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Top Projected Wide Receiver by Mocks

Here is a positional cross section of the analysis users have submitted in their 2014 mock drafts. In short, what is being said per key position. Who are the top 10 at this position and what is being said about them...

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Wide Receiver
10 Most Commonly Picked Players
Sammy Watkins, WR , Clemson , Jr  -  Appears on 5498 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
Not the most pressing need, but he is the most explosive player in the draft. To put him alongside Vincent Jackson wouldn't be a bad idea.
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Mike Evans, WR , Texas A&M , RS Soph  -  Appears on 5449 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
Hakeem Nicks is a gonner. This is a wide receiver-deep draft, and Evans should be able to replace Nicks' production almost right away, with higher upside as well.
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Marqise Lee, WR , USC (Southern California) , Jr  -  Appears on 5293 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
This is a perfect fit. The chiefs have a number one WR and need some more offensive fire power, while Lee is not a #1 target yet, but can provide firepower for this chiefs offense.
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Odell Beckham, WR , LSU , Jr  -  Appears on 4441 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
Manziel, Gordon, Cameron, Bess, and a stout defense.... and now Beckham Jr! That is a lot of offensive explosiveness right there. Beckham doesn't have the greatest hands in this draft class, but he's a playmaker
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Kelvin Benjamin, WR , Florida State , RS Soph  -  Appears on 4197 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The Panthers need a WR. He's the one with the most physical tools to work with. He's got a chance to be great if he can work on some of his quirks and polish the rougher points to his game.
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Brandin Cooks, WR , Oregon State , Jr  -  Appears on 3610 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
Malcolm Floyd is mess, Keenan Allen needs a compliment and Cooks would fit the bill.
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Allen Robinson, WR , Penn State , Jr  -  Appears on 2255 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The Rams have taken tackle, safety, and now hit their 3rd top need.
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Jordan Matthews, WR , Vanderbilt , Sr  -  Appears on 1379 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The Browns need an upgrade across from Josh Gordon to alleviate some double teams, or at least make them pay for it. Matthews presents a solid #2 to help new QB Manziel.
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Cody Latimer, WR , Indiana , Jr  -  Appears on 948 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The 49ers plan to bring back A. Boldin, but he's a possesion WR. V. Davis is the only speed element the 49ers have and they could use another WR who can consistently get open. Latimer is not the best WR available in my opinion, but he fits what the 49ers need, which is a speedy WR who also has size to block and catch contested passes. Latimer is also getting a lot of buzz among scouts and NFL draft personnel.
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Davante Adams, WR , Fresno State , RS Soph  -  Appears on 920 mock drafts
Featured Writeup:
The Bucs need support for their new QB in Bortles or McCown.
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