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NBA Picks
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Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007 (3-2, +$80)

Atlanta Hawks (22-35) at New Orleans Hornets (27-30).
Total: 190.

If I can go 2-1 every night for the next 10 years, I'll take it. The system is now 66-39-1 and 49-31-1 documented on this site.

Prediction: Under 190.
Incorrect; -$110

New York Knicks (26-32) at Boston Celtics (14-42).
Line: Celtics by 2.

Holy crap, the system is telling me to take the Celtics as a favorite tonight.

Prediction: Celtics -2.
Correct; +$100

Toronto Raptors (31-26) at Houston Rockets (35-21).
Total: 188.

The system's great, but I think there's one flaw, and it keeps giving me the Over for Rockets games. Well, Houston has five Overs in its previous seven games, so forget I said anything.

Prediction: Over 188.
Correct; +$100

Orlando Magic (28-30) at Denver Nuggets (27-38).
Total: 203.

By the way, I have yet to receive an e-mail, phone call or a personal visit from Model No. 4 on Deal or No Deal. You'd think that when I said I'd marry her yesterday, she'd come knocking down my door. Well, now that I think about it, I was out from 12-6 yesterday, so maybe she stopped by and was upset that I wasn't there. Yep, that's it.

Prediction: Under 203.
Incorrect; -$110

Seattle Sonics (22-34) at Los Angeles Clippers (27-29).
Total: 201?.

So, I'm going to sit here and wait for her to come over. That's my plan. And if anyone has any information about her, including her name, I'd appreciate that. I think knowing her name would be semi-important.

Prediction: Under 201?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2007 (2-1, +$90)

Phoenix Suns (43-13) at Indiana Pacers (29-26).
Total: 217?.

Nice 5-2 night, although I have no idea what happened in that Celtics-Rockets contest. How many bricks were thrown up in that game? The system is now 64-38-1 and 47-30-1 documented on this site.

Prediction: Over 217?.
Incorrect; -$110

Washington Wizards (31-23) at New Jersey Nets (27-30).
Line: Nets by 5.

What a great episode of Heroes last night. If you don't watch that show, do yourself a favor and go to and go through all of the episodes. However, the best part of watching NBC last night was catching a glimpse of the No. 4 girl on Deal or No Deal in a blue dress on Wednesday. Wow. Girl No. 4, even though I don't know your name or anything about you, will you marry me?

Prediction: Nets -5.
Correct; +$100

Golden State Warriors (26-31) at Milwaukee Bucks (20-37).
Line: Bucks by 6.

No. I'm serious. I will have your baby. Anyway, it saddens me to say that last night's episode of 24 wasn't incredible. It was just good. It went a bit slow, and nothing really happened aside from Chloe asking Morris if he had a sip of alcohol about 500 times. Morris should get revenge by pouring whiskey into his mouth, running up to Chloe and spitting it in her face. That would be awesome.

Prediction: Bucks -6.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Monday, Feb. 26, 2007 (5-2, +$280)

Sacramento Kings (24-31) at Philadelphia 76ers (18-38).
Line: 76ers by 2?. Total: 195?.

Thanks to Kevin Garnett for missing his final free throw of the game, making me 1-2 instead of 1-1-1. The system no longer likes you, KG. The system is now 59-36-1 and 42-28-1 documented on this site.

Prediction: 76ers -2?.
Under 195?.
Correct; +$100
Correct; +$100

Miami Heat (27-28) at New York Knicks (25-32).
Line: Knicks by 3.

Remember when these teams used to be rivals? I loved those Patrick Ewing-Alonzo Mourning battles. Now we just have the Heat beating up on the fat hogs Isiah Thomas pays billions of dollars to. But not today, says the system.

Prediction: Knicks -3.
Correct; +$100

Boston Celtics (13-42) at Houston Rockets (35-20).
Total: 192?.

I may be crucified in downtown Philadelphia for saying this, but if the Celtics keep losing and the Sixers keep winning, I'm going to become a Boston fan. I want Greg Oden or Kevin Durant, damn it.

Prediction: Over 192?.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Orlando Magic (27-30) at Chicago Bulls (32-26).
Total: 189.

I don't get these Hummer commercials. I see ads for H2. I see ads for H3. No H1. Where is the H1?

Prediction: Under 189.
Correct; +$100

Portland Blazers (24-33) at Seattle Sonics (21-34).
Line: Sonics by 6?.

And as you can tell by my last "analysis," I've run out of things to say.

Prediction: Sonics -6?.
Correct; +$100

Charlotte Bobcats (22-34) at Los Angeles Clippers (26-29).
Total: 189.

Didn't I just mention that I was running out of things to say? Well, let's just move on and pretend I said something interesting.

Prediction: Under 189.
Incorrect; -$110

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2007 (1-2, -$120)

Phoenix Suns (42-13) at Atlanta Hawks (22-33).
Total: 211.

Congrats to everyone who bet my picks last night; 3-0 is pretty sweet. Well, I guess I should say my system's picks because I'm not actually doing anything. The system is now 58-34-1 and 41-26-1 documented on this site.

Prediction: Over 211.
Correct; +$100

Washington Wizards (31-22) at Minnesota Timberwolves (25-30).
Line: Timberwolves by 5.

Is anyone else bothered by the guy who's filming the players in the NBA Street Homecourt commercials? Do the players know he's filming them? What does he do with these movies? And why does he look so eager to shoot them?

Prediction: Timberwolves -5.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Los Angeles Lakers (31-25) at Golden State Warriors (26-30).
Total: 219.

I'm watching the NFL Combine, and I'm pretty sure Herman Edwards is wearing the same thing he was yesterday. Can't verify that though. I guess he's too busy devising offensive game plans to worry about his clothing.

Prediction: Over 219.
Incorrect; -$110

Saturday, Feb. 24, 2007 (3-0, +$300)

Golden State Warriors (26-29) at L.A. Clippers (25-29).
Line: Clippers by 5?.

A mediocre 3-3 night. Not what I'm looking for, but it's the worst the system has done all week. The system is now 55-34-1 and 38-26-1 documented on this site.

Prediction: Clippers -5?.
Correct; +$100

Philadelphia 76ers (18-37) at Milwaukee Bucks (19-37).
Total: 199?.

I have no idea how the Jazz-Nuggets game didn't go under. Seriously. Well, I do have a theory. I was at this girl's house last night, and instead of letting me watch that game, I was forced to endure three episodes of Friends. I guess the basketball gods were smiting me.

Prediction: Under 199?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Boston Celtics (13-41) at Jazz (36-18).
Total: 212.

Can I be a Celtics fan? I love how they're losing every game so they can get Greg Oden. Why can't the Sixers do this?

Prediction: Under 212.
Correct; +$100

Friday, Feb. 23, 2007 (3-3, -$30)

Detroit Pistons (34-19) at Orlando Magic (27-28).
Total: 183?.

Two winning days for the system this week, thanks to a miraculous overtime for the Grizzlies and Warriors. The system is now 52-31-1 and 35-23-1 documented on this site. The system rules.

Prediction: Under 183?.
Correct; +$100

Indiana Pacers (29-24) at Toronto Raptors (29-25).
Line: Raptors by 5.

The only bad thing about the system is that it sometimes produces identical picks; for example, it had the Magic/Pistons under recently, and Toronto against the spread on Wednesday. Let's go Raptors. Again.

Prediction: Raptors -5.
Correct; +$100

Philadelphia 76ers (18-36) at Charlotte Bobcats (21-33).
Total: 188?.

Just kidding. The only bad thing about this system is that it beat up Chuck Norris. With one hand tied behind its back. While drunk. And solving SuDoKu puzzles.

Prediction: Under 188?.
Incorrect; -$110

Washington Wizards (31-21) at Chicago Bulls (31-25).
Line: Bulls by 8.

Don't you hate it when people post away messages that don't make sense to anyone but themselves? For example, this girl has this away message up right now: "It's starting again..." What's starting again? Will it stop again? Are we in danger? What's the meaning of life? Argh. I can't take it anymore.

Prediction: Bulls -8.
Correct; +$100

Utah Jazz (35-18) at Denver Nuggets (26-26).
Line: Nuggets by 4?. Total: 212.

As of Thursday night, there is neither a line nor a total on this game. Why? I don't get it. Just post a damn line. I'm too lazy to look it up in the morning.

Prediction: Nuggets -4?.
Under 212 - Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110
Incorrect; -$110

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2007 (5-3, +$170)

Cleveland Cavaliers (31-22) at Toronto Raptors (29-24).
Line: Raptors by 3?.

I should have known not to take any Unders coming off the All Star Break, but the system was still 3-2 last night. It is now 49-29-1 and 32-21-1 documented on this site. Not too shabby.

Prediction: Raptors -3?.
Incorrect; -$110

New York Knicks (24-30) at Philadelphia 76ers (17-36).
Line: 76ers by 2. Total: 198.

Great. Just great. If the Sixers lose, I surrender money to my sportsbook. If the Sixers win, they're less likely to land Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. Woe is me.

Prediction: 76ers -2.
Under 198 - Best Bet.
Correct; +$100
Correct; +$100

Orlando Magic (27-27) at Detroit Pistons (33-19).
Total: 182?.

Is anyone else excited for Lost tonight? I mean, they're finally going to answer three questions. Here's what I want to know: 1) Why is Charlie so annoying? 2) How can a hot girl like Alex have a beast of a mother like the French woman? 3) Why do I think of that weird guy from Malcolm in the Middle whenever I try to remember what the eye-patch man looked like? If the show answers these three questions, I'll never stop watching it. Ever.

Prediction: Under 182?.
Incorrect; -$110

Charlotte Bobcats (20-33) at Minnesota Timberwolves (25-27).
Total: 190?.

What kind of arrogant loser names a sports team after himself? Bob Johnson and myself, that's who. If I ever buy a team, I'm going to name them the Walterdogs or something. That would be awesome.

Prediction: Under 190?.
Incorrect; -$110

Boston Celtics (13-39) at Phoenix Suns (40-13).
Total: 216.

Ugh, how many games does this damn system fit today? I'm tired of typing.

Prediction: Over 216.
Correct; +$100

Miami Heat (26-26) at Houston Rockets (33-19).
Total: 183.

I'm sorry, system! Please forgive me! Don't kill me in my sleep! Oh, and on a side note, I think I just lost my mind.

Prediction: Over 183.
Correct; +$100

Memphis Grizzlies (14-40) at Golden State Warriors (25-29).
Total: 231.

Wow, am I really going Over with a total set at 231? Ladies and gentlemen, I think I just crapped my pants.

Prediction: Over 231.
Correct; +$100

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2007 (3-2, +$80)

New Orleans Hornets (25-28) at Charlotte Bobcats (19-33).
Total: 187?.

Last week happened to be the first time the system had two bad nights in a row. It is now 46-27-1 and 29-19-1 documented on this site. Still impressive.

Prediction: Under 187?.
Incorrect; -$110

Orlando Magic (27-26) at New York Knicks (23-30).
Line: Knicks by 2. Total: 194?.

The Knicks should change their logo to a picture of Isiah Thomas handing out wads of cash to bums on the street. How cool would that be?

Prediction: Knicks -2
Under 194?
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100
Correct; +$100

Utah Jazz (35-17) at Portland Blazers (22-32).
Line: Blazers by 1. Total: 189.

Logo change No. 2: The Blazers should change their logo to a picture of Isiah Thomas handing out wads of cash to criminals on death row. I'd buy a jersey.

Prediction: Blazers -1.
Under 189.
Correct; +$100
Incorrect; -$110

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2007 (0-2, -$220)

Dallas Mavericks (43-9) at Houston Rockets (33-18).
Total: 183.

Rough night. The Suns somehow found a way to score 13 points in the fourth quarter, while the Hawks came out of nowhere to put up 34. I actually thought I was going to be 5-3 last night at around 11:30 Eastern. I guess that shows that it's never over till it's over. Anyway, the system is now 46-25-1 and 29-17-1 documented on this site.

Prediction: Over 183.
Incorrect; -$110

Cleveland Cavaliers (30-22) at Los Angeles Lakers (30-23).
Line: Lakers by 6.

HAPPY SINGLES DAY! I'm eating Cheetos as we speak. I can now die a happy man.

Prediction: Lakers -6.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007 (3-5, -$250)

Washington Wizards (28-21) at Philadelphia 76ers (17-35).
Total: 205?.

The system hit its only pick last night. It's now 43-20-1 and 26-12-1 documented on this site. Plenty of games tonight, starting with this Under.

Prediction: Under 205?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Portland Blazers (22-31) at Orlando Magic (26-26).
Total: 181.

So it's Valentine's Day today. Whoop dee doo. If you're a fellow male, I'm sorry. No real man likes Valentine's Day. If you're in a couple, you're shelling out hundreds of dollars for your girl. If you're single, you feel left out. Damn you, Hallmark holiday, damn you!

Prediction: Under 181.
Incorrect; -$110

San Antonio Spurs (34-18) at Detroit Pistons (32-18).
Line: Pistons by 4.

Now that I've got your attention, there is a new holiday sweeping the nation to counteract Valentine's Day. It's called Singles Day. It involves saying "I don't love you" to people, wearing blue and black (the opposite of white and red) and eating Cheetos. Who doesn't like to eat Cheetos?

Prediction: Pistons -4.
Incorrect; -$110

Denver Nuggets (26-24) at Minnesota Timberwolves (24-27).
Line: Timberwolves by 3?. Total: 206?.

Where can you find out more about Singles Day? Just go to this Web site: CLICK HERE.

Prediction: Timberwolves -3?.
Under 206?.
Correct; +$100

Correct; +$100

Cleveland Cavaliers (30-21) at Utah Jazz (34-17).
Total: 191?.

Cheetos. Greatest. Invention. Ever.

Prediction: Under 191?.
Incorrect; -$110

Phoenix Suns (39-12) at Seattle Sonics (19-32).
Total: 218.

In all honesty, there are so many picks that fit the system tonight that I'm a bit nervous. We'll see how it plays out.

Prediction: Over 218.
Incorrect; -$110

Atlanta Hawks (20-31) at Los Angeles Clippers (25-27).
Total: 186?.

As of Tuesday night, I'm not really sure what the total is, but I like the Under regardless. Very nice! High five!

Prediction: Under 186?.
Incorrect; -$110

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007 (1-0, +$100)

Sacramento Kings (22-27) at Houston Rockets (32-18).
Total: 187?.

Great start for the system this week, as it went 2-0 last night. It's now 42-20-1 and 25-12-1 documented on this site. The only game that fits the system is this one. Go over.

Prediction: Over 187?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Monday, Feb. 12, 2007 (2-0, +$200)

Los Angeles Clippers (25-26) at Detroit Pistons (31-18).
Total: 188?.

Nice rebound for the system, going 3-1 last night. It is now 40-20-1 and 23-12-1 documented on this site.

Prediction: Under 188?.
Correct; +$100

Atlanta Hawks (20-30) at Utah Jazz (33-17).
Total: 194?.

I can't think of anything to write here, so let's just pretend I wrote something witty and marvel at it... Wow, I don't want to sound cocky, but that was a great piece of writing right there. Phew, that took all of my energy. My palms are sweating. Awesome.

Prediction: Under 194?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Sunday, Feb. 11, 2007 (3-1, +$190)

Los Angeles Clippers (25-25) at Indiana Pacers (26-24).
Total: 193.

The system takes a critical hit from Dennis, going 1-3 last night. Actually, it was the fact that Utah-New York went into overtime that hurt us. The system is now 37-19-1 and 20-11-1 documented on this site.

Prediction: Under 193.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Los Angeles Lakers (30-21) at Cleveland Cavaliers (29-21).
Line: Cavaliers by 3?.

These first two games I'm covering are on before 4 p.m. There are other contests on even earlier. What's up with that? How do they expect these players, who undoubtedly get drunk out of their mind the night before, to function at 100 percent? No NBA game should take place before 11 p.m. Period.

Prediction: Cavaliers -3?.
Correct; +$100

Boston Celtics (12-37) at Minnesota Timberwolves (23-27).
Total: 188.

As a Sixers fan, I'm jealous. See, the Celtics are actually smart enough to realize that they're not good enough to make the playoffs. Consequently, they're losing every game on purpose. Why can't the 76ers do this? I want Greg Oden or Kevin Durant, damn it.

Prediction: Under 188.
Incorrect; -$110

Chicago Bulls (28-23) at Phoenix Suns (39-11).
Total: 206?.

No idea what the total is, but let's go Over. Sounds like a great plan!

Prediction: Over 206?.
Correct; +$100

Saturday, Feb. 10, 2007 (1-3, -$230)

Orlando Magic (26-25) at New Jersey Nets (24-27).
Line: Nets by 5?.

Nothing went the system's way yesterday, and it was still 3-3-1. If that's the worst it's going to do, I'll definitely take it. The system is now 36-16-1 and 19-8-1 documented on this Web site.

Prediction: Nets -5?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Denver Nuggets (24-24) at Milwaukee Bucks (19-31).
Line: Bucks by 2?.

The ultimate test of this system's endurance is that my ex-roommate Dennis is betting on its picks. Historically, whenever I've been hot in any sport, I eventually cooled off as soon as Dennis started using my selections. If this system can survive Dennis, it's the strongest thing in the world. Even more powerful than Chuck Norris.

Prediction: Bucks -2?.
Incorrect; -$110

New York Knicks (22-28) at Utah Jazz (32-17).
Total: 200?.

I wanted to download "Snow" but Red Hot Chili Peppers this morning, but was unsuccessful in doing so because my ISP blocked all music-sharing programs. What the hell. I'm an American. I have the right to illegally download all the music I want. So, I actually had to spend 99 cents on this song via BearShare. Outrageous.

Prediction: Under 200?.
Incorrect; -$110

Sacramento Kings (21-26) at Seattle Sonics (18-31).
Line: Sonics by 2?.

I saw A.J. Feeley at a local bar recently. Some of my female friends are infatuated with him, so I told them that I talked to him for a few minutes a couple of weekends ago. As you're reading this, they're all getting ready to go out to the bar where I saw him. It's going to be a mob scene. Heads will roll and people will die.

Prediction: Sonics -2?.
Incorrect; -$110

Friday, Feb. 9, 2007 (3-3-1, -$40)

Portland Blazers (20-30) at Charlotte Bobcats (18-31).
Line: Bobcats by 3. Total: 186.

The system is now 33-13 and 16-5 documented on this Web site. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that I am still pooping my pants. Let me make sure... Yes, yes I am.

Prediction: Bobcats -3.
Under 186.
Incorrect; -$110

Incorrect; -$110

Los Angeles Lakers (30-19) at Toronto Raptors (26-23).
Line: Raptors by 4.

The Raptors are 4-point favorites over a superior team, and I'm still taking them? Well, that's what the system's telling me to do. See, the system is like some wife -- you better do what it tells you to do, or you'll be sleeping on the sidewalk.

Prediction: Raptors -4.
Push; -$10

Los Angeles Clippers (24-25) at Philadelphia 76ers (17-33).
Total: 191.

Oh God! Please! Don't let the Sixers win! Please! Noooooooo!!!!

Prediction: Under 191.
Correct; +$100

Houston Rockets (31-17) at Dallas Mavericks (40-9).
Total: 185.

The biggest disappointment of the year has to be Maddox's book, "The Alphabet of Manliness." Maddox is the guy who runs the "Best Page in the Universe." If you're unfamiliar with it, google it up. I love his Web site, so I bought a book he just published. Not so good -- I chuckled just a few times.

Prediction: Over 185.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Atlanta Hawks (18-30) at Phoenix Suns (39-10).
Total: 201.

Much like the Sixers-Clippers total, the oddsmakers haven't posted one before I left for work. I get home around 6, so I'll try to put real numbers up. Otherwise, just take the Over -- no matter what it is. System says Over.

Prediction: Over 201.
Correct; +$100

Chicago Bulls (28-22) at Sacramento Kings (23-27).
Line: Warriors by 1.

How great was Lost on Wednesday? Even though she looks a little weird, I think I'm in love with that Alex girl. How odd is it that the Others can't get off the island? And just finding out what Ben said to the blond woman was really intense.

Prediction: Warriors -1.
Correct; +$100

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2007 (1-0, +$100)

Chicago Bulls (28-21) at Sacramento Kings (20-26).
Line: Kings by 2?.

The system is now 32-13 and 15-5 documented on this Web site. Whoops, I think I just crapped my pants.

Prediction: Kings -2?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2007 (5-1, +$390)

Los Angeles Clippers (24-24) at Cleveland Cavaliers (27-21).
Total: 192.

An off night for the system, but it still went 2-2. Since Jan. 28, the day I first started keeping track of it, the system is now 27-12.

Prediction: Under 192.
Correct; +$100

Charlotte Bobcats (18-30) at Philadelphia 76ers (16-33).
Line: 76ers by 4?. Total: 193.

I'd like to thank the 76ers in advance for ruining my night. They're going to win again, which will further ruin their chances of landing Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. Ugh. Losers.

Prediction: 76ers -4?.
Under 193. Best Bet.
Correct; +$100
Correct; +$100

Orlando Magic (25-24) at Toronto Raptors (25-23).
Line: Raptors by 6?. Total: 190.

I have to ask: Is anyone else having problems using Limewire? I can't log on for some reason. I'm pulling my hair out here -- withdrawl is not fun.

Prediction: Raptors -6?.
Under 190.
Correct; +$100
Incorrect; -$110

Golden State Warriors (23-26) at Minnesota Timberwolves (22-26).
Line: Timberwolves by 6?.

I have no idea why the Timberwolves are favored by 6?, but let's take them anyway. Could be good times.

Prediction: Timberwolves -6?.
Correct; +$100

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007 (2-2, -$20)

Los Angeles Clippers (24-23) at New York Knicks (21-28).
Total: 198.

This game will go under the total, as Isiah Thomas will undoubtedly fight someone in the stands for calling him a bad general manager. I've got my money on the terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad G.M.

Prediction: Under 198.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Orlando Magic (25-23) at Milwaukee Bucks (18-30).
Total: 191.

It feels good to have finally figured out the NBA. I'm 25-10 since Jan. 28. That's more victories than the Bucks have had all season!

Prediction: Under 191.
Incorrect; -$110

Houston Rockets (29-17) at Memphis Grizzlies (12-36).
Total: 210?.

I obviously want this game to go over the total, but it would help if the Grizzlies found some way to win. I need them to catch up to the Sixers in victories, so we can win the Greg Oden and Kevin Durant sweepstakes.

Prediction: Over 210?.
Incorrect; -$110

Phoenix Suns (37-10) at Portland Blazers (20-29).
Total: 208.

The Suns should just show up with handcuffs and watch the Blazers cower in fright. That would work, but then this game wouldn't go over the total. Damn it.

Prediction: Over 208.
Correct; +$100

Monday, Feb. 5, 2007 (3-0, +$300)

New Jersey Nets (22-25) at Philadelphia 76ers (15-33).
Line: 76ers by 1.

You all know how I feel about this. I want the 76ers to lose. But they won't -- they're going to win just to spite me. Yep, it's all about spiting me.

Prediction: 76ers -1.
Correct; +$100

Chicago Bulls (28-20) at Utah Jazz (31-17).
Total: 196?.

There won't be many points scored in this game. Why? Because I said so. Ha!

Prediction: Under 196?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

New Orleans Hornets (21-26) at Sacramento Kings (19-26).
Line: Kings by 4?.

Why did everyone hate the Snickers commercial where the two guys kissed? I'll admit that it was pretty disgusting, but I thought it was kind of funny. I was listening to the radio this morning, and the idiots polluting the airways were stating that they'll never eat another Snickers bar ever again. Not me. It'll take a nuclear holocaust for me to give up Snickers.

Prediction: Kings -4?.
Correct; +$100

Sunday, Feb. 4, 2007 (1-2, -$120)

Los Angeles Clippers (24-22) at Toronto Raptors (24-23).
Line: Raptors by 2?. Total: 194.

This new system rocks! It's now 21-8 and 4-0 on this site. And good luck finding out what this system is because I'm not telling. It's 5:01 a.m. right now, and I'm losing my mind.

Prediction: Raptors -2?.
Under 194. Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Incorrect; -$110

Detroit Pistons (27-18) at Cleveland Cavaliers (27-20).
Line: Cavaliers by 2?.

Why are there games on today? I bet most of the players are thinking about their plans for the Super Bowl, and whom they're going to bet on tonight. I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks.

Prediction: Cavaliers -2?.
Incorrect; -$110

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2007 (4-0, +$400)

New York Knicks (20-28) at Orlando Magic (25-22).
Total: 191.

My NBA picks are back, but I don't plan on losing this time. I've been tracking this new system for a week now, and it's 17-8 over the past week. Not bad, huh? What's this system? I'm not telling! Never!!!! Only because I'm too lazy to type it out right now.

Prediction: Under 191.
Correct; +$100

Los Angeles Lakers (28-19) at Washington Wizards (27-18).
Total: 219?.

Am I the only one who didn't know Kobe Bryant changed his jersey number till a few days ago? This was shocking to me. Why did he do it? And does anyone care? I'd feel bad for anyone who spent millions of dollars on his No. 8, but I just don't really have the motivation at this point.

Prediction: Over 219?.
Correct; +$100

Golden State Warriors (22-25) at Charlotte Bobcats (17-29).
Line: Bobcats by 3?.

I'd like to thank the Warriors for beating my 76ers last night. As I told my neighbor Steve, if the Sixers blow their chances at getting Greg Oden or Kevin Durant, I'm never watching another game ever again. Seriously. Why are they starting to play well? What are they trying to accomplish? Winning the Atlantic is like winning a beauty pageant where the only contestants are Sally Struthers, Roseanne Barr, Rosie O'Donnell and William Shatner. Yeesh.

Prediction: Bobcats -3?.
Correct; +$100

Denver Nuggets (23-21) at Sacramento Kings (18-26).
Line: Kings by 5.

Wow, look at that, the Nuggets are 3-4 with Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson in the lineup at the same time. I didn't see that one coming. Anyone who thought pairing those two would lead to success has to be mentally challenged. It's like, "Hmmm... let's combine two of the most selfish basketball players in the NBA, leave the team without a point guard and see what happens!"

Prediction: Kings -5.
Correct; +$100



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