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NCAA Money Picks
Note: My record and links to other months can be found at the bottom of the page.

Thursday, Nov. 30, 2006 (1-1, -$10)

Louisiana-Monroe (3-4) at Auburn (5-2). Line: Auburn by 15.

I'm not sure if Auburn deserves to be a double-digit favorite over any Division-I team. The Tigers beat Nicholls State by 5, East Tennessee State by 6 and Troy State by 3. The team's only blowout victories came against Division-IX Winston Salem and Miles. Yeah, Sonic the Hedgehog's pal. That's pretty pathetic.

Prediction: Louisiana-Monroe +15.
Incorrect; -$110

New Orleans (2-5) at Ole Miss (6-1). Line: Ole Miss by 12.

Seems way too easy. Ole Miss is much better than New Orleans, yet it's just an 12-point favorite. A lot of people are betting on the Rebels. Can you say "sucker bet?"

Prediction: New Orleans +12.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 (3-2, +$80)

Michigan State (6-1) at Boston College (2-2). Line: Boston College by 4.

Michigan State, 6-1, has beaten everyone it has played, excluding Maryland. Boston College, meanwhile, has lost to Vermont and Providence this year. Oh yeah, the Spartans beat Vermont by 20. So, let me ask you: Why are the Eagles favored?

Prediction: Boston College -4.
Correct; +$100

BYU (3-1) at Boise State (1-3). Line: BYU by 1.

I think this looks easy to a lot of people. BYU is 3-1, Boise State is 1-3, while the line is basically a pick-em. The truth of the matter is, the Cougars are a different team on the road. They're nearly unbeatable at home, but they've been horrible as a visitor over the years.

Prediction: Boise State +1.
Correct; +$100

Clemson (7-0) at Minnesota (2-4). Line: Clemson by 5?.

Another too-good-too-be-true point spread. Clemson is 7-0. Minnesota has recently lost to Marist, Southern Illinois and Montana. The line is only 5?. Vegas wants you to take the visitor. Meanwhile, people haven't noticed that the Tigers barely beat Mississippi State recently.

Prediction: Minnesota +5?.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Portland (2-5) at Washington State (6-0). Line: Washington State by 20.

Who is Wasington State to be a 20-point favorite over anyone? The Cougars have beaten Boise State by 2, Idaho State by 6, Radford by 17 and UAB by 11.

Prediction: Portland +20.
Correct; +$100

Sacramento State (4-3) at Illinois State (3-2). Line: Illinois State by 12.

People are lining up to bet on Illinois State after watching them travel to New York and completely demolish St. John's. But I think they'll be flat for this contest; Sacramento State is a fast-paced team that has forced a whopping 127 turnovers the past five games.

Prediction: Sacramento State +12.
Incorrect; -$110

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 (1-3, -$220)

Maryland (7-0) at Illinois (7-0). Line: Illinois by 4.

The books did two shady things with this game. First, they made Illinois a 3?-point favorite, even though it barely beat Miami of Ohio. Next, they raised the spread to 4? to induce even more action on Maryland. I'm not falling for it.

Prediction: Illinois -4.
Incorrect; -$110

UAB (3-2) at Western Kentucky (5-1). Line: Western Kentucky by 5?.

Western Kentucky, 5-1, is just a 5?-point favorite over a team that recently lost to Wyoming? Seems too easy. That's why the public is pouncing on the host.

Prediction: UAB +5?.
Incorrect; -$110

New Mexico State (1-2) at New Mexico (4-0). Line: New Mexico by 10.

I think a lot of people are betting New Mexico because an undefeated squad is going up against a team that has struggled in the early going. Thus, taking the points is what I'm going to do.

Prediction: New Mexico State +10.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Long Beach State (2-2) at UCLA (4-0). Line: UCLA by 17?.

Let me get this straight: UCLA beat Kentucky and clobbered Georgia Tech. Long Beach State just lost to USC by 18. Yet this line is just 17?? Amazing.

Prediction: Long Beach State +17?.
Incorrect; -$110

Monday, November 27, 2006 (1-0, +$100)

Northern Arizona (3-2) at San Francisco (2-3). Line: San Francisco by 6?.

San Francisco is favored by 6?, even though the team is coming off three consecutive losses, including a 20-point defeat to Fresno State. Everyone's jumping on Northern Arizona, so let's stick with the perplexing home favorite.

Prediction: San Francisco -6?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Sunday, November 26, 2006 (0-1, -$110)

Cleveland State (3-3) at Delaware (0-3). Line: Delaware by 1.

Does anyone else find it strange that an 0-3 squad that has been blown out by Marist and Rider is favored over Cleveland State, who is a week removed from beating Miami? The books want you to unload on the Vikings -- and it's working. A whopping 82 percent of the public is on the visitor.

Prediction: Delaware +1.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Saturday, November 25, 2006 (4-1, +$290)

Appalachian State (2-1) at Wake Forest (4-0). Line: Wake Forest by 12.

I can't believe Wake Forest is only favored by 12, as Appalachian State is eight days removed from losing to Clemson by 30. The undefeated Demon Deacons should at least be -18.

Prediction: Appalachian State +12.
Correct; +$100

Wofford (4-1) at James Madison (1-2). Line: Wofford by 1.

Wofford has been really impressive in the early going, as it beat Cincinnati a few days ago, and hung with N.C. State on Nov. 10. James Madison, meanwhile, lost to Mount St. Mary's by 11 recently. So, why is Wofford favored by one? Looks like a set-up to me, as more than 90 percent of the money is on the visitor.

Prediction: James Madison +1.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Texas Tech (4-2) at UTEP (3-1). Line: Texas Tech by 1.

I think this looks like a no-brainer to most people. Texas Tech is obviously superior to UTEP, who won its three contests over Cal-Davis, St. Francis-NY and Penn by 4, 2 and 3. Yet, the line is only Red Raiders -1, forcing the public to jump on them. Something's fishy.

Prediction: UTEP +1.
Incorrect; -$110

Illinois State (2-2) at St. John's (2-2). Line: St. John's by 9.

Yet another line that doesn't make sense. Illinois State stinks, while St. John's was a favorite over Maryland a week ago. The Red Storm also was just one point short of knocking off Texas. Why is the spread only nine?

Prediction: Illinois State +9.
Correct; +$100

Davidson (4-2) at Duke (4-1). Line: Duke by 20?.

Forgive me for this very square play, but I like Duke and Coach K off a loss. Besides, the Blue Devils squash Davidson every year. It's written in the stars.

Prediction: Duke -20?.
Correct; +$100

Friday, November 24, 2006 (3-3, -$30)

West Virginia (4-0) at Western Michigan (2-2). Line: West Virginia by 6?.

Despite its pristine 4-0 record, I feel West Virginia is overrated this year. The Broncos, meanwhile, are coming off two impressive victories against Detroit and Virginia Tech. I'll take the points.

Prediction: Western Michigan +6?.
Incorrect; -$110

Auburn (4-0) vs. Oklahoma State (5-0). Line: Oklahoma State by 11.

Neither of these teams has played anyone worthy yet, but I feel Oklahoma State is one of the most improved teams in college hoops this year. I don't think Auburn is anything special. I'll lay the 11.

Prediction: Oklahoma State -11.
Incorrect; -$110

LMU (4-1) vs. Pacific (2-1). Line: Pacific by 11?.

I don't know who Pacific is to be giving up 11? points. These aren't your older brother's Tigers; they lost to New Mexico State, and barely scraped by Missouri-Kansas City. LMU defeated the same New Mexico State squad.

Prediction: LMU +11?.
Correct; +$100

Ball State (2-1) vs. Kansas (3-1). Line: Kansas by 21.

Kansas has Florida tomorrow, so this is an obvious look-ahead spot. Even though Ball State isn't that good, I think it could still hang the number, given that the Jayhawks do not have a good history of covering the spread against "unworthy" preseason foes.

Prediction: Ball State +21.
Correct; +$100

Western Kentucky (4-0) vs. Florida (5-0). Line: Florida by 14.

Florida has been demolishing everyone in its path, but I like Western Kentucky in this spot for a few reasons. The Gators have Kansas tomorrow, so they might be more focused for that. This is Hilltoppers' "Super Bowl," if you will. And finally, there is tons of public money on Florida.

Prediction: Western Kentucky +14.
Incorrect; -$110

Miami of Ohio (2-2) vs. Illinois (5-0). Line: Illinois by 10?.

Does anyone else find it odd that Illinois is favored by just 10? over pathetic Miami of Ohio? This is one of the most bizarre lines I've ever seen in college hoops. Let's burn our money and take the Redhawks.

Prediction: Miami of Ohio +10?. Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 (1-1, -$10)

Charlotte (1-1) at Syracuse (4-0). Line: Syracuse by 13.

Syracuse is moving on without Gerry McNamara, and the team has looked good in the early going. The Orange Men have clobbered their opponents by 32, 18, 14 and 23. Charlotte, meanwhile, is coming off an 18-point loss to North Texas.

Prediction: Syracuse -13.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Boston College (1-1) at Providence (1-1). Line: Boston College by 3.

This is a public fade. About 90 percent of the money is going on Boston College. That's pretty bizarre, as these teams are about equal in talent.

Prediction: Providence +3.
Correct; +$100

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 (0-1, -$110)

Tennessee State (0-1) at Kansas (2-1). Line: Kansas by 27?.

The Jayhawks are favored by a whopping 27 points -- too many for a team that historically has not covered the spread in non-conference exhibition games. They failed to beat Northern Arizona and Towson State by that margin this year.

Prediction: Tennessee State +27?.
Incorrect; -$110

Monday, November 20, 2006 (2-0, +$200)

San Francisco (2-1) at Ohio State (4-0). Line: Ohio State by 18.

Ohio State coach Thad Matta has one of the most talented teams in the country, but it looks like he wants to get them used to winning. In their four victories, the Buckeyes have beaten their opponents by 38, 12, 22 and 29. The Dons lost to Fresno State recently, so you know they're not any good.

Prediction: Ohio State -18.
Correct; +$100

DePaul (1-2) vs. Kentucky (2-0). Line: Kentucky by 6?.

Even though DePaul is 1-2, I think they're one of the most improved sqauds in college basketball. They'll shock a lot of people this year -- starting with Kentucky. With the public on the Wildcats, I really like the Blue Demons.

Prediction: DePaul +6?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

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