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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Round Two

Written by Paul Banks of the Washington Times, and David Kay of the The Sports Bank.
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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Round 1
2011 NBA Mock Draft - Walt's
2011 NBA Draft Prospect Rankings: C | PF | SF | SG | PG
2012 NBA Mock Draft
Updated: June 23, 2011, 7:25 p.m.
  1. Miami Heat: Josh Selby, G, Kansas, 6-3, Fr.
    Since the point guard position remains an Achilles' heel for the Heat, expect them to snag one here. Miami would go with talent over experience here and grab Josh Selby over a player like Shelvin Mack.

  2. Cleveland Cavaliers: Tyler Honeycutt, SF, UCLA, 6-8, Soph.
    The Cavs need to add talent to the wing and Tyler Honeycutt would be a great value here.

  3. Detroit Pistons: Daruis Morris, PG, Michigan, 6-5, So.
    Rodney Stuckey is a restricted free agent and probably not the long-term solution at the point, so Darius Morris would provide some depth.

  4. Washington Wizards: Norris Cole, PG, Cleveland State, 6-2, Sr.
    The Wizards don�t have a backup for John Wall, and Norris Cole would be a solid value here.

  5. Sacramento Kings: Jon Leuer, PF, Wisconsin, 6-10, Sr.
    Since I don't have the Kings drafting a big with their first-round pick, they look for depth down low since Samuel Dalembert is a free agent.

  6. New Jersey Nets: Justin Harper, PF, Richmond, 6-9, Sr.
    Since I have the Nets grabbing a guard at No. 27, they look for power forward depth here.

  7. Los Angeles Clippers: Jeremy Tyler, F/C, USA, 6-11, 1992.
    The Clippers do not have a true backup for Blake Griffin and could use bodies inside in case DeAndre Jordan leaves via free agency.

  8. Houston Rockets: Shelvin Mack, G, Butler, 6-3, Jr.
    The Rockets grab Shelvin Mack in case they lose restricted free agent Goran Dragic in the offseason.

  9. Charlotte Bobcats: Charles Jenkins, G, Hofstra, 6-3, Sr.
    In trading Stephen Jackson, Bobcats could use another scoring off-guard.

  10. Milwaukee Bucks: Malcolm Lee, G, UCLA, 6-5, Jr.
    Scott Skiles loves defense and Malcolm Lee is one of the top perimeter defenders in the 2011 NBA Draft.

  11. Los Angeles Lakers: Bojan Bogdanovic, G/F, Croatia, 6-7, 1989
    Since they have four second-round picks, the Lakers can take a foreign talent like Bojan Bogdanovic.

  12. Indiana Pacers: Andrew Goudelock, PG, Charleston, 6-3, Sr.
    T.J. Ford is a free agent so the Pacers could look to add a backup to Darren Collison. Andrew Goudelock�s ability to shoot the ball should find him a spot on a roster.

  13. Chicago Bulls: Trey Thompkins, PF, Georgia, 6-10, Jr.
    Trey Thompkins is a great value this late. He could provide the Bulls with even more frontcourt depth.

  14. Golden State Warriors: Chandler Parsons, SF, Florida, 6-10, Sr.
    Chandler Parsons possesses great skill and versatility for his size, which should land him a spot on a roster.

  15. New Orleans Hornets: Jordan Williams, PF/C, Maryland, 6-10, Soph.
    With David West doubtful for the start of the season as he rehabs his torn ACL, the Hornets would be wise to add a power forward.

  16. Los Angeles Lakers: E'Twaun Moore, SG, Purdue, 6-4, Sr.
    The Lakers should add depth behind Kobe at the two which could especially be needed if Shannon Brown leaves via free agency.

  17. Los Angeles Clippers: Keith Benson, C, Oakland, 6-11, Sr.
    The Clippers could use a big man since Chris Kaman might be traded and DeAndre Jordan is a restricted free agent.

  18. Atlanta Hawks: Travis Leslie, SG, Georgia, 6-4, Jr.
    With Jamal Crawford a free agent, the Hawks could use some depth on the wing.

  19. Memphis Grizzlies: Greg Smith, F/C, Fresno State, 6-9, So.
    With Marc Gasol a restricted free agent, the Grizzlies could use another body inside.

  20. Phiadelphia 76ers: David Lighty, G/F, Ohio State, 6-6, Sr.
    David Lighty would give the 76ers a versatile wing player who can defend in case Andre Iguodala is traded.'

  21. Portland Blazers: Diante Garrett, PG, Iowa State, 6-4, Sr.
    If the Blazers do not grab a point guard in the first round, they should look to do so here. Diante Garrett has emerged as a legit second-round prospect due to his performance in recent workouts.

  22. Detroit Pistons: Jereme Richmond, SF, Illinois, 6-7, Fr.
    The Pistons can afford to roll the dice with their third pick of the 2011 NBA Draft. Jereme Richmond is incredibly athletic but still very raw.

  23. Orlando Magic: Willie Reed, PF, St. Louis, 6-9, Jr.
    Willie Reed gives Orlando another option at power forward besides Brandon Bass and Ryan Anderson.

  24. Cleveland Cavaliers: Scotty Hopson, SG, Tennessee, 6-7, Jr.
    The Cavs grab more depth on the wing with their fourth pick of the 2011 NBA Draft.

  25. Boston Celtics: DeAndre Liggins, G/F, Kentucky, 6-6, Jr.
    The Celtics could use some depth on the wing behind Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

  26. Los Angeles Lakers: Ben Hansbrough, G, Notre Dame, 6-3, Sr.
    Derek Fisher is not getting any younger and Ben Hansbrough could stick on a roster due to his hard work and three-point range.

  27. Dallas Mavericks: Michael Dunigan, C, USA, 6-10, 1989
    The Mavs could use some insurance in the frontcourt in case Tyson Chandler leaves via free agency.

  28. Los Angeles Lakers: Rick Jackson, PF, Syracuse, 6-9, Sr.
    With Joe Smith and Theo Ratliff free agents, and Andrew Bynum always banged up, Rick Jackson gives the Lakers a frontcourt option who can bang down low.

  29. San Antonio Spurs: Malcolm Thomas, F, San Diego State, 6-8, Sr.
    Malcolm Thomas is worth a late draft flier to possibly serve as a backup to Richard Jefferson.

  30. Sacramento Kings: Cory Joseph, PG, Texas, 6-3, Fr.
    I know I have the Kings taking Kemba Walker in the first round, but Cory Joseph is worth the risk with the final pick of the 2011 NBA Draft.

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Written by Paul Banks of the Washington Times, and David Kay of the The Sports Bank.
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