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I've been posting NFL Free Agent Rumors, NFL Draft Rumors and NFL Fantasy Rumors daily on each page. These are listed per team, so click on each link if you're interested in seeing all of the rumors from your favorite team.

However, I received a suggestion to post all of the latest rumors in a daily format for those interested in multiple teams. That's what I've done on this new NFL Rumors page. Follow @walterfootball for NFL Rumors Updates.

Arizona Cardinals:
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8/17: Bruce Arians questioned John Brown's ability to keep playing with the Cardinals because of his sickle-cell trait. -
Arians said Brown would have to fully recover and then even talked about replacing him. I liked Brown as a sleeper, but I would now recommend J.J. Nelson instead in light of Arians' comments. -Walter

8/15: John Brown was reportedly back from a quad injury, but said he's not going to rush back. -
Brown said he's using caution to return, so he won't play in the second preseason game. Brown is being smart by being patient, but this is a reminder that he's fragile. I've liked Brown this year, but it would be crazy not to acknowledge that he comes with substantial risk. -Walter

7/28: John Brown will be out a week or so with a quad injury. - Kent Somers, AZ Central
It's a shame to hear this news because Brown was reportedly in great shape. A quad may not be a big deal at all, but soft-tissue injuries have been known to linger, especially in receivers. -Walter

7/25: John Brown has added 12 pounds of muscle this offseason. - Josh Weinfuss, ESPN
It's nice to see Brown working extremely hard following his worst year in the pros, which was mired by injuries. Brown is a great buy-low candidate despite Carson Palmer's regression. -Walter

5/17: Carson Palmer told the media that John Brown looks stronger and more explosive. -
Brown was sick all last year with a sickle-cell issue, so he seems poised to have a bounce-back 2017 campaign. The only issue is whether Palmer will keep regressing. Check out our 2017 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings. -Walter

Atlanta Falcons:
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6/19: Matt Ryan told the media that Austin Hooper has "improved exponentially" this offseason. -
Hooper's ADP is absurdly low at 14.01. He has great athleticism and plays in a high-powered offense, so the sky is the limit for him in his sophomore campaign. -Walter

Baltimore Ravens:
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8/18: Joe Flacco will remain sidelined through next week. - Jamison Hensley, ESPN
John Harbaugh said he has no timetable for Flacco's return. It still seems as though Flacco will play in Week 1, but Ryan Mallett starting the opener can't be discounted. The Ravens have done a poor job of making sure there's a contingency plan for Flacco. -Walter

8/1: Breshad Perriman injured his hamstring during Tuesday's practice. -
Here we go again. There's no word on how serious this injury is, but it's yet another case of Perriman getting hurt. He's unreliable and shouldn't be drafted prior to the final rounds. -Walter

7/26: Joe Flacco could be out 1-6 weeks because of a back problem. -
Jeremy Maclin is the top fantasy player could be affected by this. Flacco could be just fine - I discussed this in the NFL Disaster Grades page - but there's still some risk with all Baltimore players now. -Walter

7/25: Kenneth Dixon is out 6-8 weeks with meniscus surgery. - Jeff Zrebiec, Baltimore Sun
Dixon is suspended for four games, so he may not miss any games because of the injury. However, there have to be durability concerns, as Dixon has had three knee injuries in the past year. -Walter

6/8: The Ravens and Jets have had trade talks regarding Eric Decker. - Albert Breer, MMQB
If these teams strike a deal, it'll be interesting to see what the Ravens surrender, given that New York's trade value for Decker took a hit when there was a leaked report about him being cut or dealt by the end of the week. -Walter

6/7: The Ravens are leaning toward Eric Decker over Jeremy Maclin. - Jamison Hensley, ESPN
These players are rated identically in my NFL Free Agent Wide Receiver Rankings, and I imagine that teams would split over whom they'd favor. The Bills appear to be closing in on Maclin, making the Ravens the likely favorites to land Decker if/when he's released. -Walter

5/25: Danny Woodhead is practicing fully. - Ryan Mink,
Woodhead tore his ACL in Week 2, but he appears to be completely recovered. He'll be a nice PPR target as a big part of Baltimore's offense. Remember, Kenneth Dixon is suspended for the first four games of the season. Check out our Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings, which were updated today. -Walter

Buffalo Bills:
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8/14: Jordan Matthews is out for several weeks with a chipped sternum. -
Matthews suffered the injury 15 minutes into his first practice with the Bills. Given that Matthews won't be able to acclimate himself into the offense, he'll have a steep learning curve. I wouldn't draft him right now as a result. Zay Jones, meanwhile, looks more appealing. -Walter

6/15: Sammy Watkins took the majority of the snaps during Wednesday's practice. - John Kryk, Toronto Sun
This is a great sign for Watkins, who was battling an injury. Unfortunately, Watkins is very unreliable, so even this good news needs to be taken with a grain of salt. -Walter

6/8: Sammy Watkins and Zay Jones returned to practice this week. - Joe Buscaglia, WKBW Buffalo
Watkins still isn't out of the woods, as he could aggravate his troublesome foot. However, Jones' quick recovery is very encouraging. He'll move up a bit in the 2017 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings soon. -Walter

6/6: Jeremy Maclin is visiting the Bills. - Adam Schefter, ESPN
The fit makes sense, as the Bills need a receiver with Sammy Watkins injured, and Maclin would reunite with LeSean McCoy and Sean McDermott. Unfortunately, this is not great from a fantasy perspective. Here are three other teams that make sense for Jeremy Maclin. -Walter

6/4: LeSean McCoy told the media that he's been recruiting Jeremy Maclin to play for the Bills. -
Maclin must be hoping he has better suitors than a middling team with a meddlesome owner. I listed the Bills as one of the four teams that make sense for Jeremy Maclin. Sammy Watkins and Zay Jones are both hurt, and it doesn't seem like Watkins will be around for much longer anyway. Plus, Maclin would be reunited with both McCoy and Sean McDermott. -Walter

5/18: Zay Jones is week-to-week with a knee sprain. -
Both Buffalo wide receivers are hurt, as Sammy Watkins is missing time with a foot issue. Jones should be ready for training camp, but as a rookie, he needs all the reps he can get. -Walter

Carolina Panthers:
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7/27: Curtis Samuel strained his hamstring in practice. - Bill Voth, Black and Blue Review
This isn't a new phenomenon for Samuel, as he dealt with hamstring woes throughout the summer. Despite Carolina's receiving corps being weak, Samuel is not any sort of fantasy factor this year. -Walter

7/26: Kelvin Benjamin is looking lean and quick right now. - Joe Person, Charlotte Observer
Benjamin reportedly showed up at 280 pounds earlier in the offseason, but he trimmed down and is now looking spry. Benjamin is tough to trust, but he's no longer the sure bust he appeared to be back in May. -Walter

7/10: Ron Rivera told the media that Cam Newton will run less this season. -
This was the plan, as the Panthers added some offensive weapons around Newton this offseason. Newton will still pick up plenty of rushing yardage, but his totals in that regard should be a bit down this year. -Walter

6/19: Kelvin Benjamin has worked himself into shape. - Joe Person, Charlotte Observer
There were reports earlier in the offseason that Benjamin was 280 pounds. That apparently is not the case anymore, but Benjamin isn't out of the woods yet. Benjamin had similar sloth-like issues last offseason and got into shape, but had issues during real action. Benjamin will move up in the Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings, but I'm cautious about him. -Walter

5/18: Kelvin Benjamin told the media that he knows he needs to be in the best shape of his life. -
Benjamin showed up to workouts at 280 pounds, reportedly, but he apparently been working out harder to lose weight. Our Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings are available here. -Walter

5/1: Kelvin Benjamin has shown up to pre-draft workouts at 280 pounds. - Dov Kleiman, NFL reporter
If Benjamin has aspirations to become an offensive tackle, he hasn't informed anyone about it. Just 15-20 more pounds, Kelvin, you're almost there! In all seriousness, Benjamin has been overweight before, but never like this. Coincidentally, the Panthers drafted a receiver and haven't picked up his fifth-year option yet. Benjamin might have some late-round value because of this - he'll be avoided in most drafts - but he shouldn't be chosen early at all until he gets his weight under control. -Walter

Chicago Bears:
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7/31: Kevin White has been struggling with confidence in practice. - Rich Campbell, Chicago Tribune
Not with girls, or anything, but he reportedly doesn't trust his twice-surgically repaired leg. White had received positive press earlier in the offseason, but this is an obvious setback for his fantasy outlook. -Walter

6/16: Kevin White is at "full speed." - Rich Campbell, Chicago Tribune
White has struggled to stay healthy, playing four of 32 potential games in his career thus far. However, it sounds like he's 100 percent now, so he's worth a shot at his 12.01 ADP. -Walter

5/14: John Fox praised Kevin White's offseason. -
Fox called White "very healthy" and said that he has been working very hard this spring. White completely bombed last year, but that could mean that he might provide a ton of value late in fantasy drafts this summer. With Alshon Jeffery gone, he's the No. 1 receiver. Our 2017 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings are updated. -Walter

Cincinnati Bengals:
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7/26: John Ross is sidelined with an injured shoulder and happens to be a few weeks away from doing anything. - Geoff Hobson,
Ross needs reps as a rookie, but isn't getting them. He may have a small role on offense to kick off the season as a result. -Walter

7/24: All indications are that Tyler Eifert will be ready for training camp. - Jim Owczarski, Cincinnati Enquirer
This is quite the surprise, as earlier reports said that Eifert could miss a few games. The Bengals need all the help they can get after losing their two best offensive linemen. -Walter

6/15: Joe Mixon has looked like a "beast." - Albert Breer, MMQB
That's hardly a surprise, as Mixon was a top-10 talent who fell because of his infamous incident. With Jeremy Hill being lackluster and Giovani Bernard recovering from a torn ACL, it's not out of the question that Mixon could be the starter Week 1. He'll be moving up the Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings. -Walter

6/13: John Ross may not be ready for the start of training camp because of shoulder surgery. - Geoff Hobson,
Rookie receivers being behind in practice reps is never a good thing. Ross could be a quick study, but it sounds like he should drop in the Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings. -Walter

5/23: Tyler Eifert told the media that he isn't sure if he'll be ready for training camp. -
Eifert is coming off back surgery, which is pretty scary. Eifert's durability is definitely a huge question mark, as he has missed 26 games over the past three seasons. There's no guarantee he'll be ready for Week 1, and even if he is, he may not be 100 percent.  -Walter

Cleveland Browns:
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6/7: Brock Osweiler has been the most impressive quarterback at Browns OTAs. - Adam Schefter, ESPN
I guess this is like saying Jon Snow is the smartest Stark male. Osweiler doesn't have much competition, as he's battling a late-round prospect chosen in the third round and a raw rookie second-rounder. DeShone Kizer will probably finish as the starter at the end of the year, but Osweiler appears to be favored to start the opener. -Walter

6/1: Corey Coleman is dealing with hamstring and middle-body injuries. - Mary Kay Cabot , Cleveland Plain-Dealer
Here we go again. Coleman suffered through multiple injuries as a rookie, and now he's hurt again. I wouldn't mind selecting him in the late rounds, but Coleman is too much of a risk at his current ADP (8.11). Coleman is in the 40s of my Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings. -Walter

5/27: DeShone Kizer is on the "fast track" to winning the Browns' starting quarterback job. - Mary Kay Cabot , Cleveland Plain-Dealer
Cabot, along with Michael Silver, were the only ones who definitively said that the Browns were going to select Myles Garrett No. 1 overall, so this story is legit. Hue Jackson called Kizer a "quick study," and it's not like Kizer has much competition on his hands, despite what Brock Osweiler thinks of himself. -Walter

Dallas Cowboys:
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8/15: Ezekiel Elliott has appealed his suspension, and the hearing will be on Aug. 29. -
You'd think the NFL would recognize what its customers want by now and would expedite this for the fantasy football owners, since they are the paying customers. Amazingly, the NFL still somehow doesn't get it. Elliott is still likely to be suspended for six games, but his penalty could be reduced. After some thinking and discussing, I would take Elliott at the 2-3 turn in a 12-team league at the very earliest. -Walter

8/7: Cris Carter hinted that he knows an Ezekiel Elliott suspension is coming within the next 48 hours. -
"Based on the information that’s going to come out, it’s going to be fairly easy to determine that something happened to this woman in her four days of being with Zeke," Carter said. The NFL denied Carter's report, but we'll know for sure by Wednesday afternoon. -Walter

7/10: Adam Schefter said that he would be hesitant to draft Ezekiel Elliott this summer. -
Schefter is an avid fantasy player, and he notes that there's a chance Elliott is suspended for domestic violence. Of course, this could all be a ruse so that Schefter can land Elliott late in the first round of his fantasy leagues. Chet provides more analysis in his Fantasy Football Notes page. -Walter

5/24: Ezekiel Elliott injured his head during a car accident Sunday night, and he will be held out of practice for the time being. - Nick Eatman,
Elliott was the passenger during the accident, but this is his second off-field incident during the offseason, and he's still under investigation for assault. Elliott is a great player, but comes with more risk this season, including the projected decline of Dallas' offensive line. Elliott is behind both David Johnson and Le'Veon Bell in our Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings. -Walter

Denver Broncos:
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7/28: C.J. Anderson is in the best shape of his career, according to head coach Vance Joseph. -
Anderson said that he agreed with the assessment. Perhaps that will mean that Anderson will avoid injury for a change this year. -Walter

7/10: Emmanuel Sanders has eliminated fast food from his diet. - Mike Klis, 9 News Denver
Sanders admitted to constantly going to McDonald's and Burger King, but he has taken new measures after a disappointing 2016 campaign. Though quarterback continues to be a big problem, Sanders should be better in 2017 than he was last year. -Walter

Detroit Lions:
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8/16: Kenny Golladay worked with the first-team for the first time in practice Wednesday. - Dave Birkett, Detroit Free-Press
It's well deserved. Golladay has been terrific in practice, and he showed off his talents in the first preseason game. Golladay should win the starting job, and he makes for a terrific late-round flier. -Walter

8/7: Kenny Golladay has been putting on a show in red-zone drills. - Kyle Meinke,
There's been a ton of buzz surrounding Golladay, a third-round rookie; so much so that the Lions didn't bother to retain Anquan Boldin. Golladay, a third-round rookie, is 6-foot-4 and should be able to score a bunch of touchdowns as a result. -Walter

7/31: Eric Ebron injured his hamstring Sunday. - Dave Birkett, Detroit Free-Press
Here we go again. Ebron hasn't been able to stay healthy, and it appears as though 2017 will be the same old story. He's not worth drafting in 12-team leagues. -Walter

Green Bay Packers:
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8/16: Ty Montgomery will miss the second preseason game. -
Jamaal Williams will work with the first team, which is a great opportunity for him to claim a good portion of the workload away from Montgomery. I think Montgomery is going way too early in fantasy mock drafts. -Walter

Houston Texans:
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8/2: Will Fuller broke his collarbone Wednesday. -
Fuller will likely be out for 6-12 weeks. It's a blow for Houston's offense, which was already sketchy with a rookie quarterback under center. Fuller can't be drafted now in 12-team leagues. -Walter

7/27: D'Onta Foreman is expected to serve as Houston's goal-line back. -
This is not good news for Lamar Miller's fantasy prospects. Miller is still close to being an RB1, but taking him in the first two rounds is a risk. -Walter

5/15: Bill O'Brien told the media that D'Onta Foreman reported to Texans minicamp out of shape. -
This could be an instance of a coach being intentionally demanding of a rookie, or Foreman could really just be out of shape. Either way, this isn't a good start for Foreman's bid to become Houston's No. 2 running back. That said, he'll still have a great chance to overtake Alfred Blue if he gets into shape and has a nice preseason. Our Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings are available here. -Walter

Indianapolis Colts:
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8/9: Colts GM Chris Ballard said it remains to be seen if Andrew Luck will be ready for Week 1. -
This is newsworthy, as Ballard was more optimistic in a July 23 interview. Now, he's reluctant to confirm Luck's availability for the opener, though he did say the reserve/PUP list wasn't an option. Luck's status is still up in the air, but the smart money would be on him missing at least a couple of games. -Walter

8/7: There's a chance Andrew Luck won't be ready for the season opener. - Adam Schefter, ESPN
Schefter expressed concern over Luck's injury, and it's not a given that he'll be playing against the Rams. -Walter

8/4: Donte Moncrief suffered a sprained AC joint in his shoulder. - George Bremer, The Herald Bulletin
Moncrief is quickly becoming known for being fragile, as his 2016 campaign was mired by a shoulder injury as well. Moncrief is going to miss just a few days with this, but it's discouraging that he's already dealing with shoulder problems again. -Walter

8/1: Jason La Canfora said he has heard rumblings about Luck beginning the year on the reserve/PUP list because of his shoulder issues.  -
That would mean he would miss six games. Meanwhile, general manager Chris Ballard told the media that Luck will be activated from the active/PUP list prior to Week 1. This could be wishful thinking on Ballard's part, however, and even if Luck is activated, there's no guarantee that he'll play early on. And even if he does, he may not be 100 percent. This is obviously bad news for Luck's outlook, and he should be avoided unless he falls numerous rounds. His supporting cast should be avoided as well. -Walter

7/29: Andrew Luck wouldn't commit to playing in Week 1. -
When asked about it, Luck said, "It's hard for me to look beyond, really, today's rehab session." Luck is a risky fantasy pick because the status of his shoulder is unclear, and even if he returns, he may not be 100 percent. T.Y. Hilton, Donte Moncrief and Jack Doyle all have troubling outlooks as well. -Walter

7/24: "Chris Ballard's presser is over. My takeaway: Luck will play in the opener but you won't see him in the preseason." - Stephen Holder, Indianapolis Star
Owning Luck in leagues this year is going to be risky. Even if he returns from shoulder surgery to play in the opener against the Rams, he may not be 100 percent. -Walter

6/16: Christine Michael has been placed on injured reserve. -
So much for Michael finally panning out in Indianapolis. It's unclear what the injury is, but Michael won't be able to replace the 34-year-old Frank Gore. -Walter

6/15: Phillip Dorsett is missing time with a hamstring injury. - George Bremer, Herald-Bulletin
Here we go again. Dorsett's absence means that Kamar Aiken is getting more of an opportunity. Aiken is in the Fantasy Football Sleepers List. -Walter

6/13: Andrew Luck wasn't committal when asked if he would be ready for the start of training camp. - Zak Keefer, Indianapolis Star
Luck is coming off shoulder surgery and has lost some weight this offseason. He'll probably ready for Week 1, but this is slightly concerning, as Luck may not be 100 percent to start the year. -Walter

Jacksonville Jaguars:
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8/18: Chad Henne is the likely Week 1 starter for the Jaguars, and it would make perfect sense for Blake Bortles to be cut. - Ryan O'Halloran, Florida Times-Union
Henne outplayed Bortles in Thursday night's game. However, 2016 sixth-rounder Brandon Allen was the best quarterback for the Jaguars in that contest. It would be logical for the Jaguars to keep Henne and Allen. Cutting ties with Bortles, who has shown no interest in being a professional quarterback, seems like the correct course of action. -Walter

5/27: Allen Hurns has bulked up this offseason to avoid injuries. - John Reid, Florida Times Union
Hurns' hamstring helped ruined his 2016 campaign, which apparently served as a wake-up call. Hurns could provide value as a late-round pick; his ADP is currently at 14.01. Check out our Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings here. -Walter

Kansas City Chiefs:
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8/8: Kareem Hunt has been getting lots of first-team reps in training camp. - Pete Sweeney, Arrowhead Pride
Hunt is likely to overtake Spencer Ware at some point. Keep that in mind if you have the urge to spend a fourth-round pick on Ware. -Walter

7/31: Tyreek Hill has been taking his game "to another level." - BJ Kissel,
Hill has been terrific in practice, and it seems like he's ready to take the next step to becoming a potent starting receiver. With Jeremy Hill gone, all the opportunities will be there for Hill. He's weighed down by Alex Smith's mediocrity, but he seems like a solid choice in the fourth round of fantasy drafts. -Walter

5/24: Kareem Hunt has already impressed with short-area burst and balance. - Terez Paylor, Kansas City Star
ESPN's Adam Teicher, meanwhile, has predicted that Hunt will lead Kansas City in rushing. Hunt is the Chiefs running back to own, but he'll split the workload with Spencer Ware, at least early in the season. Our 2017 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings are available here. -Walter

Los Angeles Chargers:
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7/24: Keenan Allen has looked quick and explosive this offseason. - Eric Williams, ESPN
Allen hasn't been durable at all, but it's nice to know that he has recovered from his latest injury. Allen is a low-end WR1 who would be higher in my Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings if I had more faith in him staying healthy. -Walter

6/6: Mike Williams is dealing with a mild disc herniation in his back. -
It's amazing that even the new Charger players are prone to injury. The coaching staff has said that Williams will miss the rest of the offseason program, and it's unclear when he'll be ready to return. The missed reps will certainly hurt Williams in the early going, meaning he's nothing but a late-round flier for now. He'll drop in the Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings. -Walter

5/24: Mike Williams has been out for a couple of weeks with tightness in his back. -
Williams hurt his back during the first week of rookie minicamp, and hasn't been seen since. This wouldn't be a huge issue for a veteran, but Williams needs the reps to make an impact early in the year. Our updated Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings are available here. -Walter

5/15: Mike Williams is not projected as a starter for the Chargers. - Eric Williams, ESPN
Uhh... what? Why would the Chargers pass on Malik Hooker to select a receiver No. 7 overall whom they wouldn't even play over Tyrell Williams and Travis Benjamin? I'll still find it shocking if Mike Williams doesn't contribute a good amount as a rookie. You can check out our Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings here. -Walter

Los Angeles Rams:
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8/7: Tavon Austin has missed the past five practices with a hamstring injury. - Alden Gonzalez, ESPN
Austin isn't much of a fantasy option, so this makes him even less appealing. -Walter

Miami Dolphins:
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8/15: Jay Ajayi has cleared concussion protocol. - Adam Beasley, Miami Herald
Ajayi missed two weeks in total. It's great that he's back, but if he missed two weeks with his previous concussion, he could be out longer with his next one.  -Walter

8/14: Jay Ajayi has yet to clear concussion protocol. - Adam Beasley, Miami Herald
It's been two weeks so far, yet Ajayi has yet to receive the green light. This is becoming a bit concerning. If Ajayi returns, but suffers another concussion during the regular season, he could be out much longer. -Walter

8/7: Jarvis Landry is under investigation for battery. - Andy Slater, WINZ
The alleged victim in question is Landry's girlfriend, who happens to be the mother of his child. It remains to be seen what direction this will go, but it's something to keep in mind if you plan on spending a pick on Landry. -Walter

8/6: The Dolphins are making ground on Jay Cutler. - Jeff Darlington, ESPN
Darren Heitner reported yesterday that Cutler needed permission from his family to return to the NFL. At this point, it sounds more likely than not that he'll be quarterbacking the Dolphins in 2017. Cutler was second in my top 10 options for the Dolphins to replace Ryan Tannehill. -Walter

8/5: Jay Cutler is close to a deal with the Dolphins, but is seeking family approval. - Darren Heitner, Forbes
If he gets it, it sounds like Cutler will be the next quarterback of the Dolphins. I like Matt Moore, but this is a huge boon for Miami. Cutler will allow DeVante Parker and Jarvis Landry to continue to be viable fantasy options. -Walter

8/4: The Dolphins have contacted Jay Cutler about replacing Ryan Tannehill. - Armando Salguero, Miami Herald
Cutler makes a ton of sense for the Dolphins. He played well for Adam Gase in Chicago, so he can step in and instantly be familiar with his system. It's unclear if Cutler wants to come out of retirement, but getting him would be a huge boon for Miami. Cutler is No. 2 in my Top 10 Options to Replace Ryan Tannehill. -Walter

8/3: The Dolphins fear Ryan Tannehill will need season-ending knee surgery, but no decision has been made yet. - Adam Schefter, ESPN
There were reports earlier in the day that Tannehill's knee hadn't suffered structural damage, but he hasn't avoided season-ending surgery, apparently. It's a shame for Tannehill, who was progressing well in Miami's offense. Matt Moore is a strong backup, however, so there is at least a silver lining. -Walter

8/3: The Dolphins have brought up Colin Kaepernick's name as a possibility if Ryan Tannehill is out for a long time. - Josina Anderson, ESPN
Miami is suspecting PCL damage and hasn't ruled out a torn ACL. Kaepernick would be a fine backup for Matt Moore. -Walter

8/3: The Dolphins are concerned after Ryan Tannehill suffered a non-contact knee injury in practice. - Adam Schefter, ESPN
Non-contact injuries always seem to bring the worst news, so the Dolphins will be praying that this isn't the case this time. The silver lining is that Miami has one of the top backup quarterbacks in the league in Matt Moore, so all hope won't be lost if Tannehill tore his ACL. -Walter

8/2: Jay Ajayi will miss at least one week with a concussion. - Armando Salguero, Miami Herald
Timetables for concussions are always tricky. Michael Oher, for example, hasn't been able to be cleared this entire offseason. Hopefully Ajayi will return to the field soon, but if he's not back by the third week of the preseason, it'll be time to sound the alarm. -Walter

5/24: Adam Gase told the media that Jay Ajayi could see as many as 350 carries in 2017. -
That's a lot of carries, as Ajayi had 260 in 2016. In fact, it's too many; his 2018 campaign could be adversely affected if he receives such an enormous workload. However, it's great for his 2017 fantasy owners. There's some concern with his offensive line, but Ajayi's volume should make up for it. Check out the Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings for more. -Walter

Minnesota Vikings:
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8/4: Dalvin Cook has been excellent in pass protection, according to offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. -
As if there couldn't have been any more good news for Cook, the Vikings trust him to shield Sam Bradford, so he'll likely be on the field for all three downs. That's huge for his fantasy outlook. -Walter

8/1: Latavius Murray still isn't participating in camp, while Dalvin Cook has earned praise from the coaching staff. - Chris Tomasson, St. Paul Pioneer Press
Murray hasn't done anything yet, and he's way behind Cook at this point. Cook will be the starter, barring injury, while Murray seems like he'll be a non-factor. -Walter

6/18: Mike Zimmer told the media that Kyle Rudolph put a lot of work into his blocking this offseason. -
I heard at the Super Bowl that Rudolph was pissed about not being voted into the Pro Bowl. Rudolph is working harder than ever before to prove the doubters wrong, and it seems like he'll have a big year as a result. -Walter

6/1: Latavius Murray is hoping to be ready during training camp at some point. - Chris Tomasson, St. Paul Pioneer Press
Murray just got out of a walking boot after ankle surgery. He was expected to be ready by training camp, but there's been a delay in his recovery, apparently. This will give Dalvin Cook the time he needs to supplant Murray, who is lower in my Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings than in most places. He will be on the fantasy football busts list, which will be released tomorrow. -Walter

5/25: Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur told the media that he's been very impressed with Laquon Treadwell this offseason. -
There was a video circulating of Treadwell beating Xavier Rhodes for a deep pass. Treadwell caught only one pass last year, but he was a first-round pick and could rebound in his second season. Check out our updated Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings. -Walter

New England Patriots:
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8/9: Mike Gillislee has missed this past week with a hamstring injury. -
With Rex Burkhead rumored to get all of the touchdowns, Gillislee's fantasy stock is pointing downward. -Walter

8/9: Brandin Cooks has been "putting on a clinic" versus the Jaguars in joint practices. - Jeff Howe, Boston Herald
Jacksonville actually has a good defense, so Cooks isn't burning scrubs. It's nice to hear something positive out of him, though I still think he's being drafted a bit too high. -Walter

8/8: Tom Brady has frequently targeted Dwayne Allen in the end zone in training camp. - Ben Volin, Boston Globe
Allen, who has scored 15 touchdowns the past three years, is a fine late-round pick if you want a backup tight end. However, there are better options, given Allen's injury history. -Walter

8/4: Rex Burkhead has been getting the goal-line work at Patriots training camp. - Mike Giardi, CSN New England
Mike Gillislee is presumed to take the LeGarrette Blount role, but it sounds like that won't completely be the case. Still, the situation seems like it'll be in flux, as Bill Belichick is wont to change his rotation every week based on the matchups. -Walter

6/6: Mike Gillislee has the inside track to be New England's starting running back.
- Jim McBride, Boston Globe
Gillislee is the running back to own for fantasy purposes, as he'll be taking LeGarrette Blount's role in the red zone. Just keep in mind, however, that he could vanish for fumbling. -Walter

New Orleans Saints:
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6/8: Adrian Peterson's new teammates have gushed over how great he has looked at OTAs. - Nick Underhill, New Orleans Advocate
Peterson is clearly motivated following a lost 2016 season, so it's reasonable to expect big things from him this year. Peterson is 32, and there have been running backs who have played on a high level into their 30s. Frank Gore, for example, just gained 1,000 rushing yards at the age of 33. Peterson will share touches with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, but he's worth a shot with his fourth-round ADP. He's likely to move up soon in the Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings. -Walter

New York Giants:
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8/2: Sterling Shepard rolled his ankle in practice, and the Giants believe it's a sprain. -
Shepard could miss some time, but the Giants have to feel relieved. Shepard was in tears as he was carted off the field, and based on that reaction, it seemed like an Achilles or something of that nature. -Walter

6/11: The Giants have been working on more two-tight end sets at OTAs. - Jordan Raanan, ESPN
This impacts Sterling Shepard, as he's the third receiver in New York's offense now that Brandon Marshall is on the team. Shepard will move down in the Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings. -Walter

6/9: Evan Engram has been extremely impressive at OTAs, per multiple reports. -
Drawing Jordan Reed comparisons, Engram has been a major standout. I'm not a fan of rookie tight ends, but he's worth a shot at his 13.10 ADP. -Walter

New York Jets:
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8/3: Matt Forte has an injured hamstring. - Brian Costello, New York Post
Like last year, Forte is already beat up before the season. Bilal Powell is the favorite to lead the team in touches. -Walter

6/8: The Ravens and Jets have had trade talks regarding Eric Decker. - Albert Breer, MMQB
If these teams strike a deal, it'll be interesting to see what the Ravens surrender, given that New York's trade value for Decker took a hit when there was a leaked report about him being cut or dealt by the end of the week. -Walter

Oakland Raiders:
Comment on these NFL Rumors
8/10: Derek Carr has been targeting Jared Cook "often" in training camp. - Vic Tafur, San Francisco Chronicle
Cook has generally been a disappointment throughout his career, but he has an opportunity to shine in Oakland. He's worth a pick in the late rounds. -Walter

5/14: Elijah Hood impressed coaches at Raiders minicamp. - Albert Breer, MMQB
Hood was a seventh-round pick, so he still has a lot of work to do to be relevant, but it wouldn't be the craziest thing in the world if he contributed this season. Marshawn Lynch is the lead back, but he hasn't played well since 2014. Oakland's other running backs are underwhelming as well. Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings are available here. -Walter

Philadelphia Eagles:
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8/9: Wendell Smallwood has been running like a "man possessed" in training camp. - Jimmy Kempski, Philly Voice
LeGarrette Blount is the favorite to lead the Eagles' running backs in fantasy points, but don't count out Smallwood. He's someone I'll be monitoring closely in the preseason, and if he keeps performing like he's doing in training camp, I'll recommend him as a late-round sleeper. -Walter

8/5: It'll be shocking if Nelson Agholor doesn't play in the slot. - Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network
Agholor has gotten a ton of positive press this offseason, and it seems as though he could play in the slot over Jordan Matthews, who could be traded. I'm just noting this for now, but I'm not moving Agholor up my rankings. I'll have to believe it when I see him actually producing and not dropping everything in sight. -Walter

6/27: Alshon Jeffery has had the best offseason of his career, according to his long-time receivers coach. -
Mike Groh has worked with Jeffery for almost five years, so this carries some weight. Jeffery will be paired with the best quarterback of his career thus far, and he seems poised for a great year. -Walter

6/18: Torrey Smith isn't a lock for a starting job. - Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Inquirer
This is a bit surprising, but it's not the greatest shock in the world, considering how poorly he played in San Francisco. Smith is still the favorite to be the No. 2 wideout, but he's being pushed by Nelson Agholor, who has thrived in OTAs. -Walter

6/13: Zach Ertz has been Carson Wentz's top target at OTAs. - Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Inquirer
Wentz and Ertz developed a great rapport at the end of the 2016 season, with Ertz catching an average of eight passes per game over the final five weeks. Ertz is bound for a great 2017 campaign, and he'll move up the Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings. -Walter

6/13: Alshon Jeffery stood out at OTAs. - Jimmy Kempski, The Philly Voice
Doug Pederson agreed, praising Jeffery. There was a report last week that Jeffery wasn't impressive, but apparently, all other reports say otherwise. -Walter

6/9: Alshon Jeffery hasn't been very impressive at OTAs. - Eliot Shorr-Parks,
Jeffery hasn't been bad, but hasn't really stood out either, per reports. He's probably a bit overrated right now, as he may have to drop in the Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings. -Walter

5/27: Carson Wentz's mechanics have looked better in OTAs, and he has looked stronger overall. - Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Daily News
Unlike other quarterbacks from the 2016 NFL Draft who partied at the Super Bowl, Wentz actually cares about his career, so he has worked hard this entire offseason. It seems like his tireless work ethic has paid off, and thanks to an improved receiving corps, Wentz seems poised for a big 2017 campaign. Wentz's ADP is 12.01, which is absurdly late. Check out our Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings. -Walter

5/17: The Eagles signed LeGarrette Blount. -
Blount becomes an intriguing RB3, as he figures to have a high touchdown count behind Philadelphia's prolific offensive line. Wendell Smallwood takes the biggest hit, as he was the logical starter prior to this move with Ryan Mathews on his way out. Our 2017 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings will be updated shortly to reflect this. -Walter

5/1: The Eagles are expected to release Ryan Mathews. - Jimmy Kempski, Philly Voice
Despite failing to obtain a running back until Day 3 of the draft, it appears as though the Eagles are done with Mathews. Wendell Smallwood is a nice sleeper, as all the Eagles have otherwise at the position are Darren Sproles and rookie Donnel Pumphrey. -Walter

Pittsburgh Steelers:
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8/9: Martavis Bryant has been informed that he will be fully reinstated shortly. - Josina Anderson, ESPN
He's conditionally reinstated for now, meaning he can practice. He'll be fully reinstated soon. The Steelers expressed frustration that Bryant hadn't been reinstated yet, but it's finally going to happen. Pittsburgh's offense is going to be lethal with Bryant back, assuming everyone stays healthy. -Walter

5/23: Martavis Bryant has packed on 10 pounds of muscle this offseason, checking in at 225. - Dale Lolley, Observer-Reporter
It's nice that Bryant has spent time working out rather than getting into trouble. This should make fantasy owners more secure in drafting him. Our Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings are available here. -Walter

San Francisco 49ers:
Comment on these NFL Rumors
8/2: Carlos Hyde appears set to be the 49ers' starting running back. - Matt Maiocco, CSN Bay Area
There was much talk about Hyde being a poor fit for San Francisco's offense, and he still is. This sounds like the 49ers trying to increase Hyde's value before trading him, as it'll seem like they'll have more leverage. Still, there are reports that Joe Williams has been disappointing in camp, so he'll need to improve before he can live up to his high ranking on my Fantasy Football Sleepers list. -Walter

7/24: Carlos Hyde could be cut prior to the regular season. - Gregg Rosenthal,
This may come as a surprise to many, but Tony Pauline reported back in the spring that the 49ers didn't view Hyde as a good fit for their offense. Hyde has been near the very top of my Fantasy Football Busts list for that reason. -Walter

7/11: Carlos Hyde will have to compete for a starting job. - Matt Maiocco, CSN Bay Area
It's not surprising that Hyde isn't guaranteed the gig, as Tony Pauline reported back in the spring that the 49ers don't view him as a good fit for their offense. They also like fourth-round rookie Joe Williams, who will probably be the starter by the end of the season. -Walter

6/27: Rookie tight end George Kittle has flashed at 49ers' OTAs and could be a starter this year. - Joe Fann,
Kittle isn't worth drafting in regular leagues, but he should be considered in keeper and dynasty formats. Kittle could post big numbers in 2018, especially if he's paired with Kirk Cousins. -Walter

6/15: Matt Breida has been extremely impressive at OTAs. - Matt Barrows, Sacramento Bee
Breida has making numerous great plays on a daily basis, particularly as a receiver coming out of the backfield. Neither Frank Gore nor Joe Williams is a natural pass-catcher, so Breida, who is extremely athletic, could serve in a prominent role this season. He'll need to beat out Tim Hightower to be a factor, so he's someone to watch in the preseason. -Walter

5/31: Carlos Hyde has been the slowest and most indecisive running back on the team at OTAs. - Grant Cohn, Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
Hyde is being criminally overdrafted, as people haven't paid attention to Tony Pauline's report that the 49ers don't view him as a good fit on the team. I'm lower than most on Hyde in my Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings, and he'll be listed in my fantasy busts, which will be released Friday. -Walter

5/18: Joe Williams has a strong chance to immediately unseat Carlos Hyde. - Matt Maiocco, CSN Bay Area
Williams is someone to target in the middle rounds of fantasy drafts, though his ADP could begin to push upward. Kyle Shanahan specifically asked John Lynch to draft Williams in the fourth round despite his character issues, and Tony Pauline reported earlier that the 49ers don't believe Hyde is a good fit for their offense. Williams will move up our Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings shortly. -Walter

Seattle Seahawks:
Comment on these NFL Rumors
8/9: Thomas Rawls appears to be the "clear" No. 1 running back right now. - Bob Condotta, Seattle Times
While Eddie Lacy is being drafted much earlier than Rawls, it's Rawls who appears to be favored to start right now. Rawls is a great value at his 9.11 ADP. -Walter

6/9: Thomas Rawls has been explosive at OTAs. - Gregg Bell, The Tacoma News Tribune
Rawls, highly motivated at blowing an opportunity last year, has been the top running back during Seahawks practices. Rawls at his 9.11 ADP is much more appealing than Eddie Lacy at 4.03. C.J. Prosise, meanwhile, is listed in the Fantasy Football Sleepers. -Walter

6/4: Eddie Lacy is attempting to lose weight by doing the P90X 30-day challenge. - Gregg Bell, Tacoma News Tribune
It would be nice if Lacy stopped eating cheeseburgers, too. Lacy has weight conditions in his contract, so it's possible that he could have a rebound season. However, he'll be sharing touches with two other running backs, which is why he has a spot in my Fantasy Football Busts List. -Walter

5/15: Eddie Lacy has checked in at 253 pounds, triggering a $55,000 bonus. - , SportsTrust Advisors
Lacy had to be under 255 pounds to achieve this bonus, so he just barely got there. The fact that Lacy barely scraped by to pick up $55,000 doesn't bode well for him this season. The Seahawks have said they want Lacy at 245 during the year, so we'll see if he gets there. I have my doubts. -Walter

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Comment on these NFL Rumors
7/31: Jacquizz Rodgers has a chance of unseating Doug Martin as the starting running back. - Jenna Laine, ESPN
I get the feeling that this is coachspeak. Coaches value availability, and Martin doesn't have that because he has been suspended for three games. Ultimately, they'll likely recall that Martin is the superior talent, and it helps that he's in tremendous shape right now. -Walter

6/15: Doug Martin has been very explosive at Buccaneers OTAs. - Jenna Laine, ESPN
Laine has tweeted numerous times about how impressive Martin has been. It's not that surprising that Martin would rededicate himself after his lost 2016 campaign. He's a nice bounce-back candidate. -Walter

6/11: Cameron Brate may keep the starting tight end job to start the season. - Trevor Sikkema, Pewter Report
Jameis Winston has a great rapport with Brate, and O.J. Howard may need some time to develop. Howard's usage will increase as the year progresses, but it's looking like Evan Engram is the rookie tight end to own. -Walter

6/2: The Buccaneers receiver who has made the most great plays in OTAs has been Chris Godwin. - Rick Stroud, Tampa Bay Times
Yes, this includes Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson. Godwin has been terrific by all accounts, as Jameis Winston called him "amazing." I wouldn't spend anything more than a very late pick on Godwin right now - he currently has no ADP - but if the third-round rookie impresses during live action during the preseason, I will move him up my Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings. -Walter

Tennessee Titans:
Comment on these NFL Rumors
8/15: DeMarco Murray has returned from his hamstring injury. - Jim Wyatt, Titans Online
Murray missed two weeks. Hamstring issues are tricky, and it could resurface. Murray certainly hasn't been the most durable running back over the years, and given that his ADP is 1.12 this year (4.01 in 2016), I would stay away, as there is too much risk. -Walter

8/4: Corey Davis will be out for a week with a hamstring injury. -
Davis might be back for the third preseason contest, but it's always difficult to tell with soft-tissue injuries. Davis needs the reps to have a better chance of being effective as a rookie. -Walter

8/3: DeMarco Murray is dealing with a hamstring tweak. - Paul Kuharsky,
It might end up being minor, but the injury is a reminder of how fragile Murray can be. Murray provided nice value last year, but it seems awfully risky to take him in the second round this year. -Walter

8/3: Corey Davis is having an MRI on his hamstring. - Jim Wyatt, The Tennessean
It's a bit worrying that he needs an MRI for it, so anyone who has already drafted Davis should hold their breath. If Davis is declared out for an extensive period of time, Rishard Matthews' stock will rise significantly. -Walter

Washington Redskins:
Comment on these NFL Rumors
8/17: Jamison Crowder is considered the No. 2 option in the passing game, behind Jordan Reed. - Mike Jones, Washington Post
In other words, Crowder will be Kirk Cousins' top option when Reed is injured. Crowder is being drafted too late, so make sure you get him as a nice value pick. -Walter

8/7: Josh Doctson left practice Sunday with a hamstring injury. -
Doctson should rename himself Mr. Glass at this point. I'd like to recommend Doctson as a late-round sleeper, but I have no faith that he can stay healthy. -Walter

8/3: It's clear that Robert Kelley is the Redskins' No. 1 running back. - Master Tesfatsion, Washington Post
Jay Gruden prefers veteran runners, so the Samaje Perine hype train is unwarranted. Kelley will hold on to the job unless he begins fumbling too often. -Walter

8/2: Jamison Crowder has missed three straight days of practice with a hamstring. -
I'm not ready to move him down my rankings just yet, but soft-tissue injuries like hamstrings are worth monitoring because they tend to linger. Stay tuned for updates. -Walter

8/1: Jordan Reed has no timetable for a return after seeing a doctor, according to Jay Gruden. -
Wow. Reed's toe was supposed to be just a day-to-day thing, but it sounds like Reed might be out for a while. Perhaps he'll return by Week 1, but he's much more riskier now with his 4.12 ADP. -Walter

7/27: Josh Doctson is looking great in Redskins practice. - Master Tesfatsion, Washington Post
I'd like to see Doctson produce in preseason games before I recommend him as a late-round fantasy sleeper, but this is at least good news for him. -Walter

7/26: Jordan Reed was placed on the active/PUP list. -
Reed was actually trending on Twitter because of this, but ESPN's John Keim reported that it's just a precaution for a sore toe. Stay tuned for updates, but it doesn't sound like anything dire. -Walter

6/27: Jamison Crowder will "definitely" be targeted more than Terrelle Pryor. - Rich Tandler, CSN Mid-Atlantic
Tandler is probably right, and Crowder and his ADP of 7.08 provides more value than Pryor and his 3.09 ADP. -Walter

6/13: Jordan Reed and Jamison Crowder have been Kirk Cousins' preferred targets at OTAs. - Mike Jones, Washington Post
Reed is hardly a surprise, but Crowder might be, given that the Redskins signed Terrelle Pryor this offseason. Crowder and his ADP of 7.10 provides more value than Pryor and his 3.11. -Walter

6/1: Robert Kelley has decreased his body fat from 18 to 13 percent.  - John Keim, ESPN
Robert Kelley is "Fat Rob" no more! While many are anointing Samaje Perine as the Redskins' starting running back, Kelley is doing everything in his power to fend the rookie off. Kelley's current ADP is 5.11, which seems like solid value. -Walter

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