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Post-FA Period 3-Round Draft
CardsFan (Anonymous Poster)
10 month(s) 7 day(s) ago - hide

Not a fan of Cards going WR in the 2nd, then QB in the 3rd. While Jarrad Davis does fill their biggest need at ILB and I do like his talent, he would help, no way Arizona lets Foster get by them.. impossible.  On film, he's a dream pick, maybe biggest dream pick for them in 15-20 years.  They just signed his mentor in Dansby, so IMO, going ILB is a guaranteed.  

WR is less of a need with them resigning Andre Ellington cheap, who started to make the move to WR last year and will continue this year.  BA has acknowledged for several years, Ellington as a great route running, blazing speed, great, soft hands.  Same with the Brad Kaaya pick. This year, AZ needs their 2nd and 3rd rounds to contribute.  I could see them grabbing CBs or Safeties, especially FS in rounds 2-3.

Mock drafts, like yours, have made the same mistake for years now, taking something Arians said at the compound as gospel, not recognizing that its lying season.  AZ is considered to have one of the best locker rooms in the NFL, and they would risk destroying it, wasting picks on QBs early (anything before 4th round) who wouldn't see the field for several years.   All their free agent signings have been 1 year contracts with veterans.

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JohnnyFire 0 Posts (0)
10 month(s) 7 day(s) ago - hide

@CardsFan The main thing I kept in mind with Kaaya is the fact that he comes from a pro style, and a lot of his inadequacies are fixable by Arians. That's purely my opinion. And I think getting a QB should be a priority in the next two drafts. Palmer is hurt constantly, and the window that is open for a run in Arizona is slowly closing if Palmer/Fitzgerald are heading towards the end of their careers. 

And with Fitz (GOOD TRANSITION JOHN, SO GOOD) you also need to get someone ready to take over for him. This isn't just about 2017, it's about moving beyond that.

I do get what you're saying regarding Foster, of course. I'm trying to keep the paper trail in mind, however, and while a lot of scouts say Foster won't slip, I'm not as sure. I still think he stays top 20, and if Arizona likes him enough, they'll certainly take him.

As for the rest of the draft, do they have other needs? Sure. But, for example; one need you could argue is at CB, and this is a deep CB class, and they can grab one in round 4 (in fact, I'd send Aarion Penton or Des Lawrence there without much fuss). Pass rush? I suppose it depends where you think it makes more sense; likely someone who fits in at RDT, so perhaps Larry Ogunjobi in the 3rd frame, but he'd likely also be there in the 4th. I do see a need for TE, but looking at a Blake Jarwin in the 4th or 5th makes sense. Offensive linemen...I mean, you're in @#$@ing no-man's land in this draft regardless.

It's not really falling into the trap here. It's trying to recognize what can keep Arizona competitive in 2017 and beyond. But I do respect the opinion.

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