G. Green continue to develop, Peyton Manning will be unstoppable. Barring any major injuries, the Colts will be in the big game. What was once a super divison is now a dismal division. With a healthy Vinny Testaverde, The New York Jets should finish second in this division. The losses of Keyshawn Johnson and Steve Atwater are big, but rookie defensive end Shaun Ellis will be good. The scary thing about this team is that once Vinny Testaverde's career is over, Chad Pennington's begins. Sounds like the 49ers from back in the day. Although they lost Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed and Sam Gash to free agency, the Bills should finish third in their division. Why? Rob Johnson. It is not known, but over the last three season, Rob Johnson has had a quarterback rating of over 110. Look for Johnson to step up and be one of the elite QBs in the league. The Patriots should come next. They only lost 2 somewhat key free agents. There are two factors that will determine this team's performance. One is if Drew Bledsoe can keep his interception total down. On paper Drew looks like Jake Plummer's older brother. The second factor is if running back Robert Edwards can make a solid appearence sometime during the season. Otherwise, they'll have to settle with J.R. Redmond, a third round pick who may pan out. This team will not see the playoffs if both factors aren't met. Next should be the Dolphins. Dan Marino out, career backup Jay Fiedler in. Yatil Green out, over payed Bert Emanuel in. Abdul Kareem Al Jabbar out, old man Thurman Thomas in. Plus, they lost Kevin Gogan and Stanley Pritchett with no replacements for them.

AFC Central

1999 AFC Champion Tennessee will win this division. This is basically the same team that was a yard short of winning the Super Bowl last year. (Plus Randall Godfrey, Minus Jon Runyan). If Steve McNair, Eddie George and Jevon Kearse stay healthy, this team will challenge the Colts in the AFC Championship game. Oh yeah... I forgot that they added superstar reciever Carl Pickens. Oops. The Jaguars will come next. This team lost James Stewart, who gave Fred Taylor some relief. Hardy Nickerson should cancel out the loss of Bryce Paup, but they also lost Regan Upshaw. A rookie starting at center could spell disaster especially with the often injured Mark Brunell. The Jags will challenge to win or may win this division, but I'm putting my money on the Titans. Last year's 8-8 Ravens improved greatly and may win ten or eleven games this year. Signing Shannon Sharpe without really losing anyone to free agency was big. Rookies Jamaal Lewis and Travis Taylor should fit in well with this offense and will give Tony Banks more weapons. Tony looks like he fits in well in this offense, and if he doesnt screw up (like he has throughout his young career) this team may (surprise) win this division. The rest of this division sucks. The hold out Bengals should finish fourth. If Corey Dillon decides not to be a spoiled brat, then the Bengals will be a lot better. Without him, they will win around five games. Akili Smith will have Peter Warrick and Ron Dugans to throw to. Their defense still sucks, but their offense looks much better. The Steelers, although they have a better team than the Bengals, have Kordell Stewart at quarterback, so they will once again be terrible. Look for Kent Graham to step in at QB in the middle of the season. Kordell should play reciever. Pittsburgh will not score this season. The Bus seems to be broken down. Rookie Plaxico Burress is good, but he will have nothing to catch (see Terrell Owens). Last years' expansion team, the Cleveland Browns will finish last. However, there seems to be the start of something good in the works. Tim Couch and Kevin Johnson seem to be developing nicely together. Darrin Chiaverini made an impact at the end of last season. Courtney Brown will probably win defensive rookie of the year. Errict Rhett, although not a Super Bowl back, will bring stability to that position. Give this team one more year.

AFC West

This division now surpasses the NFC East as the worst division in football. The leader of the pack seems to be the Seahawks. If Jon Kitna plays like he did at the beginning of the 1999 season, the Hawks will have no problem winning this division, even though the Seahawks lost Joey Galloway. If not, they will barely win it like last year. It will be interesting to see when Shaun Alexander replaces the aging Ricky Watters. The Broncs' 6-10 1999 season happened because Terrell Davis was injured and John Elway retired. If Terrell comes back 100%, the Broncos should do well. Their quaterback situation is still questionable. Brian Griese, although young, was unstable last year. Gus Frerotte played well for Charlie Batch last season and coach Shanahan won't hesistate to use him. The Broncos did lose Shannon Sharpe and Neil Smith. If Jon Kitna messes up in Seattle, this team will win the division. It's the do or die season for John Gruden in Oakland. If he goes 8-8 again (or worse), he'll be fired. I say die. They signed Regan Upshaw, but lost Russell Maryland in the process. Unless Rich Gannon and Tyrone Wheatly have dynamic seasons, another 8 win season looks to be in the works. I feel sorry for the Chargers. They put all their hopes into Ryan Leaf, and look what he has done. I think he might be related to Corey Dillon and Carl Pickens (the brat pack). If Ryan Leaf settles down this year, San Diego might have some hope in the immediate future, but not this year. I dont know who is going to run the ball, or what Curtis Conway will catch, but their defense led by Junior Seau is supreme. This team should win 6 games, all won by their defense. Last will be Kansas City. Although they always seem to exceed expectations, a 9-7 team who's defensive leader (Derrick Thomas) and special teams leader (Tamarick Vanover) are gone. Not to mention Joe Horn and Reggie Tounge hitting the road. Anything above 6 wins would be remarkable.

NFC Playoff Picture

The top two teams will recieve byes. The Bucs will destroy the Lions. The Cinderella Saints will beat the Panthers in a close game. The Redskins will beat the Bucs in a close game. The Rams will kill the Saints, ending their surprise season. The Redskins will beat the Rams in a high powered shoot-out. Redskins to the Super Bowl.

AFC Playoff Picture

The top two teams will recieve byes. The Jags will barely beat the Ravens, and the Broncos will upset the Jets. The Colts will destroy the Broncos. The Jaguars will upset the Titans, the opposite of what happened last year. The Colts will beat the Jags in a close game. Colts to the Super Bowl.

2000 All-Walter Team (Offense)
QBs: Peyton Manning and Steve McNair.

HBs: Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James.

FB: Mike Alstott.

WR: Marvin Harrison, Keyshawn Johnson, Muhsin Muhammad.

TE: Tony Gonzalez

It's obvious that Peyton Manning will have a good year, but why did I pick Steve McNair over Mark Brunell, Brad Johnson, Kurt Warner, etc? Air McNair had a great year last year. He led the Titans to the Super Bowl with his superior running game. This year, he has Carl Pickens to throw to. McNair is now a complete two way QB threat. Edgerrin James and Marshall Faulk will lead halfbacks this year. Their talent to catch passes is what seperates them from other running backs. Mike Alstott is the best fullback in the game. Marvin Harrison is in a high powered offense; Keyshawn Johnson is the only good reciever in sight for maturing quarterback Shaun King; Mushin Muhammad will once again carry the load as Patrick Jeffers is out for the whole season, plus he catches passes from Pro Bowl QB Steve Beurelein. I thought about putting Jimmy Smith on this list, but Mark Brunell gets injured too often. Tony Gonzalez is the best tight end in the NFL.

2000 All-Walter Surprise Team (Offense)
QBs: Jeff Blake and Tony Banks.

HBs: Curtis Enis and Errict Rhett.

FB: Cecil Martin.

WR: Kevin Dyson, Jeff Graham, E.G. Green.

TE: Byron Chamberlain

Every year it seems that certain players step up and have surprise years. This is who I think will have that kind of year:
Jeff Blake and Tony Banks are finally on teams with revamped offenses. They might have a Kurt Warneresque type of season if their supporting cast stays healthy. Curtis Enis may be a threat if Kid Cade McNown can get the job done. The passing game will open up for Curtis Enis to run more efficently. The same can be said for Errict Rhett if Tim Couch preforms well. Cecil Martin is the starting fullback in Philly and has been working hard all offseason. Martin, who blocked for Ron Dayne in college will look for success by blocking for Duce Staley. Kevin Dyson and Jeff Graham are now #2 recievers, but this may be a good thing for them. Defenders will pay less attention to them and this may lead to a very productive year for both of them. E.G. Green could be a gem in Indy if he gets better. He might be a great compliment to Marvin Harrison if he worked hard in the offseason. Byron Chamberlain is the TE now in Denver and if the Broncos find a stable QB, Chamberlain will have a good year.
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