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5 QBs going in 2018 First Round
Published at 1/7/2018
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First, let's check out the teams who are true QB needy teams. Don't be surprised if it's half the league; QB is the most important position and it's damn hard to find a quality one. This list is in no particular order. 

1. New England Patriots - Sure, Tom Brady is superhuman...but even Brett Favre only lasted to 41. New England traded Garoppolo and they need someone to replace Brady when he is FINALLY gone. Don't think New England isn't thinking about that. 

2. Pittsburgh Steelers - I know I'm listing Super Bowl contenders here but the NFL churns on and Big Ben considered retirement this past offseason. He's only 35 and he's playing fantastically surrounded by a great team. I'm not saying he's going anywhere anytime soon but they're gonna be looking at QBs. 

3. Cleveland Browns - Duh. 

4. Cincinnati Bengals - Dalton isn't working out. Sure, his team has been decimated by injuries for 2 years and he hasn't been the guy he was with Hue Jackson. A lot of talk happens about A.J. McCarron but why hasn't he beaten out Dalton this past year? Cincy will be scouting QBs. 

5. Jacksonville Jaguars - I have been a staunch Bortles defender for a while but I just watched the game against Buffalo. Goddamn. That first half was atrocious and he didn't fix the passing problems in the second half. He just ran the ball. The best thing that can be said about him is that he didn't turn the ball over. 

6. New York Giants - I love Eli. I am a longtime Giants fan and Eli has added 2 Super Bowl trophies to a proud franchise. His contributions can't be overlooked. But I think the Giants would be best served by drafting Lamar Jackson second overall and letting him learn behind Eli for a year. You gotta learn HOW to be a NFL QB by one of the most respected men in the league and I think Eli would be a phenomenal mentor to a young guy. Also, New York would get a nice change with Jackson, who can run the damn ball. 

7. Arizona Cardinals - Carson Palmer retired. 

8. New York Jets - Duh. 

9. Buffalo Bills - The Bills will be moving on from Tyrod Taylor this offseason. 

10. Washington Redskins - Kirk Cousins has proven he's not a franchise QB. He'll be a hot commodity in the offseason for another team but he's never gonna have post-season success in this league. 

11. L.A. Chargers - Kind of like every other team with a 2004 first round QB, the Chargers should be looking towards the future after Philip Rivers. 

12. New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees will be 39 in a week. He's a phenomenal QB but the big 40 for QBs is the same as the big 30 for RBs. 

13. Minnesota Vikings - Sure, Case Keenum has had a Cinderella season...but he's been heavily supported by Latavius Murray and Minnesota's defense. It's called a Cinderella season for a reason. It won't happen again and Keenum is not the future. Idk if Sam Bradford will be there next year as the former number 1 pick has a body verging on a robot's at this point. Having had 3 knee surgeries myself, I know how different your body feels after any surgery and it not only gets in your head, but can affect your body's instincts because of the nerve changes.  

14. Denver Broncos - I would like to note, for the record, that I knew Paxton Lynch was too stupid to be an NFL QB before he was drafted. I live in Denver and I listen to their sports radio and all those analysts have been so disappointed in Lynch, which is wrong if you've ever listened to him talk. Same thing with JaMarcus Russell. Some people win the genetic lottery but don't have enough brains in their head to process as fast and as much as they need to as an NFL QB. 

Now there are obviously more and less desperate teams on this list and the offseason retirement decisions, any postseason injuries, and free agency will affect this. Because of the position and MASSIVE need by teams to find THEIR guy, I guarantee 5 QBs being drafted in the first round. They are (again in no particular order): 

1. Josh Rosen
2. Sam Darnold
3. Baker Mayfield
4. Josh Allen
5. Lamar Jackson

All 5 of these guys won't work out. My bets are that Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and Lamar Jackson will go on to be successful starters while Rosen and Allen will bust for various reasons. (Rosen because he's an ass and Allen because he's not accurate enough, most likely.) 

I'm not going to speculate where guys are going in this post because so much hinges on where Alex Smith, Kirk Cousins, and Tyrod Taylor land in the offseason.

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