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brownsfan1 (Anonymous Poster)
6 month(s) 23 day(s) ago - hide
The Browns won't be drafting Lamar Jackson in the 1st.  No one else will either - he isn't an NFL QB.  Also, I prefer Sutton to Brown with the Texans pick.
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Gxd333 2 Posts (2 )
6 month(s) 23 day(s) ago - hide
@brownsfan1 Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your opinion. However, we have seen in the last two drafts that QB needy teams will take big chances as only teams with elite QB's are winning Super Bowls. Jared Goff and Carson Wentz went 1&2 in 2016, and the Chiefs and Texans made big trades to get subpar QB's. Lamar Jackson is a dynamic athlete that could make for an explosive offense. If he has another incredible year then I would bet $ he goes in the top ten. And as a Browns fan I would welcome the chance to potentially get a franchise QB.
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Gxd333 2 Posts (2 )
2 years 1 month(s) ago - hide
Sorry dude, my stupid phone won't let me give you the grade i want. I want to give you a B, but i can't get it past F for some reason.
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Mo Fudda (Anonymous Poster)
2 years 1 month(s) ago - hide
How the hell is RB a need for the bucs? 
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Gxd333 2 Posts (2 )
2 years 1 month(s) ago - hide
Martin is a FA, if they don't resign him they will need a starter.
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