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KIng Smitty's Power Loving
Published at 5/19/2017 5:10:35 PM

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Millen  Bill



The Champs are the champs until somebody beats them. Brady may be 40 but with Brandin Cooks and a healthy Gronk their offense will kill it again. Then the defense will shut everything down in the playoffs just like they always do.



They made it last year and no reason to think they won't again this year. #1 offense in the NFL with a good young defense.



Could have challenged the Patriots is Carr was healthy. Improved in the offseason. Should content for a title this year but fall short.



2nd best QB in the league. He carried them down the stretch last year. Does the defense have enough to make it to the super bowl?



As long as Big Ben is healthy and Bell stays on the field they can score with anyone. Will their defense improve enough to win a super bowl?



Great young offense, they needed to add more outside weapons and the defense is okay. great regular season again, quick playoff exit.



Very solid team that if they can stay healthy at RB could make a run. Can Stafford carry them in clutch moments?



Good young QB and probably the best offseason of any team. Playoffs here we come!



Great QB, still no offensive line. Defense is not what it used to be.

10 TBB


Good young team with a good QB that is improving. Is counting on Doug Martin wise at RB?

11 KCC


Very solid team and they reached for a potential starting QB in a year or two to continue to be successful. Doesn't change anything for this year.

12 NYG


Manning is getting old, Marshall will not help the offense enough nor with Engram. They defense carried them, they had a slim margin of victory in a lot of game.

13 PHI


They looked great with Lane Johnson in the lineup. They still have a young QB and nothing at RB. Playoffs? yes, deep run, No

14 MIA


Miami is a solid overall team, did they improve enough to be anything more than we make the playoffs and lose team?

15 IND


Great QB in Luck, good weapons, not sure they improved the OL enough. Nice defensive free agents but I doubt it makes a huge difference overall.

16 MIN


Bradford to be accurate and throw short passes. The RB position has improved but is it enough to make a deep playoff run?......No

17 BUF


Can Taylor focus after ownership showed no hope in him? Will Zay Jones be healthy enough to help at WR? can McCoy still carry a team?

18 DEN


Still no clear solution at QB.

19 WAS


Their QB situation seems to be a mess, they have unproven WR's. can they have 2 magical seasons in a row?

20 ARI


Palmer and their WR's are old, their defense continues to get worse. Their super bowl days have passed.

21 NOS


Same story, great offense, terrible defense, 8-8 season.

22 CAR


They still don't have OT's that can protect and their secondary is poor. The did add to solid rookie offensive weapons but is it enough?

23 CIN


Will their young offensive line step up? Where they have tons of injuries? Can Dalton be a top notch QB?.......Nope

24 HOU


They had a terrible offense last year and one horribly negative point differential even though the made the playoffs in the weakest division in the NFL. They have a rookie QB that was a mega reach in the 1st round.

25 SDC


Will anything really every change for the Chargers? Preseason "they will make the playoffs and are a sleeper Super Bowl team"; Middle of the season "they have had many close loses"; end of the season "riddled by injuries"

26 BAL


They have a good QB but no RB, OL, WR and their defense is old and no longer dominating.

27 JAC


Blake Bortles doesn't care about football. They might have a great RB now but their OL is average and their defense is okay. I see no reason to think 2017 will be any different.

28 CLE


The Browns had another good draft but they haven't made enough changes at key positions to make a huge impact in the wins and loses category.

29 CHI


The Bears are a mess at QB, their offensive tackles aren't good and their defense is average.

30 LA


Goff was possibly the worst NFL rookie QB of all time. Their offense will once again be terrible.

31 SFO


They have no quarterback, not they are counting on a 4th round rookie RB to start and their defense stinks. Great 1st round draft in 2017 but it will take a while to rebuild.

32 NYJ


The Jets are terrible, they have no quarterback, running game, nor wide receivers. Their offense will be bad.

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