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kkunert327 93 Posts (3 )
11 day(s) 6 hour(s) ago - hide

It was brought to my attention adding a 2nd round down here in the comment section since I'm unable to do so at the moment in the database would provide more clarity on my draft plans for teams. Since, this is my first attempt doing a format like this please bare with me and any typos or format errors. 

33) 49ers - Parris Campbell WR Ohio St 

- Anytime a organization drafts a quarterback high they go and get new weapons around him to grow with. Campbell has a ton of upside to be that guy. 

34) Browns - Jordan Thomas CB Oklahoma

- The Browns failed to go after any corners in this past draft and could use a few to grow in their young defense. Good thing they have a plethora of picks to fix that position. 

35) Jets - Martinas Rankin OT Mississippi St

- Since D'Brickashaw Ferguson retired the Jets tackle spots have been really weak and this next season should be no different. To help whoever their quarterback is to develop they need to fix that issue. 

36) Cards - Troy Fumagalli TE Wisconsin

- Like I said teams love to pair up young quarterbacks with a young weapon. The Cards have never had a go to safety blanket at tight end. 

37) Dolphins - Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma

- Ju'Wan James predictably became a huge first round bust after the Dolphins reached for him. Brown can come in and be a dominant right tackle immediately for them. 

38) Bears - Duke Ejiafor DE Wake Forest 

- In the likely scenario that Jonathan Bullard fails to develop again the Bears could use a quality defensive end to play across from Akiem Hicks. 

39) Rams - Mason Cole C Michigan

- Jonathan Sullivan is a nice temporary fix at center, but bringing in a better blocker to protect Goff up the middle can really help his development. 

40) Lions - Nick Chubb RB Georgia

- The Lions failed to address their running back issue this off season after their run game failed them all year long last year. Chubb can be a go to bell cow back to go along with their bevy of scat backs. 

41) Jags - Cameron Smith LB USC

- Paul Posluszny has been a liability on defense for awhile now and finding an athletic replacement can really pull this whole defense together. 

42) Vikes - Daylon Mack DT Texas A&M

- Sharrif Floyd has been a disappointment since being drafted in the first round and Linval Joseph when healthy is a dominant force, but his health has been an issue. Bringing in some young blood can help the rotation up front. 

43) Chargers - Nick Fitzgerald QB Mississippi St 

- The Chargers should start looking towards the future at quarterback with Rivers getting older and taking a ton of hits lately. Fitzgerald is a bigger version of Prescott to me with a higher ceiling. 

44) Redskins - Billy Price OG Ohio St

- The interior of the Redskins offensive line could use some more bite to it. Price is versatile and can fill in at guard or center for them. 

45) Bills - James Washington WR Oklahoma St

- If they do let Sammy Watkins walk after this year they need to find a receiver to play across from Zay Jones. 

46) Cowboys - Armani Watts S Texas A&M

- I liked what the Cowboys did to address their corner position in this past draft, but safety is still an issue. Finding Byron Jones a running mate in the back can actually make their secondary kind of intimidating. 

47) Browns (from Saints) - Geron Christian OT Louisville

- The Browns o-line is actually pretty impressive until you reach the right tackle spot where young Shon Coleman needs to prove himself. He has trouble staying healthy and if he cannot get the job done finding a better option may be needed. 

48) Bengals - Maea Teuhema OG LSU

- The Bengals have a lot of questions on the o-line and were so desperate they brought back the lazy Andre Smith. Teuhema is a versatile hard nosed blocker who can be perfect for them. 

50) 49ers (from Saints) - Iman Marshall CB USC

- Even if Ahkello Witherspoon pans out the 49ers could use another good corner to have a solid secondary. 

51) Colts - Marcell Frazier OLB Missouri 

- The Colts have a few potentially nice pass rushers, but none really strike fear in opposing offenses. Finding a young talent with upside can really turn this disaster of a defense around. 

52) Ravens - Akrum Wadley RB Iowa

- The Ravens wanted to get more explosive on offense, but with their current running back group they most definitely will not be explosive there. Finding a true number one back can help take pressure away from Flacco. 

53) Browns (from Eagles) - Ronnie Harrison S Alabama

- Even if Jabrill Peppers pans out as a strong safety the Browns could still use an upgrade behind him. Plus, Peppers future is most likely at linebacker. 

54) Chiefs - Jack Cichy LB Wisconsin

- They have yet to find a replacement for Derrick Johnson who is coming off his second major Achilles' injury. 

55) Panthers - Deon Cain WR Clemson

- Two local Clemson products to them is just a coincidence here, but the Panthers do need a better receiver than their current two plodders in Benjamin and Funchess. 

56) Broncos - Derrick Nnadi DE Florida St

- The Broncos have yet to find a true interior pass rusher to fill the void left by Malik Jackson a few seasons ago. With one their defense could be nearly unstoppable. 

57) Bucs - Kevin Tolliver CB LSU

- Brent Grimes is an upcoming free agent and at his age I doubt he is in the plans for this young team's future. Even if he is and Vernon Hargreaves fails to improve they will need a new corner to replace the former first rounder. 

58) Giants - Trey Adams OT Washington

- Finding a way to make John Jerry go to the bench is finding a right tackle to push D.J. Fluker back inside. They could also just find a guard to do so, but killing two bird with one stone with a tackle is a wiser move. 

59) Raiders - Casey Tucker OT Stanford

- Donald Penn is an upcoming free agent and at his age it's tough to bring him in on a long contract. Even if they do finding a young right tackle could be helpful to since that is their weak spot on the line. 

60) Falcons - D.J. Clark WR LSU

- I think the Falcons could use a better number two option across from Julio Jones to give the All-Pro some more breathing room on the outside. 

61) Steelers - Jerry Tillery DE Notre Dame

- Stephon Tuitt is an upcoming free agent. With the Steelers cap space tied up to Antonio Brown and possibly Le'Veon Bell I doubt there's going to be wiggle room to keep Tuitt also. 

62) Seahawks - Mike Gesicki TE Penn St

- Jimmy Graham is an upcoming free agent and with his up and down play it will be interesting to see if they want to invest more money in him. Plus, their cap is tied up to Wilson and their stud defenders. 

63) Titans - Josey Jewell LB Iowa 

- The Titans have three starting linebackers up for free agency next off season and none are that worthy to be brought back to this rising team.

64) Pats - Porter Gustin OLB USC

- The Pats most likely will trade this pick too, but in case they don't a new pass rusher is always useful. One good enough to prevent Kyle Van Noy and Shea McClellin from seeing starters' minutes is a good idea. 

65) Packers - Marquis Haynes OLB Ole Miss

- Clay Matthews is not getting any younger and now that Nick Perry got a new contract who knows if he will revert to being a lazy player. New talent to push both of them or rotate in can help create a potent pass rush. 

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2018 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Dog Days of Summer 2.0
Brian_PDX (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 19 hour(s) ago - hide
So the Vikings will be the 6th worst team in football and pick a mediocre QB and the Packers will win the Super Bowl? It is safe to say you know little or nothing about football. You also had quite possibly the best QB go undrafted in the first round. You must be a cheesehead.
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kkunert327 93 Posts (3 )
16 day(s) 9 hour(s) ago - hide
@weekend warrior I have little hopes for Sam Bradford to stay healthy for a whole season, which will leave you guys in a hole...... I think the Rams are going to be better than people think with Goff under an actual offensive coach to make the offense better to pair with their solid defense.......The Bears were one of the most injury riddled team and if the defense can stay healthy I can see them being competitive in most games. I think either quarterback should have enough talent around them to succeed. My hope is Glennon plays great with the pressure behind him to start one more season to allow Trubisky to get the development he needs like Rodgers did or Glennon plays good enough to flip for a few picks next off season and give Trubisky the reigns.....I really don't have a cinderella pick more like teams who aren't going to be as good as expected like the Cowboys who's schedule is brutal and their defense has experienced a ton of turnover. Also, I think the Raiders miss the playoffs since their schedule and travel this year is brutal for a young team. 
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2018 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Dog Days of Summer 2.0
Brian_PDX (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 19 hour(s) ago - hide
So the Vikings will be the 6th worst team in football and pick a mediocre QB and the Packers will win the Super Bowl? It is safe to say you know little or nothing about football. You also had quite possibly the best QB go undrafted in the first round. You must be a cheesehead.
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kkunert327 93 Posts (3 )
16 day(s) 22 hour(s) ago - hide
@weekend warrior The Saints, Bengals, Ravens, Lions, and Rams even to me are no slouches either. I know the Vikings hang their hats on their defense, but the offense to me is still too shaky to really to make them a really consistent team. I think in any other draft Mahomes would not have moved that high, but it was such a poor class that a team jumped up for him. Rudolph is going to need a year or two coming from an Air Raid offense. I didn't even think about putting round 2 in the comment section that's not a bad idea if I feel ambitious enough to do one on my next mock. 
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2018 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Dog Days of Summer 2.0
Brian_PDX (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 19 hour(s) ago - hide
So the Vikings will be the 6th worst team in football and pick a mediocre QB and the Packers will win the Super Bowl? It is safe to say you know little or nothing about football. You also had quite possibly the best QB go undrafted in the first round. You must be a cheesehead.
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kkunert327 93 Posts (3 )
17 day(s) 8 hour(s) ago - hide

@Brian_PDX What do you mean mediocre quarterback. It's been known since his freshman year that Rosen is a top prospect at quarterback. Is the best quarterback you speak of Lamar Jackson? He is not nearly as good as a passer than any of the other top 3 and if any team believes he is ready for the pros is going to be disappointed. 

Also, yes the Vikes are going to have a mediocre year since they really did not improve their blocking, and Bradford will most likely be like himself and get hurt. Plus, your schedule is pretty tough this season if you actually looked at it. Bradford is also a free agent after this year which is why I have them drafting a quarterback since Bridgewater's career is still up in the air. 

And no I am not a Packers fan in fact, I'm a Bears fan who has enough sense to realize the Packers are a really great team who's schedule is pretty manageable. I know the Patriots will probably be right there in the end, but just to break from the monotony of everyone having the Pats there I changed it up with another reasonable Super Bowl contender. Also, it's July who the hell knows what will happen. If you read the title summary you would know I prefaced my mock saying as such. 

Good day sir 

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Steel Willy (Anonymous Poster)
22 day(s) 1 hour(s) ago - hide
Glad to see safety mocked to the Steelers in this mock draft. They really need an upgrade at that position. I can't believe they ignored the position in the draft
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kkunert327 93 Posts (3 )
17 day(s) 22 hour(s) ago - hide

@Steel Willy Me too, I slightly enjoy the Steelers and how well they normally draft. However, the past few seasons their direction and ability to find players seems to be a bit off. Outside of the occassional finds like A.B., Bell, or Martavis Bryant. I do find Mike Mitchell to be the most overrated safety in the league and it should not be hard to find his replacement. 

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MockDraftMan14 (Anonymous Poster)
1 month(s) 0 day(s) ago - hide
While we greatly differ on prospect rankings, something that should be assumed this early in the process, I see great thought was put into each pick and they all make sense when looked at through your perspective on the players. Great job!
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kkunert327 93 Posts (3 )
1 month(s) 0 day(s) ago - hide
@MockDraftMan14 Thank you, I appreciate you reading my ramblings and opinions on what teams should try to look for come next April. I know, I may over value blockers more than some which, is what most likely differs the most from your rankings. In the end, it's only June so who knows what's going to happen. 
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2017 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Way Too Early 2018 Mock
betar griffin (Anonymous Poster)
2 month(s) 19 day(s) ago - hide
How is it possible to have a 2018 mock and not have connor williams, OT from texas in it? He's the consensus top tackle in this class
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kkunert327 93 Posts (3 )
2 month(s) 18 day(s) ago - hide
@betar griffin I looked for him, but couldn't find him while making this mock. Please, forgive me for missing on him on a draft so early in the process. 
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2017 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - 4 Weeks Until the Draft
jjj (Anonymous Poster)
3 month(s) 26 day(s) ago - hide
There is no way that the ravens draft Cam Robinson that high. ESPECIALLY with Corey Davis still on the board
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kkunert327 93 Posts (3 )
3 month(s) 26 day(s) ago - hide
@jjj Word around scouting circles is that they are really high on Cam Robinson and I actually think he will turn into a really good blocker. Vice-versa I am not as high on Corey Davis and I do not see receiver as a huge need for the Ravens who did draft Breshad Perriman two years ago in the first round. I doubt they want to give up on him that quickly. Plus, I think Davis is a little overrated. However, to each their own. 
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2017 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - 4 Weeks Until the Draft
pinballer3 (Anonymous Poster)
3 month(s) 26 day(s) ago - hide
You've done your homework on the players and while I don't agree with your placements in a few slots, who gets everyone to agree? Nice job.
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kkunert327 93 Posts (3 )
3 month(s) 26 day(s) ago - hide
@pinballer3 Thank you!
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2017 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Post Combine/ Free Agency Blitz
Armchair bills fan (Anonymous Poster)
4 month(s) 10 day(s) ago - hide
Sidney Jones tore his Achilles so he wont be drafted at 10, but I do agree that the Bills draft a CB or a WR at 10. 
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kkunert327 93 Posts (3 )
4 month(s) 10 day(s) ago - hide
@Armchair bills fan Yeah, I found that out as I was almost finished with my mock so I will have to adjust it in my next mock. For the Bills I would go corner or db first since the talent level is a lot higher than any of the top receivers. 2nd round or later has good depth for receivers to get a pretty solid one. 
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